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School Traditions

Postby Pel » Mon Aug 18, 2008 6:25 pm

What are your school traditions/pranks/events?
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Re: School Traditions

Postby samajama » Sun Aug 24, 2008 6:01 pm

each year, we have a spirit week as many schools do. one of our traditions is that each grade gets a floor to decorate in a designated color (picked by the grade).
its realllyyy fun. our grade is easily the most spirited. generally, seniors win everything, but in our sophomore year, we won! it was amazing. we were supposed to win junior year, too, and the seniors even cheated!!! and still won, but oh well.

yeah, spirit week pretty much rocks. :)
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Re: School Traditions

Postby wishingiwasbella » Sun Aug 24, 2008 6:11 pm

favorite tradition in HS was Senior Skip day and the most amazing thing about it was most of the time anywhere from Freshman to Senior's all skipped. It was always the monday after prom and I did it every year before I was a senior because I always had a friend that was a senior. Ironically though I coudln't do it my senior year because I 2 final's that day and then a make up test. Lol. Stupid finals.
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Re: School Traditions

Postby Starlight_juice » Sun Aug 24, 2008 7:55 pm

At my school, we put bubble wrap on the floors of all the main hallways and most of the guys do something stupid like put condoms in everyone's lockers. This all happens the week we have our huge football game with our rival school.

Oh, and we also have bonfires at the beach and a BBQ. Always a good time.
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Re: School Traditions

Postby lalaith913 » Sun Aug 24, 2008 9:08 pm

Hey, I think I might've been the one who suggested this thread on the old Lex. *goes to look* Here was what I posted there:

Anyway, in band, we always give the freshmen nicknames. They're usually inappropriate and filled with profanity, but it's kind of a right of passage and some of them stick. In band, we also have something called "The Band olympics" where we come up with dumb sports (I usually video tape). There's band bowling: set up brass mutes and throw a kickball at them; band joust: two people run at each other with trombone cases; and the most recent one: band basketball (self-explantory). There's a few more, besides.

In theatre, you must get sat on. Must. Within a few days, you will be sat on, jumped on, something of that nature. We're a huge family, so, it's all good.

i remember a few more: my band nickname, by the way, was Steak Sauce because my rank and file is A1, get it?

Anyway, our show choir at school is famously a cult. Seriously, it's weird, that's not really a tradition, I'm just pointing it out. I read the march 14 comment, and we have Pi Day here too. They sold pie at lunch, it was amazing.

Everyone named Steve in band always gets an add-on to their name: Scuba Steve, Dinosaur Steve, etc.

Some past events that were great:
1.) the Masquerade Ball in band (people made masks out of styrofoam containers and partied in the cubby room)
2.) the band library (one of the hidden cubbies is filled with textbooks that were never returned, old English reading, a Bible, a Mormon Bible, two copies of the Great Gatsby, a phone book, and a menu from a local restaurant)
3.) in the tech booth there's a book called Karen KeppleWhite is the World's Best Kisser-has to be there or it's bad luck
4.) everytime we have a play, before the show, we get in a huge energy circle and try to be inspirational (usually fails)
5.) every year we see how many people we can fit into various closets
6.) after every show we always go to the local pizza place, Larry's, and hang (they know us by face/name)
7.) every time we have a night band practice, we have themes (the favorites are pirate night and toga night)
8.) during spirit weeks we always have mismatch day-so fun!!!

We have this sub at school, he used to be an actual teacher, but anyway: whenever he subs, he always brings his comedy videos. They're uber old (he taped them off of comedy central) and the favorites are Jalepeno on a Stick and a few other Jeff Dunham things.

And, a few months ago, we had Showboat. It's like a talent show, and the math department put together this group called the Logarhythmics, and they did line dancing, topped off with a math dpt. version of the Soulja Boy. It was too funny.

We used to have this fundraiser where you got to buy dates with people, but I think it got mean so they stopped doing it.

Oh, here's a good one: in chemistry, whenever the students learn about the mol, the teacher brings in donuts to demonstrate that no matter what kind of donut it is, a mol is still a mol. I don't even remember what a mol is now, but I do remember having a raspberry jelly donut.

ONE MORE: the day before Christmas break, the physics classes travel around the school singing physics related carols. The only one I remember is "Phrosty the Photon." It's pretty sad that that's all I remember considering it was just a few months ago.
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Re: School Traditions

Postby jacob-rox-my--sox » Mon Aug 25, 2008 1:45 am

we have a school athletics day--swimming sports day very intense with house chants and stuff
and huge prizegiving which is always really boring
and our school also has late start every second wednesday (we have one this week yay!)
we have an amzing semiformal for the senior girls where we all dress up in costumes
and we have a formal ball too (its in a month!)
theres banquets both for the latin classes and the history/classics/art history girls
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Re: School Traditions

Postby jasperlovesme » Mon Aug 25, 2008 8:20 am

At my school. every second week of January, there's what we call students take-over
this is where some interested students would become teacher for a day. and they could do anything they want with the class. and the teachers would have their free day. It's like their mini sports fest.

And during our School Fair, the last night of the event is Band-Aid.
there will be a battle of the bands that night. one band will be coming form the school and the other bands will be coming from the outside. after awarding the winners. Around 5 Famous Bands that were invited are going to play.
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Re: School Traditions

Postby Wish.I.may » Mon Aug 25, 2008 9:21 am

EVERYONE in my town goes to Homecoming night. My town's small, but we always go. There's a parade, then the football game. It's awesome. I'm not even a football fan! It's a good way to socialize though.
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Re: School Traditions

Postby museicalking » Fri Aug 29, 2008 7:31 pm

everyone is "green"
all organic with recycling
take quick showers
use both sides of the paper
plant a tree
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Re: School Traditions

Postby simple_love♫ » Fri Aug 29, 2008 7:45 pm

we have Senior Skip Day but I'm a sophomore so that doesn't do me any good
there's spirit week we do the week of Homecoming and the Pep Rallies
upperclassmen have a thing for calling freshmen "freshies" I think it's kinda dumb to decide whether or not to like someone because of the grade they are in. Seniors are mean to 9th graders don't they realize they were that age once too??
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