Jacob and Edward's relationship

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Re: Jacob and Edward's relationship

Postby Amethyst1 » Sun Aug 24, 2008 10:05 pm

Esme echo wrote:The whole "have a puppy" idea--much as it grosses me out--underlines how desperate Edward was to keep Bella alive. But the fact that Edward even considered such an idea shows that he truly did respect Jacob. I've always felt that Edward was jealous of Jacob's mortality and Bella's regard for him, but respected Jacob enough to be honestly grateful for all that Jacob had done for Bella. (But it didn't stop Edward from fighting for Bella as hard as he could!)

I agree with you. except it didn't gross me out. I think i am proberly the only one but that's proberly because of my own oponions and interpretations. I always thought that it was Edward's way of giving 'bella and jacob' another chance to be together. regardless, it showed me how Edward truly loves bella, it's not like i didn't know that before but enough that he would again drive her off into another man's arm? How tormented he would be, pained and broken inside, for bella

The edward-jacob alliance is what made me finally like Jacob in Breaking Dawn. he's still so and so in other books but i started to like him.
I found it kind of odd with the whole 'punching each other arms' thing when i read it at first. But then i kind of got used to it but at first i just had a confused look on and going 'whaaaa?"
I think it's cute now...
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Re: Jacob and Edward's relationship

Postby KeepMeWithYou » Mon Aug 25, 2008 8:34 am

Lunna-san wrote:
Le-Petit-Mort wrote:In my eyes, Edward's become a bit more accepting of Jacob after seeing how he made Bella happy. Jacob has become a bit more fond of Edward, even though there is the factor that they're mortal enemies. I was completely shocked by Edward's request to Jacob. Frankly, I think it's sick. Why would you ask the guy, that has come close to date rape with your wife, to impregnate her? :?

When I read that part of BD, I was like "WTH? Are you crazy, Edward?". However, after taking some time to think about it - I understood him. He was so desperate. His wife was dying in front of him and he couldn't do anything. So, if Bella wanted a child and if she agreed to have a child with Jacob, giving up on that lethal pregnancy, which's result nobody could imagine, she could have. Edward would have done ANYTHING to keep her alive. Even give her to Jacob. I believe he wasn't thinking right. He was too far disturbed by fear of losing Bella.

About Edward and Jacob relationship, I believed things would have smoothed after Jacob imprinted on someone. Who would have guessed he would imprint oin Edward's daughter? :lol: I found quite ironic, actually. Even better than Jacob imprinting in a vampire!

And I have to give some credit to Jacob too. He grew a lot in BD. I think for the first time he had a chance to actually get to know the Cullens. And Edward. At first, he thought Edward was being weak and then he realized how much alike they actually are. And they both love Bella and Renesmee. So, for their both sake, I think it's wonderful they had become friends.

I agree. I loved that Edward and Jake became friends. It showed both Jake's maturity and Edward's acceptance of the shapeshifters when before he wanted to break his jaw. The goodbye line between them was priceless. It literally drove me to tears:

"Goodbye Jacob, my brother...my son." Edward Cullen to Jacob Black, pg 723, Breaking Dawn.

The moment between Jacob and Alice was nice, when he was sleeping on the floor and she asks him if he wants a pillow and they talk about seeing the future and how difficult it is for her to see with him around. Even though it was only a very small part, I found I could imagine it very well. :)
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Re: Jacob and Edward's relationship

Postby TeamNessie » Mon Aug 25, 2008 9:43 am

I loved their relationship how it went from hating each other, to not hating each other so much, to semi-respecting each other lol like i loved how they always threw little sarcastic comments at each other through out all the books. It was awesome how they're relationship changed so much in BD how they learned to respect each other because of their mutual love for bella, how they where both willing to give up on her to keep her either safe or happy.
I loved it when Jacob imprinted and Edward was so mad, like (i dont remember exactly how it went but) when Bella, after becoming a vampire, asked Edward if Jacob was hurting and he said no but he was willing to change that fact, lol i cracked up at that part cause they hadn't said Jacob had imprinted by this point but i was already positive he had, when he explained his reaction when he saw Nessie i was like OMG he imprinted Edwards gonna be pissed lol and i was right. But then when he was saying goodbye at the end and called him his brother... his son, i had a tear i was like awww he trully does love him.... :D :) ;)
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Re: Jacob and Edward's relationship

Postby heartscreams » Fri Aug 29, 2008 8:05 pm

i can still remember how Edward reacted towards Jacob in Twilight, during the prom scene - he was furious because Jacob complimented Bella that she looked pretty, whereas Edward found Bella more than pretty! and he called Jacob rude for saying that. haha, that was down hilarious! in Twilight, it seemed like Edward was the 'bad' guy, and Jacob was the 'good' guy.

and my tears welled up in my eyes when Edward called Jacob, "..my brother... my son.." it's like Jacob's his brother because they called each other's names, 'argued' over the littlest things. and 'son', because maybe at times he thought that Jacob's a little immature? but also, the reason of being imprinted on Renesmee applies here.

but i really like how their relationship build up, from being ignorant to each other, to treating each other as part of their family. i can actually imagine Jacob being the son-in-law to Edward, but definitely not to Bella! haha!
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Re: Jacob and Edward's relationship

Postby Forbidden_Freedom » Sat Aug 30, 2008 12:12 am

Actually, I'm really proud of Jake. While Bella was married, he basically gave up on that avenue, and really tried to get over her. Actually. . . . I think he'd already gotten over Bella by that time. It was Nessie drawing him in then, after all. But, It's really comical, and a bit scary to think that Jacob and Edward went from rivals, to allies (with Victoria), to colleagues, to almost friends. . . . . to 'Have my daughter home by 11 or else!'

Really. That is a really sore point for me. BUt This is a Jacob/Edward thread. I think that Jacob sees Bella better than Edward. Edward relies on his mindreading abilities a bit too much. And, with Bella. . . . he's learnt to read her face, but with her actual feelings, and capacity to feel them, he's not always spot-on. Especially for her soul-mate. But, to even it out, they're doubtful of each other. It balances things out.

But, Edward doesn't care. He needs Bella to live. He doesn't care if she has to sleep with Jacob to have nice little werewolf kids. . . . he'll condone it. He'll even oversee it. It'd be extraordinarily painful, but he'd stick it out. Just to give her what she wanted. Even if she'd never do that because it would hurt him terribly.

BUt Jake doesn't underestimate, or overestimate Bella. He sees her as she is. He knows how much she loves Edward, that he's like a drug to her. Thinking about it, he wouldn't have been a totally accurate match for her. NOt that she'd have been any less happy, but. . . . They'd know each other so totally. . . . so completely. . . . But with Edward, they always have to be reassured. BOTH of them. That's what makes them perfect.
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Re: Jacob and Edward's relationship

Postby starmie_alice_holter » Sun Aug 31, 2008 12:26 pm

I was happy that they finally accepted each other and formed a friendly relationship. The rivalry was driving me up a wall. Yay! Everyone wins! Except Irina...she didn't deserve it but she was really dumb to not properly investigate first and just run off to the Volturi. I mean, why must they get involved? (By the way, I don't like the Volturi.)
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Re: Jacob and Edward's relationship

Postby darkrider » Thu Sep 11, 2008 11:57 am

I was very pleased with how the both of them handeled everything. Even before Nessie was born, I thought it was nice to see them NOT about to kill eachother every second of the book. loll
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Re: Jacob and Edward's relationship

Postby knikki » Thu Sep 11, 2008 12:03 pm

Le-Petit-Mort wrote:In my eyes, Edward's become a bit more accepting of Jacob after seeing how he made Bella happy. Jacob has become a bit more fond of Edward, even though there is the factor that they're mortal enemies. I was completely shocked by Edward's request to Jacob. Frankly, I think it's sick. Why would you ask the guy, that has come close to date rape with your wife, to impregnate her? :?

I think Edward was at a very bad place at that time and was desperate to try ANYTHING he could think of so that Bella would abort the dangerous "monster" inside of her. I thought it was sick too though :(
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Re: Jacob and Edward's relationship

Postby Doodle » Thu Sep 11, 2008 1:24 pm

I thought, asking Jacob to impregnate Bella, showed just how much he loved Bella. He would allow another to be with his wife to make her happy. But it also came across as quite selfish one could argue. We know he was desperate to keep her alive but by trying to have her abort it wasn't respecting her wishes.

Anyway, the Edward/Jacob relationship is an interesting one. I think it was Jacob's feelings for Nessie that made Edward's feelings change towards him. He never once thought about about Nessie sexually when they found that Nessie would grow up, and I think that gave him more respect from Edward. But the whole "my son" thing threw me abit. It's great that Edward accepts that Jacob will be his son-in-law one day but I think calling him that whilst Nessie was still young is abit weird.
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Re: Jacob and Edward's relationship

Postby Esme echo » Thu Sep 11, 2008 1:42 pm

I think the whole idea of Edward calling Jacob "son" at that time was that Edward did not expect to be around when Renesmee was old enough to give him a son-in-law. He and Bella were essentially appointing Jacob as Renesmee's guardian, expecting that in the future Jacob and Renesmee would probably marry--but neither Bella nor Edward expected to leave the clearing alive.
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