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Re: Edward and Bella

Postby heartscreams » Fri Aug 29, 2008 9:53 pm

Edward and Bella relationship has definitely strengthened since Twilight. i do envy them, the fact that Edward spent almost all night - excluding the nights he went hunting - with Bella, of course they got to know one another more deeply and much faster. although both are stubborn at times, they always managed to compromise. and it seems that Stephenie has shown us that compromise is the key for a healthy relationship. i mean, Twilight Saga is relatable to reality, right?
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Re: Edward and Bella

Postby eliselovesedwardx » Fri Aug 29, 2008 10:11 pm

i think bella and edward have one of the strongest relationships although i felt we didn't get to experience this as much in breaking dawn. i know there was heaps going on and he never left her side and they did it right at the start and got married etc.. i feel this book lacks the sexual tension the others had cos they jumped right in but the other books had sooo much sexual tension it was more relatable to women - young and old- because relationships all go through that, but this book showed their relationship stronger than ever but i think it could've been even better. i reckon eclipse showed their love at the strongest because it had the most tension - bella wanted more but edward couldn't trust himself, and i think that (usually around the other way..sometimes) makes people able to relate to the relationship more. They still have to strongest most love filled relationship i've seen and i envy bella for that..
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Re: Edward and Bella

Postby urcoolcarrie » Sat Aug 30, 2008 12:41 am

excuse me? stephenie meyer did NOT set this up herself! it was some awful person who wasn't thinking right or wanted to destroy stephenie. either way, stephenie had nothing to do with the whole leaking thing.

listen, its not a cd, ok? its a book. don't compare the two things. the reason she is not publishing it is so that people will see that it is not acceptable for someone to put copyrighted material out where everyone can see it without the authors permission. do i think that she should still have it published, OF COURSE!!! i would LOVE it if she changed her mind. it would absolutely make my day. but guess what? as of right now, she is not putting it out. if you were as mad and frustrated as she is, i don't think you'd want to write either. it was horrible what that person did, not only to the fandom, but to stephenie herself. they had no right to do that.

so, i pick none of your choices. she is the author of my personal favorite series, and i feel bad for what happened. she DOES NOT want attention and she IS NOT a fanfiction writer (she is the actual writer. duh.).

oh ya, and i am really sorry for posting this on the edward and bella thread. i know that this should have been posted somewhere else, and so anyone can delete this if they wish. i won't complain. :)

so, since i so rudely (sp?) interupted a very perfect edward and bella discussion, i wll post something about those two and leave on a good note.
i agree with everything that love and darkrider wrote. the relationship between the two grew stronger after bella got changed, because she is braver. she has so much more confidence! its amazing.
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Re: Edward and Bella

Postby YourFavoriteAries » Sat Aug 30, 2008 1:01 am

yypark wrote:
YourFavoriteAries wrote:So why exactly can everything in Bella and Edward's world work out when no one else's life is that simple?

To me, Twilight is a book for escapism. I loved getting embroiled in their romance and the trials/tribulations that followed from that romance. The fact that they didn't lose anything really substantial just added to their story for me. Do I think it was tied up very neatly? Yes I do. Do I believe this happens in real life? Of course not. That's why fiction is fantastic! I enjoyed the fact that Bella and Edward got it all. If I want to read a "realistic" book I'll go and pick up the Kite Runner or anything by Tolstoy (nothing good ever happens with him!)

Haha I'm not saying that I didn't want a happy ending or that I wished for bad thing after bad thing.

F-16 put it into better words. When an entire series is based on the monumental sacrifice that Bella and Edward make to be with each other and then not only is that Sacrifice gone but nothing else is there to replace it....
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Re: Edward and Bella

Postby Genevieve » Sat Aug 30, 2008 1:07 am

personally i felt that BD was so different from the other 3.
while Bella was pregnant, i could still feel a little of her self consciousness and all.
after she transformed, everything seem sort of different. I didnt feel her that much anymore. i dont know, i had this feeling that she became this much superior, mature woman. not like she wasnt mature before, but aft she changed, she felt more.. middle age, the naivety was kinda gone.

but i guess that's what Stephanie had planned. she Knew beforehand that once bella was changed, it would get kinda hard to feel Bella.

and about their relationship, yeah definitely not controlled anymore aft the transformation. but thats the way its suppose to be.
i didnt get much of edward. he was just like a figure revolving around bella, looking out and taking care of her. but not actually THERE. just revolving. ah well.
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Re: Edward and Bella

Postby Iguanarwhal » Sun Aug 31, 2008 6:01 pm

urcoolcarrie wrote:because its a book.

if it were real life, we all know things wouldn't have turned out so great. other things would have happened to make it more complicated. but you know what, in make-believe land, you can do whatever you want. there can be problems that get resolved with the snap of a finger. thats just how it works. its fictional, and i accept that. i guess i just don't think of things quite as literal as you do. ;)

I have to disagree. Just being a fictional book doesn't make it okay to have things that should've posed problems be fixed with practically no struggle. There were things that sh/w/could've tested Edward's and Bella's relationship were often made non-issues. Stephenie had so many things that could easily have played this type of role, but she chose not to use them. The one that really got me was the complete sidestepping of the issues as a newborn that were nonexistant because Bella's speshul like that. That is deus ex machina, which I personally cannot stand. There were worries about how newborn Bella would manage to see Renesmee without, well, eating her. That's just one of the problems it would have caused; to overcome those difficulties could only have strengthened their relationship in the end. Heck everyone would've been brought even closer together. True the story, at it's core is escapist and fluffy, but even fluff has air resistance against it as it floats down to a safe landing on the ground. Now don't get me wrong, I think they have quite the strong relationship even though, contrary to most people's predictions, they didn't even last through the honeymoon before Edward became a wife-beater. Bella and Edward just fit together like an enzyme and a substrate.
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Re: Edward and Bella

Postby debussygirl » Tue Sep 02, 2008 1:27 am

^^"Wife-beater"? What in the world are you talking about??? When did Edward do that (and I don't count their first night together-he did not mean to. He has strength that we cannot even comprehend and so I don't think we ought to judge him there. There is no way he ever meant Bella any harm)? Edward did not do anything to make him a wife-beater.
But I do agree that the newborn issue was a major disappointment and it would have brought the two of them together more.
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Re: Edward and Bella

Postby Iguanarwhal » Wed Sep 03, 2008 1:26 am

It's just a bit of tongue in cheek humor. Probably not the best idea to joke over a touchy subject. I just found it a bit ironic and couldn't resist poking fun at our Site Philosophy The Sugarquill (whose affirmations [I think that's what they call them] were referred to in the post) the got Remus/Tonks wrong, surely the Twlight Lexicon was bound to have some thing incorrect! ;) For the record, I get that it wasn't intentional, and it was a risk they (Bella more so that Edward, of course) were willing to take. It probably could've been a whole lot worse , were Edward not so protective of her.

And once again, because it can't be said enough: Their love is beautiful. If my biggest complaint is that there were missed opportunities to put them through some trouble, just because they'd be brought closer together (But...could they be any closer?), I'd they their relationship is all hunky dory.
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Re: Edward and Bella

Postby teamswitzerland » Wed Sep 03, 2008 10:26 am

janinecullenx3 wrote:In Breaking Dawn, I found that the Edward and Bella relationship had changed a lot. There wasn't a lot of cute talk and just like kissing and stuff. That bugged me. It was like a lot of it was having sex....I don't know if anyone else felt that way.

But I did think that Renesmee brought them even closer together, if possible, and that their happy ending was deserved 100%

i agree, it seemed to me that edward and bella's relationship got pushed aside with Renesmee, though i do like her. Edward seemed to become someone in the background.
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Re: Edward and Bella

Postby Persephonie » Wed Sep 03, 2008 11:14 am

The arrival of children will do that... push the couple's relationship aside, or rather changes it's dynamics. It's not just the two of them anymore, now they are a family... happens all the time... :-)
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