EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #4

Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #4

Postby threethings » Sun Jan 18, 2009 12:46 am

Shannon- I hope your okay that I joined this too! Haha!

Um . . . Question time. . . . What would you presume to be Emmett's reaction if he knew he was this popular?
Totally bragging! I know it, he would rub it in everybody's face.
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Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #4

Postby ravenGirl2468 » Sun Jan 18, 2009 12:46 am

i didnt know we had a new member (maybe i should pay a bit more attention :? ) anyways welcome sydflower hope you like it here you can just call me raven if you want when you get on and read this of course yaaaaaaaay new member hope you like emmett as much as me(as if you could :lol: ) that was a joke please dont take it the wrong way
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Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #4

Postby skylarblue » Sun Jan 18, 2009 12:53 am

ravengirl - please keep your posts from becoming PMish. If you want to say hello to one person and say you missed them, send them a PM. The thread isn't the place for that type of conversation.

Also, I'm not just going to single out anyone but if you are going to reply to the topic at hand. Please make your reply a clear and well thought out response. We do not want "Oh My God, I think Emmett would love that or Emmett is so great." Please provide a response that gives your opinions and has some support behind your response.

I want this thread to start off on the right foot. I know it's taken some a little time to get use to how things work around here. We run things alot different here in the EDC and we want everyone to have a great time, alot of fun and meet new people but yet follow the rules.

Chloe - hey no worries hun! The more the marrier. Don't be scared, everyone here is just as friendly as the Randies and the Ed/Jake Campaign members.

What would you presume to be Emmett's reaction if he knew he was this popular?
Emmett already knows how popular he is here in the EDC and even though he won't come out and say it (due to Rose lurking), he loves it ! He knows that there are some crazies here for him and I think he finds it funny but flattering at the same time. I haven't been shy about my Emmett Love (which you all know about) and yet he still comes to visit us here in the EDC. So what does that say about him knowing of his popularity?

Alrighty girls have fun!!! Talk Soon!!!

Toodles !!!!!

P.S. Let's try to refrain from those wonderful entrances for a bit. Since we have a shiny new setup we don't want to destroy it to rubble just yet. You Feel Me?
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Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #4

Postby Sydflower » Sun Jan 18, 2009 1:28 am

Thanks for welcoming me everyone :). Dont worry.. Ill try to make things exciting. Im an expert. By the way, I tend to add two different opinions on something.

So for my first question..

What would you presume to be Emmett's reaction if he knew he was this popular?
Emmett already knows it. That's why he acts in his manly ways. Just because he doesn't come right out and say it.. well, we all know how great he is at innuendos! But, if he was totally oblivious to the obsessed EDC world around him, he would be shocked and I think his head would explode from being so overly confident. I would still love him.
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Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #4

Postby cascsiany » Sun Jan 18, 2009 1:52 am

Hey guys, wow you've been busy. Things have been crazy for me although I have been reading some of the stuff.

Anyways on to the all important que:
What would you presume to be Emmett's reaction if he knew he was this popular?
I think he's be thrilled. Edward's kinda the ladies man, especially since Emmett has Rose. btw we love ya Rose. gotta keep Rose happy. maybe she'll let him on sometime Anyways, he'd be thrilled and maybe a bit overwhelmed, it is a lot to take in.
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Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #4

Postby Pandancer » Sun Jan 18, 2009 1:54 am

Oh holy cats, I missed the new thread being born? :shock: Oh well, barely two pages into it, at least. I was busy finishing the last of one of Tiffanie DeBartolo's stories. Good reads, you should check 'em out sometime. Anyway, moving on to topics and all of that. . .

What would you presume to be Emmett's reaction if he knew he was this popular?

'Emmett' already knows, doesn't he? I would hope so, with how often everyone is taking him for demolitions. :lol: But if it were to happen in the books, I think it would be pretty awkward. I'm sure he would get a kick out of it, but with Rose around, well... Everyone from the last board knows how bad that situation would be, haha. xD I laughed SO hard at Kat and Mez's answers, by the way.xD I can definitely see a Emmett/Jasper debate on it. Sadly, I think that if it was between all of the Cullen men, Edward would win. . . Or Rpattz. O.o;

And wait, we have a new member? Seriously, do we? -Looks around- Ah, we've gotten to the point where we talk so much, that I'm completely lost. I can't keep track! I can only imagine how the management feels. :shock:
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Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #4

Postby ilovetwilight » Sun Jan 18, 2009 1:57 am

YAY NEW THREAD!!! And a new member!! Wow! Welcome to the crew Sydflower! I'm one of the crazies along with people who I shall not name *chough* Mez, Elise, Mimi, Cam, Kat, Ted, Shannon, and more *cough*. You may call me Sierra or ILT or my username or anything clever you can think of :mrgreen: . I'm also the EDCCS (Emmett's Demolition Crew Cheerleading Squad!) Co-Captain! Elise or eliselovesedwardx is the Captain! If you want to join our superly-amazing-one of a kind- fabulous- awesomely-cool squad just PM me or her! I see Kat/coppercurls has already performed the "Welcome Cheer" for you, thank you Kat :mrgreen: . Do you have any nicknames that you would prefer we call you by?

Shannon - Wow it's a good thing a didn't do a dramatic entrance before I read you post huh? *nervous laugh*
And fine. I suppose I could do some boring entrances... for a while....

And now for the question:
What would you presume to be Emmett's reaction if he knew he was this popular?
Well I'm sure he does know he's this popular, I mean he's visited our very own EDC some times. One of which I was actually there.... and got to sit on his lap..... *stares off into space starting to day dream* Do you suppose he's coming back anytime soon? Anyway, I'm sure he loves being popular with the ladies 8-).

Well time to explore the new thread! Toodle loo ladies!
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Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #4

Postby waiting tobe dazzled » Sun Jan 18, 2009 2:26 am

*Comes in wiping sweat off brow*
Hello Ladies!
Sorry I’m late everyone but we finally have everything put away in our brand new storage facilities (which are very nice BHG…good job). Also good job Clean Up Crew…it’s very organized.
And just so everyone knows the small tools can be found in the lovely storage containers to the front of the buildings while the “wood chipper” as well as the newly refreshed stock of pesticides can be found in the back.

Hello to all the new members!
I’m Heather, Field Supervisor of EDC
Welcome to our lovely Emmett oasis.

Sierra--I actually think I might miss those dramatic entrances…maybe there could be some sort of plan worked out to allow the phenomenal entrances while preventing damage to our wonderful new office. (Your banner is just…*sighs*…I can’t put it into words but WOW.*

Oh and congrats Mez on the early promotions.

So I believe the question now is

What would you presume to be Emmett's reaction if he knew he was this popular?

And to let the new crew members know and remind the old…

*Well thought out and well written post may earn early promotion and acknowledgement from the management team*
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Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #4

Postby eliselovesedwardx » Sun Jan 18, 2009 2:31 am

*Tyres protest in the parking lot as a BIG Dump Truck pulls into it's spot right near the front door and Elise jumps out and runs full pelt into the new headquarters* Sorry I'm late! What did I miss?? What did I miss?? *looks around frantically with eyes like this> :shock: * AH! NNNNNEEEEWWWWW TTTTTHHHHRRRREEEEEAAAADDDD!! :D
*Smells in new thread smell* It smells wonderful..Thank you BHG!! :D :D
Lucky I didn't try and stay up to witness the unveiling..I still would be up..

Well, I just got home from my brothers Touch Football carnival and had to see if we had our new place..AND WE DO!!
ANd i may have gotten a little burnt..:?

And..We also have new members!! Heylo Chloe, Sydflower and I think there may have been someone else in the old thread..:? I shall get back to you! I am Elise! As people have already said (OH isn't it wonderful! Everyone introduces me for me..:D) As they mentioned (I shall give you the short version..) I am the Captain of EDCCS and also a resident crazy..Slowly catching up to Mez..And like someone else said, if you see or hear me doing something out there..Don't fret..That is just me :D

And our first question at the brand-spankin' new headquarters:
What would you presume to be Emmett's reaction if he knew he was this popular?
What do you think he would do? HE WOULD BASK IN HIS WELL DESERVED GLORY! :lol:

And I shall now go bask in Emmett's and our new Headquarters glory..

Oh! And me and Sierra shotty a brand-spankin' new office for hte wonderful-est Cheer Captains :D

WOO! I've totally gotten into the THOUSANDS!! I've caught sight of Edward now..Well, seeing as I can see him..*evil glint comes into eyes* I shall now go persue!!
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Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #4

Postby urcoolcarrie » Sun Jan 18, 2009 3:18 am

*stands up nice and tall, taking a big breath*
I love the smell of a new thread. :D

Alrighty, well, since I missed so much while I was gone (I went to see Yes Man...again. Jim cracks me up. :lol: ), we do have promotions!!

First off, welcome to the crew Sydflower(can I just call you syd? or do you prefer something else?)!! I am Carrie, HR Manager of this wonderful place we like to call the EDC. You are now a Trainee. From the looks of your siggy, you pretty much understand. ;) The more you post, the higher your rank is. :)

And now, we have the promos!!
Since Mez was awarded those extra posts, it helped her get up to Dump Truck Operator!! Yippee!
Chloe, you are a Hand Laborer!
Raven, you are a Bulldozer Operator!
And Elise, you are now a Backhoe Trainee! *pictures Elise squeeling*

Congrats to everyone!

And now, as always, I must answer the question at hand:
What would you presume to be Emmett's reaction if he knew he was this popular?
He would probably think it was the coolest thing ever!! He would absolutely excited and happy. :)

Hehe. About the grand entrances...I love them! I say we keep them. We have a Clean up Crew for a reason, don't we? :lol:
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