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Re: Siblings

Postby Ianua » Sun Jan 04, 2009 2:03 pm

I have 2, both younger sisters, the youngest one looks like me, and the middle one doesn't look like anyone, so is convinced she's adopted (she's not). I left home to live with my boyfriend about 4 months ago, and it's so quiet without them. But nice, sometimes. I think I can cope with seeing them both in small doses :D
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Re: Siblings

Postby lovvetwilight » Sun Jan 04, 2009 7:24 pm

Do your siblings look like you?

I have a younger brother who is 13 and a younger sister who is 11. They can annoy me soo much but we have *unconditional love*. :roll: They still piss me off lol.

People think my brother and I are twins!! I am two years older, so it annoys me. But he's taller, which annoys me more. I don't think I look like my sister, but you can definitely tell we're related. We all have the same dark hair and relatively pale skin, but our eye colors and shapes are very different. << please press

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Re: Siblings

Postby LilyMorgana » Mon Jan 05, 2009 3:23 pm

I have a younger sister and apparently we do look alike. Everyone confuses our names because they are also similar to each other (exactly the same letters only in a different order). She's 16 and is totally obsessed with her hair which annoys me endlessly. :roll: We do fight a lot but we gang up against our parents when it is needed. :lol:
She is basically the cute, talkative and adorable sister while I'm the quiet and slightly freakish one. We do share our love for Twilight though. :)
- Nele

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Re: Siblings

Postby jasmine » Mon Jan 05, 2009 6:37 pm

Ive got one 2,5 years older brother. We used to be friends when we were little, but somewhere down the road something went wrong. Ive never understood what that exactly was, but still it wasnt fun to be around him. Finally after years of emotional torment, I moved out of my parents house and that solved things. Now, several years later, we can finally talk like human beings to eachother...if its needed.
I sometimes still wonder what went wrong, but I guess Ill never know.

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Re: Siblings

Postby Mrs. Jasper Hale » Tue Jan 06, 2009 4:09 pm


I say as long as you are talking now, it doesn't really matter what went wrong!

Do you and your siblings look alike?

Hmm...well out of my 5 biological sisters, 1 of them used to be like my twin but not anymore. We all look completely different!

What is funny though is that my sister (from the family that adopted me) and I are like complete opposites in everything. I am light skinned with light hair and blue eyes, and she has darker skin with dark hair and brown eyes. When people find out we are sisters but don't mention the adoption thing they are like "Oh yeah I can see a resemblance." We just giggle because they are totally lying!
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Re: Siblings

Postby bandnerd218 » Wed Jan 28, 2009 8:29 pm

i have 5 brothers and a sister.
that is 3 brothers at my moms house and a brother and a sister at my dads


the eleven-year-old is the hardest to deal with. esecialy wen im watching them..... he has a big attitude problem. id slap him, but id get in trouble..
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Re: Siblings

Postby bite_me » Wed Jan 28, 2009 8:37 pm

My sister is 9 and she gets really offended at anything bad that you say to her, no matter how small. Then she insults you a lot.

We don't really look alike, we both look like our parents but not like each other.
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Re: Siblings

Postby Waffle of Doom » Wed Jan 28, 2009 8:47 pm

I have two siblings, a 23 year old brother and a 20 year old sister, so at 16 I'm the baby. My brother looks exactly like my dad used to and my sister is like my mom's twin, so I'm also the odd one out because I don't look like anyone in my family.

Growing up my brother was my best friend, I went everywhere he did and he happily took me because I was his "pet monkey" of sorts that he could get to do "tricks" (he thought it was especially hilarious when I would insult his friends) but now me and him can barely stand to be in the same room together, he's always doing or saying something to offend me or just be a jerk, and he doesn't care or apoligize ever. He is honestly like and overgrown 5 year old.

And my sister is kinda strange, she lives at home still and can't drive. I have nothing in common with her.
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Re: Siblings

Postby eliselovesedwardx » Thu Jan 29, 2009 7:11 am

You don't realise how much you love your siblings till you are on the other side of the world fomr them and won't see them for a year..

I have an older sister (18) and a younger brother (14) (I'm 16) and I've just gone away for exchange for a year so won't see them..Just before I left they both wrote me a message in my diary - both 2 pages long - and i cried when I read tehm!

Even though they pick on me all teh time (Yes, my 14yo brother picks on me..I am the weak middle child :lol: ) You don't realise howmuch they do love you until you're about to be separated form them..

i lvoemy siblings more now that I know I won't see them for a year ((unitl we start webcam-ing) and that I knwo that they are missing me asmuch as I am missing them.. :D
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Re: Siblings

Postby *Lamb*I*Am* » Thu Jan 29, 2009 7:47 am

Aaaww....Elise, that's so lovely :)

I have 1 brother & 1 sister.
I'm the "baby". My brother is 12yrs older than me & my sister is 16yrs older than me.
My mum was told she couldn't have more kids...then BANG along comes me to ruin everything :roll: . My dad left when I was 18months old, so my sister blames me for that....even though she was pretty much an adult at the time.
So, we've never really gotten on. She was pretty nasty when I was growing up. I get on better with her now though, but we are VERY different....The only thing we have in common is our love of Vampire, Horror & "Fantasy" movies...I got her into Twilight :) LOL
My brother is great. He was "the man" of the house growing up, so we fought...but we've always got on well :)
My brother & I look alike. VERY tall. Same eyes. My sister is TINY & is completely different to us...
There is still so much friction between my sister & I....I hate it. I wish she'd just get over it. :roll: Every year or 2, she blows up & has a big b*tch fit...It's rediculous.
But she's my sister, love her anyway....temper-tantrums & all ;)
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