Twilight Mafia #8

Twilight Mafia #8

Postby Nena » Tue Feb 03, 2009 2:41 am

Welcome to the Twilight Mafia thread, round 7.

Anyone wondering what the heck is going on might want to check out the original thread here.

Let a mod know when this thread gets to 100 pages. Thanks!

Please wait and let Lidia or Nina make the first post.
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Re: Twilight Mafia #8

Postby allieb » Tue Feb 03, 2009 4:27 pm

oh crap. im really sorry i didnt read the rules, and i posted.
oh my god, i am so sorry. oh wow. i feel like an idiot!! :oops:

oh wow. omy god. im sooo sorry. oh crap.
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Re: Twilight Mafia #8

Postby LadyViolet » Tue Feb 03, 2009 5:47 pm

I know im being extremely naughty and posting before im allowed but i really want to post cos i've been staring at the shiny new empty thread just dying to jump in but Lidia or Nina haven't put the post up.
So what the heck.. anyways im only gonna probably be in this thread for the first 40 pages or so (many of those pages will appear while im asleep of course :lol:) so im gonna get in all the posts i can before i ban myself on saturday.
Im going to sleep in a min so i probably won't get to speak to anyone tonight :(
If anyone wants my mafia addy to talk to me after the ban starts then PM me BEFORE FRIDAY!!
I have also set up a blog to document my travels while im away from the mafia (just for lols) and if you want the url for that PM me as well :D
well im off to snoozeville so i may see y'all tomorrow night!!
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I'm staying!!!
I'm on The List :D
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Re: Twilight Mafia #8

Postby Mrs.Edward_Cullen<3 » Tue Feb 03, 2009 6:18 pm

Hey guys I'm going to be a little naughty too by posting here but I just need this to be in my posts that way you guys don't get up to page 85 in the next hour. I thought you were at least on 50 by now. Thank goodness you're npt. See ya till Lidia or Nina's here familia!

Edit: I just checked the site...Alice and Shiela stole both of my powers! Little newbie cheats are gonna get it... :twisted:
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Re: Twilight Mafia #8

Postby dandyvampgirl_13 » Tue Feb 03, 2009 7:55 pm

Shame upon you, people! Thanks to the good kiddies who WAITED!

Hey everyone! this is the Twilight Mafia.
*sweeps arm to show off our most awesome and totally wicked house*
These are the members:

dandyvampgirl_13: Lidia Tagliano- the sex. Haha.(creme frap, hot chocolate, liquid awesome)
Edward's_Stalker: Nina Giamatti (mochas, frapps, hot chocolate)

Waffle of Doom: Angry Little Sabina -spy, kidnapper, head party planner, explosives expert, temporary 2d in Command whenever the Bosses aren't around
Artemis Cullen: Medea Ariadne Artemis DeMarchi- Consigliere, Assassin, Welcoming Commitee, spy, Mafia Sorceress
Spencer- The Frapp Boy (now a vampire, as of the new thread, still adorable)
*Aro's_girl*: Monica
Sethismine: Rosa Costanza
xXBeSafeXx: Motor Mouth Alice- spy/stalker
Layla_Hale: Smooth Alesio Tagliano - spy/stalker/kidnapper and Mafia ipod
YouAreMyLifeNow- Sarina Santoro
Vurktoid: Vurktoid- #1 Disaster Maker/Assassin/Poohead
Frankie: The Donut boy (human no longer, thanks to Vurk, very sexy)
LadyViolet: Rea DiMarco , assassin, Supplier of Vampenguins
threethings: Rita The Fixer, Stalker, Assistant party planner
Mrs.TeddyBear: Sly Gabby Tagliano, Stalker
copper curls: Petty Crime "Chessie" Francesca
sachael: Knife Lana
nightrunner: Valentina Ricci
who_needs_fangs?: Veronica Ricci (O.o are these two^ related?)
Winged Wolf Fang: Ab
ihadanEdwardRush: Gabriella "Ella" Rosa Delucci
allieb: Sheila Delucci
jacobblacklover96: Marta Santorini
I feel that I'm missing people... PM Myself or Nina if you're not on the list!

And if you'd like to join...
First, get your name- Name Generator for de NOOBISH: Mafia Name Generator
Then fill out this form-
Job: Assassin, Stalker, Spy, Person (there are special jobs availible, if you can think of them!)
Pet: (please restrict it to 3, and no picking on other people's pets, or I'll feed you to my llama)
Room: There are 13 floors, but (officially) the first is taken up by the kitchen and game room, where we all congregate, the 12th is the libraries and sound rooms, and the 13th are mine and Nina's rooms. Mostly every other floor has plenty of space availble (peoples rooms do NOT need to take up an entire freaking floor!)
Then PM the above form to myself (dandyvampgirl_13) so I can add you to the list, and Sabina (Waffle Of Doom) so she can add you to the website.

Wack List:
Hannah Montana
Miley Cyrus (i'm aware that this is the same person as above but now we have an excuse to whack her twice)
THE JOBROS! (Haha, just kidding Rita.)
Michael Crapon
Vanessa Hudgens
The Hacker *taken care of*
The Leaker *taken care of*
*if anyone has someone to add to the Wack List, PM me and i'll put them up*

New Addition! Le Rulez! 3 of them!
1. 30 word posts, please (yes, I upped it)! At least two-three lines, preferably more! It saves space, so we don't blow through the thread so fast. I happen to like not being killed by the Mods.
2. No fighting among the familia. People who do fight will be senteced to stick their noses in the corner until I see fit. More fighting means tushie kicking.

And if ya'll are confuzed upon seeing our complete weirdness, I suggest to you this brilliant site, made by our very own Sabina (Waffle Of Doom) who has taken it upon herself to summarize what happens each day in the lives of the familia. Life With Da Familia Blog. Believe me, its very helpful. Now you don't have to read the 20 new pages that occur everytime you leave the computer.

Also, we now have a Mafia retreat! At the end of the 7th thread, we decided to invade Canada, to bide our time until we gained a new thread. The retreat is located in Whistler, where the 2010 Olympics will be located. Course, the retreat is for emergencies only (being confined to the corner, waiting for a new thread, ect...), and we leave it alone for the Canadians whilst we have our own thread. But, enjoy! There's lots of moosen!

MESSAGE TO ANYONE READING THIS! : feel free to join.
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Re: Twilight Mafia #8

Postby Mrs.TeddyBear » Tue Feb 03, 2009 7:59 pm

I amost gave in and posted before the member list was up, but I was a GOOD girl and resisted the temptaition!
Aren't ya proud?!
And FINALLY!I've been waiting ALL day for the new thread!
We'll try and make it last a little longer, right?
No promises, I guess...
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Re: Twilight Mafia #8

Postby justdeal » Tue Feb 03, 2009 8:03 pm

Mwahahahahaha!!! NEW THREAD!!!!

Okay so I was having a ton of fun earlier.... Me and my friends we're stuck at the elementery school where m friends mom was helping with the bookfair, aaaaaannnndddd we raided the pta room, we explored the school with a skeleton key, and po'd several teachers! It was great....

#1 I need Ab to help me bomb the volturi today
#2 Invading canada was great
#3 I need mini donuts
Chaos Q Kirit
Twilight Mafia
Come Join The Pack
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Re: Twilight Mafia #8

Postby Waffle of Doom » Tue Feb 03, 2009 8:08 pm

*walks into the house (still purple)*
Where the flower is Medea?!

*scrubs skin*
And I think it's getting brighter when I try to wash it!
*scrubs harder*

*EDIT* I just realized! I got a new job!
temporary 2nd in Command whenever the Bosses aren't around

*does back flip*
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Re: Twilight Mafia #8

Postby Mrs.TeddyBear » Tue Feb 03, 2009 8:09 pm

chaos remember we're trying not to attract the volturis attention so they dont find out about the whole OD thing...
other than that have fun!

what happend to sab?i havent checked the blog yet
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Re: Twilight Mafia #8

Postby who_needs_fangs? » Tue Feb 03, 2009 8:11 pm

According to the bottom of the index, today is Ab's birthday, so maybe you should have Neo make a cake for him, Chaos. Lidia, I shall recommend adding Michael Crapon and Vanessa Hudgens to the wack list, which is misspelled, again.
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