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Re: Poet's Corner

Post by NKistheshiz » Sat Oct 18, 2008 9:19 pm

Thank you. I'm going to try and find some happy poems to post on here.
Inquisitive and thoughtful,
she was the challenge he'd been waiting for;
a reminder that creativity runs deep like secrets.

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Re: Poet's Corner

Post by bandnerd218 » Sun Nov 09, 2008 9:29 pm

Im not hat great at poetry. But i have a good bit of it. most of it is sad. im probably going to post a few on here if that's ok.
this one was written when one of my friends... well its a long story. he oppologised and our friendship is rekindling, but he did something pretty stupid.it' the shortest one about this i have written. again it's not that great.

why do i feel giulty
when your the one to blame

why am i hating myself
for hating you

why cant i push you from my mind
and accept that im not "Sis" anymore

why did you do what you did
when you knew it would hurt me so

what were you thinking
when you betrayed the friendship that we had

did you think itd hurt me
or did you think itd be just the same

why did you take my brother away
when you knew i loved him so

why are you hiding him away
when you know you should let him go

i want the old him back
not the ..* who took his place

then get the eff* away
the new thing gone;never to come back


this one was written when my bf was in the hospital bc one thing was wrong w/ his amune system, and the little that he told me, i googeld... dont goggle that stuff. it's stupid. all he needed was meds but they talked about bone marrow transplants... googel said cancer. my friend and his what-ifs didnt help.. i was scared. i wrote a few songs and poems. this one... well all of them were really dark. if he had stared going down.. i dont even know. he seamed fine... idk. im a worst casanario person. and btw. im NOT suicidal. if he died it'd be different, but im a generally happy person. sicide rarey crosses my mind. so dont worry.

What's stopping the blade?

what's stopping the blade?
Im sitting here by myself
thinking of only you
the way you looked at me
your eyes glistened just as mine
the way i felt in your arms
i could die happily just to lay in them for one night
the way it felt when we kissed
shivers going everywhere and a true sence of happiness
whats stopping the blade?
i think of all the good times we had
and the few bad
and how i wish for you to be here
but i know you cant
what's stopping the blade?
i wish to see that look
i crave your touch
i need your kiss
all, i know i can never have again
whats stopping the blade?
just to see your face one more time
might save me a few tears
just to feel you touch one more time
might remind me how to breath
just to have one more kiss
might give me the strength to put the blade down for one more day
but whats stopping the blade?
whats the point of living
life is nothing but memorys now
how do you live when your heart's been ripped out f your chest
how do you go on with a permanently crippled soul
how do you breath when your air has been taken away
how have i lived through this morbid week
what's stopping the blade?
it would go in just like the last time
but this time it would go in
not to merely dull the pain
but to stop it completely
whats stopping the blade-
the only way out of this hell hole-
the door to a hell more bearable than this
or the door to you.
what's stopping the blade?

if you want to hear more tell me. i doubt you will but whatever. and most of them are songs
Jesse=My love.My life.
"I'll sing to you all night if it will keep the bad dreams away" -Edward
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Re: Poet's Corner

Post by bluemaria » Tue Nov 18, 2008 9:53 pm

A few new poems by me...

Kissing Frog

My grandma gave me this frog to kiss
On the side it says “Fairy Tales Can Come True”
The implications of this gift were hard to miss
But just in case, my cousin said "Kristin has already kissed a frog or two"

Now mind you, I am not the superstitious sort
But the little charmer won me over
I took him home and placed my sweet heart in his froggy court
Surely, he would be my love’s four leaf clover

Before leaving for a date I would give the little guy a peck
I deserved a happily ever after too
My reader, I am sure even you can respect
My search for the man with that fabled shoe

After many trollish suitors,
I realized that
My little friend was better at attracting frogs than a charming prince
That’s when I decided,
That when it comes to love,
good luck charms are no match for a little, good old, common sense

Afraid of the Dark

Fall chill stings my nose
Warm cinnamon and pumpkin spice soothe
I clutch the grainy red brick stoop and look to the sky
White washed façade reaches above me

Gnarled oak branches sway in the breeze
Clear silver moon peaks through the rustling leaves
The pillars of the old southern porch wrap around me
Through the windows the red hearth flames leap begging for my attention
Imploring me to come sit in their warm presence

I linger in the night
Watching the tiny winged field mice
Darting around the oak fingers
Catching their gossamer clad dinner

It is not the warm, caramel glow,
But the dark serenity of night that washes through me

She is deep and hypnotic
Like a panther’s purr

She is mystery and adventure
I wish to go with her

Long to discover her secrets
What might the night hold in store for me?

I stay on the step

Border between the familiar and unknown

Maybe, someday, I will no longer fear the dark
And then
Only then, will I truly embrace the night

Pastoral Poem on Passing a Pasture

Grassy fields and wooden fences
Stretch out in all directions

This provincial scene is not what draws my mind
The brilliant colors are what I can not leave behind

Dusty lavender skies
Patch work blue clouds, make me question my eyes

Grass emitting lime rays from deep within
Slowly sinking sun melting over the horizon

Obligations can fall to triviality
I must bear witness to this surreal reality

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Re: Poet's Corner

Post by amandaxcullen » Tue Nov 18, 2008 10:06 pm

This poem is dedicated to my best friend which you will catch onto quickly, we went to school together since pre-school and we had to go to different high schools, it broke my heart. It makes me cry everytime I read it.

Don Quixote Was a Steel Driving Man

This is for Anna, my friend and most of my heart
To remind her we'll always be friends, even if apart.
Thinking about yesterday and everything it holds
All our memories, remembered. And our secrets, untold.

This is for Anna, my partner, my other half
To remind her of the times we cried, worried, and laughed.
The reason why I wake up, and make it through the day.
The biggest influence in my life, and I was hoping she would stay.

This is for Anna, who knows me better then anyone.
To remind her that our friendship will never officially be done.
When she's in my life it sends me soaring,
But now that she's not, I'm a lil' more cold and boring.

Amanda and Anna was how it always used to be,
But now that you're leaving, it's only gonna be me.
Don't forget anything I taught you, sometimes life and even boys.
And I wont forget the days we had, the laughter and the joys.
They say life is unexspecting, and this I already knew,
But whoda thunk in a million years, I, had to lose YOU.

This is for Anna, my friend and most of my heart.
To remind her we'll always be friends, even if apart.
Remember all our inside jokes and how long we were together,
And never forget, we'll always be, best friends forever.

This one was about a dream I had of getting raped, yeah, not a happy dream..


darkened hallway, open doorframe
genuine smile, & as a boy sang
I settled on my chair, accepted the drink
that would later make me forget to think.
dim the lights, turn the volume down low
whatever could've made me think so?
and as the liquor poisoned me,
I watched the world get up and leave.
torrents of laughter, blurred vision.
I stumble over something as i head to the kitchen.
following me, gentle hands at my waist.
holding me up, just in case.
I turned so fast, i forgot who i was.
and our lips met up like a deal for drugs.
eyes fell shut and we both forgot to care.
that we were risking it all on a stupid dare.
prove me wrong, inside my head,
where's my shirt? on comes the dread.
I remember the pain that drew the blood.
I remember my actions, dragging my face in the mud.
the mark on my breast where his mouth carressed...
I hold that spot, I don't want to confess
that i'm scared i've ruined it all with my stupid lust.
somehow i know, we all do what we must.
I cried on the way home, akward and alone.
I had to ask him what happened. i didn't even know.
last night was so blurry, i don't remember his face.
I later found my panties in my purse -- the ones with the lace.
now i sit here and worry, fingernails bitten.
is there even a chance he could still be smitten?
hating this empty insecurity in my chest,
I find that i can't sleep, and i have no rest.
now my dignity's been stolen by my own passionate mistake.
who could've known it would turn out to be more than just a date?

and actually today I had to write a poem about Japaneese internment camps and I decided to do a Hiku

United we stand.
Our Japaneese ansestry,
United we fall.

If you read these, fantastic, thank you x3575654, feedback would be absolutly amazing.
I've written more and if you want to see my blog, add my myspace, thank you :)
Team Jacob!
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Re: Poet's Corner

Post by ALL4TEAMEDWARD » Sat Nov 22, 2008 4:36 pm

well....this is probly not as good as some of yours but I wrote it for Twilight on the day of the movie in Lang. class hope u like!!! :D

An Ode to Twilight...

"A book is a book."
that's what everyone used to say
before the pop culture phenomenon, Twilight,
came sweeping our way

It described a young girl,
a peaceful sage
and a boy she found,
who will never age

"How old are you?"
she asked one day
"Seventeen."He replied,
the truth he did not say

Her blood, like wine
tested his desire
but still he did not tell her
that he was a vampire

When he finally told her
she didn't care
"He is an angel."She thought
Their bond didn't tear

She thought, and thought
but still she refused to think
that he was a monster,
her blood he wanted to drink

So in love they did fall,
and i too, am
in love with the story,
of the lion and lamb

Now I know,
I can always see the sun,
when I read Twilight
And now our time is done.

This is another one i wrote but its about New Moon...its pretty sad. :|

The New Moon is Cold

The New Moon is cold,
I feel alone
He is gone,
my heart replaced with stone

I can still hear his voice,
see his face
I long to see him
my heart breaks

He has left,
I am alone
in the shadowy forest,

"It will be as if I never existed."
said he
before he left
before he did flee

I am broken,
only tears I have shed
"He doesn't love me anymore." I think
as I lie in my bed

I cry myself to sleep
dreaming of the man i want to hold
I shiver in the night,
because the New Moon is cold...

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Re: Poet's Corner

Post by heartofmp* » Sat Nov 29, 2008 2:25 pm

I don’t usually feel this breakable, so delicate
I usually feel strong, un-fazeable, Supergirl,
But there’s something about the way handing your heart over to someone else,
Feeling that way, when you find your own personal kryptonite,your one weakness,
You tie your heart to a string and hand it over,
Hoping that someone feels the same way as you,
Hoping they know how easily you can be crushed, torn, broken
What happened to Supergirl?

To the one I love
Days without you go by slowly,
Phones, computers, letters, not enough to make me sane
I miss you too much my love, my heart looks on sadly
Does everyone feel this way, too?
The emptiness, the loneliness,
Even when I’m standing right beside you?
When I’m away from you, the smiles and laughs, everything I miss,
Seems far away from that one day
The day we say “I do”
The night we will leave, no longer afraid,
Hands held tight, waiting and watching our future ensue
We then will have time to catch all the smiles, we have long overpaid our due

Not really a poet, but I tend to just write down what I feel at the time *shrug* Thanks for reading btw

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Re: Poet's Corner

Post by italiangirl1577 » Sat Nov 29, 2008 7:23 pm

Quite foolish of me to try and compete with the rest of these poems (honestly, they're all amazing), but here's a sonnet that I had to write for an English class. It doesn't have a title (if I ever have a poem published [not likely] I'd have to hire someone to come up with good titles for them, because when I turned it in, I titled it "Night Sonnet"), but it's about night.

What is this world, so filled with restful dark,
So silent, as though stifled by a sheet?
What is this new time which the moon does mark,
Which day after day does itself repeat?

In this time where nothing stirs, all is still,
All the world slumbers in a peaceful sleep.
For what is this place that the cool winds chill,
Which the biting breeze through the air does sweep?

What is this sky, where the sun does not shine,
This deep blue sky, dressed both with moon and star?
For what is this sky, painted so divine,
At which we now gaze upon from afar?

This is the night fallen side of the sky,
Which stays through the night until dawn is nigh.

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Re: Poet's Corner

Post by ravenGirl2468 » Tue Feb 03, 2009 7:14 pm

i dont know if this is good enough but i gave it to my teacher and they had me read it in the school gym;
Angel Angel

angel angel dont you weep
angel angel fall asleep

angel angel don't you cry
couse i am gonna sing you a lullaby

angel angel dont you see
angel angel fly with me

angel angel catch me a dream
angel angel catch it in a stream

angel angel dotn you cry
couse i am gonna sing you a lullaby

i dont know if that is good tell me if you like it please pm me if you like it
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Re: Poet's Corner

Post by jacobblacksgirl » Wed Feb 04, 2009 12:10 pm


The moon begins to rise, over a cold and dark town,
A creature roams wild, while the moonlight shines down.

He is a man by day, as normal as any man could be,
But when the moon shines, everyone can then see.

What kind of monster he truly is, no one can explain,
So they all stay in fear, as he transforms his eternal pain.

Feeding on the innocence, his heart is made of stone,
Trapped in this horrible world, forever trapped here alone.

Never to share this curse, as it eats away his humanity,
Trapped in his mind at night, near to the break of insanity.

But there is still hope, maybe one day it will finally end,
Then he can be free once more, never to face this again.

He doesn't want to hurt anyone, but he cant stop the moon,
And he prays he will die, maybe that end will come soon.

But it doesn't, and again and again more innocence die,
By this horrid monster, with hate filled in his dark eyes.

But a Werewolf, this is what his heart will forever be,
Trapped in a human, consumed for the rest of eternity.
I got my werewolf boy.

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Re: Poet's Corner

Post by ALL4TEAMEDWARD » Sun Feb 08, 2009 6:32 pm

Hello all, I've got some really good poems and I'd like to hear what you think of them :)

Valentine <3

Valentine's Day, and once again
I am nowhere near
finding anyone to love,
to hold dear

But it's not the loneliness
that gets to me
it's the lying words
that I see

"Be mine" isn't special
it really doesn't mean a thing
it's like a mockingbird
with another bird's song to sing

So if you want to please me
don't send those word so few
but if you want to impress me
why don't you start with "I love you".



A brush in the hall
a passing glance
a small "hi"
escapes my lips

He doesn't respond
so I continue on, embarrassed
cheeks red
I catch my breath

And I wonder why
I seem to suffocate
every time
he walks past

The smell of him
lingers in my nose
reminding me
how beautiful he is

And I wonder why
I can never have
the one thing I want
that special someone...


He loves me not...

I see him
he smiles and walks up
his blue eyes mesmerize me
he loves me, he loves me not...

Late at night we meet
just he and I alone
a kiss, a tender touch
he loves me, he loves me not...

We see them staring
wanting what we have
we laugh and chat
he loves me, he loves me not...

Then another
a blond haired beauty
pulls him away from me
he loves me, he loves me not...

She has taken my place
filled my perfect role
took all I had in the world
he loves me, he loves me not...

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