The Dating Thread -- take 3

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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Postby keds723 » Tue Feb 10, 2009 8:34 pm

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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Postby StupidxLamb » Tue Feb 10, 2009 11:28 pm

Lena...HEHEHE, the test story made me lol. Seriously...I forgot how HARD it is to have a real crush. When I more or less rebounded with Eli, it wasn't a real it didn't feel like much. It was more like, "Hey,'re a boy!" Heh. I haven't had this CRUSH feeling since before I found out Daniel had feelings for me too...a year ago. I forgot how frustrating it is not knowing if someone likes me! Haha. Grawr. But you should be happy...tonight I invited Rory to contra-prom. He texted me back and said, "I may come. Thanks." Haha. I was texting Eli about an hour later and he said, "I heard Rory was thinking about coming to the party." I was super happy that Rory relayed my invitation, so now I know he wasn't just saying he may come to placate me. Haha. =) Eli said he's going to try to get Rory to come by talking it up more. I wonder if he'd do that if he knew that I like his best friend...Oh well.
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Postby virginiax7 » Tue Feb 10, 2009 11:55 pm

Ok, so I totally just typed the world's best post, then pressed some key and the whole thing was deleted. :/ Normally I'd retype the whole thing, but I'm falling alseep while typing and if I try and write more than a few lines it's going to come out like "Andjhiwd thenihnsn Iwhid whkhflkedwkd downksdnn thndnkne starirsns."

First, I'd like to say HELLO! to all the new people who joined at the end of the the last thread/beginning of this one. I'm Virginia. :] *Friendly wave*

Second, I'd like to welcome back the lovely JENNIFER who was dearly missed! Just the other day I was like "Where did Jennifer get to? We've lost her!" Glad to see you back :]

I'd also like to point out how hard it is not to buy the new Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa Lady Dragon shoes, especially when you have enough money. The only thing making me pause is the rather hefty price tag, but seeing as V Day is right around the corner, I think I'm entitled to treat myself, right? ;]

I'll be back tomorrow to offer my oh-so-wonderful advice and to enlighten you all as to what has been happening in my love life since I last posted. (Don't get too excited- it's not much.) Night guys! :]
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Postby keds723 » Wed Feb 11, 2009 12:04 am

Welcome to the new thread Virginia!! Those Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa Lady Dragon shoes are absolutely adorable and a must have for any girl. Valentine's day is certainly a time to treat yourself, so please for my sake, buy those adorable shoes and wear them with a pair of skinny jeans and an adorable top. Maybe a pretty hair bow ;) I really like the pink or the blue shoe. Gah...I wish I had money so I could fill my closest with cute shoes such as these.

I have embarked on something to keep my mind off of B: Listening to Pandora radio and drawing an intensely intricate picture on a large piece of posterboard. I will post links to pictures later, but hopefully, this will help in keeping my mind out of the gutter ;)
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Postby Wolf-Girl90 » Wed Feb 11, 2009 4:02 am

Kristen I think you're conjused! J isn't my boyfriend, he's one of my friends who I go through phases of liking! It's uber annoying! Weeeeee otch is a very good describing word I have to say! I might use it again today and see if I get a warmer reception! :lol: I congratulate you on your distracting methods! Drawing pictures on poster board! Does it work? (not that I have large peices of poster board floating around anywhere!) Adn well done for trying to keep yourself out of the gutter! I commend you! :D

Virginia HELLO! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: (I've actually said hello to you beofre but I'll say it again because I'm in a good mood!) :D Definately fill us in with your love life! We want to know, and don't worry about it being dull! It simply cannot be as dull as mine!

blasphemous_contessa My sister's the same! She's the typical English-beauty and the guys around here eat it up, but thankfully, for the momnet, she's not interested in boys! More schoolwork! :lol:

Lena That Amber needs to chill a bit! It's not you're fault you're extremely compatible with your "brother" and she's not! :lol: I totally know what you mean abotu liking somone! I haven't seen really into anyone for ages! It's always just the odd smattering of affection here and there! **Genny sighs** IS it a good or a bad thing about Trevor? Are you relieved or a bit bummed?

Christine Your theatre teacher is a definate WEEEEE-OTCH! They seriously need to chill out. Marjorly! And you acted the rihgt way with Andy! Dragging up Cara would have been the wrong thing to do in that situation! And moaing is definately up there on the "list of things you have to endure when you're a best friend" list! :lol: I just made myself laugh! :lol:

up-ddate I dreamt I was dating Adam Gragory from 90210 last nihgt. It was amazing! I was literally buzzing off it, until I woke up. Life is so so SO unfair! :lol:
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Postby goymer » Wed Feb 11, 2009 11:17 am

lovemesomecullensss wrote:GOYMER:
That really is probably the best response you could've given! Seriously! You totally left the ball in her court. So what'd she say!? :]

She said that she doesn't really know what she wants right now. Which is fine by me, I'll just stick around until she does know :) And just to make this feel even less like a date, we're going to see Bolt :lol:

And it's good to know that there's at least one part of my brain that knows what it going on about :lol:
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Postby Edward Cullen Fan » Wed Feb 11, 2009 1:24 pm

Thanks everyone. He's not just someone online. I went to school with him and I met him at a group hang out. And even then I liked him a little, but it hadn't gotten like this until I just started talking back up with him. I found his MySpace and added and messaged him. Sorry, I thought I'd mentioned that I knew him. Thanks. :D
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Postby lovemesomecullensss » Wed Feb 11, 2009 4:21 pm

Yeah, I know... I think he specifically didn't tell me on purpose... Haha. And now he doesn't really talk to me that much. I guess he thinks it's weird or something. Which is isn't. I don't know. And me and Andy... well, we're me and Andy. Haha. As for your survey thing, we do that at our school, too haha. But OF COURSE Lu was on your list... Hahaha. Well those things are never really that accurate anyway. And not liking anyone is okay. It gives you the opportunity to find OTHER interesting things to occupy your attention... Haha. :]

Yeah, I agree. It's disgusting when guys gawk over younger girls. Control yourselves! Gross. But it's always going to happen, there really isn't much you can do about it. Except maybe carry some pepper spray... ;] :]

Haha so I guess you're unaware of this... Yeah, I do like Andy. And he likes me. He's actually liked me for about a year. I started liking him in like September? I told him at the end of September. And we talk about it sometimes. But yes, he's still with Cara so that just sort of throws a monkey wrench in the plans, eh? But yeah, he's most definitely my best friend at school and I love him to death no matter what. As for you: keeping your mind distracted is definitely a good thing! Good luck with the improv thing, that sounds like a lot of fun! And you'll definitely have to put up those pictures, too! But when it comes right down to it... You're STILL going to have to figure out how you feel about him as well as Evan. Just keep that in mind. :]

Yay, he "may come"! That's a great step. As for Eli, well, what he doesn't know won't hurt him... ;] Hopefully he can get you and Rory a little closer. :]

Buy those shoes, missy! You must! :]

Hahaha nice use of weeee-otch. ;] And yes, life is very unfair. If dreams were reality, life would be PERFECT! And by perfect I mean living on a beach with gorgeous men serving me fruity beverages. ;] Hahahah.

Hey, even if it's not a date, it's something! It's good that you're just going along with what she's feeling. And I bet Bolt will be really cute! Haha, you'll have to tell us all about it! :]

I knew you actually had met him before, but my point was that if the only way you're communicating with him right now is over the Internet, then you need to find alterior ways to communicate. Even though you know him, talking online may not be enough to get him to be interested in you in a real way, you know? :]

Not too much, really. Joey says he wants to go see Our Town with me this weekend but he doesn't know what day. His friend from Chicago is coming into town on Friday and leaving Saturday, so probably Saturday night. I hope. OH CRAP, that's Valentine's Day... Oh well, he'll know it's not a date... Awww jeez.
So Dakota FLIPPED OUT on me at lunch today. He was like, "I know you and Andy are secretly dating. It's totally obvious." And I told him Andy has a girlfriend in college and he was like, "Yeah right... That's just a cover up! Why don't you two just come out already!" Like, he was yelling at me. It was ridiculous. I was just like, "Get over yourself..." Haha.
And I guess Andy and I were "normal" today, whatever that means. Nothing too interesting to report. His show opens tomorrow night so I bet he's psyched about that. Meanwhile OUR show opens next week and it is AWFUL...
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Postby psugar » Wed Feb 11, 2009 4:38 pm

Sorry the computer was super slow last night(It's slow all the time but I think we got knocked off the internet connection place last night).

Christine: It has something to do with the pale skin, my eyes that go to a hazely gold to a hazely black randomly, that I don't eat alot(that's because of my medicine, concerta(or whatever I'm taking all I know is that it starts with a c)), and cold skin.

Update: I got into two honors class for next year(Yay!) which is good for me since I want to transition and yeah. Saw 'S' alot today he was in the lunch room looking for his table and his eyes started to me, I smiled and started giggling(my friends and I are hilarious). Third day of state testing over(today's writing prompt 'Persuade an employer for a job' I did camp counsler my friend did A&F Worker(I joked with her about her reasons 'I'm skinny, pretty, and blond'). In a couple classes I will present my project(includes lecturing the jerks in my CE class about discriminating ADD).
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Postby Edward Cullen Fan » Thu Feb 12, 2009 11:16 am

Oh, okay. Thanks. :] I think I may ask if he wants to hang out, but I'm not sure. Would it be too soon to ask, or have we communicated enough? If I do ask, I'm thinking of saying something like, "Hey, I haven't seen you in a while. We should hang out sometime." Or something like that, because this May... I think it would've been two years since I've seen him.
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