The Dating Thread -- take 3

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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Postby keds723 » Thu Feb 12, 2009 12:21 pm

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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Postby Edward Cullen Fan » Thu Feb 12, 2009 1:11 pm

Thanks. I went ahead just now and said it pretty much the same casual way, like you said was good when I mentioned it. Eeeeek! I'm so nervous.

EDIT: I've also lost a lot of weight since he's last seen me, and I'm looking better than I have in a long time. So that's good. People that I went to high school with don't recognize me when they see me. I'll try to catch their eye but they don't realize it's me. So yay! I think.
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Postby bac » Thu Feb 12, 2009 4:08 pm

I thought I would pop in for a second and give my 2 cents on your situation Keds. Hope no one minds.

Keds, how old are you? If you are younger than 20 then I think it is ok to be single and do your own thing. You have been dating Evan for a long time it seems and that means you dated as teenagers. As much as some relationships do carry on past HS, most don't. It sounds to me like Evan is giving you a lot of signals that it is ok to change your relationship with each other. It doesn't mean that you don't love each other anymore, just that it has moved on to something else. I would hate for you to tie yourself down to him out of fear, guilt. You should only be tied to him if you are completely committed to him and have no interest in anyone else. You are definitely interested in other people and at a young age is when it is time to date and get to know other people.

Edward Cullen Fan, good luck reconnecting with this guy. I hope it works out and he wants to hang out sometime.

Goymer, enjoy going to the movie and spending time with this girl. Even if it doesn't develop into a romance, there can always be a really good relationship there.

Everyone else, keep your spirits up and have a great Thursday.
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Postby lovemesomecullensss » Thu Feb 12, 2009 5:19 pm

Well... Sounds to me like you're a vampire! Haha. :] Congrats on your honors classes! And seeing S is always good. ;] As for that state testing prompt... LOL state testing is so ridiculous! :]

I think asking him was a great idea! I hope he replies soon! Sounds like you've got a lot going for you. :]

Sounds like you're in a fix, aren't you? Well... It sounds like you don't really want to be with Evan anymore. After all, he is pretty much shutting you off to his future. Definitely not a good sign. And you seem to really like B. If you truly loved Evan, you would only have eyes for him. So I'm with BAC, you're young. You shouldn't keep yourself in a relationship when you obviously feel trapped and you'd rather be free. My advice: Leave Evan. But not for B. For YOURSELF. :]

We love you. :]

I got into two New Works plays! One is going to be AMAZING, rehearsals start tomorrow. And the other... I'm a little iffy about because our director is deaf... So I don't know how that's going to work out. BUT I get to be in it with Tim (who's still kind of being awkward around me) and PATRICK (my favorite person ever!) So that's awesome. I'm hyped.
Today was great because we went to watch the Senior Theatre workshop and I sat next to Andy so I got to tickle him the whole time. It was fantastic haha. I love doing that. :]
And just on a side note (this is only applicable to girls... mostly anyways hahaha) if you've seen those things on TV called "Strap Perfect", they're like those bra strap things that you attach to your straps and you can adjust it so your bra works with any kind of neckline and it's supposed to "increase your cup size." Well IT WORKS. Hahaha I got some yesterday and I came to school today and my friend Kristen was like, "You look especially voluptuous today..." Hahahahahha. In case you were wondering. ;]
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Postby Conzoni al vento » Thu Feb 12, 2009 6:35 pm

HAHAHAHAHHAA. I think the price for that is rediculous, plus it looks pretty uncomfortable.
.....and people already COMPLAIN (well the girls do atleast) about my already cleavage. hehehehe.
Make sure he knos that it's not a date though.. just in case.

oooh. Wanna put a link of the sshoes? I'm dying to see them.

My update is inexistant really.
Nothing has happeneed.
Though, I got word that Lu asked Amber out earlier this week. I think she said no because if she said yes i would have found out... and he wouldn't be so sad. (we just had a very short conversation that he sounds emo, and him saying hes sad,. and me not even asking because he tels me he doesnt want to talk about it everytime i do. Then he gets all "i contain my emotions until i explode. I don't like letting people in my head" blablabla. He's soooo pissed that she hasn't said yes.
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Postby blasphemous_contessa » Thu Feb 12, 2009 7:30 pm

A friend update, not my news: My best friend since the dawn of time has bad taste in men. Right now she is dating an obsessive controlling guy. He's really nice and sweet most of the time but he freaks out if she so much as leaves the room without telling him where she is going. He hardly ever lets her see her old friends anymore. Everytime I call her no matter what time it is, she is out with him somewhere. Basically she hangs out with him and his friends when she's not at work or API. And he goes to API, too, so she's even with him there. It's insane the way he is always keeping tabs on her. I called her a few nights ago (still haven't met him) while he was in another room doing something but she was surrounded by his friends so she had to go outside to talk to me. It was after ten and neither of us live in the kind of place you want to be alone outside after dark in. So she's talking to me telling me how great this guy is and what few things about him annoy her. Then she goes "Oh crap, he knows I'm outside. I am so dead." which has me worried. Obsessive and controlling can very easily become abusive and demeaning. I don't think he's done anything to her yet, I'm not even sure he will, but I don't like the way he's isolated her from the rest of us. Her last serious boyfriend did the same thing and it ended very badly.

In my experience this kind of behaviour has always been a bad sign, but also in my experience Bellie will not heed the voice of reason. Any advice?
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Postby Conzoni al vento » Thu Feb 12, 2009 9:14 pm

YAY! Sounds like he is seriously thinking about actually going. This is good. Maybe you should do something before that though... considering it is monnnnnths away ;) hehehehe.
(And yes, funny. Until Lu goes "those are complete bull!" and i assure him that i know. But also think to myself that despite everything that happened and our feelings (rather, nonfeelings) he probably doesn't want to admit that we would probably be a really good ...something. lol)

As for the whole Trevor thing... I'm not really bummed about it. I enjoy not having to live up to anyones expectation and try to get them when i never see them. That owuld also be a problem. lol. Plus i DO realize finally that our parents mocking this whole thing basically just probably annoys him (which is why he didnt stay over that night).
Onto my other thought. . . A couple of my gal-friends and I are going to this little club/cafe thing where a couple of our other friends are playing. A bunch of people from their school is going to this swanky place that i've never heard of... And apparently the drummer to one of the bands (who my friends are friends with) is amazingly sexy. So if nothing good happens on Valentines day (Which i believe sternly that it is made by the greeting card company to up their stocks, not to mention make single people feel like crap) atleast I have eye-candy. =]
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Postby tiffi » Thu Feb 12, 2009 10:21 pm

christineeeee-dude, lower back rubbings??????!!!!!! hahaha WHAT?!

so if you search 'tiffi' on this site it comes up 300 times, theres a fun factoid for ya!
now for some not so fun stuff, tj and his girlfriend broke up and i kept having to be in the middle of it. tj's getting involved in some pretty bad stuff and he already has stuff hes gotta take meds for, now hes back in the drug business and it suckssss. one time he thot about suicide, i FREAKED OUT and even contacted ben, told him to do whatever he could to keep him outa trouble. tj's better now, but a strange thing happend. ben friend requested me... i think maybe we can be friends.
-fred. so one day he acts interested the next day he doesnt. ughhhh. im pretty sure i act like that towards him too so idk. i dont think i really care to much, i mean it'd be nice to have a boyfriend but its not like i have a major crush on this guy, flirting is harmless tho soo...
-i found out my guy friend that was probably gay, is gay. and im the first (and so far only) one of our friends that knows this =]
-zach and my friend are going to have sex i think. its hilarious, im pretty sure my friend just wants the experience but i doubt shell follow thro and actually do it. but who knows?
-haha the skankkkky girl that spread false rumors about me liking fred was talked about. my upperclassmen friend was in our honors class taking about how AP is great with a couple other AP (advanced placement) kids, he later asked me who the 'trampy girl with all the tacky makeup and fake blonde hair was' it was that girl hahahahah, i passive agressively enjoyed that.

ill tell ya what was missing from Breaking Dawn! a full paragraph... page... CHAPTER of edward cullen naked!!!

splenda is splendid........:D
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Postby samajama » Fri Feb 13, 2009 10:37 am

Hey, guys. I want you to know that I love you all. I really, really do. ...but this isn't going to comment on many people's updates - sorry :[ (I'll explain at the end)

Christine: You and your tickling endeavors...oh my word. Haha. Yeah, increase a cup size. I soo don't need that. Hahahaha. Which brings me to...

Lena: My friends ALWAYS yell at me for my cleavage! ALWAYS, I tell you! I could be wearing a nice high neckline and they still give me crap! They've taken to throwing things in there...which is awkward to fish out in public, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do... :? :lol: :roll:

Yeah, that's all I'm commenting on. Sorry, kiddies. Now here's what's going on with me.
The past two days I got to go home from school early which was awesome. I have college class today so I'm missing play practice. :? Not happy about that. My cousin, Tara, is in the hospital... I took a Latin test this morning and BOMBED it. I studied too. I passed out last night in the middle of studying. Um, my brain has permanently imploded, I think. Ugh, I don't feel like thinking anymore about the bad crap that's been going on.
And in case you were wondering, I have no boy news. As per usual.
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Postby lovemesomecullensss » Fri Feb 13, 2009 8:59 pm

Haha poor Lu. I'm sure he's not used to rejection. ;] He'll get over it eventually, though. That, or Amber will decide to go out with him. Either or. I hope he stops being so emo though haha. And hey, eye candy on V-Day is one of the best things you can have. :]

I totally understand your situation. I have a friend who's done the same thing. And all I can tell you is to try and talk to her about it. Tell her you think that he's controlling and manipulative and that you think it could lead to worse things. Just be honest with her about your concerns and I'm sure she'll appreciate it. However, I'm also willing to be that she'll listen to you and then totally disregard everything you have to say. That's what girls like that usually do... And while I know you feel like you have to do something if she doesn't listen to you... Really, sometimes the best thing to do is let them make their own mistakes and be there for her whenever she needs you. If your friendship is really strong, it'll last through this guy's presence in her life. :]

Haha yeah... That's how our friendship rolls... Haha. ;] And I'm sorry that TJ and Jan broke up. I'm sure you're having to bear the brunt of all those repercussions. I hope they're both okay and I hope TJ doesn't get into anything too bad. As for Ben, I think enough time has passed that he's realizing that being friends is the most mature thing he can do. So I hope you do become friends, if only friendly acquaintances. :] Fred... Well, flirting is always fun. ;] And I'm glad that your gay friend came out to you. I'm sure he really appreciates that he could tell you. I hope your friend doesn't have sex with Zach "just for the experience." Even if it's just a joke... There are much better people you could have the experience with... Haha. And don't you love karma: what goes around comes around! :]

Haha I'm sorry you get harassed for your cleavage... And I'm sorry you bombed your Latin test! And that your cousin's in the hospital... Sounds like you're having an all-around bad couple of days. Hope it gets better. And I love you, too. Haha. :]

So Dakota totally ragged on me AGAIN today about Andy! Only he added something weird in... So we were at lunch and he was randomly like, "PINKY PROMISE ME THAT YOU WON'T KISS ANDY." And I was like, "Okay... I don't know where that came from and I don't know why you think I'd be kissing Andy but okay, I pinky promise." Lol, TOTALLY WEIRD. So then later he came up to me and was like, "You're madly in love with Andy, it's so obvious, I know you are! But you don't like me, what's up with that? HUH?" And then he walked off. I was like... WHAT!? I don't know. He was being totally weird. And it's a good thing I'm a great liar or he would've known he was right... Hahahah. But see, I can look people in the eye and lie without a problem. Must be the acting thing haha.
Tim and I were talking about the play we're going to be in together and he was like, "I know you didn't really want to get cast... I'm sorry you did." I have no idea where he got that idea... He's being so weird lately... It's this whole girlfriend business.
THEN Joey was being weird, too. (Is it a full moon or something?) He was texting me like, "Who's your Valentine?" And I was like, "No one, I'm not a huge V-Day fan." And he said, "Oh come on, aren't you a romantic?" And I replied, "Well, I wouldn't really know considering I've never had a romance." And he goes, "Oh Christine. You really need to get laid." WHAT!? I couldn't believe he said that. It's not like he's ever gotten laid before. I don't know. Boys are crazy.
So I don't know about Joey, but Patrick and our friend Sami are going to see Our Town tomorrow night. I really want to go, but my mom said (and I don't know how serious she is about this but) the only way I can go is if Andy can take me home. Which... I don't think my odds are good for that one. For one thing, I would ASSUME that Cara's in town this weekend. 1) It's the opening weekend of his show. 2) Tomorrow's Valentine's day. 3) Sunday's Andy's birthday. But hey, who knows, maybe she won't be in town..? I don't know. And even if she's not, he's probably going to spend the night at J's house or something... But I'm going to ask. And if for some miracle he CAN take me home... It's going to have to be fate. That we'll be alone on Valentine's Day... Oh, how cruel the world is... Hahaha.
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