Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Postby CappuGirl » Fri Feb 20, 2009 6:39 am

I'm being naughty. I shouldn't be posting! I should be cleaning already. But I wanna see my new avi and sig so here I am; posting. :lol: How selfish of me..

What's everyone up to this fine weekend?

Wanna hear a funny thing..? Thanks to Twilight I've re-found my love for deer meat! :lol: I loved it as a kid but haven't eaten it much in the last ten years or so. Couple of months ago my brother brought 4-5 pieces of deer meat for my freezer. Dad and brothers have been bringing me some of dad's prey every year but usually they've been kinda crappy pieces. And I didn't know how to cook them until last fall.. Now my bro brought me some really good pieces. It isn't actually my dad's prey this time. My cousin shot this one. Right through the spine. So, nice to know the poor thing didn't suffer when killed.. It died right away. Which is good for the meat. All the blood staeyd in. Making the meat really delicious.. Sounds grose, I know... But you should taste it! Of course I'm gonna cook it first. I'm not a total savage. Or a werewolf. Or a vamp. As much as I wanted to be... :lol: Well, I'm off now to ffinally start my cleaning. I'll do it with vamplike speed and summon an adrenaline rush to lift the sofas in vertical again.. So much easier to clean under them then! :lol:
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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Postby pharmer4 » Fri Feb 20, 2009 8:12 am

Well, I'll join in on this thread, although I'm not long for this area - I'll be 30 in June . . . .

So, I guess the vibe of the thread is just to discuss your every day events, so here goes . . .

I've spent most of the night blocking spammers on my website (I'm a web-designer and music journalist by night) - always frustrating. It'd be nice if they just got the point.

I spent a fairly uneventful morning at work (I'm a pharmacist by day).

At lunch time, I had to go to the vet to put down my cat. We've had him for 11 years, longer than we've been married. He unfortunately had leukaemia, which can be coped with, but he kept getting into fights (started, from what I can gather, by neighbourhood cats, not himself as he's docile now - or was) - the last big fight he got into exposed the top of his skull, and it's never healed properly . . . .

Anyway, after that terrible time, at work I got to start a new thing for pharmacists here in Australia - I did a full hour-length consultation with a person about their asthma. Normally it's a bit robotic, dispensing scripts and short consultations about minor ailments. This asthma consultation is part of a study into the feasability of pharmacist consultations funded by the government, and I hope it takes off, because it is satisfying to have that much input into someone's health outcomes.

Before I did the asthma consultation, I got to do some body piercings (I do body piercing in my pharmacy, which is pretty cool, cause I like that kind of thing). Today, I did two dermals on a wrist - a dermal is a simple piece of jewellery that is sunk below the skin into the fat layer, with a metal or jewelled piece left above the skin for all to see. Can be a little gorey to do, but usually only hardcore piercee's get it done - the usual stuff is navels, eyebrows, and ears.

When I got home, my wife and I had a flat evening talking about our cat, eating pizza (not a regularity - at our age, the metabolism is not as forgiving as it used to be), and browsing through my tattoo magazines trying to get ideas for the koi I'm having done on my right shoulder next saturday. We've also been waiting for a builder to send as a report on the stability of the home we are about to buy. It's very frustrating waiting for good news (we have a verbal that it is good, but you got to have it on paper!!!)

So, a very up and down day - more down than up unfortunately.

My weekend will be spent working for half of saturday, entertaining the father in law who is visiting (a bit boring really, but he has good intentions), and publishing articles for my site.

anyway, hopefully that wasn't overly boring!

PS to the people who love texting, this may sound like sacrelige - at almost 30 years of age, the only cell phone I've ever owned was for uni, and since those days are long gone, I've not had my own phone at all for a while. Thus, no texting whatsoever!
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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Postby ihadanEdwardRush » Fri Feb 20, 2009 8:46 am

Hey, hey, hey. I have to post here first before I go to sleep. I have to be in bed early like 9pm early because tomorrow I'm going to attend a training in Manila (the capital of this country) and it's 3 hours bus ride from my home so yeah, I have to be awake at 4am.

Hi Amber!
yes it's Honey :)It's sad that you wasn't able to get to know Twilight then. But I just hope really that they will cover Portland again in NM, since the Forks high, Bella's house and of course the Cullens mansion are still there. And Amber I think the hugs is for Ana cos she needed a lexling love! :)

ANA!! here's mine *sending you lexling loves wrapped with a lot of hugssss*

Sonia, I think your talking to Amber who's said you needed the Lexling love vibes (which is actually for Ana) lol :D I don't know If i really just complicate it more lol

Maria! that is funny! your a vamp now! eating deer! :D but seriously, I don't know If i can eat deer meat, and i know I won't find any of that here :D

Hi Pharmer4, yey another Twi-guy! Welcome to the Gen Y thread! yeah just hop in and discuss everything.hope you will have fun staying :) By the way, my name's Honey, 26 and from the Philippines :)

BRB everybody!
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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Postby SarahGoddard » Fri Feb 20, 2009 9:43 am

*Stumbles into the shiny new thread, bleary eyed and hardly beliveing that she finally made it and can see her Lexily again!"

Well done on the 110 pages! *Mexican wave in celebration*

I've had such a mental week and not had much of a chance to post and I've missed you guys so much!

I only managed to skim read the posts as I was so far behind. I noticed quite a few people are going through tough times at the moment and there were lots of sad pet stories. I'm thinking of you all and sending you *BIIIG HUGS!*

Eddie - I love Disney so much! That youtube video was so sweet. I'm slowly but surely building up my collection of all the Disney DVDs. I've even got some of rarer ones like Basil the Great Mouse Detective thanks to my sister. I will def play Disney games with you. How are you getting on with the "Free Hugs" video?

Hello and welcome Pharmer4! Although you may nearly be 30 we also have a couple of people who are not quite 20 yet so I'm sure no-one will mind. *looks around for agreement* Welcome to the madness. I'm glad to have another Twiguy on the thread - your a rare breed! :) Sorry to hear about your cat, my cat had to be put down in November, I'd had him since I was like 7 and it was so sad :( *hugs*

OK guys and gals. I've got a ton of work (far too much for a Friday) to do and as much as it pains me I must leave for a short while. Hopefully I'll be back on again real soon.

I Love my Gen Y lexlings and our shiny new thread! :)

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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Postby CiaoBella » Fri Feb 20, 2009 9:51 am

My dear, sweet, awesome, lovely lexily! I’ve missed you so much! And hooray for our shiny new thread :D *does spastic impromptu happy-dance of celebration, gets weird looks from co-workers* This past week hasn’t been the best, and I have been so busy and out of it that I haven’t been able to come on here and form a proper post. I had this big plan to wait for the new thread and then make a nice long (but not too long) post to catch up with everyone, and I had thought for sure today I’d have time to do it (with some down time at work) but I just got handed a huge project so I’m not sure I will have time! UGH, who would do that to another person on a Friday? Gee wiz. Anyways, I just wanted to check in to say that I love and miss you all very much, and that even in my absence, I’ve been thinking of you! I’ll try to come back again to post later if I can…

Hello and welcome to ForJazz, pharmer4, and any other newcomers to this thread! I’m Kiella (pronounced “key-ella”) and I’m 22 from Maryland. Very nice to meet you!

Hi, Honey! *waves back* I’ve been super busy and feeling a bit… bummed out, but if I can help it, I will make sure I’m around much more this week than I was last week!

Also, *BIG HUGS* to all those going through a tough time right now, I’ll be thinking of you guys!

Hope to be back soon, and I hope you all are having a good Friday :D
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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Postby Hysteria » Fri Feb 20, 2009 9:57 am

Hi, hows everyone today?
happy new thread :D
Lieziewiezie- i love Jeff Buckleys music, i'll post something in the thread.
This weekend i'm going shopping with my mom and then i'm going to lock myself in my room and read my new books i bought on tuesday, i haven't got round to starting one yet so thats what i'll do.
I hope everyone has a great weekend.
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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Postby Velvet Voice » Fri Feb 20, 2009 10:38 am

Maria hope the deer meat and soup tasted good! (And come on we all know you hunted it with your bare hands in one of those adrenaline rushes!) Hope you're done with the cleaning too and with all your vamp-energy you didn't ended up with moving a couch on the closet or a table out of the door! It was nice for me too this morning chatting - doing some vacuuming - posting on the lex - doing some dusting - checking FB - tidying up ... I've been moving like a maniac around the house all morning...

thanks Honey for the hint there, as said in my edited previous post, I had mistaken your screen name with Amber's :oops: ... sorry, hope you're doing great btw *hugs*

So we have a new Twi-guy! Welcome on board Pharmer4 hope you'll like our new shiny home and our lovely family (which we call Lexily btw)! I'm Sonia from Italy... and wow you deal with asthma issues, guess I might be needing some advice there, I was talking yesterday about my allergies and since spring's and its flowers are coming, it's going to be a tough time :D Anyway, welcome, you are really busy and have so many interests btw! Sorry for your cat, it seems many of our lexilings are having such worries lately :(

Waves to Kiella, Lies, Sarah and Hysteria! ^_^

Plans for the weekend, well dont know about tomorrow, but tonight I'm having a reunion dinner with highschool mates and hope everything's going to be alright, I'm a bit afraid I'm gonna feel like the Bridget Jones of the situation :roll: and anyway I had other two invitations for 2 parties.. this is crazy, 'cause some weekends I have nothing to do and people seem to disappear and then "everyone" seems to have decided to have a party tonight.. ugh.. well hope you're all going to have fun, I see much shopping in sight for my Lexilings ;)
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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Postby jasmine » Fri Feb 20, 2009 11:05 am

I think i like the new addition to our lexily. Welcome Pharmer, i envy you terrible that you are a piercer, and im really really sorry you had to put down your cat. I can really relate to the situation since i had an emergency visit with the vet yersterday. *hugs*
Im a metalgirl, so id like to know what kind of bands your into :)

Loki update:
Ive called the vet today and she said everything was fine. His urine looked a lot better and he was doing great. She said she would call me herself tomorrow, because it will be in the weekend, to give me an update. If all goes well, the tube will be out on sunday, and if he pees on his own he can come home on monday.
Its so weird but as soon as i called i just -knew- everything was ok and i didnt worry anymore, at all. Since ive had a lot of experiences with my instinct, i know i can trust it, so i feel a lot better now.
Odin is acting really weird, missing his lill brother. hes really playfull and cuddly, not really like his normal self. And once in a while he runs upstairs and makes some noises as if hes searching for Loki. He keeps very close to me and i can understand that, he just wants to feel safe, be reassured.
And ofcourse my sweetest boss ever, mailed me, and because of that mail i dont really have to worry about the costs of it either. Thats a big relief :)

Its weird, but last night i kept thinking about when loki and Odin were born. Their mother is my mother in laws cat, so we were there from the beginning. I was the only one at Odins birth, and immidiately bonded with him. He had a lill white beard when he appeared and he reminded me of a viking. Thats why i named him Odin. 5 kittens were born and were immediately taken. They all stayed within family and friends, so we get to see them grow up. Anyway, hours later there was another unnoticed birth. It was a very very little kitten, number 6. And he didnt have a boss yet. He was really small and we didnt think he would make it, we even had to feed him extra milk and he had an eyeinfection. I felt sorry for the lill thing and everytime we went to visit Odin i took number 6. He was so small but sooooo cute. He really grew on me, and when it was time to officially claim a kitten so the one left could find a new boss, i couldnt let him go. Sidney caved, so we took odin and number 6, which i named Loki because i thought it suited him. Little did i know that i couldnt have found him a better name( god of mischief).Thank gawd we he just gotten the new keys to our new and bigger house, or wed never could have taken the 2 of them. Loki grew up and he became the smartest, most curious and naughtiest kitten of the litter. I called him my lill monkey because he really didnt resemble a cat. And i loved him for it. When they were big enough to take home, my father in law had trouble parting with loki, turned out he had become the cutest cat of all, because he was naughty AND affectionate (sort of a tazmanian devil mixed with a kitten). Loki grew into a real cat, but he cant fool me, hes still my lill monkey. So last night i kept thinking he had overcome being the smallest kitten, so he could overcome this aswell. But as soon as i made the call to the vet, i turned calm, i knew it would be ok.

Ok i dont know why i wrote this, but oh well *shrug* :)

damn ive already missed 2 pages, hahaha

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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Postby animegaijingirl » Fri Feb 20, 2009 11:34 am

*shiny new thread dance* bring on the conversations again! *waves to everyone*

Girls, don't talk to me about handbags :roll: I always love the more expensive ones, soft buttery leather, pretty lining... I don't care what brand it is, I don't want logos all over it, I just want it to be beautiful and feel wonderful too... *sigh* I have two gorgeous (IMHO) handbags I've bought over the last few years, expensive for me (though cost per use is really good, and it stopped me buying cute cheap ones every few months), but I'm restraining myself from even looking right now, don't have the money for that till we're both working again. But when my bf gets a job after he's done with his masters, look out! lol ;)

Pharmer4, I'm Becca, 27, transplant to Scotland. Welcome, come chat, age is pretty lax around here, attitude is what counts :D (and the maturity to handle chats about big subjects, or really really random ones lol). Good luck, it's nice to have Twiguys in here, if the chat veers too girly just speak up, give us a change of subject :lol:

Meg, have a great weekend, don't gorge too much when you find the aeros!

So, had a nice night last night. Met J, my bf (I'm just going to call him J like I do in my texts, it's not like you can't see his name if you're on FB lol) in town after his lectures and my work, and we went to see He's Just not that into you. I liked it, was better than Confessions of a shopoholic for me (but confessions wasn't really my type of movie right now, need a little more drama than fluff!) Then we picked up some yummy yummy thai food on the way home, love that place but it's an occasional treat, and you get 25% off for takeaway, so that helped lol. Think we'll go see Push this weekend which just came out today.
I also had lunch the other day with my friend (which I mentioned on the old thread) and she very nicely said she'll meet me after the court case of Thursday (nervous much!) so I don't have to leave court alone after being a witness, and she'll take me out for some drinks :) yay! She was going to come sit with me all day while I waited, but she's not allowed to (this is the best part of her being made redundant, she can meet for lunches or hold my hand haha, I'll thank her evil company sometime :roll: ).
She also said the sweetest thing to me when we were out. She told me that she told her bf that she wants their relationship to be like mine and J's. She said that she wants to be as affectionate and in love as we are after 9 years. :oops: :) so sweet of her to say that (but she had an absolute a$$ of an ex-fiance, and I'm just happy she has such a sweetie now, so I know she'll have something like us if they're together for the long run. BTW, her bf said the sweetest thing when he asked her out, he'd known her while she was engaged, and saw her a month after she'd left her ex. He said "I know my timing's wrong, and I don't want to rush you, but I have to let you know that I like you and want to go out with you. You're so amazing that I know if I don't say something now someone else will snap you up." It was exactly what she needed to hear after having her confidence so undermined by the a$$, and of course she started seeing her bf a week after he said that to her, so it worked out well for him haha).

OK, my post is getting incredibly rambly, I think I'm just too excited about being able to blab again lol
OK, I have to get back to work, be a good girl and earn my keep :geek: :lol:

Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Postby MRK » Fri Feb 20, 2009 11:37 am

Pharmer4~ Hi! Finally someone that's older than me :P I turn 30 in August...although they promise not to throw me out! Sry bout your kitty :( and you sound totally bad a$$ ---> love it! (I meant that in the best way possible :) )

Im so happy Loki is doing well...(my kitty went through the same, the vet said it was because they neutered him too young...they did an operation that basically made him a girl :shock: and he was better after that...)

Honey~ I love your banner its cute! But If you really need something new, PM if you want lol...I'd be happy to make one for you!

~HUGS to the ones who needs Huggin'~
smacks to the ones that need smackin! LOL j/k *coughninnacough* ;)

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