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Re: Siblings

Postby Black » Thu Jan 29, 2009 10:31 am

My sister and I used to be really close. I'm only about a year and a half older than she is and we grew up like twins. Buuut.... she's turning out to be just like my mom (a huge b*tch) and it's sad because she's just so mean and selfish. I try to get along with her but it's impossible. :cry:
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Re: Siblings

Postby crazycarrie22 » Thu Jan 29, 2009 8:31 pm

I have an older sister who's 18 and an older brother who's 17. My sister and I have been close since as far as I can remember, despite our 4 year age difference. I used to sleep in her room for like two years before her boyfriend moved in, even though I had my own perfectly good room...bahaha. My brother and I were close up untill he hit his teenage years. It's getting better though, I find ourselves having actual conversations without yelling at eachother. He's exactly three years older than me, I was born on his third birthday. Oh, and I also have a Dan. He's my sisters boyfriend of three, almost four, years so I've known him since I was ten and he was fifteen and now he's nineteen. It's crazy. I fight with him the most. Like, once my brother got all I'm-not-talking-to-you-because-I'm-a-teenager-so-I'll-stay-in-my-room-all-day, Dan moved in and it was basically like having another older brother to annoy me. >.< But I talk to him more now, we watch Family Guy together. I also enjoy beating him up. xP

But I love them all.
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Re: Siblings

Postby Sydflower » Wed Feb 04, 2009 11:10 pm

I have an older sister, 18 and a younger sister, 7.

I am really close to my older sister.. I even hang out with her friends lol. We all get along and she doesnt care. I relate to them, so Im not a nuisance to them. Just someone fun to hang out with :).

My little sister can get annoying but she is SO CUTE! Lol, I love her but I want to kill her.

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Re: Siblings

Postby I.WANT.TO.BE.BELLA » Thu Feb 05, 2009 6:51 am

You know what's ironic.
The day i discover the Siblings thread it's my brother's birthday.
My brother turned 5 today.
Lol..So young. :lol:
He is annoying because i think of the age gap and the fact that we are boy and girl.Totally different interests.
He is soo cutee!!
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Re: Siblings

Postby navarre » Fri Mar 27, 2009 10:07 pm

I'm the youngest of three. My sister is the eldest and then my brother and of course - me.

My sister & I hated each other!!! Passionately!! We always fought and my brother had to always risk his life to pull us off of each other. I mean, chair throwing, kicking, slapping. We were the hellions; rebellious and my brother was smart enough to never get caught. 8-)

It wasn't until my sister went away to college that things changed, we grew up and got over ourselves. Now we are close and can't remember why we were such "two-legged varieties of a four-legged animal" to each other. We were just very angry little snits in general, so that didn't help. Oh well. :roll:

My brother & I have always been close. He's a great guy. :)
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Re: Siblings

Postby blasphemous_contessa » Fri Mar 27, 2009 10:40 pm

I have a (half)sister in her mid thirties that I've never met.

A (half)brother and (half)sister (twins) who are...uhm lemme see, 15+18=....33. I used to be really close to them when I was a toddler, they were always baby-sitting me. My sister's boyfriend dislocated my elbow brother threw me off a cliff when we lived in Washington (it's how I learned to swim) and endangered my young life in many other ways. I haven't seen either of them in person since I was 4 but my brother has always kept in touch and when my sister had her son we got closer again.

I also have a (half)sister who is turning 26 next week. I haven't seen hide nor hair of her since I was 10. She was quite standoff-ish when we were younger. And she also dislocated my arm when I was a toddler.

Then I have my favorite of the older siblings, a sister who is 23. We would have been close but she grew up in Washington with our dad while I lived in Texas with our mom. But we call and text each other almost every day and are really alike. She pushed me down a hill into traffic when I was three. I think in my family the more danger someone has put your life in the closer you are once you've healed. :lol:

I am 18 and fairly boring

and then the sibling I'm closest to overall is my little sister who is turning 15 this year. We used to HATE each other. But once she turned about 11 or so and realized she was in fact, a girl, we've gotten a long a lot better. I got her to stop listening to rap around me and she reads the same stuff as me. We pretty much tell each other everything. She used me as a teething ring...and when she had ear infections (up til she was 12 and had surgery for an inner ear inalaance) i would let her gnaw on my wrist. She also used to beat me and my friends in the head with dolls. Seriously, my school would send CPS people to my house only to find my bruises and scars were from my little sister not my mom. I used to tie her up, try to suffocate her, duct tape her in my closet, sit on her head with pillows, leave her crib bars down....but she just would not die. Good thing, too. cuz if she had I wouldn't have my best friend :)

Like I said, the more someone puts your life in danger the more you love them!

EDIT: About the looking alike thing. My younger sister and I have very similar eyes, but completely differen't bone structure, facial shape, complexion, an dhair texture. But everywhere I go that she frequents someone will say "Are you Mari's sister?". I lactually look the most like the 25-year-old. And then My littles sister and older (whole) sister look a lot alike. But I laso look like the older one....someone once asked if we were triplets...considering the fact that at the time we were 21, 17, and 12 none of us took it as a compliment
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Re: Siblings

Postby Jadey » Sat Mar 28, 2009 2:41 am

I have 2 older brothers and one older sister.. but she acts younger than me.
Both my bro's have moved out, and I miss them :cry: I'm similar personalities to them, so we get on really well.
But I hate my sister...
*sighs again*
Loooong story, and most of you will think I'm horrible If I tell you why :roll: we.. just don't get along.

But I liked having siblings growing up, cause I wasn't bored.. and @ christmas we have big get togethers.
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Re: Siblings

Postby colegurl » Sun Mar 29, 2009 10:14 pm

I would probably have a nervous breakdown if I lost my brother. A lot of our lives we had to rely on each other for being each other friends (Due to many idiotic family problems.)
We look alike, though he takes after my dad and i'm a exact replica of my mom. When we were younger, people would ask if we were twins.
We are almost exactly two years apart. He's August 30th. I'm August 28th.
He's your average, annoying, teasing, over-protective older brother. I love him to death. I would die if he did. I wouldn't trade him for anything.
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Re: Siblings

Postby pennybug84 » Wed Apr 08, 2009 4:06 pm

Siblings.......what to say. Right now I could shoot 2 of my brothers. I don't understand them & the way they and their wives are treating my mom. They are older than me & just jerks, brats, inconsiderate, evil, and a bunch of other bad names. I HATE them right now. My oldest brother I actually like he's not psycho & inconsiderate & evil. But he lives in Massachusetts & I haven't seen him in years! I hope he'll be able to try to come visit sometime soon. I'm too poor & can't go there. But he might be able to come here if his work slows down. He's been working like 50 hours a week it seems like forever!

My sister and I get along pretty well. We've gotten better over the past probably 5 years. We get along & could hang out & have fun. But back in November she moved to Mississippi (I'm in Utah and it's because of her idiot husband) and so we don't talk as much as we used to. She's married & has two of the most adorable babies. A 2 year old Boy Dalton & a 1 year old girl Sage. I miss them so much! (And how much does it stink that my younger sister by almost 3 years is already married & has 2 kids when I'm single?! It stinks sometimes. But others I really don't care.

Siblings can be a pain though & cause stress!
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Re: Siblings

Postby TillyWhitlock » Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:42 pm

I have five older siblings. Four sisters and a brother. And most of them are at least ten years older than I am. And for the most part I don't talk to them. I don't talk to my four oldest siblings. We just aren't close. But me and my sister. She's three years older than I am, and we're the best of friends. You guys know her. It's Kiki. She's absolutely my best friend. And it's funny. We can get into these huge arguments and then like five minutes later be laughing about something stupid. We've been doing it for years. Our parents think we're crazy. They've never seen anything like it.
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