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Re: Funniest Twilight Saga Moments

Postby mlola619 » Wed Aug 20, 2008 11:10 pm

i have to admit out of all the series i died of laughter the most in Breaking Dawn. Haha outloud i must say- though i had to keep it down at 5 AM :oops:

DEFINATELY the part where Bella & Edward show up to Esme Island and they're just like "ookay....soo...... :shock: "

Haha PRICELESS! Along with all the witty comments made by Emmett Leah and Jacob...too awesome. NOT TO MENTION Bella's reaction to Jacob imprinting on Reneesme...i promise i was like on the floor just imagining Bella's expression of "WHAT!?" and Jacob slowly backing away trying to explain, haha AWESOME. I really look forward to seeing Kristen and Taylor plays those parts out- just too awesome. :D
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Re: Funniest Twilight Saga Moments

Postby Miss Vengeance » Wed Aug 20, 2008 11:34 pm

My favorite part was in Breaking Dawn when Charlie first came to the Cullen house after Bella's been turned.

Emmett: "Go Gators!" "Yeah, it's about time somebody scored around here."

Pure awesome.
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Re: Funniest Twilight Saga Moments

Postby skyehack » Thu Aug 21, 2008 1:29 pm

All of Jacobs outdated blonde jokes aimed at Rose.
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Re: Funniest Twilight Saga Moments

Postby » Thu Aug 21, 2008 1:29 pm

^haha yes that was really funny.

This isn't really my favorite moment, but I just realized this last night. Its kind of ironic and funny but when Bella and Edward first have biology together and Bella smells so good to Edward that he's struggling to not eat her. But at the same time, Bella is thinking that Edward is acting wierd because she smells bad. I remember she sniffs her hair and everything. I don't know, I just thought it was kind of funny.
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Re: Funniest Twilight Saga Moments

Postby Golden Eyed Glory » Thu Aug 21, 2008 2:15 pm

Most of mine are in Breaking Dawn. That was the book where we kind of got to see everyone in a more natural kind of way. Leah and Jacob dissing on Seth. Emmett's, and Rosalie's in a way, jokes. When Charlie is coming over and Edward just kissed Bella and she can't foucs: "Focus, Bella," Jasper urged. "Right." "Bella." "Sorry, Jasper." The quotes in my signature. Garrett and Kate. Everyone teaching Bella how she should move when Charlie comes so she looks human like crossing and un-crossing her made me think "do I do that?"
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Re: Funniest Twilight Saga Moments

Postby vamp na hEireann » Thu Aug 21, 2008 3:27 pm

I love it when Alice,Esme,Emmett and Jasper are coming back from the cottage and Emmett just plows straight throught the river!It's just so Emmett! :lol:
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Re: Funniest Twilight Saga Moments

Postby fang » Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:52 pm

WELL, you kinda only get this joke if you're a Seattle Mariners fan, but when Bella lists the things she's hearing, she says "The Mariners were up by two runs." I pretty much laughed out loud.

AND Emmett's innuendos. Those were classic.
Or Jake's chapter names. haha.

"You Know Things Are Bad When I Feel Sorry For Being Rude To Vampires" or something like that. :]
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Re: Funniest Twilight Saga Moments

Postby G-Faerie08 » Thu Aug 21, 2008 8:04 pm

I tried searching the boards to find a place to properly post this but I didn't find anything..

This is random and kind of amusing if you think about it but, does anyone else think that the Cullens could be neat-freaks? I mean, sure they have all the time in the world to clean so thats easy..I was just looking at the trailer with Bella and Edward in the Volvo and they both reach for the radio. I was like, "Man his car is all nice and clean.." Then I got to thinking, I wonder if they clean throughout the night since they don't sleep at all. I know there was a cleaning crew at Esme's Island, but the prior books never mentioned the Cullens having staff at their Forks home.
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Re: Funniest Twilight Saga Moments

Postby twiheartx » Thu Aug 21, 2008 8:54 pm

ahhh,... hm.. the funniest moments are in Breaking Dawn.. with all of Emmets little comments.. i almost died. And the whole Jacob/Rosalie/"" thing. again, i almost died. and during the honeymoon.. "i bet a pillow or two." i laughed soo hard. especailly when bella says the headboard comment... i dont have th book with me right now.. i couldnt stop laughing. i was in the car.. in the backseat with my brother becasue my mom and dad were there, we where driving somewhere and it took three hours and i read breaking dawn.. it was the day it came out. my brother looked at me like i was crazy.
in new moon when bella first goes over to la push in jacobs garage when quil and embrey come over. and are like.. giving eachother looks and stuff. that was funny.
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Re: Funniest Twilight Saga Moments

Postby AgentCross » Thu Aug 21, 2008 9:01 pm

"Hello, Tyler, this is Edward Cullen." His voice was very friendly, on the surface. I knew it well enough to catch the soft edge of menace. What was Tyler doing at my house? The awful truth began to dawn on me. I looked again at the inappropriate dress Alice had forced me into.

"I'm sorry if there's been some kind of miscommunication, but Bella is unavailable tonight." Edward's tone changed, and the threat in his voice was suddenly much more evident as he continued. "To be perfectly honest, she'll be unavailable every night, as far as anyone besides myself is concerned. No offense. And I'm sorry about your evening." He didn't sound sorry at all. And then he snapped the phone shut, a huge smirk on his face. -

Edward Cullen, Page 483, Twilight

I just laughed so hard at that..... poor Tyler REJECTION! :mrgreen:
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