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Re: Rosalie's Story

Post by Latima » Sun Apr 12, 2009 10:38 am

I am late to the saga so I got to read all the books back to back....Before i read Eclipse I was very confused on why Rose disliked Bella so much. I thought it had everything to do with her love for Edward, but then she had Emmett....well after reading her story I understood Rose and felt like I could understand her issues with being a vampire and why she thought Bella should re-evaluate her decisions to become immortal. What I dont think Rose understands is Bellas pov on the situation. I also think her grips with Bella and being a vampire were resloved in Breaking Dawn. I think Stephenie gave Rose the instight she needed to understand Bella and the choises she makes. By Bella keeping the baby it shows that she makes her decisions based on love, her decisions are genuine and not superficial. Renesmee gives Rose a real purpose, something to fight for. Throughout the saga whenever a fight came up Rose was never a key player. Now that she has purpose and reason and maybe can deal with her fate with an open mind she feels like thisl ife is actually worth fighting for. I have never really disliked Rose but she was never my favorite that I understand her when I reread the saga I am not so harsh towards Roses character.

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Re: Rosalie's Story

Post by Dovrebanen » Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:33 am

I never really liked Rosalie. But at least after hearing her story, I felt that I understood where she was coming from and I felt sympathy towards her. What Royce and the other guys did to her was just so horrible. And right when she was about to have the life that she wanted, it was robbed from her. She woke up as a vampire, not being able to have the children she dreamed about, and having these murderous instincts. It must have felt like a huge punishment. So I understand her, but I still don't like her all that much. I felt that she was unfair towards Bella. She needed to understand that Bella was in a completely different situation than herself. Bella made an informed choice to become a vampire, to be with the man that she loved. Nothing was taken from her against her will.
What really spurred my dislike for Rosalie was the phonecall she made to Edward in New Moon. That was just an awful thing to do. If Bella really was dead, Edward should not hear about that over the phone while he was all alone somewhere in South America. They should have Alice locate him, and then Carlisle should be the one to travel and see Edward and tell him in person. Nobody should be alone upon hearing that the love of their life is dead. So I think she did terribly wrong at that point.
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