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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Postby misslucy » Thu Sep 04, 2008 2:26 pm

roxyrae wrote:I would definately recommend Only Human! Pretty much what happens is Bella and Edward are married (vampire and all just like how it would be in Stephenie's book but more sexual content) and on her 19th birthday she makes a wish that she could have givin Edward all the human experiences before he was changed. Then she disappears to see she is in the 1900's and found by human Edward!!!! Here is the link

i took your recommendation, and i am so glad that i did! it was amazingggg! :D as a fellow author of fanfiction, this is some of the best work that i have ever read. if you have the time, def. check it out.

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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Postby Jacob's_Girl » Mon Sep 08, 2008 3:05 pm

Hi, I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned these but they're some of my faves (am I allowed to post more than one at a time?).

Title:Coffee Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Author: CGarman
Why You Should Read It: It's OOC, all human and still manages to keep them all in character! The writer is creative, entertaining and abides by the common rules of grammar and spelling. Also she/he has 28 chapters up so far so there's plenty to read.

Why You Should Read It: It's just plain good. It's QuilxClaire, but it avoids the whole Twilight deja vu thing that you see a lot. It's absolutely fascinating
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Postby vampluv78 » Mon Sep 08, 2008 4:00 pm

title: Loving eyes Never See
author: realmenglitter
why you should read: Because it talks of what it would have been like for the cullens not have been vampires and i for one found it very interesting.
website: ... _Never_See
side note: Who wouldn't want to read something by some one who's name is realmenglitter
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Postby mandustries » Thu Sep 11, 2008 4:41 pm

Title: My Brother's Best Friend
Author: jennylynnfs
Why you should read: Usually, I'm not big on fanfic, but this is a great take on an alternate universe/all human Twilight storyline. Bella's in love with her older brother Emmett's best friend, Edward. Will sparks fly when he returns from a seven-year absence?

(Has anyone else noticed that a lot of fan-fic has Bella being Emmett's younger sister? :))
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Postby Tarkheena » Fri Sep 12, 2008 10:19 am

I have started reading the books more than 2 weeks ago. I must have read all of them 8 times each since. I can't seem to let it go yet and today I found myself writing in Edward's POV. His thoughts when he was saying good bye to Bella in the woods and the day after the party. Both in New Moon.

This is my first time to actually write a fanfic. I'm still not sure if I'm ready to share it. I'm too shy to put it online just yet.

Today was also the first day that I read a fanfic and I enjoyed some of them. I'm gonna go read all your recommendations now. :)
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Postby urcoolcarrie » Sat Sep 13, 2008 6:06 pm

Title: Green Eyes
Author: ashlice
Why you should read it: It is honestly one of my favorite fanfictions I have ever read. It was hard when she wasn't finished, because I'd always be wanting to read more. Now it's done, though, and I have read it countless times. It about Edward turning human, but it is very realistic.

and now i just barely figured out that there is a sequel!! yay!! i can't believe i didn't realize that!
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Postby Zoon » Sun Sep 14, 2008 1:19 am

Alright, these are my all-time favs...

Title: A Change of Heart
Author: Bratanimus
Why you should read it: This story is basically a lesson on how to write a fanfic. It is amazingly written, perfectly in character, and totally addicting! It takes place post-Eclipse, and it is basically an alternate version of BD. It was started before BD came out, and it's not yet complete. Just a warning - it's rated M.

Title: Spiral Static
Author: Coquettishness
Why you should read it: This is also an alternate version of BD, started and finished before BD came out and now has a sequel called Citizen Erased ( that is seven chapters in and not yet complete. I love this story because it has an extremely unique plot, and is brilliantly written. Also very addictive, and also rated M.

I encourage you to read everything else by these two authors as well. They're both extremely talented and they're good at making me jealous :).
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Postby Le-Petit-Mort » Tue Sep 16, 2008 5:31 pm

Title: Confessions of Two Broken Hearts
Rating: T
Summary: Bella and Edward meet again after 2 years. This time, Edward found her with some huge success. Now, there are two things standing in their way. Paige, the newest member of the Cullen's clan and Chris. Will Edward and Bella pick up from where they left off?
Link: ... ken_Hearts

Title: Roses, Butterflies, and Seashells
Rating: K+
Summary: When he was thirteen years old, Edward Cullen received a rose. When he was ten, Jacob Black chased a butterfly, and when she was seven, Bella Swan wanted the pretty seashell that was just beyond her reach.
Link: ... _Seashells

Title: Pumpkin Patch
Rating: T
Summary: A series of Halloween drabbles and ficlets for your seasonal amusement. May range from horror to humor, romance to drama, supernatural to angst.

Title: Snowflakes
Rating: T
Summary: A compilation of Christmas oneshots, ficlets, and drabbles that could vary from many genres to get you into the spirit a month early. Who says it needs to be December to carry a little Christmas joy?
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Postby Juliana<3Jake » Tue Sep 16, 2008 6:33 pm

Does anyone have any good Jake fanfic recommendations? :]
I'm noticing that these are all ExB..
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Re: Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

Postby Le-Petit-Mort » Wed Sep 17, 2008 11:19 pm

Juliana<3Jake wrote:Does anyone have any good Jake fanfic recommendations? :]
I'm noticing that these are all ExB..

I like this one. It made me see Jake in a different light. Plus, it's a cool OC.
Title: Jacob vs Edward, NOW, ME VS BELLA
Rating: T
Summary: You know the classic rivalry between Jacob and Edward, but what happens when Jacob's love for a new girl, sends Bella into a rage of jealousy?
Link: ... E_VS_BELLA
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