The Gutter Gals & Co. --Innuendo thread for the "older" fan

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Re: The Gutter Gals & Co. --Innuendo thread for the "older" fan

Post by Katwomankath » Thu Sep 18, 2008 12:15 am

Neena- I am with you. I am former Ute. We used to say anyone but BYU when games were played. I don't know if they still say that. It is kind of funny because my whole family lives in Utah and most are LDS so they cheer on BYU but for those of us who attended U of U we used to always tell them the anyone but BYU chant. It seemed sad at times that there was a school like BYU so close to pull support from the State University. I know there was and are many who support both teams which is great but it is not like other states that have one school to draw all the attention and support.
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Re: The Gutter Gals & Co. --Innuendo thread for the "older" fan

Post by Goodnight Elizabeth » Thu Sep 18, 2008 12:39 am

Kat: I just read on the True Things thread that your dad isn't doing too well. I hope his condition improves. I've never dealt with an ill parent, and I don't think I could handle it very well. My prayers are with you & your family.
Squee! Thank you, Nena!

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Re: The Gutter Gals & Co. --Innuendo thread for the "older" fan

Post by xhopeonaropex » Thu Sep 18, 2008 1:14 am

All you ladies, your stories have touched my heart and made me cry, but also made me stronger. Today I have just found out some very bad news. My best friend back in Lebanon has been keeping it from me for years now. And she thought I wasn't strong enough to handle the news, but she told me today. My best friend lives in the same neighborhood that "M" lives in. Actually their homes are right across the street from eacth other. She knew him before I did since they were raised in the same neighborhood. ANyways , today she breaks to me that he is on drugs. (cocaine, herione....) I was in shock. It was hard to hear about him. And even harder to know in what state he is. What broke my heart was that she told me this happened a month after I left. He got into a huge depression and his resort to deal with this was drugs. They tried to help him, but unfortunately his family never had enough money to put him in rehab. And so for the past 3 yrs he's been on drugs. And I feel that I'm part of the reason. I honestly don't know how to face this. I can't tell my father this. And I also don't know how I'm going to react when I'm in Lebanon. I've been crying all day but trying to not think about it as well. (Fat chance!) :/

Hope <3

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Re: The Gutter Gals & Co. --Innuendo thread for the "older" fan

Post by Tamalyn » Thu Sep 18, 2008 2:44 am

Nena wrote:
Ouisa wrote:
Nena wrote:
Variety wrote: Yay - Sprtygal found me this new avi!
Ah... no. Mrs Variety... Look at my avi -------------------------->>>>>>
The Cullen's are Ute fans!
Of course they are, Edward and Bella eat Cougars for breakfast!

:lol: good one Ouisa ! :lol: Why didn't I think of that? *goes back to photoshop to think of new Utah utes avis/banners, etc*

This is the holy war people! :twisted:

Edit: I just went up the page and edited a few posts. Our filter has been letting a few words go through and I thought I would just go ahead and ruin the fun. Nah, kidding. But yeah, that should be a case of "Vulgar language is ugly"
Sorry! My apologies on my potty mouth. BRB, I'll go get some Orbit gum to clean it up... (har har).

I miss the 'holy war!' I lived in UT for 7 years, and I am a huge BYU fan. That fandom rivalry is INTENSE! All of those avies made me crack up. Love it.

@ Hope - That is hard, sweetie. My advice? As hard as it will be, I would just stay away from him, romantically. That chapter is closed, it seems, and opening it back up would prove really painful - especially if drugs are involved. My advice? Send him a letter of love and encouragement, and be a friend. Best of luck.

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Re: The Gutter Gals & Co. --Innuendo thread for the "older" fan

Post by oleander » Thu Sep 18, 2008 7:17 am

Hope, my heart breaks for you. I hope you can find some peace in this...

As for the BYU/UTE rivalry (did i get the team names right?) i don't follow...i guess i'll have to be Switzerland on this one because i don't follow sports and I don't even know what one you're talking about. :oops: maybe i'm too far east and too canadian to get it. ;)

I wasn't too happy with the Ellen interview...well, i was THRILLED to see Stephenie there, but it felt like it was too short and edited. AND Ellen had promised she would ask about MS and she didn't. Bah. (sorry, i think i might be grumpy this morning)

100 pages already. wow.

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Re: The Gutter Gals & Co. --Innuendo thread for the "older" fan

Post by nissanmama » Thu Sep 18, 2008 7:53 am water and electricity are wonderful things to wake up to.

Let me just say on the BYU/Ute issue...I have a BA from BYU, and T-pa has a BS and MBA from there as well. MG wants to attend there. My allegience is clear. Stray Thought: (Sorry, I'm famous for these) Why do you suppose SM picked moutain lions for the favorite food of our hero and heroine when she was a BYU grad???? When FS signs with a school sometime between now and Christmas, I'll probably paint my house that school's colors.

Kat~ I've lived through four heart attacks with my father. I know how scarey it is to worry and wonder. Prayers and happy thoughts to you.

Hope~ One of my little brother's best friends OD'd just after he got married. I had to call him while he was doing an openhouse for his wife's family just after their honeymoon. One of my best friends in high school died of an accidental OD after combining alcohol and anti-depressants. I remember in both cases how helpless I felt. That even though I didn't have the skills or knowledge, I wished there was something I could have done. All I can say is try to be rational in your choices and not be caught up in the onslaught emotion that will inevitably come.

Going to look up SM on YouTube now... ... directlink
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Re: The Gutter Gals & Co. --Innuendo thread for the "older" fan

Post by Spooncha » Thu Sep 18, 2008 9:36 am

Hope - I'm sorry for what you're going through, and I hope it's better soon. I think everyone's tried to save someone who didn't want to be saved at some point. It isn't your fault. I wish you all the peace you can find.
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Re: The Gutter Gals & Co. --Innuendo thread for the "older" fan

Post by Destani » Thu Sep 18, 2008 10:17 am

I'm so sorry to hear about all the heartbreak everyone has been through. I'm glad you have all been able to somewhat recover from it. I'm also glad that everyone seems to be surviving Ike and doing well.
skylarblue wrote:Why as women we put ourselves out there for one guy and deep down we know he's nothing but trouble and will bring nothing but heartache but we constantly go back?

Are we total masochist (sp?).
I never really went through heartache like the rest of you. My story relates more to this question. Before my husband, I was with a guy for 8 years. We started dating when I was 15, moved in together when I was 20, broke up when I was 23. For the first year, maybe two, everything was wonderful. But then things slowly started to deteriorate. As time passed, he had dropped the facade he had used to lure me in. I thought that he was still the person I'd fallen in love with and I was desperately trying to bring that side of him out again. I didn't realize that it hadn't been him at all. We fought a lot. We screamed, he called me names and said very hurtful things, I cried, he ignored me or locked himself in his room so we couldn't talk things out. Most of our fights were based on the same thing. I felt like he neglected me. I'm co-dependent, I admit it. In the beginning, he had spent nearly all of his free time with me. Later, I barely even saw him. Even when we were living together, I would come home from work to find him on his computer playing a game and he would stay there until long after I went to bed. I'm a gamer too so I understand the pull of a game but this was excessive. He became obsessed. He didn't seem to see me or hear me anymore. He got laid off and didn't look for work. He just kept on playing that stupid game.

But whenever I would get fed up and start pulling away from him or mention something about breaking up, the guy I fell in love with would suddenly reappear. I fell for it every time. He'd be loving and sweet and everything I wanted for a few months. Then, when I wasn't paying attention, he'd start to sink back into the person I was gradually learning to hate.

It took me 8 years and a ton of friends telling me that he was abusing me (mentally) and destroying my self-esteem before I finally got away from him. So I think that's why we go back. They know how to turn on the charm at just the right moment and they know how to ruin our own self-image so that we think we can't do any better.
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Re: The Gutter Gals & Co. --Innuendo thread for the "older" fan

Post by ashleygill03 » Thu Sep 18, 2008 10:41 am

oleander wrote:
I wasn't too happy with the Ellen interview...well, i was THRILLED to see Stephenie there, but it felt like it was too short and edited. AND Ellen had promised she would ask about MS and she didn't. Bah. (sorry, i think i might be grumpy this morning)
I was so disappointed with the interview. I had to look it up special so I could TiVo it too! I read up on it beforehand and Ellen did say she was going to try to talk Stephenie into having Midnight Sun published. It never came up once.

I loved all the vampire jokes at the beginning of the shoe, but the interview was just so short.

On another note, I am so sorry to those affected by the hurricane. They can be so devastating. I'm glad that everyone is alright though.

Hope-- I'm not the resident expert on ex's on drugs, but I do have extensive experience in the area. I dated someone for 3 years, we'll refer to him as X... I found out after about a year that X was extremely addicted to several drugs. I felt guilty for not knowing, and I felt responsible somehow. It was terrible. I understand how you must feel, even though our situation is different. The most important thing that I learned from this experience is that people who are abusing substances, whatever the reason, can really bring people around them down. I know that you must want desperately to help (that's how I felt) but unless a person truly wants to make a change, there is nothing you can do. I would recommend distancing yourself from the situation as much as possible, and as hard as it is... try to think about other things. I agree with writing a letter of encouragement and support. Just remember, no one can make another person use drugs. There are so many ways to deal with pain in a healthy way, and it is not your fault.

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Re: The Gutter Gals & Co. --Innuendo thread for the "older" fan

Post by una » Thu Sep 18, 2008 11:41 am

Goodness you ladies were busy last night. I feel so inspired and proud to be in contact (and dare say be friends of) with you ladies. We have such a wonderful opportunity here. I feel blessed that we can be open and honest, sharing our pasts, hopes, dreams while at the same time learning and strengthening each other with these discussions. Thank you.

Nima, you are right on in my opinion! I think as women, we find men that are close to the ideal/desire we have and hope that given time that our love (as corny as it sounds) will smooth over the roughness and make it perfect. But no one will change unless they want to. And sadly, sometimes things are too far gone to come back to.

The pictures you posted, Nima, wow! I'm relieved to know all of you affected by the recent hurricanes are okay (and that you have power and water again!). Prayers were answered!

Hope, my heart and prayers are with you. As painful as it is, I think it is best to guard your heart. Be a friend, be supportive, if you can't handle seeing him, send a note and do not make contact. He has to want to change and pull his life out of the spiral he is in. You did not cause this...sadly, he made his own choices, you can't blame yourself or take responsibility. You can support and encourage but you cannot save him, he has to choose to save himself and seek help.

Kat - I'm sorry to hear about your father. You and your dad are most definitely in my prayers.

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