Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Postby DarkMuse » Sun Dec 20, 2009 12:58 pm

Caryn - Thanks for all the outdoor piccsies and yummers videos. Was verra awesome indeed.

Hope - There needs to be some sort of saying for when someone attends a funeral. Like I totally almost said 'good luck!' which is way inappropriate. there a saying and I just don't know about it? Well anyway, I'm sending 'be strong' vibes your way. Hope you are doing ok. We are all with you.

Marielle - I didn't see any tweet about Robsten in Venice...hmm. What happened? I'm so behind. I know they went on a beach date before some party thingy, but other than that I'm clueless right now.

Jade - A chocolate muffin sounds yummy. I had a chocolate donut (or doughnut...whatevs) for breakfast. I've never actually been through a donut drive-thru before this morning. It was an awesome experience. :lol: We so need to find a way to get you here. You'd be eating so much yummy stuff you might need 2 seats on the plane ride home. Lol.

Ashley - Since I talk to you just about everyday on Twitter, I keep forgetting to say stuff to you on here. I'm sowwie! *stands up* Hi, my name is Kristiner and I am a Twitter addict. Lol. *waves Hi* :)

I know there was something else I wanted to say, but I forgotted. :( I was preoccupied with that down there. *points to convo between Edi and Jamie*

Can I just say I love Edi Gathegi? Haha. Jamie Campbell Bower was tweeting this morning about how he's going to see Miley Cyrus tonight. And..well...just, here:

Jamiebower: Oh lord. What have I gone and done? I'm going to see Miley tonight. Hahahahahahah. Should be rather amusing. X
Jamiebower: Its just for a giggle. Its Christmas guys. x (at some point, his followers musta been saying something about how bad of an idea it was)

Jamiebower: Whoever said i spent money on the tickets? x (again, his followers musta been saying some

iamedigathegi: @Jamiebower Unbelievable. She never heard a jay-z song. for shame. Duuuuuuuuude. Okay I forgive you. Throw your hands up!

Jamiebower: @iamedigathegi duuuude you know you'd give anything to come with me. Don't hate, girls got class. x

iamedigathegi: @Jamiebower where is it? Maybe I can change my flight ;-)

Jamiebower: @iamedigathegi tonight!!!!!!!!!!! Oh boy, could very well make my year. x

iamedigathegi: @Jamiebower if by class u mean..nevermind too public here ;-) Im sure she's a nice girl. Enjoy. Give her an autograph on behalf of twilight.

Jamiebower: @iamedigathegi you know it. x

For anyone not "in the know", Miley has stated that she hates Twilight. This is why I love Edi. :lol:

In case anyone has missed it, there's a Year-End Movies Poll going on. Go vote, please! Rob is up against Taylor in one of the categories and yesterday he was losing. Rob I mean. :( Not right!

What in the world? LOL!
They keep doing 'Favorite Pics' thingies. Me likey.
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Postby Fizzles » Sun Dec 20, 2009 1:15 pm

Happy Sunday

I'm heading out with the girlies tonight for our Christmas Dinner get together. I'm guessing many drinks will be consumed, hopefully not too many that will make me being in work for 9am tomorrow a problem! :lol:

I changed my Av and Sig. All on my ownsome. :D *Proud of my approved technical abilities.* I know they aren't anywhere near as good as other peeps artistic ones, but I had fun working them out.

Go vote as Kris said below. :) We can't have Rob not winning something. Kris - loved the tweet convo you posted between Jamie and Ed.

I'm heading out in an hour and a half so I gots to go and make me pretty.

Laura Xx
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Postby Jazz Girl » Sun Dec 20, 2009 6:36 pm

Happy Sunday Sistahs!!!

So, after GWOM last night, my sister in law, niece and nephew ended up staying the night, and then staying most of today to do various Christmassy things like shopping and baking cookies!! It was much fun. My niece is a trip. She's 3 & 1/2. I have an Orly as Legolas cut out in my den. And she was looking at it. She turns around and says..."hmmm, he's kind of cute, but not as cute as my daddy (my brother in law has her totally fooled)" A little while later, I was online briefly, checking Robsessed. She looks at the screen and says... "he's cute too, cuter than that one (points at Orly), but still not as cute as my daddy." To which my sister in law says, "You do know you're daddy can lie, right?" :lol: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!

Marielle~ I think they meant Venice Beach, CA. That's where they were before the gallery opening, wheat, Thursday night. I'm perfectly fine with no pictures. A cozy night out to dinner and shopping. EXACTLY what they needed.

Kster~ Uz so welcome, Sweets. Edi and Jamie are a trip. Still hate Miley. She's a complete biznatch. I don't care if she's 16. She thinks her shiza don't stink and her opinion is gospel. Can't stand her.

Laura~ I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new siggy!!! It's beautiful and such a great idea.

I absolutely love when his eyes look like this...Rob's Official SexEyes.

Robert Thomas Pattinson officially named Earth's Sex on a Stick. AnchoRob will tell us all about it at 11..
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Postby JulieM » Mon Dec 21, 2009 12:51 am

Hi Everyone! I'm finally getting a chance to get on here. Busy weekend with shopping, wrapping, cleaning, everything! I think weekends should be three days long. Catch up with house stuff on Saturday and Sunday, then rest on Monday.

So sad about Brittany Murphy. So young and she had alot going for her. I loved her in "Clueless."

I saw New Moon for the 5th time on Friday night. There were about 50 people in the theater. I was glad to see that. I also saw one of my first grade students there, which was kind of weird.

Yeah, so, I was going to edit our member list and the "edit" feature has been taken away. I'm going to inquire....

I love all the pictures you all have posted to "christen" our new thread with. I think it was Jade who said she was sad about not getting to "christen" a new thread again. Well, we could "christen" the thread after we get to page 101. Because that would be like a new thread, so we could do that every 100 pages. :-)

Trine-You're welcome! And, yes I hope our missing people find their way back as well.

Sandy-Did your speech go well? And how was the hockey game? Did you hear how our Wild got all of their equipment burned on the way to their game in Ottawa? Very strange.

Kristiner-I LOVE the RobstenTV. Nice job on the pictures. Well chosen, I must say. Love the KStew gif's as well. I did see them on Twitter, but liked seeing them again. That movie looks really good. And I was surprised, you can kind of see KStew's ta-tas in the tub. :shock:

I also liked that converstaion with Jaime and Edi. I can't stand Miley either. Especially after what she said about Twilight.

Laura-Thanks for posting the map! And I LOVE your new siggy. Nice job of doing that on your own. OMG! That commercial was friggin hilarious! I'm still laughing.

Jade-That is so awesome you won something from Robsten Lovers. Why didn't you tell us when you first won? And I'm trying to add that I'm your e-Foster mum, but the "edit' button is gone. I'm PM'd a mod about it though.

Caryn-That is so nice your hubs brought you RobGasms at your party. Does he know that's what you call them? :D "Hide the Pickle", we have that tradition in our family, with the ornament. LOL! It's the first thing we do on Christmas morning when we go to my mom's house. And I love your captions to the pics. you posted. Especially the last one.

Ashley-Welcome home! I love JettStew throwing the chair.

Jaclyn-Never apologize for have a "I heart Kristen" day. Love that pic you posted of her. I always remember that photo shoot because that was the last one before she cut her hair and became JettStew. Love that name Ashley!

Off to bed. Only two days, then I'm on vacation!!!!!
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Postby edwardsluv » Mon Dec 21, 2009 2:53 am

In case anyone has missed it, there's a Year-End Movies Poll going on. Go vote, please! Rob is up against Taylor in one of the categories and yesterday he was losing. Rob I mean. Not right!]

I just went over there and Robert is winning by a landslide.

This is a scary Robert Pattinson hate video. I just wanted you ladies to go over there and flag him and get him off of youtube I mean this is scary.
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Postby missp » Mon Dec 21, 2009 3:11 am

^^^PLEASE!! You Tube dude isn't even worth the time it takes to type a reply!! He's just a bitter, jealous, Rob wanna be!

Voting is done!

Hope all had a fabulous Sunday and that all of your Christmas shopping is done so you can relax and enjoy the holiday!

I had a great day with the fam today for our gathering. Going to get some sleep now!

BTW...Would someone please add my little pin to the map...Decatur, Alabama? :D
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Postby ♥midnight_sun♥ » Mon Dec 21, 2009 3:17 am

Kris~Its okay if you get mixed up. I probs have a few times too. *stands up* Hello, my name is Ashley and I'm also a Twitter addict. *Smiles and sits back down* Lol.

I just had to share this because Andy Samburg looks A LOT like Rob in The Bad Mother's Handbook.

Rob + Steve Erwin shirt = Ashley doesn't know what to think.

JulieM~JettStew through the chair is complete win, although it looks like the takes that they cut together for it are different. Like...Kristen was through the chair differently in them or something? I don't just looks a bit odd to me. But win, none the less.

I totes came over here to say something else...but I forgot. I really need to start using notepad again so I don't forget these things.

*pokes new banner/avi* Like? Its Andrew-Lee Potts as Hatter from the Syfy mini series Alice. :)

And speaking of list has changed. Hughjack is no longer a part of it:
1.) Rob Pattinson
2.) Andrew-Lee Potts
3.) Johnny Depp
4.) Alex Evans
5.) Jackson Rathbone
Yeah...its changed a lot since I first posted it. I think the only person who hasn't moved/been taken off is Rob. And yeah...Johnny moved down, but that was a REALLY tough decision.
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Postby marielle » Mon Dec 21, 2009 4:48 am

Hey Girls......

Firstly I wanted to say I'm really sad about Brittany Murphy... I heard it when i came home last night and was shocked....

Kris, Like Caryn said it was about them attending an opening and later had some time together, I posted the link two posts back, but here is the link again. I just don't know if it's true....
Caryn, yes a bit of peace and quiet for them would be nice, no papps around... but there were more celeberties so I expected there to be pictures....

*claps hands* for Laura, for improving technical skills.... :lol: you are so funny....

wow, this smile make my knees feel weak, and this one made me faint.
and so breath taking

I'm trying to score some breakfast....
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Postby Jadey » Mon Dec 21, 2009 5:04 am

Jooooooolie ~ I didnt say anything at the time because they're handmade bottlecap magnets. It's not a big deal. Its not like I won something EXTRAORDINARY. Like a VF or HB. Even though I has dem.. i wouldnt mind an extra copy :P

*chokes on saliva* Brittany Murphy. Wtf? I'm stilla bit shocked.

Kris ~ Drive-thru donut place? *amazed* :shock: . Srsly, If I went there I'd be so amused by everything. If I went to New York, I wouldn't get very far, I'd be too occupied by a news stand, or a yellow taxi. It's so true. I woould love to go to a diner, or just a mall over there. I'm getting all over excited just by thinking about it. :D If you came here, you'd seriously be bored. Sure, we iz beautiful, but theres only so much nature and prettiness one can handle. We iz overrated me thinks.
Lol @ the edi and jamie convo. Go edi!!

Its Krismas soon :D

Marielle ~ Build a snowman for me k?!

Edit: Jasper was @ school in the movie when he should've graduated. THEY DID AN OOPSIE?
^ by ForJazz
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Postby despoina92 » Mon Dec 21, 2009 10:33 am

Girlies!!! I can't believe I'm posting!! I've missed you all soooo much! And we're in a new thread... Nice!

Guess I've missed alot, huh? I think I need a short update...

On FB I found many rumors about Rob tese days... I have to say that it was sooo bullpoo...

Here is my contribution to our new thread.

Some Rob

Some Robsten

PervChair ;)

I DK why, but I luv this one!

I bought the other day 3 posters: The Twilight and New Moon ones that were in the cinemas, and a NM RobWard. I'm trying to find a way to put the last one on the back of my door, opposite my bed, so that it won't be damaged at all, but I can't find how! :?

I'm posting later, I think, so see ya soon!
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