Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Post by newtonscricket » Wed Dec 23, 2009 12:34 pm

Jazz Girl wrote:ARGH!!!! Someone remind me why this is referred to as the happiest time of the year! I have decided Christmas is only fun when you are young enough to enjoy it without having to pay for it or do any of the work. :|


Caryn's husband wrote:"it may be a RobGasm, but I'm the one giving it to you..*winknudge*"

HAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHHHHAAAAAAAAA! 100,000 husband cool points!

I think I missed something. Some one tell me why this shirt = "Crocodile Rob"

marielle wrote:I had to post this non-rob related peta poster....
It had me rolling on the floor.. rocking with laughter......(all non dog-fans would understand why).....
I'm so hoping Kstew would do a Peta shoot with the same text......

Kristen? I'm sure Rob would never wear fur. HE needs to make the poster. (He does like a nice steak though, maybe that disqualifies him? Well, he should take his clothes off anyway)

Congratulations on the Dean's list Gii!

and speaking of "lists" my List has changed from last year too:

Last year's list: "?? List, what's a "list"???"

This year's list: 1. Robert Pattinson

Last year at this time.......I......DID NOT KNOW WHO ROBERT PATTINSON WAS (although if you had said, "you know that guy who played Cedric Diggory, I would've been all, "oh yeah, that guy is hot")

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Post by Jazz Girl » Wed Dec 23, 2009 12:39 pm

Good morning DarlingHearts!!!

Day two fo the Headless Chicken Christmas Dance. Stopped in to recharge the batteries before we head out.

Gii~ Congratulations on making the Dean's List. Definitely something to be proud of.

Jade~ You never fail to make me smile... :D

Jaclyn~ At this point, it is the meadow scene still that we have (Jesus but could we have LESS information!!!) that is giving me hope right now, both for the appearance of our fair Bella AND the way the love plays out.

NewJen~ At one point, Jade referred to Rob in is "Steve Irwin" shirt ie the Crocodile Hunter... it kind of progressed to referring to him as CrocodileRob.... you know how we are...we're a weird bunch!! :lol: The hubs thanks you for his cool points. And, yes, I would adore a PetaRobPoster...though, Rob's a little on the furry side I don't know if that would be a contradiction. Maybe they could change the tagline to, "I'd rather go naked than wear someone else's fur" ? :lol:

Since I don't know how many of you will be able to visit tomorrow, I am going to fill your Christmas stockings now. Happy Christmas to all of you and a joyous new year. Each and every one of you have my wishes for absolute happiness and joy and RobJoy all through 2010.

Enjoy some yuletide carols.

Joyous wishes that you all find a little of this under your tree.

And, to all of you, a new year filled with this much and this kind of love.

*ps I can take no credit for those bits of beauty. I am no where near that talented. That's why I buy my Christmas gifts.. :lol: *
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Post by Dovrebanen » Wed Dec 23, 2009 3:04 pm

Merry christmas ladies!!!
I have missed coming on here with you. Craziness these past days. But now I hope that it's settled down, and the christmas peace can settle over me as well.

Jaclyn~ I wish we would get to stay home from work when it snows. No such luck...

Marielle~ I don't think we're much better than you guys to handle the snow. Last weekend our road had 30 cm snow on them...

Caryn~ Being with my parents sort of takes me back in time... And I am just not used to it...It's nice to be back, but it's also very different from how I live and how I'm used to doing things. Like when to eat, what to eat, activities...Just everything...

What else...I have my bf with me. And today we went and had dinner at this place! It has a restaurant on top, and the most amazing view since the top goes around so you get to see the entire town.

We celebrate christmas tomorrow on christmas eve. That's when we open presents etc. So I probably won't be on much tomorrow. Sorry for everything I didn't comment on. Too little time.
I wish you all a great christmas!
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Post by diane771 » Wed Dec 23, 2009 3:42 pm

Hi everyone,
Caryn- just love those pics you posted, especially the piano one. So geat!
Gii - Congrats and also for the pics
Jade- Isn't everything tiny compared to USA, we need to oversize everything. Good or Bad. heres one for you
Trine - Merry Christmas, hope to catch up with you.
Did anyone read that link that I sent over about Rob getting passed over to star in a sex movie?
The movie is about a journalist who uncovers a community of fun-lovers in the North of England that like to have sex in cars, in full view
That might have been an interesting side of Rob 8-)

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Post by newtonscricket » Wed Dec 23, 2009 5:05 pm

diane771 wrote:
The movie is about a journalist who uncovers a community of fun-lovers in the North of England that like to have sex in cars, in full view

That might have been an interesting side of Rob 8-)

Oh what might have been! No fear, the future looks bright!

Trine, the place you had dinner looks awesome. and slightly scary. and slightly....out of place? It might be the way the picture was taken, but it looks kind of like a space needle with a bunch of barns and fields around it.

Caryn, thanks for clearing up the crocodile thingy for me. <sniffle> (I get a little teary whenever I think of Steve Irwin)

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Post by G-Faerie08 » Wed Dec 23, 2009 7:29 pm

Thanks for the congrats everyone!! I freaking almost cried when I saw my semester grades because I could not believe I did as well as I did when the entire semester was a pain in the booty. Diane knows because I was crying to her one night stressing over a final group project that I had to do for one of my classes..bleh, I am just glad it is behind me..

DUDE speaking of Steve Irwin (I miss him too btw) There is this store near me called Five Below where everything is $5 or less..and there they had the talking Steve Irwin doll!!! I was soooooo close to buying it. No lie..but I am already being moved out of my room by stuff as it is and I thought it best that I not buy it at this time

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Post by older_twilight_fan » Thu Dec 24, 2009 1:27 am

Hi everyone!
I've missed you guys and it seems like forever since I've had a chance to post; I've been lurking though. We celebrated Christmas with the in-laws last weekend and I've worked extra hours, taken care of a couple of mildly sick kids, wrapped presents, etc. since we returned.

It's funny...when I'm away from the Lex and the Halfway House for a few days, I always think I'm somewhat cured of my Robsession. I figure that since I haven't been able to check the boards or post messages for awhile...what difference does three or four more days make? Yeah...right. 8-) Then I visit the Halfway House and see all the glorious stuff and funny messages you guys have posted and all that shiza goes right out the window. :lol:

Sandy, hi e-twin! Sorry about your Bears. :? I was thrilled with the Titans and how they managed to somehow pull another win out of you-know-where. Unfortunately they lost Keith Bullock for the year so I'm pretty sure we'll have our hats handed to us by the Chargers on Christmas Day.
I hope you're enjoying having the kiddos out of school. Although it does make pre-Christmasey stuff somewhat chaotic with them's so nice not to worry about packing lunches, supervising homework, getting backpacks together, and driving to and from umpteen kids' activities.

Caryn, I loved your husband's remark about "giving you the Robgasms". :lol: I've never forgotten that he was our first and one of the few, the proud, and the elite husbands/significant others to be named an honorary member of the Halfway House. We'll have to give him some type of commendation or special award for this. :D
I also nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I viewed the picture of"special toy" you posted. :lol: That was so totally worth you getting a scolding. :D

Julie M, enjoy your vacation and your brief respite from your firsties. As the mother of a 2nd-grader and a 4th-grader, I hereby rename the Christmas holidays "Official and Well-Deserved Teacher-Sanity-Preservation Days".

Kristiner, Hi! Hope you're doing well and that you don't have to work too much over the Christmas holidays. I'm working tomorow, but all of the therapists are hoping to see as many patients as we can, as quickly as we can in the early morning so we can hopefully leave by noon.

Gii, congrats on making the Dean's List! You go girl!

I can't believe all the snow some of you are getting. It sounds beautiful. We never have snow on Christmas in middle Tennessee...usually rain or an oddly warmish 60 degrees. :?

I noticed that Clipped Wings and Inked Armor updated but haven't had a chance to read it yet. Merry Freakin' Christmas to us!

Everyone who is stressing about the last minute shopping, the baking, the wrapping, the cooking, the stocking stuffing...please take a collective deep breath and remember the importance of the season and what Christmas is all about. And if that doesn't work, just say screw it and go look at Robcrack or read some fanfic instead. :lol:

This Remember Me still may not be completely new, but I've never seen it...
Love Rob in the plaid

Just in case I don't have a chance to post again tomorrow, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and enjoys a relaxing day celebrating with family and friends. For those of you traveling, please be safe. I hope all of you know what a blessing you are and what a blast it has been getting to know you through the Halfway House and our mutual obsession. :D
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Post by openfire » Thu Dec 24, 2009 4:48 am

Hello everyone, happy Christmas Eve!!
Hope no one is stressing too much about last minute shopping, wrapping, cooking Christmas dinner! Just think, it's nearly over :lol:

New Moon - Sorry I may be waaaaay behind on this, but you know in the movie Aro says something to Bella in another language, not about Bella's blood singing for Edward, but the other thing? Well I just found out it meant that when Bella says to Aro that he knows nothing about Edward's soul, Aro says "Fore ... ne il vostro l'uno o altro" which means "perhaps ... nor yours either" !! I never knew that before :D

Gii - Congrats on making the Dean's list! Wow, that is really really cool!!

NewJen - Hahaha, I loved your list and that last year you said "although if you had said, 'you know that guy who played Cedric Diggory', I would've been all, 'oh yeah, that guy is hot'"! I knew who Rob was last year, but didn't think much of him :oops: All that has changed now tho, now that I've proper looked at him!!! *swoon* In fact, I would say he tops my list goes 1. Rob Patttinson 2. Vincent Kartheiser 3. Daniel Johns 4. Brian Molko, and 5. changes pretty much every day :lol:

Caryn - I loved those Christmas gifts you posted, especially the piano one - thanks!!

I think this will be the last time I am able to come onto The Lex until after Christmas, so I hope everyone has a great time! I hope you all get lots of nice presents, and that you just have a wonderful time with your families. Take care everyone!!

But before I go, a few Christmas gifts for you all :D

I hope everyone wakes up to find this under their tree...

...but if not, then I hope he has a great time with this girl instead!

I had to post this - look at how he is looking at her! lol

Finally, if you live somewhere were it is prolly gonna snow, I hope it is as pretty as this! Build lots of SnowRobs! :D

Catch you all later!
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Post by twilightsagaaddict » Thu Dec 24, 2009 10:11 am

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!
Gii - big congrats on making the Dean's list! Great job!!
Diane - thank you for the Robilicious Christmas card!
Caryn - Hope you survive your Mom's! I laughed so hard when you got, um...censored, by the mods for your sharing the Hobo Rob gift (the gift that keeps on giving! :lol: ) I, for one, thank you for that! And reminding us of the RAoR site. I swear those girls must be reading our minds when they post their comments on the various Robcrack over there!
NewJen ... speaking of last this time last year I was hoping to get the kids' presents wrapped while being extremely sleep deprived from reading the Saga. That is when I had my first hit off the TW-pipe, and I haven't looked back since. (Although now my addiction has spread to all things Rob, and even worse, fan-fic-crack...I can't get enough! :D )

We had an ice storm pass through here last night.. while its pretty, and wintery, its not at nice as this!!

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 4

Post by marielle » Thu Dec 24, 2009 10:36 am

Hey Girls.....

Happy christmas eve ......

Gii, I'm happy for you, you did so good this semester... must have been difficult with VF and HP pictures and New Moon... Congrats!!!!

Caryn, could you husband give my BF some advise??? My BF thinks I'm going way overboard with my Twilight addiction...

NewJen, I did the Diggory line to explain to my mom how he was.... she seriously couldn't see it when watching twilight..
so that's how I explained....

There is also news from the Slade dront... he told a journalist that he did know when a eclipse trailer would be out but that he was working on it..

OYeah... Happy birthday to our Twilight mother Stephenie Meyer

I'm at my mom's place, so it will be two days of doing as less as possible.... I'll be square after christmas with all the eating and drinking... :lol:

I hope you will have a lot of fun tomorrow and this evening...
these are my christmas presents for you all
something to love
something to die for
and something to eat

and I'm hoping to find this under my tree tomorrow when I wake up
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