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Re: 2009 Movies

Postby Chernaudi » Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:41 am

New Moon is the obvious one, but Truth in 24 was another movie I looked forward to in 2009. It was a documentary about Audi and their attempt to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans sportscar race for the third year in a row with the Audi R10 diesel powered racing car. However, on sheer speed, Peugeot with the newer 908(also a diesel) looked to be the favorite, but lost out due to them trying too hard to win(relying on speed and thus sheer brute force that was cancelled out by reliablitiy problems, changing weather conditons, and Audi's superior strategy). Peugeot was fast at Sebring, but had many problems, while Audi won their class(though they lost the race overall due to several minor problems), and in the LMS, Peugeot initally dominated(though Audi did give them headaches in the races proper), though by round 3 at Spa, Audi had closed the gap as far as sprint races went(though the Spa LMS round, which Audi narrowly lost, nor their dominant performances in the ALMS post Sebring were included, nor was Audi's come from behind win at the Petit Le Mans, where the winning car was badly damaged before the race began and that R10 won from 2 laps behind the 908 and the sister R10 due to a blistering pace and strategy).

Truth in 24 was released in Theaters on a very limited release in late 2008(around the time Twilight came out), but was released to the mass market in March of 2009 when Audi had it shown on ESPN the night before the 12 Hours of Sebring(which Audi won with the then new R15-again diesel powered). The film was produced by Audi Sport with a team from NFL Films, who, of course, are known for their NFL football documentaries.

Just a nice little independent film that's in the vein of Speak, for example, and for any sports film or independent film fan, I'd recommend it(it's now out on DVD now from Audi of America and NFL films).
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