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Re: Sam Uley

Postby suzzeeQ » Mon Mar 22, 2010 11:24 pm

I don't have my book with me but the chapter was Scary Stories, when Bella went to First Beach with the kids from school. Bella asked Jacob who Sam was and Jacob said he was nineteen.
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Re: Sam Uley

Postby The girlie-wolf » Sun Apr 04, 2010 11:57 am

Jazziscool wrote:I can't believe he took away Jake's will, and was about to make him attack Bella. :(
But I felt sorry for him because he didn't have anyone to help him when he turned wolf.

This is my opinion.. kind off... but I have a little more too add...
Although I feel really sorry for Sam for being changed first, I don't really like him.. I tend to take Bella's side here.

I know this is not his fault that he impirnted on Emily, and that he is so sorry about what happened, but the way he treats Leah. That he wants her to leave every minute.. That he truly don't want her in his pack. This is mean and this is heartless in my opinion.

The fact tht he is willing, and acatually does this, to take someone's will! That he wanted to make Jake fight against the Cullens, to kill Bella!!!! And he knows how Seth is a close friend with the Cullens! He knows how he truly loves them, and he has no problem making kill them! He kneelled to him like a slave, for god's sake! This thing is so mean and so monstrous in my opinion.

And I really didn't like the fact that he made Jacob stay away from Bella in NM and that because of him Jacob is mean to Bella in the woods...This is one of the only parts that I have difficulty to read.. I can't bare it :x :cry:

Another thing I thought was terrible was how he tried to manipulate Leah and Seth to come home...To make them guilty. With the whole "Sue is so lonely" and "Lee Lee come home, where you belong".

If you think differetly, I'll be happy to hear and disscuss =]
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