*FORUM RESHUFFLE!!!* (30 April 2010)

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*FORUM RESHUFFLE!!!* (30 April 2010)

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No, it's not your imagination: threads and forums have been moving around. We're doing some long-overdue reorganization and tidying of the forums, starting with New Kid and Accident Prone. The idea is to pull together useful info about the site (How To's, FAQs, Tech-help threads, Rules and Regs etc) which are currently scattered all over the boards. Hope you'll take a moment to check out the new forums in our shiny new Welcome to the Lex section: you'll find a lot of familiar threads moved there.

In particular, please note that the Request a Topic thread is now in our new Feedback forum ("Communing with the Pack"), along with other non-tech help threads from Accident. If you've got comments or questions about the reorganization, Communing is a great place to post them.

One change you will notice is that we're reducing the clutter of "announcements" currently visible at the top of each forum. The idea is to use the announcement space more for genuine announcements -- breaking news we want people to hear (like this one!) -- which we'll post for a short time and then take down again when the message has got out. So please, keep an eye on the announcements section: if something appears there, it's probably important.

We're really hoping that this revamp will make the boards less haphazard and confusing for everyone -- and make it easier for newcomers to find their way in our wonderful community here.

Please let us know if you spot any problems.

-- The Mod Team
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