Big Bad Wolf--Team Quil

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Re: Big Bad Wolf--Team Quil

Postby roo-roo91 » Thu Aug 05, 2010 10:09 am

I would like to apologize, but....
I may not be busy, but I have other people to talk to.
So I guess I might not know what to do.
I could have my character come down to see Embry, but I think he's busy. So I might just settle for a while read posts, then post. But I'll just think of what to do while I'll read.
As I said, I have other people. Also the prints all teeny when people post massively long posts, this phones slow at times. I rarely get to use a real computer, my brother keeps saying we'll get one soon, he doesn't realize he won't be really soon. He wants to use mom"s Best Buy card, which has NO money on it, he thinks it does though.
So yeah. I DO have an excuse. So DON'T get annoyed with me.

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Re: Big Bad Wolf--Team Quil

Postby Dex_TheBloFroGaBoy » Thu Aug 05, 2010 11:18 am

(He's actually outside of Ookami's house, noticing two figures running in the distance. But never the less, he's still right outside. :lol: )

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Re: Big Bad Wolf--Team Quil

Postby The girlie-wolf » Thu Aug 05, 2010 1:38 pm

Sunny~ I freaking LOVED IT!
You have incredible writing skilles!
Awww don't feel guilty!

Mo~ You didn't promot. Oh, I saw the post but you need to change the first post.
Yeah, we need to count only RP's.
I don't think Mona can be promoted. Mona is already the high alpha -high fives*
Yeah, right. She told me she'd get on Saturday.
WE should yell at her [=
Yeah, she is learning to be a doctpr or something. I talk to you NOW. And there is a huge time differnce between us so you can blame me =P
haha you vracked me up :lol:
I know, because of the cute face I did explain.
I know I am -dazzling grin*
Some of them. The haredim and the very religous that are not haredim. But I don't live in their towns. But when I go to Jerusalem I see lots of them.
haha you ARE very fracking. I guess it's the greek charecter that made you fracking ;}
haha I know it's from that movie. haha I AM very smart :D
hahahahaha that is so vracking!
Why are you Wuthering heighting Mea and Seth? Don't do that!!!!

It's okayyyyyyy.... you don't have to apologize so much :roll:
You are forgiven =D

Chels~ Hiiiiiii
Okay, but RP soon.

I'm tired of being lazy and I want to be a good example. so I'll RP now.
BUT because English is not my native tongue and I have a little issues with spelling and grammer... Can someone just tell me my mistakes? I want to be better.


I was just standing there and watching Sunny scream and Sam. I knew how hard it is for him and I knew he truly loved her. I wanted to help him and stop her but I couldn't. I opened my mouth from time to time when I wanted to jump in and stop her already but a voice never came out. What Sunny said was right and I can't deny it. Sam is treating her like she is his and he can't do that. Of course I felt sorry for him, I'm not heartless, I just thought he should know her side as well. So I continued to stare at him with wide eyes, trying to search for the sign. I don't want him to explode in front of Sunny.

"Right. And for that reason, I can hang out, hug, kiss, or even KISS whoever the hell I want and you DON'T have a say in the matter!" His eyes bugged out in horror at that declaration. "I am SICK and TIRED of you showing up where ever I am and actng like you own me, ike you can command me to your will. Well that is not going to happen Sam Uley! Get that through your head lready and leave me alone."

"But Sunny-" I heard Sam trying to get the words out of his mouth but Sunny continued with her speach, determand to ruin Sam's heart.

"No! Tyler's my friend. You and your little gang hang out with him Every. Single. Day. And non of you care enough to take notice of how hurt and left out he is! Well, since you and your 'friends' won't be his friends, I will! Not only his he lonely like me, but ha SAVED me! He took care of me when I was hurt. You didn't. So leave me and my friend in peace and go do whatever it is that you do with your friends while secluding everyone else out!"

As she said that my heart was filled with love. I knew it was not the right moment to shine from the inside but she really DID... Before I could finish the thought Sunny grabbed my arm. I could barely feel her but I guessed she is using all of her strength so I didn't fight her. And then I saw that sam was crying and my heart almost broke. I knew I had to convince Sunny to give Sam a chance.
And then we got outside of the house and I couldn't see Sam anymore.

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Re: Big Bad Wolf--Team Quil

Postby roo-roo91 » Thu Aug 05, 2010 3:21 pm

ah now for a rp post.
it won't be too long, but still.
Ookami looked out her window, waving to Embry.
She smiled at the sight of him, then ran to her dresser, getting dressed quickly as possible.
After a few moments she had a short white and red skirt on, a white baby tee with a cute wolf pup on it, white fingerless "arm socks" (google it) with red "R"s on them, high knee heeled white boots, and her usual kanji bracelet.
She ran downstairs, running to the door. She waved again, blowing a small kiss, then opened it.
Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes then ran at top speed towards him, her arms outstretched.
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Re: Big Bad Wolf--Team Quil

Postby SunnySummerSunshine » Fri Aug 06, 2010 1:10 am

@Shai: Okay then, since you want us to point out your mistakes, the very first sentence of your RPing says "Sunny scream AND Sam." It should be "scream AT Sam." The rest of your mistakes are actually my grammar mistakes and I already went to edit them, so your good. :)

Alright, forward to Sunny's house!

I continued to drag Tyler towards my house, my blood boiling within my veins. I may have some regret on how harsh I am with Sam, I'm not that cruel of a person, but I am not someone who will just accept the way Sam Uley treats me; like he owns me. Possessiveness can be cute to a certain extent, its just the way Sam exhibits his authority that really makes it feel like he's undermining me, along with everybody else.

I suddenly stopped in my steps when my train of thought remembered something important. My sudden stop caused Tyler to run right into me, and because he body was bigger than mine, the impact sent me crashing down towards the ground. Thankfully, Tyler's good reflexes caused him to wrap his arm around my waist and stopping my fall before I got hurt.

"Woah there, Sunny. It would have been nice if you gave me a warning next time, don't want you falling to the ground again."

I lightly blushed at my own stupidity and the embarassment of almost falling. Strangely, though, I was not embarassed that Tyler was hugging me very close to his warm body. It actually gave me comfort, like how a friend would comfort me, always be there for me.

"Yes, well, I apologized. I just remembered something" was my only reply to my new found friend.

"Oh? and That would be?" He inquired. "Where's Esprit? My dog?" "Oh. Don't wory about him. Mae kinda took the liberty of taking him home for you. She called while you were out, saying that your parents were also very worried when your dog got home but you didn't. She told them that you spent the night at Mae's."

"I have to say that that is a relief."

So I continued towards my house, dragging Tyler with me. When I finally got to my house, Esprit pounced me. He was licking every square inch of my face in glee, much to my disgust. I was able to hear my father's and Tyler's laughs over my mother's scolding and my dog's sloppy sounds. (Ewww) After I finally manage to get up, I told Tyler to take Esprit and go wait in my room while I washed my face. He looked over to my parents uncertain but they just smiled at him. Got to love my parents, they trust me and my judgement so much that I have more privileges than most teenagers. They trust that I won't do anything stupid, and in return, its my responsibility to live up to that trust. I woud kill me to disappoint them.

Tyler and Esprit reluctantly went up to my room, their reluctance stemming from different reasons. After I washed my face of all the dog slober inflicted upon me by my beloved Shikoku Inu, I walked up to my room and couldn't help but smile at the scene in front of me. There on the bed in the middle of my room, my human friend and my dog friend were having a little staring competition. (Irony right there) I let out a small giggle and they broke of there staring contest to look at me. I walked over to sit in between them. It almost seemed like they were fighting over me, now this kind of possessiveness was cute.

"So, Tyler, is there anything you would like to say? I'm all ears."

I'm leaving it right there. I got from Shai's last post that Ty wants to talk to Sunny about giving Sam a chance, but don't want to make any assumptions just to have all hell break loose. Tyler might also want to talk about his dad, but again, I'm gonna wait for Shai to continue this or tell me what she want said so that no mistakes will be made.

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Re: Big Bad Wolf--Team Quil

Postby The girlie-wolf » Fri Aug 06, 2010 11:50 am

Sunny~ Woooooooops. I knew that! I just never re-read my posts or anything really. I know that you don't say and. Wow, I feel so dumb.
I think that this is time for the Sam talk and not the dad one again.
haha you really fracked me up with the doggy staring competition :lol:

As I stared into Esprit's eyes, I have no idea why, I tried to think how to change Sunny's mind. I wanted to be smooth and not to upset her again. It was hard for me to see her like that and I didn't want it to happen again. So I imagined that I was talking to Sunny. That was pretty hard, imaginning that a dog is your best friend, and that is why it didn't work.

I heard a quite giggeling sound from the other side of the room and I hurried to sit properly with a tiny smile on my face. Great, I thought, now she think I'm crazy. Sunny sat between me and Esprit and I was glad that I didn't have to see that dog. It reminded me of what I wanted to say and of course I didn't want to.

We sat in silence for about 2 minutes when Sunny said "So, Tyler, is there anything you would like to say? I'm all ears." Great, now I'll have to have the Sam talk. I felt obligated to talk to her about it but it never was my buisness. Sam was suffering but I am suffering too. No, I have to talk to her. I'm not the kind of guy that won't help his friend that is in misery but he is suferring as well. But I knew that is Sam and Sunny were together it would be the end of their friendship and, honestly, I don't think I can deal with everything alone again.

"Uhmmmmm", I didn't know how to phrase my thoughts. The whole Esprit thing didn't work and made me look like I'm nuts. "I just wanted to know how are you. I guess it took alot to yell at Sam like this. You really hate him, huh?" My voice trembled abit in the end but I thought she didn't notice it. I hoped she didn't.

Sunny sighed out load. "Yes, I guess it did. I feel sorry that I yelled at him like that but I just...can't STAND his Possessiveness and attitude and I don't even know. That guy is just pissing me off, you know?"

"I know. But," I was stuck. i had no idea what I was suppossed to say. I knew that I shouldn't talk to her about it now, hwne the wound is still open. "I think that if you give him a chance you'll see that he is great". "What?! Are you telling me that that jerk is great? After what he did to you? After what he did to me? Do you seriously think that I'll give him another chance?"

I didn't know what to say. I just stared at the window and tried to think of something to say. but I couldn't. My brain went completly blank.
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Re: Big Bad Wolf--Team Quil

Postby SunnySummerSunshine » Fri Aug 06, 2010 1:07 pm

@Shai: Good job, Shai, that's exactly how I would imagine Sunny reacting to that statement, now I just gotta keep it going. As for grammar, your third paragraph was a bit confusing to me, I didn't really get the end of it. Also, what word were you trying to say before "the wound is still open"?

I let out a loud sigh as I tried to calm myself down. Why on earth would Tyler want me to give Sam a chance? Shouldn't he be hurt, what with how much his friends, Sam included, have neglected him? I don't get this guy.

And then he says that Sam is great. Yeah right! I've hated ever since I first met him years ago when I first moved here. I still remember it crystal clear.


I was helping my parent unloud the stuff in the car into the house. The moving van had already brought over themajority of the stuff we brought from our old home. My father moved out to the rainiest state in the United States because of his wish to research Native American culture in the different tribes, choosing to settle in the La Push reservaton of the Quileutes because it was easy to go from here to the other tribes.

Esprit, my beloved Shikoku, was running around in ecstacy. He was always excited when ever we went to a new place. It as sniffing the ground and the bushes while I began to carry the box of photos into the house. I walked out to see what was wrong when I heard that Esprit was barking. I came face to face with a man, a VERY good looking local, who apon seeing my face, did not look very pleased.

"Who are you?" He asked, his voice stern, while looking at me straight in the eye. He probably thinks he can intimidate me. Huh, I may be a laid-back person, but I don't back out with out a fight. Let's see how far we'll go before a fight breaks out.

"Hello, my name is Sunniva Lennox. My family just moved here for my father's job" was my cheerful reply. I reminded myself that Natives were usually wary of new fcs, especially pale ones, because of how they were, and sometimes still are, treated. I was being cheerful to show I meant no harm, and that usually is my key to getting new friends.

"What's his job?" The man continued to ask. Can't he introduce himself first?

"Could you please tell me your name so that we can carr out a proper conversation?" Was my simple request.

"Sam Uley. What's your father's job. I'll tell you right now that pale faces are especially unwelcomed here."Alright, fine. If he's not going to even attempt being nice then I see no point in trying myself.

"You have no right over me or my family to tell us what to do. We'll be living here until my father finishes his research and then we'll get out of here and away from people like you." "He's a researcher? That's great." His words were oozing sarcasm.

"Leave me alone, you annoying freak." "Says the girl who looks like a 'cold one.' Which should probably be another reason why you shouldn't be here." Okay, now I'm pissed. But I'm not going to cause my parents trouble our first day here.

"Well," I said to him with a fake, very sweet tone, "I'm sure that whatever prblem you have with me can wait. I have more important things o do right now. So if you'll excuse me, I shall be disregarding any other word you say. Good day, Mr. Uley." And I did just that. As 'Sam' began to speak again I slammed the door in his face after Esprit ran into the house. That was the beginning of my hatred for the man by the name of Sam Uley.

*End of Flashback*

The Council and elders of the tribe were happy to help my father conduct his studies but were wary of me as Sam Uley was. I later learned that the 'cold ones' Sam referred to were vampires in more modern terms and that my eye color was the source of the distrust the Quileautes felt for me. Mae and Joha were te few people who disregarded that small, but significant, fact about me.

As I calmed down from my madden state, I looked towards Tyler. His face was blank as he looked out the window. He may not have been treated as badly as I was, but I know that he was treated well, either. I couldn't help but fell curious as t why he would want to defend Sam in this case.

"Why?" He jumped a bit at my sudden words, his head whipped around to look me in the eyes. "Why would you want me to give Sam a chance? I thought he would be your least favorite person?"

Shaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, its now up to you to come up with something! Allergies, aching head, farewell, friends!
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Re: Big Bad Wolf--Team Quil

Postby The girlie-wolf » Sun Aug 08, 2010 3:09 pm

Sunny~ Thanks :D
Haha yeah, it is confuzzling. I'll try to explain:
That he wants to help cuz Sam is suffering. But Tyler is suffering too so why should he help him if he never helped him? But he will help cuz he is not the type of guy that won't help cuz no one cares about him. But he still knows that if Sunny and Sam would be together it is the end of Sunny and Tyler's friendship cuz she'll spend all of her time with Sam. And he don't want to lose her as a friend and he don't want to be alone in the world again.
Got it?
Woops, I was sure you'll get it. It's a translation from a Hebrew qoute. It means that you don't want to open the wound again- you don't want ot hurt a thing that is already sensitive and hurt.
Okay, I'll try to do it okay.
Wow, Sam is a jerk in your flashback.

We sat a few minutes in an uncomftrable silence. I wanted to defend Sam some more but I saw that Sunny was deep in thought and I didn't want more trouble on my shoulders. My thoughts drifted to the first time I phased.

I felt a rage that I've never felt before. My body was trembling and before I knew what happened to me I felt differnt. I had no idea what happened to me. I still felt the rage but this time it was insignifecant. The fear took too much place in my heart and the courosity tried to see what just happened too. For the first few minutes I was sure that I'm alone but then I felt a pretense of 3 other things. I didn't know what they were so I tried to listen to them and understand what they are.

"Wow, really? You think he is going to change soon? I never would have guessed. I know he is suddenly so tall and buff but there is no way he is changing", the voice was familiar to me and the sarcasm was obvious. I was afraid when I heard the voice in my mind. What could have be? What is wrong with me?

but before I could consider the fact that I may be losing my mind there was a reply. "Yeah, like this is what we need now. A newbie. We still need to find that leech and the Cullens", the unknown name was said with hate,"are still trying to bug us. The last thing we need is that gay kid. We have Leah and I know that in the minute he changes we will like Leah much more". A laughing noise was sound. "Yeah, don't want him and I don't think I'll ever want this Tyler boy. Never liked him."

"STOP IT!" A voice ordered. This is a voice I knew well but I had no idea why I was fanesizing on it. This voice sounded more formal. "Tyler is going to be in out group soon and you will have to understand that and accept it. I don't want this excatly like we didn't want this and he can't control this. If he could, if we all could, then he never wold have changed." After that there was a long silence.

I didn't know what I should do. Maybe if I pinch myself I'll get out of this insane dream. But if it's true. There has to be a way out. I tried to talk to but I didn't know how. It took about 20 tries but at last I managed to say: "Hello? Somebody there?".

When they explained me I understood that the conversation before was as real as every other thing that happened since my first phase. Since then i felt gratitude for Sam that I would never forget.

-end of flashback*

"Why?"I jumped a bit at Sunny's sudden words, my head whipped around to look at her in the eyes. Her words caught him off gourd. "Why would you want me to give Sam a chance? I thought he would be your least favorite person?"
Sunny, I didn't really know what to do so I wanted you to conitnue from the same place :lol:
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Re: Big Bad Wolf--Team Quil

Postby SunnySummerSunshine » Sun Aug 08, 2010 10:27 pm

Well, there has to be a REASON Sunny hates Sam now, right? I mean, I can't just make her hate him 'cause he's Native American and she's white or something, Sunny and I aren't racists. And all I know about Sam is that he tries very hard to live up to te tribes expectations of its people, and I have a feeling that even the minor races like Native Americans and blacks can be just as racist. So yeah, I'll make Sam apologize for it later on. That was two years ago, before Sam phased, so he probably matured over time, but still so stuck up, so Sunny'll work on that.

Tyler looked down a bit, searching his head for the words he wanted to say to me. After a while he probably found them because he looked up to me with determination, yet a hint of fear.

"I want you to give him a chance...because even though I'm ot really included into's not Sam's fault." I have to admit that that surprised me, again. "No one in the group wanted me in it. Heck, they even prefered Leah over me." I made a face at that. "Sam actually defended me from them, telling them to accept me. But you can't force acceptance, and so while they don't really like me, they don't openly pick on me, either, and is because of Sam. He doesn't show it well, but Sam's really a good guy Sunny."

I sat there in silence afer that sentence. I can't imagine the Sam Uley that protected Tyler against his group of 'friends' to be the same Sam that rudely told me and my family to leave this place when we just got here. I mean, I myself have never seen any change in his personality. He was still always guarded, always cold, always all business. He was, still is to a certain degree, the complete opposite of everything my parents had raised me to be.

"I can't say I believe you," Tyler looked at me with sad eyes, "but not because I think you're lying. Its just that I can't imagine how the Sam that told me I looked like a 'cold one' and shouldn't be here to be the same Sam that defended you." "Sunny, how long ago was that? Two years? People can change a lot in a matter of weeks, let alone in two whole years. Sam was a teenager then, too, you know. More mature than others, but h still didn't have the same responsibilities that he did now. He's changed, and I'm really hoping that you will at least try to see the change in him, give him a chance to show you how much you mean to him now."

I noticed that my Ty looked a bit sad at this. Why would he be sad if he's trying to tell me to go for something?

"Why do you look so sad, then?" "Honestly?" I nodded at him, "I'm afraid that, if you start dating, may be not with Sam, but dating in general, you'll leave me behind, and I'll be all lonely again. I'm afraid to lose the one friend I have when I just got her, the friend I never thought I'd get."

That shocked me. How could he think that I would just bandon him like that? I never liked the people who would devote EVERYTHING to just one person, and I have long vowed to myself to never be like that. I looked at Tyler with a burning fire in my eyes, prepared to tell him my determination.

"Tyler, you are an idiot." He looked at me hurt, but also confused. "I'm not going to leave you. Even if I do, by some miraculous chance, start dating Sam, or anyone for that matter, I'm not going to devote my entire self to that one man. People break up with their boyfriends and girlfriends daily, while friends usually last so much longer. My future boyfriend can give me somethings you can't, but there is so much more you can give me as a friend that a person can give as a lover." "Like what?" "Well, there are so many things that friends do together that lovers don't. Lovers don't hang out to just goof off and talk and gossip, or play games and watch nonsense on television. They just generally prefer to do other things with their significant others, like movie nights alone and romantic dinners. Those are nice, but I'm gonna need goof-off time."

I reached out and held his hand in mine. "I need you to have faith in me. I need you to believe that I won't leave our friendship for an uncertain relationship." "What if it is certain, though?" "Like I said, I still need goof-off time, and only you can give me that. I'm have a very strict policy of 'BFF' to the end, so you're stuck with me till then. I may not love you like that, but I do love you like a friend, a brother, and I'm staying with you no matter what."

"Sunny..." "Though, I do have one, or may be a few, conditions if you want me to give Sam a chance." "And they would be?" "You have to be with me when Sam is in the same room at all times. I might go insane with his ego." "Sure, why not?" "Splendid!"

That's it for now! I had another idea to add in there, but I forgot it, so that's all I got. Bub-bye!
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Re: Big Bad Wolf--Team Quil

Postby aussie-twigirl » Mon Aug 09, 2010 3:46 am

Aloha team quil! :D
So i'm little confused.. actually I'm a lot confused lol. I came here intending to RP and instead got a headache and big confusioness. :? :? :? :? I have NO idea what's going on? Where's Cassie and everyone else, the girlies and the wolves? Can someone fill me in please? Maybe Shai or Sunny seeing as you guys are basically the only one here atm? Humph :(
TY KYM!! =)
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