Rob's Halfway House -- #8

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby openfire » Fri Apr 01, 2011 7:35 am

Happy April Fool's Day everyone!

Yay for the new thread - thanks mods! Loving the shiny new decorations! I can't help out just now, as I'm at work, but hopefully I will do at some point this weekend!

This weekend we are super busy. After work today, I am going to pick up BabyE and bring her over to ours for the night. She hasn't stayed in a while, plus this means my parents can wish her a happy birthday, and then we'll take her home tomorrow. Tomorrow night my bf and I are going out for the night with a couple of our friends - some adult beverages & dancing I think! And then on Sunday, I will prolly feel horrible in the morning (LOL!) and then it's Mother's Day so we will be at my parents. Also during all this, I have to tidy up the house a bit, do some washing, go for some shopping & the opticians and look at some job applications! I need more than 2 days at the weekend! Haha!
Anyone else up to anything interesting?

BD Leaked Photos - I think I missed all this!! I actually saw 2 of them (I'm not sure how many there were??) on another website this morning, and oh my goodness!! Of course I wish they weren't leaked if they were stolen, but if they were leaked intentially by Summit (like the meadow pics from Eclipse?!) then I want to see them all!! LOL. What I did see was...*gulp* But of course, I completely understand and respect why we cannot post them here.

Caryn - Haha, yeah I don't think BabyE would appreicate RobCrack as much as us, but I'm sure she appreciates the gesture :) Thanks!
Thanks for the info on Bel Ami. I hope they get this sorted out, cos I was really looking forward to Rob playing this character as it is very different from what he has done. But yay for the volvo being back in BD! Whoop!
Looking forward to your decorations! Are you lost in fanfic, or in the BD stuff??

Tracy - Your day off yesterday sounds lovely!! Did you enjoy the Greek resturant? I've never been to one before. They serve a lot of lamb don't they? I don't really like lamb LOL.
Yay for EW! That would be really cool if we both received our packages on the same day!!
Yep BabyE did indeed like her trampoline, very much so! She is really funny on it; she bounces so high!! She defo has no fear ;) But she was really good at sharing...she kept telling me it was my turn, and she would get off and push me on Haha!

Fi - Hi there! I hope you get moved in and everything ok this weekend :) Check in when you can!

JennJenn - Sorry you are getting sick of the Royal Wedding! Tbh, I get the impression that Americans enjoy hearing about it more than folk from the UK, so maybe you hear more than us? LOL. The news of it here comes and goes - there is quite a lot, but it's not front page news anymore (due to Libya & Japan etc). I'm sure though it will start being on all the news channels soon, as it's just a few weeks away. We are getting an extra public holiday for it!! I am quite looking forward to watching it though; quite exciting really LOL.

Raine - Btw, we say "beat up" here too to indicate we're tired LOL. Although sometimes we say "beat" too, like Susie. I think though it's quite an Americanised word!

Susie - I love the picture of you and Lulu at the botanic gardens! Look how sunny it is!!!! And the lovely blue sky!! How hot was it there? Both of you look really great; very happy!
The kilt is very cool, if I do say so myself ;) LOL! Yep it was the aunt who made it - she always asks about you! I hope the kilt is still ok when you get it; if it gets squashed, it made need re-pressed to keep it in shape.
Of course we will switch off the spider repeller if it annoys the rats; I will be keeping a close eye on them just in case. We are going to buy supplies from the pet shop this weekend for them, and then hopefully get the actual rats in the next week or two :)
I know, BabyE is getting old!! It doesn't seem like 2 years ago she was born (but at the same time, it feels like she has been here forever! Weird that, eh? LOL). Since she's the youngest, we still refer to her as "the baby E" LOL. She is the youngest out of all the kids, so I guess she will still stay the "baby" until the next kid comes along. She was proud it ws her birhday yesterday; whenever you asked, she would point to her birthday girl badge and say that it was her day - aww! She is just unbelievably cute!

missp - Wow! That is indeed scary!!! I am glad you and the other drivers are ok. I hope you manage to get a decent nights sleep now, but please don't drive if you feel too tired!! Are they any other teachers who live near you? Perhaps you could lift share, and that means that some mornings you could sleep in the car while the other was driving, if you are still tired?
Don't worry about posting; we will catch up with you at weekends!

Lulu - Hopefully this will be the first of many new HH threads for you!! It does mean we get to get out all the extra lovely RobCrack to decorate though! Yay!
I'm really looking forward to more pictures of you and Susie from her trip!
I always wanted to go to one of those make up counters and get a make over, but I have heard really bad things about them - mostly that they just make you look a bit silly & over the top! I would love to do smoky eyes too, but I have the same problem with my eye lids not showing very much, plus I wear glasses, so it's even more difficult to see my eyes LOL. Also, I think it tends to look better with darker eyes, and mine's are blue.. I still try though, when I go out dancing or something LOL.

Marielle - I love Italian food, and the place you described sounds lovely! I really hope you have a nice time :)
Wow, 20C is getting pretty warm! Today in Scotland it is raining :( LOL! Tho apparently later on it should get to 15C so we're getting warmer a wee bit.

Well, back to work I go... Enjoy Friday everyone!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby older_twilight_fan » Fri Apr 01, 2011 8:15 am

Good morning everyone! Just a quick drive-by post before work....

Great job on the Lex, Mods! Happy April Fool's Day to you too. My eleven-year-old daughter thought it was especially funny to see the Bieberfied version of this thread. She wasn't really a fan of Justin Bieber until she watched him play in the NBA Celebrity All-Star basketball game on TV, and saw that he wasn't too terrible of a player. :D

Not much time for helping with the decorating of our shiny, new thread this morning, but we can't do without
a little Robkowski, of course.

And we probably need a hammock to go in our beautful backyard....
Gorgeous 8-)

I hope to be back later this afternoon to respond to everyone's post. Have a great day ladies!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby StellaBlueBella » Fri Apr 01, 2011 9:41 am

I had lovely intentions of writing a 'monster' post yesterday for the shiny new thread but was greatly distracted by all that is twitter. *sighs* :swoon:

Today I am off to take the baby to meet my mom for lunch [and so she can show him off at her office lol] and my oldest has his first pre-season tourney baseball game this evening [it's one loss elimination - please cross your fingers for us!] but hopefully I will be back tonight.

Just wanted to say 'hi' and Happy Friday everbody!! :wave: :yahoo: :wave:

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby Susie » Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:12 am

1) Happy New Thread 2) Happy April Fool's Day, and 3) Happy Friday, Ladies!

1)We sure know how to run through the pages, don't we girls!!

EDIT - Photos added
Rob says, "Hey, Girls, don't worry, I'll be back to visit you in Halfway House #8
We can't forget the books for The Halfway House Library
The Piano Movers just finished their job
Our New Powder Room - Rob, don't take too long, we need to check our makeup!

2) Mods/Admins - :lol: :lol: :lol: LOVED the Bieber song - I feel like it was especially intended for the Halfway House since it was ALL ROB!! (except for the Bieb, of course. Bieber replacing the usual Edward in the art at the top of the page is so funny!! I noticed the Bella was changed to look more like Selena Gomez! I noticed that it's only on the blog page, though. It hasn't been changed elsewhere. THANK YOU for not putting us through the same panic as last year when you "shut" down for the day!!! This is much kinder.

3) I hope you all have fun plans for the weekend!

Yesterday's leak of BD stills - makes me think like Marielle that Summit may have to re-think it's timetable for movie release dates. If there are leaks this early, how will they be able to keep BD2 locked up for an entire year after BD1 - especially since it will have already been entirely filmed and just sitting there "locked up". If they really wait a year, we'll probably see most of the film in leaks before it comes out. I say they change it to a June 2012 release!!


Tracy - Thanks for the April Fool's alert - I hardly ever check the Blog page unless you tell me to! Love your decorating. I see you brought your favorite hammock again. See you later!

- I didn't know it was Mother's Day there this weekend! Ours is in May when the weather is nicer. You have a lot of fun things planned (except the job applications). We'll understand if we don't see much of you here until Monday. BabyE must idolize you - does she call you Auntie Jaclyn? You'll keep this special relationship and when she's all grown up, you can go out for adult beverages together!! Hard to believe, but it will happen! Maybe you'll be online friends with people her age by then.....(just like me!) Your cool aunt - I definitely have to meet her when I come again.

Marielle - I'm glad you'll see your mom and dad to celebrate your birthday. I couldn't remember if your dad was at sea or not. Your brother is, though, right? I do believe you use the most devil emoticons :twisted: of anyone here! Thanks for keeping me amused and my imagination going! Very funny what you said about that birthday cake actually burning calories. I like that kind of weight loss program. If only I could get Hubs on board....

Raine - I am privy to your aforementioned photographic content and I do know what you are referring to when you say you're having trouble keeping your mind on your work today!! I'll try to help you - Numbers are great! Numbers are cool! Numbers rule!

JennJenn - I think I can make it to BD1, but no way can I make it to BD2. If they are going to keep that schedule, Stephenie Meyer simply MUST publish Midnight Sun between the two movies - that's the only thing that will help us survive!

- Hello from the New Thread!

Caryn - That's OK. You've been doing very important things. :unsure: :blush: We know you won't disappoint with the decorations!

Lulu - First new thread! After this you'll have fun with the rest of us filling up the pages trying to get to the next new thread! The last two summers we had a different name - Rob's Summer House - I hope we get the same this year. They might just switch us to that in June even if we're not at 200 pages yet. It used to be 100 pages and then they'd switch to a new thread, but we are notoriously busy bees here that they have made an exception for the Halfway House. What a fun day yesterday with your friend! I think you already have smokey eyes. So you don't need to try!! (Clinique is my brand too!) Did you happen to mention to your friend anything about a crazy lady from the internet visiting you???

Christina - What scary storms you're having! I'm sure your work computers have backup, right? You'd hate to lose important documents when the electricity goes out. Be careful not to get hit by blowing debris!

Tonise - SCARY STORY!!! That, my dear, was a message from God himself!! My mom fell asleep at the wheel once and went across the oncoming lane and into a field. She was mortified and very mad at herself. She drives a Suburban, so if there had been any oncoming traffic, she may have killed someone. Ever since then she is very careful not to drive while sleepy. You have a guardian angel. I'm so glad you are still with us!! You're right - you need to get your rest. But, if your doctor says your fill is too tight, you probably need to listen to him. He knows. It could have caused your bronchitis. I have acid reflux and before I went on drugs for that I used to get bronchitis fairly easily - I think it was from acid coming up my esophagus while I was sleeping and then seeping back down my trachea. That's serious stuff.

Rachel - That is indeed a distraction - I think I had some pretty interesting dreams last night. Have fun showing off your baby! I remember those days. I'm so glad you've been a regular poster since joining our little group - it makes it much easier to get to know you! Some people who start posting don't keep it up. Kudos to you!!! I suppose you already had the Lexing routine before, though!


I'm going to enjoy my last day of no teaching - I'm going to Lex and write and then meet my friend from 7th grade for lunch!! For those of you running out of fingers and toes to count the number of years - that would make 40 years ago!!!! :shock: Do any of you keep in touch with anyone from 7th grade? It is amazing. But of course, I'm not really that old.

Have a Great Friday!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby dazzel21 » Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:21 am

Hello HH Sisters!!!

Happy weekend!!! I am so happy that weekdays are over once again. Our audit season has just started, Lord give me strength for the next two weeks. I got a little taste this day of what's to come, I've been running like a headless chicken in the office. Everybody's so demanding and needs favor and wants to be the first. Gah! And then the photos that shall not be named comes out and I'm totally distracted from my work. I suddenly have the craving to read a really smutty fic :lol: which is so frustrating because I can't even catch a break this day. It's a good thing the weekend is here, gives me time to prepare for all the craziness that's about to come down on Monday.

And then when I got home tonight one of my male cousin, gave me a package. Says its a gift, when I opened it this thing comes out. It didn't even register for a couple of seconds what it means but then he started laughing really hard and shouted April Fools. And that's when it all comes crashing to me, I nearly strangle him with the shirt :roll: . He says its just for fun, of course he knew my Twilight addiction his 2 sisters are my twi-buds. That's his idea of a gag gift. Boys!!! :roll:

Anyways...yay for the new thread :clap:

Jaclyn - I love the kilt that ActionRob got to take back to the US. I'm sure he had fun staying in Scotland. You sure keep him busy. I sure hope I got to meet my friend's bf. You know that feeling when you meet someone for the first time and instantly there is this uneasy feeling about about that person. I think that's what my other friends first impression to the bf. But I reserve judgement for when I met him. I'm not really sure about US health insurance but here in the Phils. it depends on your company that gives them as benefits. She says their health insurance only covers doctor's consultation and basic laboratory but our company covers the same as theirs, as well as post and pre natal, hospitalization and dental.

Caryn - Same here. I think I watched the entire New Moon movie for only 2 or 3 times and then its fast forward to all Edward scenes. :lol:

Tracy - Sorry to hear your son is sick. Hope he gets better soon. I think still has problem with their site. Most of the authors has trouble updating their stories, updates are so slow. Hope they can fix it soon. I feel the same way. After July its really goodbye to HP movies and books at least until JK Rowling decides to push through with the Encyclopedia which is taking her so long to publish.

JennJenn - Nice decorations for our lovely new thread.

Tonise - I'm so glad you're alright. Take care of yourself.

Susie - :lol: :lol: . I tried doing exactly that this afternoon. I failed miserably...

Anyone I miss :wave: .
Gotta go.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby TammyAZ » Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:23 pm

Oh my!! Time to redocorate already?? Well ok then here we go!

It feels great to be back and share some of my older work with you guys :)

First we need a bed to rest in
after dinner of course
a mirror so we always look our best
a piano to play
and another to listen to
after a drink on the porch
we can snuggle on the couch

I hope everyone likes my additions!!

Talk to you girls soon!!!


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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby TammyAZ » Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:41 pm

Please excuse my double post, but I exceeded the max url's in the last one....

I needed to add my personal HH wallpaper :)
and lots of LOVE for you all!!!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby VolturiGirl » Fri Apr 01, 2011 3:15 pm

don't want to get into trouble at work, so just a quick post until tonight. New thread...feels nice. I love the decorations.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby marielle » Fri Apr 01, 2011 3:43 pm

Just dropping off the list...

Here is the list of names.
The Names

BlueStarEgo - Chrissy
Brienna - Brienna
bored by the sea - Vicky
DarkMuse - Kristina/Kristiner/Kris/KSter
dazzle21 - Raine
dazzledBrit - Linz
despoina92 - Deb
Dovrebanen - Trine
Edward_Addict - Mandy
Edwards Ragazza - Desiree
Edwards Wheels - Mel
Fizzles - Laura
ForJazz926 - Julie (e-mum1)
GenevieveCullen - Jen
G-Faerie08 - G/GG/Gii
Jadey - Jade/Jadey (e-daughter2)
Jazz Girl - Caryn (e-godsmum to Ashley)
JulieM - JulieM/Jooooolie (e-Foster Mum to e-Daughter2)/(no confusy confusy with Julie e-mum1)
♥midnight_sun♥ - Ashley (e-daughter1)
missp - Tonsie
newtonscricket - NewJen
older_twilight_fan - Tracy
openfire - Jaclyn
ringswraith - David/Rings
Susie - Susie/Sue Ann
SwanCullen - JennJenn
SweetImpakt - Shauni
TammyAZ - Tammy
twilightsagaaddict - Sandy
vampirelover109 - Ann Marie
Velvet409 - Christina
VirginiaMay - Ginnie
xhopeonaropex - Hope

Volturigirl and StellaBlueBella, you two aren't in here yet, as I don't want you two to feel left out, please let me know what name you two use here (I still suck at names...) and I'll add you two to the list...
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby vampirelover109 » Fri Apr 01, 2011 4:22 pm

Good evening ladies

sorry ive been mia lately been so busy with work and trying to sort things out at the house but im back now

i have my coach ticket for wfe prem on may 3rd so im so excitedexcited

Also ive been decoratating my new room at my mums house ready for when i move back home also ive been spending alot of time with my niece
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