Rob's Halfway House -- #8

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby TammyAZ » Sun Apr 03, 2011 2:27 pm

Amy~ Ok is your banner :)

If there is anything you don't like or you want changed please don't hesitate to let me know...I won't be offended and you won't hurt my feelers :D And 100 degrees?!?!? It's snowing here!!! I am sooooo ready for spring ;)

Caryn~ Do you still have the instructions for adding a banner to your sig? I always mess up when I try to explain it :oops: :oops:

"You will always be the most beautiful thing in my world" ~~Edward Cullen
Banner by me :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby missp » Sun Apr 03, 2011 4:57 pm

HAPPY SUNDAY AFTERNOON, SISTERS!! It’s been a gloriously beautiful day here, and I have felt soooo rested after the first night of great sleep and a short afternoon nap on my new CLOUD! I still have to pay bills for the month and get my taxes done this afternoon, so I’d better get to the posts.

MARIELLE~~ I added Amy and Rachel just now. Thanks for reminding me! If I have anyone’s name wrong, Ya’ll be sure and tell me and I’ll fix it ASAP. I am so sorry you had an allergic reaction while enjoying your day at the beach. I hope it’s your last one of the season, too! I am looking so forward to lazy Sunday afternoons out by the pool!

Velvet409~~ Did you enjoy your visit to Universal Studios today? That is one trip I haven’t taken yet. I haven’t been to Disney… ever. I was working to earn money for college the summer my family went. I intend to go someday and spend an entire week!

SUSIE~~ I am so glad you enjoyed your walk through the woods! It is looking and sounding a lot like Spring here…FINALLY! But, we are in for some major storms tomorrow and Tuesday. We usually have a very active tornado season. I hope this year is mild. Testing this week won’t be so bad. The 5th grade will take the Alabama Science Assessment on Tuesday and then we’re finished. The kids have been such little troopers! I’ve been very proud of how hard they’ve worked. My plans for break – IF I don’t owe on my taxes – are to travel to Hot Springs to visit with my best friend who just retired from her position as a college professor. Writing you ask? What writing? I actually discovered Kayla’s (OPENHOME’s) Twilight Fan Fiction and Fan Art site yesterday and did a little reading instead. I’m hoping it will inspire me. Hope you and Hubs enjoy TRUE GRIT!

SWANCULLEN~~ How’s the one-shot going? Sorry KY lost! They fought a good fight!

AMY~~ 100 degrees!! That’s my kind of weather! Be careful with the sunburn! I use 50 SPF sunblock all season. My skin cancer doc tends to frown on my going without protection.

Rachel~~ I happened upon ATTENTION WAL-MART SHOPPERS one night and started reading it. I laughed until I hurt! Rosalie and Emmett are just so hilarious in this story! That was so sweet for the second grade to treat the 5th grade! I do teach 5th graders. Some parents appreciate… some don’t. We are all exhausted right now and just trying to survive until Friday when Spring break starts. It’s been a long few months without breaks due to the week we missed from snow. Gosh! I can’t believe how near to one another we are! Aren’t you the one who said you were from H’ville? We really need to plan a trip to visit Tracey in Franklin. I know we have GIGI’s in Madison and H’ville now, but there’s no place like the original!

NewtonsCricket~~ Hi! :wave:

TAMMY~~ AWESOME job on Amy’s Volturi banner!! As usual, your talents are astounding!

CARYN~~ I am so impressed with Butler! I hope they end up on top! GO DAWGS! (I have to root for all fellow Bulldogs…with the exception of Georgia, of course. I am an Auburn Tiger, after all!)

TRACEY~~ How’s your weekend going? You must be uber-busy with ball!

ALL OTHER SISTERS I’VE MISSED~~ Have a great week!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby VolturiGirl » Sun Apr 03, 2011 7:17 pm

I will make a real post in a few hours, just wanted to give a shout out to Tammy. My post isn't naked anymore!

Thank You!!! :twisted:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby lulu » Sun Apr 03, 2011 11:50 pm

helloooooooo in there? it's me and it's been forever since i've made a real post. i can't believe how busy i've been! and it's not really going to slow down for another 3 or 4 weeks. so i'm going to go back (i even need to get into thread 7 for this!) and finally respond to all your posts and then it'll probably be another few weeks before i can make another mega post.

hubs and i took our two dogs (kaya and bo) to the dog park this evening and it was so much fun! babyboy just sat in the bjorn and watched all the dogs while hubs kept his eye on our two dogs. kaya ran around and visited all the humans as she usually does, and bo swam for nearly an hour! i was sure he was going to wear out or get a cramp. crazy dog!

well we've been wanting to plan a trip to southern california in april for a long time and just never nailed it down. today hubs checked with his parents' vacation club and it turns out they have an availability for the 5th, which is in 2 days!!! so i think we're taking it and we're going to just pack up fast and go! haha, our spontaneity is so crazy sometimes! at least with hubs' help we got 2 client projects done last week and will hopefully be able to maintain that workload. we'll be caught up this month! then we have to wait for the april and may weddings to be filmed before we can edit again.

ok, i'm off to read your posts, so i'll be back... :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby older_twilight_fan » Mon Apr 04, 2011 12:07 am

Hello ladies. Hope you're all having enjoyable and relaxing weekends. I went to dinner Friday evening with a few girlfriends from work. I finally accomplished a few housekeeping tasks this weekend (laundry, vacuuming upstairs, and cleaning one steps, baby steps....and even vacuumed out the car!) My son's team played their first baseball game Saturday; we picked up take-out from one of our favorite pizza places and enjoyed dinner while watching college b-ball. Congrats to Caryn's Bulldogs! Sorry Jenn Jenn—Kentucky lost a close one. I also met with a few former high school classmates tonight to begin planning our 25th reunion. :shock:

Rachel~ Hope your son's baseball tournament went well. I am very familiar with the Cool Springs area, and live just two exits south (about 6 or 7 miles). What are your chances of finding part time or freelance work in the field of physician recruitment, when you're ready to reenter the workforce? Personally, I think working part time is the best of both worlds, at least for myself and my family. You mentioned something about the frequency of Halfway House posts. I often type my posts in a Word document first, mostly because there's nothing more frustrating than losing an entire post which you've typed directly into the HH thread. Occasionally I'll type just part of a post when I have a free few minutes, and then complete and submit the post a little later in the day. I've also been known to take very brief handwritten notes on other's posts first, if I'm a couple of pages behind. (Kind of dorky I know, but it works for me.) Obviously you shouldn't feel obligated to “answer” or respond specifically to everyone's individual posts, or post with any type of regularity, especially as busy as you are with a little baby. We're just glad you're here! Unfortunately, the small part of myself that is somewhat anal-retentive tends to feel compelled to complete a “mega post”, as we fondly refer to them, almost as if it's homework or an assignment to be turned in. ;)

Christina~ Hope you had a blast visiting Hogwarts at Universal Studios! A couple of friends took their families over spring break and had a great time. You've certainly had some crazy weather in Florida.

Fi~ Congrats on accomplishing so much of your packing and moving this weekend. You're both very fortunate to have such supportive friends, and I'm sure that made the arduous task of moving a little bit easier. Tell GB hello from the “Sexy Lexi Ladies”.

Jenn Jenn~ You posted such lovely decorations for our new thread. I'm sorry about your Wildcats, hon. It was a very close game that went down to the wire. They had a great season during which they improved tremendously, and surprised many people (myself included) with their great run in the tournament.

Susie~ Way to go on your picks for the NCAA tourney, girl! I bet you'll win the pool at your work, because most people probably didn't have any other teams chosen correctly for their final four, much less for the finals. Most NCAA b'ball pools tend to give greater weight (or point value) for games correctly chosen each round, as you go farther into the tournament. It really just depends upon the specific pool, and who the scorekeeper is. Will you win anything specific, or just bragging rights? I can't believe it was 47 degrees in Minneapolis the other day; I think it was 39 degrees here the same day. I love your description of kilt-clad ActionRob being in a “state of undress”. I'll probably swoon and fall gently backwards onto my fainting couch when he arrives. :swoon: I'm sure you're all relieved that SonnyBoy completed his online Health course. Did you celebrate? When exactly is graduation, and are the seniors pretty much on cruise control until then? Hope you and hubs were able to catch True Grit this time—buttery popcorn sounds like a wonderful dinner to me. Did you have a nice time visiting with your friend from 7th grade? Interesting that you would ask us.....but my lunch on Thursday was with two girlfriends I've known since 7th grade. :)

Marielle~ Hope you enjoyed your pre-summer day at the beach, although I'm sorry about your allergic reaction to the sun. Can anything prevent or control the reaction, other than minimizing your time in direct sun? Hope you also had a nice visit with your parents over the weekend. I've actually read a couple of Snape/Hermione fanfics in the past and they were interesting, but somewhat :oops: . I like your theory that maybe Summit will be forced to release BD Part 2 earlier to prevent future leaks, although I bet they're pretty dead set on having that pre-Thanksgiving weekend as their release date. I think that particular weekend is supposed to be one of the biggest and most financially lucrative weekends of the year for movie releases.

Missp~ I'm so sorry about your near accident, hon! That must have been incredibly frightening, and I'm so glad you're okay. I'm also happy you seem to be feeling and sleeping a bit better with the antibiotics and your new mattress. But I'm with Susie.... in the future, if your lapband doc thinks the lapband is a bit too tight, maybe you should listen to him. We just want you take care of yourself. ;) Your 5th graders have been troopers with the testing this week. The dates of your spring break seem a little later than most, and I'm sure all of you are very ready for a few days off school. My daughter didn't have a basketball tournament this weekend, but my son had a baseball game about 45 minutes away from us. I always have a more difficult time posting on the weekends due to kids' sports and activities, church and teaching Sunday school, etc. I guess that's why I usually end up leaving a major mega post on Sunday nights. I would love if we could get together with Rachel to watch WFE. My daughter has basketball tournaments potentially scheduled the weekends of April 29th, May 6th, and May 15th, which is kind of a pain because I won't know what time they're playing until the day or so before. There's a very good chance hubs may take the kiddos to visit his parents April 21st-April 23rd, as the kids are out of school for Good Friday. I have to work Friday, but plan on seeing Water for Elephants that Friday evening (April 22nd), come he!! or high water. Is there any chance that Friday evening (April 22nd) might work for you? If not, maybe we can work something out for later in May. Surely WFE will be around until June or July, I would hope.

Amy~ Sorry about your recent internet troubles and posting difficulties—that's so frustrating. I've also been known to have a brief daydream or two about Twilight fanfic (or Robcrack) at work. That's why I usually refrain from reading even a chapter of fanfic in the morning before work. Otherwise, I would have difficulty tearing myself away from the computer, and the kids would be late to school and I'd be late to work. Very cool banner Tammy made you—looks great.

Newjen~ Sorry about your cooler weather. We've been having cooler-than-normal temps here too with very damp, dreary weather, although it was almost 80 degrees today. I feel like we're going to completely skip spring and head directly to summer. :? Interesting comparison and role reversal you mentioned between Edward/Bella and Marlena/Jacob. Loved your April Fool's joke with the kids, by the way. I remember “Diego”--wasn't he Dora's cousin or something?

Lulu~ Hope you and your friend enjoyed your makeovers—that sounds like fun. I use a few Clinique products too. It's funny how many of us have mentioned we aren't able to do the smoky eye look because of small eyelids or a certain type of bone structure. Mine are so much that way that I rarely bother wearing eyeshadow. I think Kristen Stewart can totally achieve the gorgeous smoky eye look when she's all glammed up, but I would look like a raccoon if I attempted the same. :roll: Your trip to southern California sounds like fun!

Caryn~ Yay for your Bulldogs! What a great game—very back-and-forth with lots of little mini-runs. I'm not quite sure VCU knew what to do; I heard they had been in the lead throughout every tourney game until last night. That was probably their first time to attempt to stage a comeback. I'm glad you guys were able to watch the game with college friends. Where will you watch the game Monday night? It sounds like you and the family enjoyed the last day of spring break with some fun outings. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us about The Photos That Shall Not Be Named. I'm not sure I'd want to see them even if they were still available. I guess I just want to leave a little something unspoiled for my movie viewing. But I'm so pleased to hear your thoughts and reactions to said photos. As far as the Twilight world is concerned: “if Caryn's happy....I'm happy”. So Robward looks fierce, hmm........rawwwwwwrrrrrrrrr! 8-)

Jaclyn~ You certainly had a busy weekend; hope it was fun. Did you jump on the trampoline with BabyE? Sounds like you're having a wonderful time with her, as usual. We did enjoy the Greek restaurant, and I didn't have lamb, although I'm sure it was on their menu. Their salads and pitas looked delicious and they had very tasty homemade hummus. I even remembered to bring home some baklava for hubs, as that's one of his favorites. When is the Royal Wedding? I know it's sometime in April, but can't remember which weekend. I can still remember waking up about three or four in the morning C.S.T to watch the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess (or Lady) Diana, many years ago. We were all enthralled by the spectacle of it.

Raine~ I'm sorry your audit season will be so crazy. Is this a year-end audit, or quarterly, or something else? My hubs' company's year-end is June 30th, and he's very busy much of July and the first part of August, because of it. I'm hopeful JKR will publish her Harry Potter encyclopedia sometime soon. At least we'll have Stephanie's Twilight version this spring to keep us going until BD Part 1 is released in November.

Tammy~ Great decorations you contributed to the Halfway House. Just like Susie, I love rumpled Rob in the bed, wearing the white tee shirt. Very cool banner you made for Amy, by the way.

Ann Marie~ Good to see you again. How exciting that you'll get to attend the WFE premiere! We'll all live vicariously through you.

**EDIT: A little New Moon lovin' for those of you bored or persistent enough to make it through my entire post :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby marielle » Mon Apr 04, 2011 2:04 am

Good morning ladies…

It’s Monday again, although it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day I think I’m way to tired to enjoy it… I had a brief spell of insomnia last night, I think I have slept a bit more than 3 hours. I had hope to go skating today but now I’m wondering if I can stay awake to even make it back home…maybe it gets better later today…

Amy, there are few of us on twitter, they have created a Halfway house annex…some of those who hang out there don’t return often here…I’m not going on twitter, I have fanfic and lex as my internet addiction and I consider that enough. I am thinking about getting FB but I don’t have the time yet…
To keep up with the HH, hmmm…I check in every day, early morning so I can see what you US girls have been up to…but some days even I feel behind…during vacations I go crazy because when I come home I have about 10 pages to read up on (or more)…these day I have a phone that can log on the lex, which makes life a lot better…
You can also get an alert on this thread but I think you go crazy with all the alerts..

Tonise, yep I’m hoping that as well, I am really looking forward to spend every warm day at the beach…with my fair skin it will going to be difficult to keep from reactions or sunburn, but I really enjoy the warmth and a good book…

Lulu, sounds like your dogs had a really nice day out…what kind of dogs do you have? my mom has a Labrador and she like to swim as well, she can play in the water for hours…one big plus she sleeps for the rest of the day…

Tracy, one of the best ways to prevent the allergic reaction is simply cutting short my sun hours but because I already have a low vitamin-D level I really don’t want that, I need the sun in the summer to pull me through the winter…any medication won’t work because it appears irregularly, one day I spend 5 hours in the sun and get nothing and the other it’s appears after just 1 hour…
Snape/Hermione fanfic can be really weird I know, it was only after I found some good ones that I realized they could be nice…some writers have such a sick imagination…
To be honest pre-thanksgiving weekend is way too late for me…I was thinking about somewhere before the summer starts…

Hey did anyone watch the ACMA? I love how Rob looked I really prefer the black suit...

Oh boy, Twilight style elephant doctor...yep, I'm sold...just mix the two movies together...

WOW...I need a doctor!!!
YES! Definitely need a doctor...


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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby fi_fi » Mon Apr 04, 2011 3:54 am

Good Morning you Sexy Lexi Ladies :)

Just a fly-by for now. We still don't have interent at the house, and for some reason my phone won't let me login to the LEx to post :( So I'll have to wait until I'm back at the caravan, as I am this morning, before I can post. I'll try and do mega-post this afternoon, but no promises!

We're still surrounded by boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff, I can't BELIEVE how much stuff came out of the caravan! I don't know where it was all hiding!

I went out on Saturday night to an event put on my a good friend of mine, if it hadn't been for me wanting to support my friend, I probably wouldn't have gone along, and although I'm glad I went for my friend's sake (he didn't get enough people to pay the bill), because he needed the moral support, I wish I hadn't gone, my ex (the one I broke up with last summer) was there, the first time we've seen each other socially since then), and it was very awkward, he barely looked at me when he first came into the room, gave mono-sylabic answers when I tried to include him in the conversation, and then he just stood up and left the room. After that, he and I ended up have a long conversation, going back over all the reasons why I left, telling him that it wouldn't have mattered if I had stayed another few days, or weeks, or even months, the end result would have been the same.
SO here's my question for you ladies, if you wouldn't mind giving me your opinions: Is it ok for me to tell him that I don't want to see him anymore? That if every time I see him, he's going to go back to saying "It was such as shock" / "If only you'd talked to me about it more", etc, etc, etc, then I don't want to see him, because I have nothing new to say, and I think that it's important for him to get on with his life without me.
Ok, that's more than one question, and this has turned into a mega-post all of it's own!

Hope yo all had good weekends,
love fi xx
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby lulu » Mon Apr 04, 2011 4:02 am

tammy—great job on amy’s banner! i still need to come up with some ideas and have you do one for me! haha, maybe in a few weeks. you are so great! btw, this is going way back, but i’m so sorry about your daughter and i heard spinal taps are awful! poor thing! lovely decorations!

jaclyn—i had a rat just like the one you posted a picture of when i was in 4th grade! it was one of our pets in our classroom at school and for some reason that i can’t remember, i got to keep it! i named it snowball. wow, thank you (and chrissy) for your generous compliment—i looked up the girlfriend hannah (because i’ve never seen it!) and she is gorgeous! i’ll take a comparison to her any day! i do plan on posting more pics and maybe something else too of susie’s visit, but i need some time to organize it! and now we might be going on a trip for a week starting tuesday, so i may not post them for several days. so how was your mother’s day? i think that’s so funny that they are different days. did you have a back headache this morning from you night out? btw, i don’t like lamb either, but a greek gyro is one of my most favorite foods ever (and it has lamb in it)! you have to try one!! also, i don’t know how it is over there, but you could always give it a try at a makeup counter. i loved seeing how she applied the makeup and what colors, etc. you can always go home and wash it off if you don’t like it. :) it was free too so that was awesome!

susie—thanks for reposting your pic of you and marielle—you both look so great! it’s so funny to see you all bundled up though because it was such different weather when you came here! haha, i reread your monday post last week, you are so sneaky (“A friend of mine knows how sick of winter I am and she is going to treat me to a pedicure!!”)! it made me laugh again! and i just saw what you said about me and my family and you are so kind, thank you! hubs and i are pretty relaxed, sometimes to a fault, but we’re happy this way. thank you for posting the pic at the gardens, it’s a great one and i love it! yes i did tell my friend about you! she thought it was really great and was really glad it went so well! that’s so cool that you are meeting up with a friend from 7th grade! i hope i stay in touch with my friends like that too. i hope you had a lovely time! your walk around the nature reserve sounds so lovely! i’m so glad the prickly pear syrup was good! i’ll have to buy myself a bottle and try it.

fi—wow, i loved your description of the place you want to live in someday along with gardening and solar panels and all! my sister in law is from washington state and her dad does all that kind of stuff. she wants to move her family back there someday and live in a totally self sufficient home and stuff too. it all sounds cool to me but not really my interest. i do think it’s important to be prepared for disasters though. we have a 6 month supply of freeze dried meals and cans of other stuff like rice, beans and wheat. i’m working on storing water next. yesterday, i went through our 72 hour kits and through out the old stuff and restocked them. those are basically 2 backpacks that have enough for us to live on for 3 days in case we ever had a natural disaster and had to grab something and leave the house. i love feeling prepared just in case... by the way, i just turned 29 last month (i saw that you said you were 27), that’s fun! i visited wales when i was 14 with a girl choir tour by the way. i remember climbing some hill/mountain to see ruins of a castle. wales is absolutely gorgeous. i bought a couple of love spoons there. :) ooo, loved your pics of the inside of your cottage! it’s so cute!! i love the home made shelves in the kitchen! btw, i agree, so much meaning is lost in typing vs. just speaking. but i think we’re all getting to know each other pretty good after such a long time of communicating. you are very funny by the way, i love your posts! how is your new job watching little H going? i’m glad your friends are so nice and helped you guys move in! edit: i just saw your latest post. oh that's complicated. i'd give you advice, but i think i'm too tired to really think correctly enough to be trusted! my first thought is maybe you won't actually see him that often if it has been 3/4 of a year since you saw him last. but if you're worried about it, maybe you should tell him the right girl for him is out there somewhere and it's better for both of you that you moved on...?

christina—i’m so glad you got to see wicked. i’ve been wanting to see that for so long! someday! by the way, you said there aren’t any basements in florida and that reminded me of something my geology professor said in college. he said the water table is so high there that (i think) most of the state doesn’t bury caskets under ground but uses like tombs or crypts or something. is that right?! i felt the same about marlena’s back story by the way.

tracy—your daughters basketball league sounds so serious! (i’m sorry they lost but i’m glad they kept improving. they should be proud of themselves!) i’m so conflicted about sports for my kids. i grew up with 3 older brothers so i was pretty naturally athletic. i mostly played on boys levels until high school. but we didn’t grow up with a lot of money so i never did leagues and stuff (well i did a volleyball league my junior year of HS). but some people here are so serious. they put the kids in leagues for soccer and basketball at like 3 years old! i just want to have fun with my kids and not be demanding their time or mine by toting them around to all their team practices. but, i worry that if i don’t start them young they’ll be too behind and not get to enjoy any school sports because they’ll get cut at tryouts. gah. too much to worry about! so i guess i was wondering your opinion. does your daughter like all that playing or is it stressful? i was thinking that hubs and i are super athletic for fun and we could always teach the kids tons of stuff and have them play on team sports here and there... on to your other post, babyboy actually loved his medicine that he took for 8 days. it was kind of cute watching him suck on the dropper and want more. but i took him back after his antibiotics were up because he still has a rattling cough. so now he’s on another one (by the way, they did a chest xray on him to see if he had walking pneumonia but he doesn’t), and he doesn’t like that one so it’s a bit of a struggle. he’s getting better at taking it with each day though. btw, you’re right about susie putting others at ease. i told her she reminds me of jasper! btw, it’s funny that you mentioned kristen stewart and the smokey eye look. i remember thinking she had the similar ‘vanishing eye’ thing, but i remember her looking awesome with smokey eyes. so i looked up her images, and no, she does not have a vanishing eyelid. she does have a smallish space between her eyes and eyebrow, but she has that great eyelid that shows a bit and yes, she looks gorgeous with smoky eyes.

marielle—it was so interesting to hear that getting married is out of fashion in holland! we would be out of work there then! it’s still pretty big here. it’s just that the trend for the public at large seems to be living together for a few years first. haha, i giggled when you said, “the only really nice part are the last 30 minutes or so when she ditches the pup and we get to see rob shirtless...” :lol: i’m going to have to look for some decorating pics for sure. so what does an allergic reaction to the sun mean? edit: saw your response to christina, nevermind! i’m glad you don’t live here because there’s a lot of sun and the sky is extra big, which would be bad for you. btw, my dogs are mutts. one is a lab mix and the other a pitt mix. the latter is the sweetest dog that loves to cuddle, which is good because he’s big and looks mean. i’ll try to post a pic of them next time!

amy—your weekend (from the previous last weekend!) sounded so perfect! it was like the picture perfect american dream day, i pictured it with a picket fence even... great weather, pulling weeds, playing on the swing set, grilling steaks...sounds wonderful! i’ve passed through blythe many times on my way to cali’s beaches! i guess i’ll be going by there again in a couple of days. i will wave out the window to you as we speed by! ;) maybe some day we’ll actually meet! beanbag bananas. so funny! i hope your dogs didn’t get them.

caryn—apparently you filled in the halfway house on rob’s reunion with tai, but i couldn’t find it and i would SO love to know how it went! could you let me know, please? also, i totally laughed when i read twilight and it was all talking about “normal” phoenix girls being blonde volleyball players. i was just that! but i grew up in central phoenix and all my friends were all kinds of races and cultures (mexican, indian, greek, black, native american, puerto rican, israeli, and a few other white non-blondes), so i didn’t really see that many ‘blonde volleyball’ players. anyway, you are so right about susie too. she’s just awesome. i ended up telling her my whole life story by the time she left! :lol: seriously though! we never had a conversation with hubs about twilight though, that would’ve been fun! i loved hearing your description of college ball to fi. it is huge and millions of fans, my brother and his wife included. i never got into them though, but i do love hearing randomly how my alma mater is doing. :) hmmm...i think i do have some kind of feature on my eclispe of new moon dvds that do something like what you’re talking about. i’ll have to look into it. that would have been perfect! duh. rockwall climbing is so fun! i’m glad you had such a great day. loved your comments on the leaked photos. i didn’t have a peak, but your descriptions were nice!

raine—a pedi with susie and EW with rob was definitely a great thing! that article was totally awesome by the way. one of my favorites! i loved your post about the BD pics! you almost made me want to go find some, but i’m good. i never cared much about spoilers with the other movies, but i’m kind of wanting BD to be spoiler free for me! oh my gosh!!! obviously i totally adore twilight, but that shirt your cousin gave you for april fools day was sooooo funny!!! i guess i’ve just been surrounded by lots of boys my whole life and seeing that made me LOL because it’s just such a boy thing to give! oh man, so funny.

sandy—so good to see you again!

chrissy—wow that was quite the story about the sick coughing guy on your bus. the people at the place my husband has been working are extremely sensitive about sicknesses. they do NOT want you there if you are sick. it makes for easily getting off the hook when you’re a little sick and not wanting to go in. :) germs do spread so easily though. it would probably help the world if everyone was a little more conscious and careful about it. anyway, yes, susie is sweet, and so fun too. that song from the 40s-ish “young at heart” reminds me of her!

rachel—that’s cool that you got to write a review for thefictionaters! that site is so cute and so well done! yeah, napoleon dynamite is good for the soul every so many years. ;) i loved what you said about your boy. i’m sure i will feel the same with when my baby gets to be 7. right now he’s just baby. but one of my brothers has 3 girls and finally had a boy and he just says the kid is sooo different. the girls are all cutesy and sweet and then here comes bigD who is maybe 3 now and he’s just stomping around and wanting to wrestle or is looking for a ball. they just love him. i always wanted a boy first and i’m just head over heels in love with my babyboy. how did the baseball game go? it is hard to keep up with all the posts. i edit wedding videos at home and take care of my 7 month old, so i know what you mean. i try to do a “mega post” as often as i can, but if real life is just too busy, sometimes i’ll hop on to say “i’ve read your posts and loved them” or something. that they the girls know i’m around but i don’t get too behind in my life. btw, before you hit submit, i always recommend selecting all you wrote and hitting ‘copy’. that way if you lose your screen for whatever reason, you can just paste it in a new one and submit again.

jennjenn—well you should just go to a makeup counter and try out the smokey eye look! it was free and besides that you can see it done right and see if you like it or not. i actually bought the colors, then took them to a grocery store and matched them pretty close with eye shadows from maybelline and covergirl. so it was like $6 instead of $45! i tried using them less dramatically and not so high up my lid and they actually look nice that way!

newjen—i loved your april fools prank on your kids!! wow, loved what you said about the whole rob/jacob jankowski/marlena thing. i agree!

tonise—i’m so glad you love your new bed!! yay for a great night’s sleep. oh you are in tornado country? wow, that is one thing that i’ve always thought would be so freaky. how do you endure it?!

wow girls, how’s that for a mega post?! i think that took me 3 hours!! i don’t even remember when i started. oh boy. well it needed to be done and i desperately wanted to catch up with you girls. sorry i’m not going to proof read so i’m sure there are typos and stuff everywhere. forgive me and i hope it all makes sense! it’s almost 1am and i need to get to bed! take care and i'll check in with you later. maybe before our trip if i find time.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby Jazz Girl » Mon Apr 04, 2011 12:08 pm

Happy Championship Monday, Girls!!!

Yes, yes, yes, I'm ECSTATIC this morning. The Dawgs took it to VCU and we are once again playing for the championship. This time last year, I was bursting with news that I was actually heading to the final game in person. This year, of course, it's a bit different. But, none-the-less, hubs and I will be glued to the television this entire evening. But, I'm absolutely positive that, this year, the ball will fall The Butler Way and we will be belting out We Are the Champions at the end of the night.

Saturday was an adventure, I can tell you. Just after I posted, hubs came to me and said, "I just realized I don't think they allow munchkins in the bar." You see, we had made plans to watch the game with some long-timefriends of ours who graduated Butler with us. Hubs and Meems (the wife of the pair) actually were childhood friends growing up in the same small town. Those of you who have been following all the Butler stories might even recognized the town name of Connersville, IN. It is also the hometown of our star senior, Matt Howard. It's one of those small world kind of things. :D Anyways, we were supposed to meet Meems and GM at this restaurant at 5 pm and he springs this on me at 2:50 pm. It is a 45 minute drive to get to the bar and I now have to figure out what to do with said monkeys. By divine providence, my mom calls about 5 minutes later to ask if the boys could spend the night with her and my stepdad as a last spring break hurrah. We were packed and in the Jeep not 10 minutes later and were only 15 minutes late getting to Chuck's. Once the game started, it was great. We were surrounded by Butler fans from hub's and Meem's hometown, all of whom were as crazy pumped as we were. At the end, we even had them play the War Song!

Okay, enough of this basketball stuff!

Fi~ Wow, sounds like you got a lot of work done. Well done! I bet it feels fabulous to be all settled in. “Sexy Lexi Ladies” :lol: GB is adorable!

Marielle~ Hope the beach was lovely and that the beach and the wine mixed well (sometimes they don’t and it can be a bad day). Ugh!! A sun allergy?? I have no idea how I would cope with that, considering I do everything I can to avoid any allergic reaction at all. The BD leaked photos (at least the first batch) were up on Robsessed for all of 15 minutes or so. It was divine providence that I was home and online when they broke. It’s all about timing in this game. :D

Tonise~ We had a great time. I’ll be sending you extra happy thoughts to get you through that last week until your break. I think you’ve earned a bit of rest! Well said. I can’t feel bad for happening across something I wasn’t looking for but still enjoyed seeing. I understand that it’s rough work and stills and will likely be nothing like the finished product. I’m okay with it. I just rather like having the proof that the scenes were shot in a way close to what we want to see, even if the final cut turns out to be something completely different.

Christina~ Enjoy Wizarding World. We had a blast. Though, I’m sure the weather will be a might warmer for you! You’re welcome. ;)

Susie~ Ahh, the first hikes of spring. Such a lovely time. Yes, these are the days I thank the gods for my ADD. It makes multitasking fairly simple. Example; I am currently typing my post, watching WfE Press Junket vids and doing logs for work. Thank the gods for split screens on the computer as well. :D We are so proud of our Dawgs. I don’t know if the feeling this year is more optimistic. I totally believed they could take Duke in last year’s championship. It might be more… like it’s just meant to be. Joey Rodriguez, VCU’s stand out player actually said that in the post game press conference and I had to agree with him. He was talking about how they had a lot of shots that would normally fall for them that went in and out of the basket, like it was not meant to be for them. So, I think that’s the feeling that I have. :lol: Yes, I actually watch a lot of Oxygen. If nothing else, they have a lot of BtVS on.

JennJenn~ Sorry, sweetie. But, props to UK for giving UConn a game and a half. So, now it’s a dog fight and we totes appreciate the support.

Amy~ LOVE the new banner, girl!! Sorry about the sunburn, though. Did the kiddoes get it too bad?

Rachel~ I’m not on Twitter. It’s my last bastien of holding out against a complete technical take over of my life. I have three friends who I call my twitter birds who keep me informed via IM of the goings on on Twitter. I have a bit of a hate-hate relationship with Twitter. I kind of blame Twitter for a lot of the ugliness we see online sometimes. What happened with Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood yesterday is the perfect example. Plus, we lost a few sisters to Twitter a year or go or so and I still kind of blame Twitter for missing them. As for keeping up with the HH, there are several of us on FB and we kind of harass each other there, too. I tend to use the word doc method, if for not other reason than I’ve gotten bit in the butt too many times with my Lex login timing out while I’m typing. Shockingly, I’m kind of wordy and typing out my posts takes a while. :lol: But, I’m also a fan of the drive-by post. It’s a way to check in and say, “hey, I’m lurking.” Trust me, we’re all in the total know about how much real life can get in the way of keeping up. :D

New Jenn~ Thanks, darlin’! Aww, I love that idea of Marlena & Jacob. There are a lot of interesting parallels.

Susie~ Rest assured that I am sufficiently recovered and rearing to go for tonight’s game. We will be watching tonight’s crowning at the home of one of my girlfriends from work. We’ll be the only Butler alums there, but I know we’ll be amongst friends who will understand when we get a little worked up. Office pools can work a few different ways, but mostly they are based on a points system. The highest total of points wins, but the point delegation systems can be different. Traditionally, you get 1 point for first round correct predictions, 2 points for 2nd round, 3 for 3rd and so on, thus getting the most points if you select the champion correctly, which you clearly did. Let me know how it turns out for you.

WfE Press Junket~ Yesterday was the Water for Elephants Press Junket in LA and Rob was in rare form. I have to say, he was looking a little rumpled(which of course we love, but even my love for Rob could not overcome my OCD need to straighten him out just a little). That I've seen, I think Rob, along with Reese & Christoph ( I think Francis Lawrence was there as well, but I haven't seen or read anything from him) did well over 30 interviews. Best so far are the interviews with Josh Horowitz of MTV, Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood and Jake ( I can never remember his last name) of Jake's Takes. The screening for the press went amazingly well, with everything I've seen raving about the entire film. The best part, though, is that Tai was even there. And the shots and moments with Rob were just adorable!

Fan Rant~ Rachel, you might have seen this, being on Twitter. But, I have to just vent a minute to people who will understand. The fandom got a bit of a black eye yesterday when Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood was the target of evil and viciousness on Twitter from people claiming to be fans of Rob. Shaun tweeted before her interview asking Twilight fans if anyone wanted her to ask him anything for or about Kristen. It took all of about 30 seconds for Twitter to blow up, calling her all manner of evil things, horrible names and cursing her out in the most vile ways. Shaun tweeted back that she meant in terms of her performance in BD or as a costar and nothing else, that she considers herself a friend of Rob and would never upset him that way. But it didn't stop. After pictures were posted from the interview, one showing Shaun's traditional rub through Rob's wavy locks, the hate became epic. I do know that there were several people tweeting her positive thoughts and hugs. But, either way, I cannot fathom people thinking that they have the right to speak to others that way. That's what I mean by the ugliness. There's no way people would have had the gall to say those things to her face to face, but because Twitter give people a feeling of anonymity, the way people speak to each other there can be horrible. /END RANT/

Academy of Country Music Awards~ If you didn't stay up to watch this, you so missed out. Rob was beautiful, as always. Reese didn't look half bad either. Though, I was joking with friends and hubs that I'm pretty sure Rob was pretty jealous of most of the other guys there, especially Zac Brown (seriously, his band's duet with James Taylor made the night amazing), who always wears jeans, a beannie and a beard. :lol: In fact, Rob was out of his suit coat almost as soon as they were off stage. I was originally a little perplexed by this appearance. I mean, it's publicity for the movie, of course (they even went straight from Rob and Reese's award into the WfE promo) but it just, at least for Rob, seemed like such a mismatch. But, the more I though about it, the more sense it made. If nothing else, Rob could probably talk guitars with any member of the country crew for hours. I shudder to think about the length of conversation between him and, say, Brad Paisley. But, also, Reese being a southern belle and part of the film being done in Tennesee, there was some logic there. A hell of a lot more sense than Chace Crawford, who was also there. They were funny from the get go with Reese missing her mark and walking right past the microphone. She turns and hurries back after Rob gets her attention and just laughs, "See, I'm so glad you're here." Couldn't agree with you more, Reese. But Rob trying to speak southern? Freaking. Priceless.

**EDIT: I’m a complete tool!! I posted but skipped the entire last page. *slapsforehead*

Tammy~ Amy’s banner looks great. And, it looks like she got it posted just fine. So, thankfully, my absence caused no hardship. *phew*

Tonise~ Thanks, girl!! Oh, and I promise that Blue II won’t try to take a bite out of any Auburn Tigers. I’m just hoping he takes a chomp out of Charles Barkley.

Lulu~ Take your time. You know where we’ll be. No worries. It’s a story I love to tell. Rob’s reunion with Tai went flawlessly, of course! I mean, first, she’s an elephant. She’s not going to forget him. More importantly, IT’S ROB!!! She’s not going to forget HIM! Kari, from Have Trunk Will Travel, said that Tai went right up to Rob as if they’d just seen each other the day before and started sniffing around him for treats as she always did. It was very sweet to read. Absolutely, the FF to Edward feature is the best Special Feature ever, especially on Eclipse. I can kind of tolerate the dog in New Moon, until Alice comes back. But, in Eclipse, oh no, I have no desire to even acknowledge his existence.

Tracy~ Thanks to you too, girl. We are so proud of our boys! But, that’s what Butler does better than any team in the country. They will play well not playing well, if that makes sense. They keep things close and make adjustments on the fly. So, you may get ahead of them, but they keep right on your heels while they figure out what you are doing to disrupt them, and then they turn it against you. That, and they are truly a team. Lots of teams in the NCAA’s have a star player or two or three. But, Butler plays team basketball. They don’t really have a star. They have standouts. They have really great ball players. But, their strength is in their team. It’s the Butler Way. Happy? Oh yes, I am wonderfully happy. Fit to bursting, even. *sigh*

Marielle~ Yep, Rob in grey is a recipe for a trip to the ER, that’s for sure!

Fi~ Yes, you have every right to tell him that. Some people can see each other after a break up and be okay with it. Some people can even be friends. But, some people, it’s just not going to happen and forcing it just makes you and everyone else uncomfortable. You have every right to tell him that you aren’t comfortable and to ask him to work to avoid that circumstance in the future.

Okay, looks like it's time to go before the Mods ban me for excessive chattiness.

But, before I do...

“Directing 7 Cullens at once=herding cats" :ROTFLMAO:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby VirginiaMay » Mon Apr 04, 2011 12:38 pm

Hello HH Sisters!!

I'm back. I'm alive. I've made it through the last ten pages of HH#7 and am on page 3 of the new thread. I also have a very long list of notes, but no time for a mega-post at the moment. Little Rob has been coming in every five minutes since I sat down today saying, "Are you done now?" ... "Are you done now?" ... "Are you done-" Well, you get the point. So we're going for a quick walk and I'm going to set him up with some paints outside when we get back. That ought to keep him busy. :lol:

I hope to be back later tonight. Hugs to you all! :hug: Ginnie
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