Rob's Halfway House -- #8

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby marielle » Wed Aug 24, 2011 1:54 am

Good morning ladies!!!

We are already halfway through the week… Holland is as grey as ever… honestly Holland isn’t a real vacation location like this…
I’m slowly starting to feel better, yesterday was bad but over all I feel like slowly a bit of my energy is returning… still I can’t wait for that week of sun, sea and good Spanish food!!!

Happy (belated) Birthday, NewJen!!!!! I saw it yesterday evening late but didn’t got to time to post…did you have a nice birthday?...

Caryn, I think we will have to suffer this drought until they start the promo for Breaking Dawn…it would be a nice long holiday for Rob and like you I hope he is spending his time with Kris, it was rumored that last weekend he had to attend a party in LA and would fly to London after that, I’m sure his mom would be happy to see a bit more of him as well…
I’m hoping VF will feel sorry for us in this drought and give us some outtakes…
My brother had to go to an other cruise ship because they had an immediate shortage of staff. Somebody had to leave for an emergency and than they search the closest available staff member and as my brother had just finished his test period with flying colors he was elected to go and solve the problem…

Ginnie, I love that popcorn bucket… How I wish I would find something like that in my next bucket…

Ann-marie, I think it’s very logical that you still feel something for Will,… I mean every guy I fell in love with still has some sort of spot in my heart…I could never really hate them…maybe he doesn’t know how to feel either and that’s why he is behaving like that. Than again, we are talking about men, it’s easier to understand a frog than a man…
Yeah, I’m really looking forward to seeing Felton do something different, I know he had a movie about Golf coming up, I really want to see that one…

Kayla, I will check out the Gutter after I finish this post,…. I haven’t been there in a while, I wonder what you girls are up to…

Tracy, I don’t know if it’s only stress related, I think so… my muscles are just very irritated, maybe it is because the tennis is getting better or that I spend too much time typing or that I need a change… don’t know yet…
My brother won’t be back until the end of November, we are hoping he gets back before his birthday which is the 30th of November.
I don’t know which shoot that was… I just love that scruff…

Susie, how did your son like Katy Perry? I think her concerts could be awesome. I really like her songs…
My brother had to go from Boston to Halifax… after that the ship is sailing along north to Montreal. After September he will sail south to Ford Lauderdale and from there to Europe (Mediterranean sea) … so a big trip…
Have fun in Washington!!!

Well, work is calling!!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby Jazz Girl » Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:35 am

Good morning, sisters. What a glorious Hump Day it is shaping up to be!! I have to run soon to a meeting, but I couldn’t let the morning get any deeper without my traditional greeting.


Happy Hump Day!!!

Tracy~ Oh lord! *fans self* What is it about that man and a piano!!! Believe me, your fears are my fears… although coming home to find the house in pieces is also a legitimate fear with my boys. Hmmm, sounds like the ever growing Soon-to-Be-Divorced/To-Be-Read list just gained one more title. Thanks for that!

Desiree~ It’s good that you can at least balance and spread the classes out though. But, honestly, that sounds pretty much like my work load when I completed my Masters program. Good luck. You know we’ll be pulling for you. If you ever need anyone to review your papers, feel free to email.

Susie~ I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a earthquake-complication free trip. Be safe. Don’t have a computer? I suppose, given their generation, it’s not that surprising. But, lord, girl, I don’t think I could deal. Yes, I suppose I do micromanage a little bit. But, Biggun just doesn’t happen to be the best manager of time just yet. I’m hoping that, over the next four years, he grows out of that. Ummm, mesmerized… yeah, can’t say I blame you at all. That picture is pretty mesmerizing what with the… and then the… *whimper*

Marielle~ I heard about the rumours he was out with Andrew, but I don’t know how much credence I give them, based on the fact that the guy tweeting was a) the only one tweeting and b) the owner of the brand new clothing store for which the party was thrown. It just doesn’t seem very… Rob… to be at an opening for a high end clothier. And, given Rob’s renowned ninja airport skills, it wouldn’t surprise me if he was already in London, soaking up Kris’ presence.

Breaking Dawn News~ A date!! We have a date!! Looks like the world premiere is going to be November 14th!!! Sweet! That means I get to be in my FULL ON planning mode. Oy, that's dangerous. :twisted:

Looks like we’ll be getting a new home soon. I love that we’ll send this one out with a HumpDay bang! :lol:

Alright, have to prepare for my next meeting. *hugs*
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby Edwards Ragazza » Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:13 am


Caryn & Susie ~ Correction for my english class there are 8 essays that are suppose to be 2 pages long not 5 pages.

What are your plans for weekend?

Saturday it is m friends b-day she always has a bbq since she has a pool in her backyard. Saturday night I am attending a fundraiser for breast cancer part of the proceeds will go to that. Sunday it is my lil mans friends 4th birthday party.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby VolturiGirl » Wed Aug 24, 2011 12:56 pm

Happy Hump Day my HH Sisters,

Wow!! It's almost time for HH #9. I wanted to get in one last post before the new thread. Not a whole lot going on for Amy. Just another day at work, but I am getting a raise next month. I have noticed that it is starting to get darker sooner now and it's not so hot anymore. Still triple digets but at least it's not 115+ degrees anymore.

Kayla ~ Thanks for the link to the Gutter. I had no idea that something like that was on the Lex. Next time, have a warning on that link... :lol: I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. My boys wanted popsicles for breakfast this morning....

Marielle ~ RobDrought...? What are we going to do in the meantime? I, too, hope that Rob and Kris are getting some much deserved alone time together.

Desiree ~ That was such an awesome thing for your English professor to do for you.

Susie ~ Seeing Katy Perry in concert would be an awesome thing to go to. I heard that she is a good performer. I think any concert will be fun to go. No computer?? No Lex?? What are you going to do? Do you have a phone that has internet? I'm trying to come up with ideas to help you out in your time of need.

Caryn ~ November 14! Are you really going to go? Los Angeles is only a handful of hours from me. I'd love to be able to go to something like that, but I'd have no one to watch my boys. I do agree with what you posted about Rob playing the piano in Twilight. It bugs me to no end when they show movies of people playing an instrument, but not really playing it. Great minds think alike because I fell for Rob when he walked into the cafateria. I still go all weak in the knees on that scene.

Rachel ~ I started to read Ginnie's Arms yesterday and I saw your name on her A/N. I had no idea that you pre-read her work. Lucky lady.

Ginnie ~ Arms is such a good story. I am so glad that you decided to write it. Yes, I have it on my Ipod next to WDR.

Mom ~ Where are you? You haven't been here in a long time. Do I have to bribe you again?
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby VirginiaMay » Wed Aug 24, 2011 1:06 pm

A quick one: Happy Hump Day!

Just love that one.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby SwanCullen » Wed Aug 24, 2011 1:16 pm

Stopping by to say hello! I don't have time to catch up, but I can say hi! Thank goodness I got here before the thread closed! Miss you ladies!
:grin: Proud HalfwayHouse Sister :grin:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby Suzan » Wed Aug 24, 2011 1:18 pm

This picture showed up in my tv-guide today. :lol: He’s so unbelievably adorkable cute! How To Be is on tonight, so you all can guess what I’ll be doing, hihi.

You girls are killing me with all the musical-Rob pictures! :swoon: Damn, why is it that I find a man who can play piano or guitar so irresistibly sexy? Add in the simple fact that he is Rob (= enough said, but in case you need further proof), he can play both, he looks gorgeous doing it and he has the sexiest singing-voice I’ve ever heard and I’m… Damn, I can’t even find the words to describe it. I guess this will have to do: :swoon: :swoon:
Let’s just say that it’s a good thing Caryn recommended waterproof keyboards a while back…
OMG! This just in: Jack Morrissey, BC’s partner, tweeted:
RE Rob playing Renesmee's Lullaby: This is correct. On the piano, with his daughter beside him obviously. Rob actually picked it up really quickly.
OMG! :swoon: That is going to be the end of me! :swoon:

I missed another birthday!? Oh no!
I hope you had a fabulous day! The other girls have been spoiling you well I see. Btw, I loved your Robdream!

Tammy; I’m so sorry about your husbands back! I hope he will start to feel better. Congratulations on the new job! I think it was Marielle who suggested this, but I agree you should try finding a job in graphic design or webdesign or something. You’re very good with those wallpapers and banners and you obviously have fun doing it. I love, love, love the last one you posted with the pencil-effect!

Susie; Congratulations on finishing your online course! And congratulations on your daughter’s birthday! I hope you have fun on your trip. I’ll sent you a pm in a bit.

Rachel; Congratulations on the pregnancy!! That’s wonderful news! I’m so happy for you! Good luck with the research on your family’s history.

Marielle; I’ll be back in Leiden from September 5th, but you’ll be on vacation then right? Well, the first two months I will have lots of free time, so just let me know what works best for you.

Desiree; I gather you’re also having a hard time with college-stuff. Good luck doing those two courses. I loved your pictures of ActionRob! Very funny with the cottage, hihi.

Christina; You’re really lucky that your mom is so supportive of your Twi-habits. I will tell my mom that it’s basically a romance novel, which happens to have vampires in it. Hihi, I love that description.

Caryn; I’m so sorry about your cousin! I will send good thoughts that way. Best of luck to him and his family. How’s he doing now? Btw, I loved your fans self-gif! LOL

Ginnie; I loved your story about the accidentally Twilight-themed party, hihi. The first week of the school year must be in full swing for you right now. Good luck with everything! Those JumpingRob pictures are hilarious! LOL I love JumpingRob.

Tracy; YAY for seeing the BD trailer on the big screen! It’s quite something, isn’t it? Sigh, is it November yet?

Jaclyn; I’m sorry about your car. I hope you’ll find a new, cheap one soon. Congratulations on the permanent job offer!

Tonise; I’m glad things are going well with your new class. Keep up the good work!

Ann Marie; I hope you’ll be able to go to the book signing with One Direction. Is the book something they wrote or is it about them?

Amy; Congratulations on the raise! And thanks for posting all those beautiful pics!

So, this has been kind of a quick catch-up of the last week. Sorry if I missed something important.
Forgive me? Note to self: Don’t stay away for a whole week anymore!

:wave: to everybody!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby Jazz Girl » Wed Aug 24, 2011 3:36 pm

Oh sweet mother of all that is holy!! Apparently, the univers recognized the true meaning of HumpDay!!

We may not have a release date here in the States, but we sure as hell have HQ screencaps. Thank you, Jesus and pass the drool cloth!!

Rob's trying to teach this sweet giraffe his signature pout. Don't worry Rob, it will ALWAYS look soo much better on you!

It's a good thing Susie's off the grid, because the chest flauntage is in FULL EFFECT!!

They are trying to kill us with cuteness, I swear!!

There were moment in this movie where I could barely hold myself together. Seeing Rob's gentleness with Tai... :swoon:

Holy Christ on a camel's hump, I can't take any more. I think I need to lay down!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby openfire » Wed Aug 24, 2011 4:05 pm

Hey folks,

Wow, loving all the MusicRob pics - thanks for posting!

So... work has been mega mega busy this week! Least it's HUMP DAY right?

Actually I may not be on much the next few days as, tomorrow I am going to a wedding dress shop after work, on Friday I am going out for drinks with work, and then have a concert with my bf, sister & BiL, and then on Saturday we have several shows to go to at the festival, and then on Sunday we have a big wedding fayre. So yep, we are busy this week!

To the posts!

SuperJen - Sorry I missed your birthday yesterday!! So... HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! I hope you had a great day! What did you get up to?
Sorry about your cat :( Sending you some eHugs!

Tracy - Sorry you have to finish work a bit earlier these days, so that you can be there for your kids getting home from school. Will you have to make up the time somewhere else?
Thanks for your list of fanfics - I have been aware of a couple of them which I quite fancy, but trying not to read too many WIPs just now LOL. Are any of those completed? I actually just started Expectations & Other Moving Pieces the other day, as it was rec'd on the ff thread by Amy (?) I think. Pretty intriguing so far!

Ginnie - Hope everything went ok with the washing machine repair - I can imagine that would be especially frustrating when you have kids!

Desiree - Love the ActionRob pics! Thanks for posting them :)
Yep, wedding planning is gettimg hard LOL. Going back to a dress shop tomorrow night though to check a couple out again, and we have a big wedding fayre on Sunday, so hopefully will get some ideas there too. Keep changing my mind about bridesmaid colours I'm think "midnight blue" instead of purple.. not totally sure yet though!
No idea about my car yet.. not really thought about it properly the past couple days, mostly just thinking I can't really afford to buy a new one! But second hand ones are almost as expensive (as they have a speacil deal on finance for new cars) so I really have no clue :(

Tonise - Glad you are getting into the swing of school!

Caryn - Just reaslisd when reading your post to Tracy - Dear Mr Masen by jennade...this is the author who wrote Finding Home isn't it?? Well, that changes my opinion of not reading WIPs! I absolutely ADORED Finding Home, so I guess once I'm caught up on a couple new stories I'm reading, that will be my next to start!
Love the new WfE HQ stills! I think WfE gets released here next month actually...or maybe I'm making that up LOL.

Christina - Hey there! I feel like I've not spoken to you in ages! How are you doing? I think it was Susie who said... do you not fancy getting a fb? Then we could keep up more often! :)

Susie - Thank you for sharing that video of SonnyBoy! That was awesome! Is he on a wire though... he is very high! Nerve wracking!!
Have a great trip away - we will miss you!!!

Marielle - Fuerteventura is very nice: sunny & hot, but also quite windy. It makes you think it's cooler than it is, and you won't get burnt, but you will! So make sure you take plenty of suntan lotion :)
I thought Tome Felton was very like Draco in RotPotA, as he plays a baddie there too... he was good like, but quite a similar role I think (well, without the magic LOL).

Ann Marie - Sorry that Will is ignoring you again, but he's just being a silly boy! I know it's hard, but try to not let it affect you - you will find the perfect person for you when the time is right; don't go looking, he will find you :)
Yay for One Direction! I've not actually heard their song yet, but I have heard that it is supposed to be quite good.

JennJenn - Hey there Girl! How you are doing good!

Suzan - Enjoy How To Be tonight. I do love AckwardRob as Art! Have you seen it before?
WOW!! Thank you for the news about Rob playing piano for Renesmee... oh my goodness!! I'm not sure we will all be able to handle this movie ;) Haha! Now all we need is confirmation that he will sing!

Well that's me off now. There will be a new thread when I get back on probabaly - woohoo, looking forward to the lovely decorations!
Now just got to decide.. should we go to bed early, watch Being Human (the British version; I am loving this show just now!! Mitchell is... yummy ;) ), or should I do some wedding organising for tomorrow?? Decisions, decisions...

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Postby vampirelover109 » Wed Aug 24, 2011 4:17 pm

Good evening ladies

I'm literally so tired I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open right now today's been a crappy day weather wise I went to do my food shopping and I got soaking wet walking home I also had to walk to the other side of town to get a magazine because they diddnt have it in any of the other shops which annoyed me but Ive got it now I also picked up a couple of tops in a sale today so I'm happy about that I always manage to find the bargains

BD PREM - Im a little worried as I don't think that there will be enough time in the sceduling to have a U.K PREM which. Im upset about I properly sound really selfish as I've already met rob but I know Vicky and I were excited about the thought of a uk

Susie- I'm so envious that sonny boy got to go to a katy perry concert I love her music Its so happy I hope you have a good time visiting your I do have lots of discussions with football fans it's funny when I go up the pub to watch the football because normally I'm the only girl there watching the football I get what your saying about will only problem where I live all the boys I like are either taken or there not interested

Marielle- I bet you can't wait for your vacation the only problem I have is when I go away I never wNt to go home I really wish I never told will that I liked him I'll never learn will I ?

Caryn- I hope you get to go to the BD PREM like I said I don't think there's going to be a uk PREM but I'll have to wait and see

Suzan- yep the books about them although they have only been together a year and are only just releasing there first single but I am proud of where they come from I will do everything in my power to meet them

HURRICANE IRENE I hope all the sisters affected will be ok I'll b praying that there will not be any losses of anykind

Right catch you later girls

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