Rob's Halfway House - #9

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by older_twilight_fan » Mon Jan 23, 2012 12:40 am

Hello everyone~

I've been lurking but haven't had a chance to make a proper post as we were busy with all manner of things the past several days. I'm hoping to at least post a quick response to each of you, but we're expecting severe weather tonight and I may need to shut down the computer (especially with the crappy computer luck we seem to have). It's been a strange winter here with abnormally warm temperatures which suddenly shift to colder weather. It's no wonder everyone seems to have sinus symptoms and coughs now, including myself. We were under tornado warnings Friday night, which is highly unusual for this time of year, and are expected to have more of the same after midnight, tonight.

Lynne~ I'm glad to hear Little Man was so brave on his first day of school, and can only imagine the stress you felt when you temporarily couldn't find a classroom where he was registered. It sounds like all was well in the end, and I hope he thoroughly enjoyed himself. Thanks for sharing his picture with us....what a handsome young man. :) I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle, and will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

Songbird~ I hope your cold symptoms have improved and that you won't have to reschedule your surgery. When will you have the surgery, and what is the expected recovery time? It sounds like it will all be worth it in the end, as many of the symptoms you've been dealing with should dramatically improve. I wholeheartedly agree with you that Dan Radcliffe has done very well for himself, and chosen his roles and projects wisely. He'll likely always be best known as Harry Potter; that's only natural with ten years of filming and eight HP films under his belt. After seeing him on Saturday Night Live and how comfortable he appeared, I wonder if he may be most successful on stage in live theater. I look forward to watching his career unfold, and the fact that he's remained grounded and seems to have a good head on his shoulders will only help matters.

Kristiner~ Good luck with the job hunting--we'll keep our fingers crossed for some good news on that front. Is there really such a thing as NSync fanfic? :lol: I've read a bit of fanfic for The Hunger Games, and even the television shows The Office and CSI. It's amazing what's out there! I've read quite a bit of HP fanfic in my time as well, but only stories featuring Remus and Tonks, or a few with Ron and Hermione as the primary pairing.

Suzan~ I'm so sorry to hear you didn't receive the grade you hoped for....we know how hard you worked and the time and effort you gave. When will you know if you can take other classes or subjects and begin your Masters as planned? I hope the family drama you're surrounded by resolves itself somewhat. Please let us know your thoughts about Bel Ami when you're finished reading, if you have the chance.

Caryn~ Thanks for sharing thoughts about your trip with us. I'm glad you all had a great time and that the soccer tournament was a success. Now that my daughter is playing a sport at a higher competitive level than she was previously, I have a new appreciation for the importance of individual player and team improvement, growth together and playing as a team, margin of victory or loss, etc., versus simply wins and losses. Her middle school JV and varsity basketball teams have quite a few more losses than wins this year, much of them due to being overmatched and outsized by taller and bigger players on other teams. But it's been great to see the improvement each player has made and how much more comfortable they are in their roles since the start of the season, and how they've played competitively and been within five to ten points of most of those teams. I just voted for Cosmopolis again, but Hunger Games is still winning by about two or three percent. Don't throw anything at me, but I'm looking forward to seeing THG just about as much as Cosmopolis :blush:, but I've only voted for Cosmopolis because I knew it needed the help. :D Enjoy your masssage, whenever you have the chance to schedule it.

Raine~ Sorry you're dealing with some stress and possible transition at work...change can always be a little hard to deal with at times. I hope things work well for your baby niece and family with the new nanny.

Susie~ That's great news to hear your laptop seems to be fully cured, especially as you might be needing it some during the early days of your recovery. Good for you getting some tasks accomplished that will make those first few days a bit easier for you. We'll be thinking of you during your last couple of days of work, and on Wednesday as well, of course. ;)

Amy~ Sorry to hear about the rather "abrupt" ending to your fanfic. :? I've learned to not even begin reading a new fanfic if it hasn't updated in the last couple of months, just to save myself the inevitable frustration. Hope you feel better soon, hon.

Desiree~ Let us know how your halibut dinner turned out....and shepherd's pie sounds yummy! What time should we be there for dinner? :D Your relaxing family Sundays at home sound like a great way to end the weekend together.

Sean~ I hope your Dad is able to fix your earphones soon. Did you find anything interesting to watch on TV?

Jaclyn~ I think the picture of the flowers you posted are very pretty, as are the pics posted by Marielle. Were the blue ones in her first picture iris? I agree with Lynne that you should choose what you (and your bf) want, and which flowers make you both happy. I certainly don't think the wedding flowers need to match the flowers on your invitation, as people honestly may not recall what your invitation looked like by your wedding day. Marielle and Missp also gave you some good ideas to carry on the blue color with other types of inexpensive decorations--glass stones, beads, etc. I'm glad you had a great time with BabyE, and am sure she'll be a lovely and very sweet flower girl at your wedding. Whenever you start to stress over small details of the wedding planning, just take a deep breath and remember what's most important. Your wedding day is a day for you two to express your love and pledge yourselves to one another, and share that very special moment with your family and close friends, and that's really all that matters. ;) Is the book you're reading by any chance the published version of the fanfic we loved where Bella was the graduate student and Edward her professor, and Dante was the featured subject?

Missp~ We can tell just by reading your posts how happy and fulfilled you are, and we're thrilled for you. Your joy just shines through. ;) Good idea to limit your online activities to several days a week to ensure you stay focused on your church life and still get the rest you need. I like the idea of everyone bringing their own takeout to your meetings too, especially on busy weeknights when it can be a pain to prepare food to bring for a potluck, each and every week.

Marielle~ I'm glad to hear your hip is feeling better and hope you're not bothered by it again. It sounds like the book fair was a success and well worth the trip. Did you buy anything special to read? I saw the trailer for Dan's movie and had to do a double take when I saw how different he looked from Harry Potter. I'm not sure in what year the movie is supposed to take place, but like Rob, Dan looked quite fine in those period clothes.

Brenda~ Happy early Lexiversary to you, and welcome to Facebook! :wave: We hope to see you over on the HH Facebook page, as it's a great place to post when you don't have time to get to the Lex.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Tornado » Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:20 am

Well, in spite of the fact that it started storming ten minutes before I was due to walk up to get my child from his first day at school, he had a good day. He was very pleased and smiling when we came home, and said it was his "best day at school ever!" Hopefully, every day ahead will get better and better!

Tracy - that weather sounds a bit strange. And tornado warnings! I hope you and your family will be safe. Thanks for your prayers.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by marielle » Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:56 am

Good morning everubody!!!!

No time to complain about Mondays today… my boss will be here soon and I have to finish a few things before she gets here…


Jaclyn, the flowers in the first picture are orchids, though I’m not sure if they come in that color natural… I know they have a deep purple one but this looks a bit altered, you’ll have to ask your flower supplier…
You can use the same sashes you use for the chair, to decorate the all white table piece with…I think all white is really classy…

Tonise, to be honest your idea doesn’t go well with my new years resolutions, I’m still trying to keep to them, so take-aways is no good for your diet, but it could be fun to try new things…
For me it’s really easy to notice a flu coming up, because of my heart disease my body reacts a bit different, when I’m walking or exercising I feel it in my legs they are more heavy than normal, but with food it’s different, I just continue eating until it’s too late…

Desiree, the most easiest way to cook fish is to grill it… or steam… per 2 fishes take 1 lemon, cut it in half, take two large aluminum foils place the fish on it, wrap the foil around it so the top is open, season the fish with a bit of salt and pepper, squeeze the lemon juice over them, throw the squeezed out lemon in with the fish, close the package and place it on the bbq…or grill…that always taste good…

Amy, I really love ‘Jillian’ by Within temptation, you should try that one…

Lynne, poor you, at least your son wasn’t nervous…

Tracy, I bought all new books, one about ghost stories in Ireland, and a lot of new fantasy books to try… for now I have enough books to read to last me through the summer, even if I spend every weekend on the beach reading!!

I really got to hurry now…. See you all tonight!!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Tornado » Mon Jan 23, 2012 5:42 am

Girls (and guy), just a quick post, Ann Marie really needs our prayers just now. Those of you on Facebook have probably already seen what's going on with her. I'm reluctant to post details, but just keep her in your prayers and thoughts right now.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Chernaudi » Mon Jan 23, 2012 8:19 am

Hi everyone :)

This hasn't been my most productive 24 hours...yeah, I tried some of my noodle things--cheddar cheese and spicy chicken--and they were good, but I went to bed last night at about 11:00, intending to take a nap, first only to be awakened by the sirens from a rescue squad wagon going down the highway by my house, and then sleeping in until 5:30. I wanted to fill out my application for the library volunteer deal last night, but I guess that I gotta try and find time to do it this morning before my brother leaves to pick up the laundry if he wants to drop it off.

I also heard about the storms, and in AL, two people have reported to have died because of them. Here, it's been rainy and warm, and right now above all else, windy. At least it seems that here the skies are starting to clear, but for how long I ask? And then Ann Marie's problems: poor girl! :( There's not much I can say aside from what I posted on her Facebook. I know that she's been fighting depression, but she has her reasons to be depressed, which I won't discuss here as she's already posted them on her FB. Sort of makes my issues seem a bit petty, though we all have our things that bother us, but she deserves better than the hand that she's been dealt.


Lynne: As you can probably tell, I found out about Ann Marie's situation as soon as I could log on to Facebook this morning and I commented. As I said, she deserves better than the cards that she's been dealt.

Tracy: I heard about the weather first last night, and I just heard on the Weather Channel that two people in AL have died in the storms. I hope that 2012 doesn't end up like 2011--a year that I know that I'd rather forget on so many levels, and a lot of us probably share those sentiments. And also, we have to remember that Rachel lives/lived in that area. I posted on her Facebook about it.

Everyone: I have at least some temporary replacement headphones--not my favorites, but if my father can't fix mine or get a hold of some he might have at home or on the cheap, these will do. I also have to try and fill out that application and get it sent in today if my brother is willing to drop it off.

Tonight, I'll be watching Top Gear of anything that might be interesting. This past week for me has been a real mixed bag--insane cold, getting in touch with friends, hearing about Peugeot leaving sportscar racing, rumors that Toyota might soon fill the void and potential power vacuum and that Audi are willing to proceed with their program at least this year. Also, both Audi (likely) and Toyota (from the start) will run electric hybrid cars, Audi running a diesel and Toyota a gasoline engine. I also got that application, and it's warm today, but windy and damp, though there's a big patch of blue sky about to come over my house. However, showers and some thunderstorms are forecast for today. I did also try my pizzas with a new sauce mix on them, but one go over done so I salvaged as much as I could from it.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Suzan » Mon Jan 23, 2012 8:26 am

Hey everyone!

Happy Monday! Not really a whole lot going on here…

Lynne – I’m sorry about your uncle. Something like that always makes you realise you should enjoy the time you have with your loved ones. Sorry the first day at prep was a little stressful for you. I hope he’ll continue to like his new school and his new classmates.

Kristina – Hi! I think I’ve seen you around before… Can’t remember if I introduced myself… Anyways, thanks for supporting the Skype idea. It’s really the next best thing for not being there in person. :) Wow, you have to get up at 2:30am?! Do you have to do that every day? What kind of work do you do that requires such early hours?

Marielle – Thanks for the welcome back! I missed you guys too. No need to worry. I just had a little bit of the winter blues, I guess. I missed BA??!! How in the world is that possible! Oh well, on the other hand I really wanted to finish the book before seeing the movie anyway. Besides it will be back right? The fact that it played in Pathe should be a good sign. I was expecting it to play in art-houses and things like that only.

Caryn – I’m voting! They’re really close! I say that’s a victory already.

Songbird – How could I forget you? You have the same name as me and you live in the Netherlands. Of course I remember. :) My family can be really stubborn, so no forgiving yet. I’m glad to find someone who liked Smallville too. I do believe the tornadoes were during prom, season two I think… I hope your cold will be over soon. When is your surgery?

Jaclyn – I hope you had fun with BabyE. She sounds really sweet. I’m sorry you’re having some trouble with the wedding planning just now. I like the table piece you posted. It’s simple and elegant. I do love gerbera’s too though and the white ones are very beautiful. Hmm, I’m probably not the best person to help anyone make decisions, hihi. I don’t think an all white table piece will be boring, as long as you have some color elsewhere.

Susie – Thanks for the support! I’m doing as much as I can to get back on track. I’m sorry your knee is still giving you a hard time. When is the surgery? It sounds like it’s coming up soon, from all the preparations.

Sean – That’s great that you’re applying for a volunteer job at the library! I hope it’ll work out for you. I always find it harder to get up in the winter. It’s usually nice and warm under the covers and you don’t want to step out into the cold bedroom, brrr. Thanks for letting us know about Unscripted with the SWatH cast. Those are always fun.

Raine – “Kong Hei Fat Choi” to you too! :) We have a “Chinatown” area in one of the larger cities here, Rotterdam. I used to go to school right next to it and I loved watching the New Year festivities. Do you also have those dragons on the streets and the fireworks and everything? I hope you had fun.

Brenda – Thanks for the welcome back! I’m doing what I can to get back on track as soon as possible.

Tonise – You certainly do sound busy! Good luck with all of that! The ugly sweater contest sounds really funny. Let us know how it went. Thanks for the support. I’m really trying to get back on track soon. I hope we can work something out for the HHcon. I guess it will be a little difficult with the time differences.

Amy – Sorry you’re sick. Hope you’ll feel better soon. Thanks for the welcome back! Yes, I know what you mean. I never imagined I would be envious of a trophy one day, hihi. “Jerry Springerish”, now there’s a good way to describe the family drama, lol. About Skype: I guess it depends on the timing, with the time difference and everything. My laptop does have a webcam and a microphone though, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Desiree – Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

Tracy – I’m sorry about the weather and your cold. I hope you’ll get better soon. When I hand in the reports I’m doing now, I should know if that will give me the credits I need. There is also a chance to retake an exam on February 10th. So probably/hopefully I can start my masters around the end of February. I will post my thoughts on BA when I finish. I’m not a very fast reader though, hihi.

Ann Marie – I read on fb what’s going on. I’m so sorry! I hope you know that we’re all here for you no matter what happens! Hang in there! Hugs :hug:

See you next time! :wave:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by lulu » Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:13 am

hey friends :)

just stopping by to say i'm alive. it's been way too long and i miss joining in on the fun here. i did have a dream about meeting you all in chicago! i wish i could remember details, but they were gone once i opened my eyes. i just knew it was about my fellow twilighters at the half-way house and our hh-con in chicago. it's probably because he and i have been talking about that trip again lately. we were going to go as a family and make a big trip of it. now, we're in the closing stages of booking a random wedding in montana in august (we usually film only in arizona), so we'll probably make the big trip of that since we have friends there. so now i'm thinking of coming on my own and staying the hotel with you all. i need to talk to tonise and see if that's still possible...and we still need to see if this client finalizes the booking.

well, anyway, i'm excited for that because it looks like i'm coming one way or another! now i just need to hurry up and catch up with all my january/february deadlines so i can pace my work better and start coming back here as a regular again. otherwise you won't even know who i am when i show up in chicago! gah!

ok, i've got to run. i have to finish a highlight today and get it posted on vimeo by late afternoon. wish me luck!

see ya! :wave:

p.s. jaclyn i haven't read the posts, but i saw something about you and flowers. if it has to do with you looking for flowers for your wedding, the is an excellent reference especially for flowers. i remember looking about 6 months ago and they had videos and lists by color showing all the different flowers you could get in their colors, etc. really informative!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Songbird » Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:35 am

Jaclyn, what was the plan when you were doing gerberas and Sea Holly? I think the white gerberas with the blue Sea Holly would make a gorgeous contrast, and not boring at all. If you want to add a bit more color, you can always tie some thin ribbon around the top of the glass bowl thingy. Or if you wanted to do a white gerbera in the middle instead of the blue sea holly, you could find colored stones or sand to go in the bottom of the glass container. Or colored water? I also love the first picture Marielle posted for you of the bouquet. Beautiful!! And a mix of white, cream, and off-white usually looks super classy. How old is BabyE? My daughter was a flower girl for my brother’s wedding and she was 4…she cried because she wanted a pink dress instead of a white one, and she didn’t like her white sandals. She pouted the whole time she was getting her hair done, because she didn’t want her hair up. (There’s a funny picture of that on my FB) after about 50 people told her she looked like a princess, she decided she liked it all and didn’t want to take the dress off…she slept in it.

Susie, Glad you got your laptop fixed, but I’m sorry the firewall is causing problems! And I’m sorry the pain in your knee is wearing you out. I hate when that happens. You want to do so many things, but you are just sapped. I don’t think it’s a huge surgery I’m having…just the adenoids and then a tube in my ear…probably nothing like your surgery! You are ahead of me…my Christmas tree is still up and decorated.

Sean, how’s it going making friends? And have you heard from the library or are you still working on the application? The birthday question might be because of religion? I know Jehovah’s witness members don’t celebrate birthdays. So maybe they are just trying to be sensitive to those issues without asking “What religion are you?”.

Lynne, how is your little man liking school? Do they stay the whole day there or come home for lunch? Is there a possibility for advancement if Little man is bored with his class? If it’s stuff he’s already done, do they skip them ahead? I know in the states, they used to test kids before kindergarten to see what the already know, and they might still do that…I don’t know. Here they don’t. I’ve been a bit upset because my daughter has been interested in letters and such since she was 2. She knew her letters and could spell small words, etc…but they won’t do anything with that at school because they “don’t do reading until group 3.” (first grade) Great…so my kid gets to be bored by doing stuff she already knows, when she could be learning something new and useful? I don’t know Ann Marie and don’t have her on FB, so I don’t know what’s up, but I will certainly pray for her.

Tonise, nice to see you! That was one super-MEGA-post! Wow…
I’m glad the benefit went well! About the take-out Tuesdays, is there anyone in the group with special dietary needs, or financial problems? Those are the only things I can foresee a problem with because they might feel left out because they would have to always bring their own stuff from home, unlike everyone else.

Raine! It seems like it’s been a while since you’ve been on! How was your Chinese New Year’s celebration? Is moon cake sweet? It looks somewhat like Gevuldekoeken (filled cookies) here, but thicker and colored. And what is Buchi?

Brenda, do you walk by yourself? I can’t do that…it freaks me out! I come from a tiny little town where everyone knows everyone, so now that I live in what for ME is a big city, I don’t go walking after dark. I have a couple of weeks before my surgery to get over the cold and I asked this morning at my appt. with the anesthesiologist and he said a cold isn’t bad…I can still have the surgery if I have a cold. Just not if I have a fever or am really feeling sick. I’ve been taking zinc tablets and eating oranges every morning and I’m feeling much better. Even my ear has popped a bit and I have more hearing than I did. And that’s a good idea to nag each other about exercise….hold each other accountable. I didn’t go to the gym today because I had the appointment at the hospital and I biked there and back, so I got a bit of cardio in even without the gym. Tomorrow I’m signed up for vacustep…never done that before, so we’ll see how it goes. If it doesn’t work, there’s always the treadmill.

Marielle, are you still in pain? I hope it’s gone! I haven’t seen those tshirts with quotes from that conversation. I agree…I don’t see Daniel Radcliffe as sexy…he’s diversified his roles, so he can do about any genre, but I don’t ever see him staring in a RomCom, for sure. What kinds of books did you get? Do you mostly read in English? I didn’t know Ice Queen was Within Temptation. We sing that in my choir. I’m really bad about bands’/artists’ names.

Kristina, sorry your nephews were sick, but did you have fun with them anyway? I hope you can find a job. A retirement community would definitely not be fun in your 30s. Is staying with your sister for a bit an option? Or if you’re in Florida, there’s always Disney and universal to occupy your time.

Desiree, nice to see you briefly! What is the difference between pre-k and prep? Over here, kids start school on their 4th birthday, but if they start after a certain time, they have to do that year over. I’m wondering if my son will have to do this year over or if he immediately gets to start his 2nd kindergarten year next year. (they do 2 kindergarten years here.) He just turned 4 at the beginning of December, so he’s kind of borderline…we have to wait for his testing in June.
That’s great that you are practicing cooking! My ex-boyfriend was one of those people who could find a way to burn water. He was EXTREMELY intelligent, but a kitchen turned him into a dunce. My husband on the other hand is a better cook than I am. Not that I’m hopeless…I can follow a recipe, but he’s a natural with it where I do it grudgingly.

Oh Amy, I’m so sorry you are sick!! That crud is NASTY, too. If it’s the same one that has gone around here, it hangs on and doesn’t like to go away! Can you get a babysitter or someone to come help you out so you don’t have to do everything yourself? I caught it just as my son was starting school, so I was able to just stay home all day and rest, but NOTHING got done in my house until just a couple of weeks ago. Take it easy!

Hi Tracy! Glad you made it on before it stormed! Did it get bad enough that you had to turn the computer off? My surgery should be no big thing. I had my pre-op appointment today and the doctor said it should only take 20 mins then one day to rest and then I have to take it easy for a week or so. Not bad. Surgery is scheduled for Feb. 8th. I wish I had gotten to see Dan on SNL! I can see him doing really well on the stage…he seems to interact well with people. I’ve been doing the same…voting for Cosmopolis because it needs the help, but the truth is that I have no idea what it’s even about, whereas I loved the Hunger Games books and can’t wait for the movie!

Lulu, I hope you can work out the details to go to HHCon, even if you have the wedding to do. Montana has some beautiful scenery. I'm originally from Wyoming, and it's a lot the same. Have a good trip!

Anyone else, hi!!

Had my pre-op appointment this morning…sounds like very minor surgery…only 20 mins. And the anesthesiologist reassured me about the narcosis, that I will be completely under and no worries there, it will work, even if I’ve had problems with locals in the past. Still nervous, because there’s a risk with any surgery, but I’m feeling more confident…for now. Sorry for the huge post…I was checking in the last few days, but I needed to get stuff done for contests and the quibbler at the Leaky Cauldron and I just didn’t have time to post before. Sorry!!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by marielle » Mon Jan 23, 2012 2:46 pm

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by openfire » Mon Jan 23, 2012 4:00 pm

Hello folks!

Desiree - I think your family Sundays sound really lovely - what a great way to spend some time as a family :) I loved (and still do!!) playing games & doing puzzles with my family when I was younger!

Sean - "May we celebrate your birthday"?? Haha, that is indeed random!! But kinda nice though.

Amy - Sorry about your fanfic - I hate it when that happens!! Just out of interest, what was it called?
Sorry also that you feel sick just now - get well soon!!

Susie - Just a couple more days & hopefully your knee will feel much better!!

Lynne - Sorry that LittleMan's first day at Prep was a bit stressful, but glad it all worked out ok in the end! That's good that he is enjoying it!
Aw, that's a bit rubbish that you had to change your flowers :( What did you end up going with?

Tracy - Hi there! The only thing is, the table plan & place settings are matching to the invites (ie. gerberas!) so people would see that there is a difference. Maybe it doesn't matter, but I just worry that it does LOL! I think I would feel better if the white gerberas we saw last week (at a different wedding show...) didn't look as nice I thought they would. I thought they seemed kinda dull LOL. I know that I am thinking way too much about this though, so I'm shutting up now (for the moment anyway LOL!). Aw thanks for the nice words on what the wedding is truly about :)
Nope that's not the book I am reading - tbh, UoEM was not one of my favourite stories that I have read, so I haven't actually bought the published book. Do you have it?

Marielle - Orchids are really pretty - my mom likes to get them, but they often don't last very long. I think they are pretty hard to take care of LOL.

Suzan - Sorry I totally meant to say last week that I was sorry to hear about your grades. I am glad that you can retake the exam or make up credits, so that you can still continue on with your Masters.

Lulu - HEY THERE! We really miss you here too! That's great that you should be able to attend HHCon, either with or without your hubs & BabyBoy. As my US geography is pretty rubbish, Montana is quite far away from you isn't it? Is it quite north?
Thanks for the website for the flowers - I am going to check it out after this post!

Songbird - Originally our plan was to have the actual wedding flowers (my bouquet & my bf buttonhole etc) as callas (as I really really like them LOL) but to have gerberas and sea holy as the table decorations. We wanted them in the fish bowl type vase, with gerbera heads & seaholy either floating in the water, or sitting on top of "crystal gel" stuff that you can get. We saw an example of this last week, but I just didn't like it like I thought I would - the gerberas looked really dull!
BabyE is 2 (will be 3 at the end of March). She and my other neice (BabyR - who will be 5 at the wedding, not a baby at all anymore LOL). Haha, that's a funny story about your daughter! I'm not worried about the kids not liking their dresses etc though - I think if anything, they will just be really shy with everyone watching them (and may have to be coaxed down the aisle LOL). It's BabyE's brother I'm worried about - he hates getting his picture taken (and obviously we will want a photo of him!) and I am expecting him to be a real grumpy mood! His mom is thinking about bribing him to smile LOL!
Really enjoyed your MegaPost btw!

Ok I gotta run now - bye!
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