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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby marielle » Tue Jul 10, 2012 2:15 am

Good morning everybody!!!

Yay!!! There are so many new posts…!!!
It always makes me smile when I see so many posts in the morning…

As well I might point out that our stray brother Austin has started the Vampire baking discussion again over at the Gutter… he has some new insights you all might be interested in…

I planned 3 new appointments for possible new houses. Thursday we are going back to that renovating project I told you about and Monday we are going to watch 2 new houses.
I hope it will be something good.

Anyway, posts…

Sean, I’m sure many things were more entertaining than the F1 race, it was quite boring but I immensely enjoyed the pre-show.... Thank the heavens for the BBC and their deals with McLaren… they do so many interviews with Button… it always makes my day…

Suzan, yep, the HH can be called the Perv-house… especially after all the drooling, whimpering and all that we have done in Chicago… I wasn’t there because my bf needed a bit of attention as well but after Bel Ami, Caryn thought they others needed more sex so she pulled up all the sex-scenes with Rob in it findable on the world wide web… you can imagine the state of mind the ladies were in when I got back there the next morning…
Yeah, I hate posting papz pics… I normally don’t but this pic was too funny not to…

Lynne, I don’t believe the rumors, yet! However I find it funny that many rumors we thought weren’t true, turned out to be true a few weeks later, like the ones with Pfach’s divorce and the same went with Depp…From the early start of their relationship there has been engagement rumors with Kris and Rob… but you could always point to a fact that made them unreal…but now, I’m searching but I can’t find the source of these rumors, so I’m curious…

Caryn, I really hope Rob isn’t planning on doing only indi-films, though we have in Europe a lot of attention for them, it’s still very hard to find a theatre that shows them. And I’m still hoping he will be taking up in the Brit-group that is doing all these movies together, with Alan Rickman, Timothy Spall, etc…and a Tim Burton movie…
Hihi, (before I’m starting I’m not saying you are old!!) It’s just that my generation isn’t the group that marries young… somehow I’m from that group who have no value in marriage and only wed for the kids. The generations older and younger are completely different, so maybe you are right, with your view.
Like I said to Lynne, I don’t believe the rumors, yet.. to many rumors have proven to be the truth lately so I’m open but I am thinking that maybe though Kris doesn’t do weddings because it’s expected of her by the world, Rob sees value in it so she might do it for him…
Let’s hope you are right about the Oscar thing!!! Do you expect an Oscar for Cosmopolis…

Tracy, I hope I hear something soon from that Job-agency…but still in Holland things move very slow at the moment…
I never saw myself as a coaching manager until that test… in general I don’t like humans all that much but that makes me also very easy to communicate with because I normally think when people to something stupid that they can’t help themselves, they just don’t know better and I shrug. I am liking people more lately, must be the getting older and smarter thing or something but I used to view humans like that guy from the Matrix, Like viruses, inhabit there host and destroy it until it destroys themselves…
I think over the last 10 years my character has changed a lot and with that my view on people… and I know I’m just as bad…

Alright. Time to get to work, got things to finish today… :wave:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby smitten_by_twilight » Tue Jul 10, 2012 2:28 am

Hi siblings! Making another go at more frequent postings.

Thank you all for all your good thoughts for my niece as she begins a journey towards recovery. I know that it will be uphill for her, but she has a lot of supportive and sober people here, and honestly has been unhappy in Hawaii (you wouldn't think it possible) for a long time.

Little has happened in two days. I am in one of my relatively caught-up periods (no, it won't last). But while it does last I sewed little ballet wrap skirts for the girls, mostly for fun; and did some writing last night on my next story. It felt like I got my groove back a bit, it's just a really difficult part. Did a bit of gardening and slept a bit to catch up. Nice, really.

Engagement rumors ... when I see a ring on Kris' left fourth finger, then I'll believe it. Of course, they might have been married in coordinating jeans and hoodies in Vegas 2 years ago. But until we know, what makes them happy makes me happy for them.

Caryn - Hi honey! I'm proud of you for battling through your weekend. Your story of heat, dehydration, and lack of appetite had me recalling band camp (in Tucson!). Yeah, it's so hard to think about limiting the kids' activities, isn't it? I'm not ready for the Twilight ride to be over either. "Epic final installment" makes me pout. I feel like saying to writer, cast and crew: Again! Again!

Lynne - So glad that Little Man is happy back at school and work is good this week. We are getting lots of rain right now, so I hope that helps you have less rain ... or only at times that doesn't negatively impact your work. On the campfire, not to beat a dead horse (do you have that saying?), but since natural light usually isn't enough anyway for film and is enhanced with other light, I can easily see them lighting a night scene in a manner that imitates vampire sight, jewel-tones, etc. Ooh, you make Little Ashes sound even better! Must-see! The Fictionators ( is primarily a site that reviews and promotes Twilight fanfic, but they also review and promote original published fiction, and favor YA romantic fiction. Check it out.

Marielle - Hi, I see you! Keep getting better! And never apologize for Robcrack - as it makes us smile, it is scientifically good for our health! Boston probably does sound Irish and is famous for having a high proportion of Irish folks. I would have to hear them side-by-side, as I'm so accustomed to thinking of them separately. I think that a feather tattoo would be lovely, and very subtle; people would not know why you got a feather and you could tell the truth or look mysterious or give a different answer every time, whatever you wanted.

Sean - I understand about the wierdness of not having work to do at work - I once had a temp position covering the phones for a university swim team department while they were all on summer vacation - almost no one called and there was no other work. I read 8 hours a day for 2 weeks, and hate to complain but that was BORING. I'd kind of rather have work to do. Bet you're looking forward to that pizza!

Susie - I'm sorry for your frustrations with your SiL. I live in such a nice-people bubble these days that it shocks me when people are senselessly, needlessly mean. While hubby boy and I get along with each other's parents very well, sometimes we do run into problems with our siblings' spouses, but not often to that extent. She seems quite unfriendly.

Suzan - Always good to see you here. You sound much more settled with roommate A halfway around the world!

Tonise - Thanks for your support, hon. I definitely make sure I get paid for my work! You know, the longer I'm in the Twilight fandom and have the chance to reflect on the scripts, rather than just react to the overall story line ... yeah, I see MR as less and less of a force for good. Like much, much less. Not really sure that someone who couldn't at least understand Bella's attraction to Edward should have taken this gig. Although she's certainly taking home her piece of the pie. I admire your ability to wait for the fruition of God's plan for you!

Tracy - No apologies needed. You have a wonderful and active family and it's good that you dedicate yourself to them ... I am glad that you enjoy coming to the HH for your fix! Thanks for your support around my work, too! Our Fourth was odd, but ok - not every year is great! My niece is in her early-mid 20's, I think, and thanks for asking. I think she is really ready to do this. I do see that Rob could take a career trajectory similar to Johnny, although he might take a Day-Lewis trajectory too. I just hope that he does not try to take Johnny's famous approach of trying to make himself unattractive in his roles, because it robs the world of a little beauty and doesn't work anyway.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby Tornado » Tue Jul 10, 2012 5:55 am

marielle - yes, but engagement rumours start about every couple as soon as they start dating! Even if this latest round is correct, it will just be luck. It's nothing that hasn't been said before. And if they do marry, as soon as it's done, the baby rumours will be back.

Brenda - I had a look at the fictionators site and I find it a little confusing. I can't see anywhere to submit my story and it annoys me how they use "shop speak" with no explanation of what they are talking about. What is a rec? What is PWNing? No idea. As far as I can see other people need to recommend stories to them, not the author. If anyone wants to recommend the fanfiction I have written, I'd appreciate that. Brenda, if you can find a place where I can submit it myself, I'm more than happy to do that, but I can't find it. To flog the dead horse even further (yes, we do say that!) but then the audience might sit around and say, "Where is the light coming from? It's night and they're nowhere near a house!" etc. It's easier just to have a fire as an explanation of light and a good metaphor for a gathering place.
Edited to add: I finally found something for submissions under 'teaser Monday', but one of the sections there is confusing. It's a required section, and I'm not sure what the heck they want in there. I have sent an email to ask them.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby missp » Tue Jul 10, 2012 2:14 pm

Hi, Y'all!! I have spent the morning looking up flight info for my Daddy and Mama's upcoming trip to Buffalo in August. I am trying to convince them that flying will be easier on them and more economical in the long run than driving across country. Mama has so many problems with her back and neck, I think she'd actually feel better in the long run if they flew. I assured her we could dope her up for the flight if need-be! :lol: My Daddy is 72 and Mama is 63 with a myriad of health issues. I hate them driving cross-country for a two week period. But, I think Daddy may be so set in his ways, he may not be open to the flying option. We'll see!

Now, for the rest of the day until Beth Moore time tonight, I am writing. So... I'll check back in with Y'all tomorrow for a mid-week mega-post! Have a great day! :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby velvet409 » Tue Jul 10, 2012 9:47 pm

*pokes head in the door and looks around sheepishly* :oops:

Um...hi. :hello:

Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long. I came home from our wonderful weekend in Chicago to a tropical storm and a flooded car (I have a convertible top). :shock: Trying to deal with this situation has just been a nightmare, and in the process I’ve learned quite a few things that don’t make me very happy. :rant: There have been a lot of emotional ups and downs, and between body shops, insurance companies and car dealers I’ve been about to pull my hair out in frustration. :banghead: :banghead: However, things have started looking up. I finally got the car to someone who knows what they’re doing so the leak has been found and sealed, and my insurance company is going to pay to repair the damage to the interior. Unfortunately there is still other work that will need to be done on the car at some point, which is worrying because it’s potentially expensive. I’m not out of the woods yet, so to speak.

I apologize for the fly-by post, but it’s all I had time for at the moment. I’ve missed talking to you all and I’m trying to get my life back to normal.

For all of my sisters (and brother) in the US, I hope you all had a great 4th of July holiday. Hope to be back soon.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby Chernaudi » Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:46 pm

Hi everyone.

Had kinda a crappy day at work today--nothing to do again, and then I got sick while I was there and got sent home about an hour and a half early. Hopefully I'll be better for work tomorrow and hopefully I'll have something to do.

I've mostly slept and and stuff like that, and I plan on spending a little time online tonight before I play a VG related thing and go back to sleep.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby marielle » Wed Jul 11, 2012 2:14 am

Good morning everybody.

I start with the sad news, I think you all have seen over at fb about the twilight fan that got killed at ComicCon due to a traffic incident. As sad as that already is, even worse people started to make jokes about it… That’s so ff-ing disgusting…

More bad news, I so had an emotional breakdown last night, it’s not yet gone either. I’m too stressed out for some reason and my mind is in a constant state of chaos. While during my holiday I had finally silence in my mind, now it just can’t stop being noisy… that combined with my monthly women problem and a body that seems to be hurting constantly was too much yesterday, or the fact that I don’t know how to solve it, caused a major break down. I’m going to look for alternative medicine to see if I can find something that might help me win this battle… if anyone got ideas, they will be most welcome!!!!

Now posts and happy things,

Brenda, you were up late yesterday.
I love Boston just for all the folk music that comes from there. I’m a big fan of the Dropkick Murphy’s how come from Boston.
I love the idea of Rob and Kris marrying in jeans and hoodie, that would so fit them… though lately Kris is venturing more into the world of fashion, so maybe something completely crazy… sadly if they got married in Vegas we would know, even though the famous saying, that kind of information will leave Vegas as soon as people pay something…

Lynne, hihi, I love the baby rumors, some tabloids are so creative, I remember when that picture/manip with the stroller came out, I’m sure even Kris and Rob were laughing at that! (can’t find the picture just now)…Though, I think people should be careful with that, what if they can’t have kids… that would be a blow to them every time somebody writes something like that… same goes for Prince William and Kate, they are so focused in the tabloids on getting the first baby-bump pic that the poor girl is under so much extra pressure… I can’t believe the pressure she is already in with the task of providing a heir to the throne…

Tonise, I’m sure your dad will see the benefits of flying…however is he is anything like my grandpa (around the same age) you won’t stop him from driving…too stubborn and too independent for their own good…

Christina, good luck with your car!!! I hope things go smoothly from now on… poor car…

Well as it is HUMP day!!!!

Got to get something done here… see you all soon..!!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby Tornado » Wed Jul 11, 2012 2:16 am

Hey there, everybody!

It's been sad to hear about the Twilight fan who has been killed crossing the road at Comic Con. All it takes is a moment ... It's very tragic. I hope something is done to support her family. There's info on a fund to help them with the funeral expenses here

I've been doing some more work on my fanfic. It's about 22,000 words long now! Alice is about to share her thoughts with Aro.

Tonise - I hope you can convince your parents to fly. It's so much better than long haul drives!

Christina - Ugh, cars and insurance companies. Both can be a huge problem. The two combined? Nightmare! I hope you can get it all sorted out.

Sean - Hope work gets better for you ... I hope your health gets better, too!

marielle - sorry to hear that things are going not so well for you at the moment. Hope you find something that can help! :hug:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby Suzan » Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:39 am

Happy HumpDay!
I quite like this new feature. :D

Not much going on with me... Trying to stay caught up with replies.

Tonise – Yes, almost time to move threads again. Better start packing all the RobCrack! :) How long would your parents have to drive? I can imagine it also being very confusing and scary for them to take a plane if they’ve never flown before. And with some health issues it’s even recommended not to fly.

Lynne – I think you mentioned it before and I just forgot, but will your son have some time off soon? Or do you have the big holiday around New Years? That is very sad about the fan at ComicCon. Until what point will you continue your new fanfic? It sounds massive already. Is it difficult to write from Edward’s perspective given he can read minds?

Caryn – No worries, we’ll patiently wait a few hours more for your posts. I usually read them in the morning anyway. :) Should I send some of our rain to you? Seems like we’re not getting any nice summer weather over here. Reading aloud; Oh that is what you meant, haha. I read to myself that way as well sometimes. It’s still not really working for Cosmopolis though.

Tracy – We would have send you a postcard if the HH address would have changed, don’t worry. LOL Congratulations to your daughter for her basketball accomplishment! Cosmopolis isn’t in theaters yet where you live? It’s been out for a while now over here, but I’m still waiting until I finish reading the book. I might not get to see it until it comes to DVD. The roommate situation has cooled down, yes. Thanks for asking. I still haven’t talked to the new girl a lot, but we’re having dinner with the three of us next week.

Sean – I imagine that would be strange to go to work and have nothing to do but playing board games… Will you still get paid for the hours you were there? At least you have the change to get to know your colleagues. I hope you’re feeling better today?

Marielle – Good luck with the appointments at the houses! I hope you both like at least one of them. Hihi, I would have expected nothing less from, Caryn. She’s nothing if not thorough when it comes to Robsession. :lol: Poor bf though. I’m so sorry you’re feeling that bad right now. It sounds like trouble is coming at you from all sides. I hope it’ll get better soon.
About the physical problems (I don’t know if I’ve told this before. If I did, I’m sorry for repeating myself.) – I’ve actually had a lot of strange, vague problem with my health for a while. Extreme dizziness, fatigue, pain in my neck and back, migraines, problems concentrating, emotional wreck, etc. Looking back, I think I may have had a burn-out, but anyway. My doctor couldn’t find anything wrong on the surface and wasn’t very helpful with digging deeper, so I found an alternative therapy. I went to an “osteopaat”. They’re like a physical therapist (they don’t give out drugs), but they look at the whole body including your inner organs etc. They also take into account your medical history and medical problems in your family. Turned out I had an obstruction in my intestines. She loosened it up with massages and exercises over several appointments and it really helped. It’s still a sensitive spot for me, but I know how to prevent it from getting too bad now. Anyway, the point being, maybe you could try going to an osteopaat. You can usually make a non-committal appointment first and you don’t have to do it through your own doctor. Plus you can get (part of) it back from your health insurance. Just a little tip. Google it some time.

Brenda – Ballet wrap skirts for the girls? Are your daughters doing ballet? How fun! It’s so cute to see those little girls in the pink tutus. How old are they? What is your next story about? Is it a Twilight fanfic? Wow, those are a lot of questions. Sorry. LOL.

Christina – A flooded car? Oh no! Did you leave the top open or was there just a leak? I’m glad it got fixed and hope that the other problems can be solved cheap and soon.

Bye for now!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby VolturiGirl » Wed Jul 11, 2012 1:26 pm

Hi everyone.
My goodness it seems like it's been forever since I've been here. Summer is just a busy time for my family. It feels like we are always doing something on the weekends which is the only real free time I have to Lex. For lack of better wording, it sucks that I cannot stay here long and do a real post. So much I want to say about what’s been going on in AmyLand, but not enough time.

Brenda - YUCK!! No a/c. How on earth did you survive? Yesterday morning it hit 95 degrees at 8am. So happy for you that you got it fixed. Rob and Kris getting married in jeans and hoodies would be so them. I could see Kris wearing a little mini skirt, a cute top, and her chucks. If they did get married on the sly, they probably would have some private ceremony. My guess is that they wouldn’t wear rings in public at first (to protect Kris). Paps go crazy on her.

Marielle - As far as Kris being too young to get married: I got married two months before my 21st birthday. It all depends on the persons involved and their maturity level. I know plenty of young 20-something year old people who need to grow up first before they ever even think about marriage. I love tattoos. I think the feather tattoo would be beautiful. By this winter I am getting a Volturi inspired tattoo. Twilight has had such a big impact on my life that I want to comemorate this era of my life. Looks like you need a hug right now *hug* :hug:

Tonise - I am sorry that you and the detective didn’t work out. I hope that you can convince your parents to fly. I was scared the first time, but it’s not that bad once you are in the air.

Caryn - I still have no idea with your bust schedule how you have time to post. It did seem like you had either gotten over heated or had a touch of heat exhaustion. Fluids-gatorade is always a plus. Thanks for the link fo r Robsessed. I am going to try to check it out today. Rob and the Oscars: I love how all of us who comment on this are saying WHEN not IF...because he will. What was the name of that movie called where Rob was wearing the rainbow sweater?

Susie - Oh Susie, my heart goes out to you about the cabin situation. Your SiL sounds messed up in the head. How mean can one person be to set “new standards” for the cabins? I do have to say that some people are just naturally mean and cold hearted and she seems to be one of those.

Lynne - Cannot wait to read your Edward and Volturi fanfic. With the rumors of Rob and Kris being engaged, I feel like rumors have to start somewhere. Maybe they were thinking of one day getting married or maybe they were talking about what they want in a wedding. Who knows, but until I see a ring on Kris’s finger I cannot believe it...but I can hope.

Suzan - was a little pervy in Chicago with Caryn demonstrating the different standards for PG-13 and a certain scene from Cosmopolis...(still drooling from that one).

Sean - Congratulations on your job. I think we all understand when days are slow at work, the day gets boring. Just remember when your work day isn’t as good as you hoped that it is still a job.

Christina - I was wondering how you were doing. I am so sorry about your car. I hope that your auto insurance will be able to cover the damages to your car without too much financial hardship.

Tracy - Yay for your daughter’s accomplishments. Can I post you the link to a fanfic on a PM or would you rather I e-mailed it to you?

Well, work is starting to pick up so I gotta go. Have a great HumpDay. (computer keeps freezing everytime I try to get a pic.) Sorry!!
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