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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby missp » Wed Jul 11, 2012 3:34 pm

Hello, Siblings! Today is a wonderfully rainy day here in North Alabama! We’ve been needing rain so badly in the last several weeks! We actually need a couple more days just like today.
I’ve been so saddened to hear of the death of a fellow Twi-Fan at ComicCon. It is just disgusting that some people want to make a joke out of people’s tragedy. I must say that I am proud of our fandom for pulling together and helping her family out with funeral funds and all of the wonderful tweets and posts in support and love are great, too. The fact that she was a 53 year old fan truly shocked me. Seriously, she could have been one of us, Sisters! That got me to thinking… God-forbid… should anything happen to one of us… how would we know? Most of us are on FB. Would our families somehow be able to let the group know? I don’t want to be morbid, but it is a fact of life. I love all of you so much and I would want to know if anything ever happened. Ideas? Thoughts? Reactions?
Okay… onto more less-morbid topics. 9 days until I’m beach bound!! Y’all help me pray that my Mama isn’t scheduled for surgery during the time I’m supposed to be at the beach. They have said she isn’t a candidate for back surgery anymore, but this time it’s her neck. So, she has a mylogram to do first to show which side of the neck needs surgery. Then, they’ll do the surgery as soon as possible afterwards. I truly do not have a good feeling about her having more surgery. This would be her 5th or 6th, and they have already told us she might not survive another one. So, I’m a little more than apprehensive. Also, the selfish side of me says… NOT during my beach vacation!! I NEED my beach vacation!
All right… onto the mega-post! I have a feeling maybe only one more before it’s moving day!

LYNNE~~ I hope Little Man is having a great first week back to school! I hate that he had such anxiety about going back! Come to think of it… I’m having a bit of the same about myself having to go back in a month! DENIAL… DENIAL… DENIAL!! LOL! I have finished the outline for Chapter 3 and am planning on starting first scenes today. I just find that it’s better for me to be in the mood to write rather than try and force myself into it. I hate to see Daddy and Mama do a long haul from Bama up to Buffalo… especially with Mama’s neck and back issues. But, I really question whether or not flying is in her best interests or not, too. We’ll see. Wow!! 22,000 words so far on your fanfic! Have you titled this one yet?

MARIELLE~~ Hmm… you and I think so alike on the doctor issue. I HATE going to the doctor. I’d rather do my own medicating until it just gets to the point where I have no other choice. Most of the time, my issues are sinus and stuff, so the only thing a doc is going to do is pump you full of antibiotics anyway. However… with your issues, you be careful and take care of yourself. I want my Marielle around for a longggg time! Speaking of… how are you feeling today? Are you taking meds for anxiety? I took Paxil for awhile, but that really packed on the pounds. I also took Senestin for awhile. I’m sure your doc can give you some ideas on what will work well with your other meds. Your hormones could also be off because of the monthly visit from Satan. I know that always sent me over the edge and compounded any other problem I was having at the time. I will be praying that you get answers very soon. I checked out the Gutter thread. Austin totally cracks me up! He has some really cool insight! How goes the house search? Yep… I can totally see Daddy driving up to New York and back simply because he doesn’t want to fool with the “trouble” of flying.

SEAN~~ Did you celebrate with your planned Little Ceasar’s pepperoni and pepper pizza? I hate that work is so boring right now. But, at least you’re getting paid to be bored. LOL! So sorry you got sick and had to leave work yesterday! Are you feeling better today?

SUZAN~~ Leading my own support group and maybe even my own recovery program has been on my heart since I started my weight loss journey 3 ½ years ago. God has really begun to steer me towards that in a real way, so I know He’ll continue to open doors. How goes the reading of Sempre? Mmmm!! Yummy Hump Day pics!! It would take Daddy and Mama at least 2-3 days to drive up to New York because they have to stop after about 8 hours or so. Mama just can’t handle much more than that in a car for the day. Daddy has flown before way back when he was in the Army, but neither of them have ever flown commercially. And… I do wonder if Mama’s health issues will even allow her to fly. So, we’ll see.

CARYN~~ It sounds like the new schedule is a huge adjustment so far! Evening posts are fine with us. Just as long as we get posts! LOL! I’m so glad you’re predicting Oscars for Rob, too! I honestly believe he should get at least one nod… two possibly. But… I am afraid the snobs that be won’t be in line with our thinking. But, if they are really looking at performance… two nominations are in order! Leading my own group has been a goal I’ve had in my mind since this journey began. I’m letting God open the doors that need to be opened. I just hope I’m up to the task! It’s a big responsibility because people come into those groups with lots of hurts, habits, and hang-ups. I don’t ever want to hinder anyone’s recovery in any way.

TRACY~~ *GASP!* We would never disown our sister-girl! We understand RL and all the responsibilities of mommy-hood! It sounds to me like you need another trip to the beach to recover! LOL! You know me. I LOVE the hot weather. But, it has been quite sweltering! Although, we finally got about a day and a half of rain which was very nice and did cool things off a little… for a few minutes! Magic Mike was VERY hard to watch! In fact, I would not see it again if I had it to do over. The eye candy was great, but I could have done without all the other X-rated stuff. Awww!! Thanks! I know God will send the right man along in His time. Until then… I’ll remain happily single as always!

BRENDA~~ You sound like me and being in a “relatively caught-up” period. I never really get caught up during the school year, but I can have a little breathe easy time periodically. The ballet wrap skirts sound darling! I know what you mean on the difficult part with the writing. I recently had to finish up a rather gruesome murder scene in my latest fic, and it was soooooo difficult to write! It took me DAYS! Well, it’s like this… I can either wait on God’s plan and it be right the first time around, or I can do it my way and spend most of time walking around in circles. I get dizzy when I walk around in circles, so I guess I’ll do it God’s way for the time being! LOL!

CHRISTINE~~ I am so sorry to hear of the troubles with your car! Insurance companies can be such a source of stress!! Grrrr! I’m glad to hear they’re going to pay for the interior repairs. Maybe the exterior problems won’t be as bad as you think.

AMY~~ Based on FB posts, AmyLand has been very busy and fun-filled lately! I hope I can convince my parents to fly, too. I just feel like it’d be better on Mama in the long run. Any plans for the river this weekend?

KAYLA~~ I saw you on before!! Hope you’re doing great, My Friend!

I just got a text from GINNIE!! She says she misses all of us and has been thinking of us! She’s very busy with the new job and family!
Well, I am off to try and get my Mama to answer the phone and fill me in on what the surgeon said today. I’ll keep Y’all posted!
Then… it’s time to write until my Celebrate Recovery 12 Step meeting. Have a great HUMP DAY!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby Tornado » Wed Jul 11, 2012 5:10 pm

Morning all!

I've got a quiet day without much on here today, which is good. Hopefully I'll be able to do a significant amount on my fanfiction.
Edward, Bella and Alice are now back in the reception area waiting for evening, so I've got over the big hurdle of trying to read a lot of Volturi minds. My fanfic is now about 26,000 words long! I'm intending on going until the scene in Bella's room after the vote, so it's likely I will write at least another 10,000 words. By the time I'm done, it will be about half the length of my novel!

Suzan - time flew! Little Man had his two weeks off, but he's finished them now, and is back at school. He'll get another two weeks in September/October. Yes, it's very difficult to write from Edward's perspective because of the mind reading. That's why I found it so difficult doing the scene with all the Volturi. Guessing what's going on in all their minds is not easy!

Amy - Believe me, all that's required for the press to start rumours about a celebrity couple getting married is for them to go out together for more than a few months. There have been rumours of their marriage before, also rumours that she's pregnant, that they're breaking up, etc. None of them have been right yet. I wonder if, since Rob and Kristen seem like the kind of people who don't like to do what's expected, they will refuse to marry just to annoy the paps!

Tonise - I'm glad you're getting some rain! I hope you do get to the beach, and that your mum's surgery will happen when you come back. Being a morbid person, I often wonder what would happen if one of us dies. I guess it's likely a family member would put it up on Facebook, to inform the individual's Facebook friends, and we'd probably find out that way.
My fanfic is called Four Words. Yes, it's definitely easier to write when I have the drive, but it's not impossible to do it when I don't!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby VolturiGirl » Wed Jul 11, 2012 5:59 pm

Lynne and Tonise - It's really not that morbid of a question to ask. I've wondered what would happen if one of us "moved on" too. Over the passed year of knowing all of you here, we've had a lot of tragadies not just in the U.S., but all over the world. Australia has had flooding, the shooting last year (?) where Marielle is, tornadoes (remembering some of you sitting in your car to charge your laptops because you were out of power)...etc. Who was it that was in a car accident when a tire hit the windshield while driving? I was scared for Christina when she was flying back knowing she was going home in the middle of a storm.

So the question is...what would we do if it was one of us?
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby Tornado » Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:06 pm

Amy, you know I hope it's, at the very least, a long, long time before we find out!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby Jazz Girl » Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:35 pm

Good evening, siblings. Looks like I made it in time to wish everyone a...

Happy Hump Day!!!

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, it looks like EOne is taking a page out of Summit's promotional book and hopping on the existing buzz around Rob. Looks like we got a new Cosmopolis trailer!! I must say that I do like this one jus ta bit better then the last. It feels less frenetic and more cerebral, which I think reflect the film better. Either way, I'm way jazzed!!

Of course, that excitement is balanced by the sadness I still feel over the loss of Gisela. As I said on FB, I didn't know her directly, but I do have several friends who knew her. Twin, my girlfriend who is at ComicCon, was two in front of her in line and we've had several conversations about how smart and funny she was, a very passionate fan of The Saga and Rob. It is times like these that I truly understand how blessed we are to have bonds through The Saga and through Rob that have brought us all together. That is the happiness and the joy that we can all take away from this. Gisela spent her last days surrounded by people who really and truly understood her and shared her passions.

Lynne~ With Rob, anything is possible. One thing is for sure, I hope the censors aren’t asleep at the switch. :lol: You are right about the timing of Little Ashes. It’s actually the reason why Rob’s eyebrows are so dark at certain points of Twilight, because they had died them black to play Dali. I am getting more and more excited to read your NM fanfic.

Tracy~ *tacklehugs* Welcome home, girl!! No worries. You know what a forgiving group we are. We’re just glad to see you. You just go ahead and brag away about the basketball team. We love hearing about our siblings kiddoes accomplishments. In my geekdom, I have done a little research. The last time we had this many days of consistent 100+ degree days was the 1930s dustbowl era. Prepare yourself though, because the next winter was the worst in decades with 4 or 5 major blizzards. Looks like we’re in for a bit of a roller coaster ride. Ach, please don’t mention the end just yet. While I know it’s coming, I’m managing to keep myself unaware that it is as imminent as it is. I’m living in my own happy reality where it will continue forever.

Sean~ Sometimes those days with little to do can be nice. But, they get kind of old pretty fast. Here’s hoping you keep just busy enough. :lol: Getting sick at work is always the worst. Well, get some rest and feel better.

Marielle~ Uh oh! Austin can get up to some mischief on that thread. I might need to head over there and take a look. Now now!! We all decided to examine Rob’s other love scenes in the interest of scientific comparison, comparing the emotional content versus the …. carnal content of the scene. It was all purely for objective comparison…. Really, it was… *adjusts halo* No worries. Most days I feel like an old married woman! :lol: It’s a byproduct of being married so long, I think. It really makes no never-mind to me. Different things make different people happy. Hmmm, I don’t know about an Oscar for Cosmopolis. Sadly, the Academy Awards are as much about the politics of Hollywood as they are about the films and performances. As much as it kills me to say it, Rob doesn’t yet have enough political clout to break through that wall. Oh, sweetie, I’m sorry to hear that your struggling. It sounds like things are overwhelming right now, with a lot of stress and then the physical issues on top of it. It seems like a simple solution, but what about something like yoga, something that works both the mind and the body together?

Brenda~ I’ve actually been told and seen research that shows that Hawaii has a slightly higher than average rate of substance abuse. The theories that I’ve read seem to indicate that, where the islands are tourist paradise, for those who live there, life is much harder, particularly when compared to what mainlanders think it is, and when folks struggle, they take it harder because of the perceived possibilities and increased feelings of failure of not living up to that ideal, turning to substances to escape. Band camp in Michigan and Indiana is bad enough! I can’t even wrap my brain around band camp in Tucson.

Tonise~ Hmmm, I’d definitely agree that flying might be a better option. But, I also understand ones who are set in their ways, especially if they are not used to flying, it can seem a daunting prospect. Sadly, that is something that I thought about as well when talking and reading about Gisela. For my part, at least, I know that Hubs would know to notify my online friends as well. It is hard to think about, but it is natural to think about those things when something tragic like that happens. I’m sorry to hear about your mom’s impending surgery. I understand completely about why you’d be worried. Hopefully, things will be alright, both with mom and your vacation. As I said, it’s wonderful that you want to help others the way you have been helped. It is a daunting thing but, knowing you, you are more than up to the challenge. You have a natural way with people that will help greatly. And, always remember, you aren’t expected to heal everyone’s hurts. Only they can do that work. You will be their sounding board and guide to the path of healing.

Christina~ Ugh! Talk about insult to injury. I’m glad you were able to start down the path of a solution. I swear, there are days when I think we never should have upgraded from horses. Maintenance and upkeep was a heck of a lot cheaper, and when they got old and broke down, the solution was fairly simple. I’ll keep sending good thoughts for everything to work out well.

Suzan~ YES!! We could most definitely use some of your rain. Thankfully, we’re supposed to get some on Friday and Saturday. Of course, they said that last weekend, as well. Yes, yes, see, it was all in the name of thorough research!

Amy~ I always do my best to make time for the things that are important to me, and that includes my home here. Yes, a bit of heat exhaustion. It’s not the first time it’s happened. I always make sure to drink plenty, though I stick to water (I have a preexisting dislike of Gatorade). Of course we say when. With that much talent, it is a certainty that it will happen. It’s just a matter of time. Ach, the rainbow sweater!! Well that is none other than the adorkable Daniel Gale in The Bad Mother’s Handbook. *sigh* I have so much love for Daniel…

Alright, off to do a bit of paperwork so I am freed up to immerse myself in tomorrow's ComicCon goodness.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby Tornado » Wed Jul 11, 2012 10:48 pm

Well, because my fanfic is getting so long, I've decided to publish it in sections, so I have put the first three chapters up at The link is here. Let me know if you find any mistakes.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby Chernaudi » Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:45 pm

Hi everyone :)

I had another weird day at work today--my boss basically stopped short of telling me that I could go home when I got there because there was no work to do. But I had a book to read and she let me read the whole day that I was there. Sort of a weird day, and shows the possible hazards of not having enough to do, as it seemed that everyone had lost their minds, especially my boss when she was putting a puzzle together and had a 5+ minute long laughing fit at something a co-worker did--Audi have partially rebuilt wrecked cars at Le Mans this year and in the past in less time than it took for my supervisor to calm down--and she cheated a lot of people out of money in a game of Monopoly. It was still fun to watch, though.

But I'm glad that my work week is over. I don't have many plans for tonight, aside from maybe trying some chicken pasta salad dinner if I can bring myself to make it, but I'm pretty out of it right now and I just want to check a few things online. Maybe also tomorrow night I'll check my LM highlights videos on Dailymotion. I also have to try and respond to the stuff in the "baking", or whatever the hell you guys call it thread.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby smitten_by_twilight » Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:05 am

I don't think I'll have time for more than a fly-by so -

Happy Hump Day

and a special shout-out to Susie.If I can come back I will!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby older_twilight_fan » Thu Jul 12, 2012 1:27 am

Hello everyone~

Even though I may have missed Hump Day....Well, hellllooooo Bicepsward! 8-)

One curious thing....

I finally got around to reading my copy of the June 22nd issue of Entertainment Weekly which featured Breaking Dawn Part 2. The final words of the article describing the climax of the movie have me intrigued, and forgive me if this has already been discussed in my absence....

Team Twilight says that the resulting scenes were worth the effort, and we'll take them at their word. They also say there's some kind of visual valentine to fans in the closing moments. Pattinson, who's seen a rough cut of the film, found himself surprisingly moved. "The end is so sweet. There's this nice finality to it," he says. "Everyone who was watching started crying. It does a serious justice to the series."

Stewart emphatically agrees. "Bill decided to do this really f---ing amazing thing at the very end," she says. The fans are going to go nuts." No doubt. On November 16, pandemonium comes to a theater near you.

Of course Kristen couldn't resist dropping the F-bomb. :lol: Any thoughts about what the aforementioned scenes might be? Could it be some sort of montage from the previous movies, previously deleted scenes, or an epilogue of sorts....from years down the road? What exactly do they mean by "visual valentine"?

Sean~ I'm sorry that your work has been somewhat strange and rather least you're being paid to read your book, as someone else here mentioned. ;) If you're bored, would you consider asking if they had any other tasks you could complete, since it seems they don't really have enough work for you? I hope you get some rest tonight.

Lynne~ Thanks for sharing the link to your new fanfic; I hope to check it out soon. It sounds very intriguing, and I've always loved the ending of New Moon--from the reunion scene forward. Are you still in the editing process for your book, or is that mostly complete?

Caryn~ Thanks for the link to the new Cosmopolis trailer. Is it tentatively being released in the U.S. in early August? It's a tribute to Gisela and the fandom that people seem to have come together so postively in support of her family. I wonder if there will be any sort of public acknowledgement of her at Comic Con this week? We've had a break in the hot weather with temps in the 80's since Monday, as well as some much needed rain. Unfortunately, it seems this rain may be "too little, too late" for saving a few of our shrubs, which have not fared well in this extreme summer weather. I hope your area finally gets some rain this weekend. Love, love, love Daniel Gale!

Missp~ I'm glad to hear you're receiving much needed rain in your area too. We actually had temps in the comfortable low 80's today and I made a point to walk outdoors with a couple of patients during their therapy sessions in these very tolerable temps. Keeping fingers crossed and sending prayers and thoughts your way for your Momma's good health and recovery without another neck surgery. Don't apologize for wanting to go on your beach trip. I'm sure it goes a long way towards helping your maintain your sanity with those new fifth graders each year. :D Thanks for letting us know you heard from Ginnie...I've been wondering how she is doing. Keep us posted on the doctor's news about your Momma.

Brenda~ I'm loving your more regular posting schedule, and am amazed that you fit it in with four kids, hubs, a career, exercise, etc. What an inspiration you are to the harried and scatterbrained working Mom like myself! :D We'll keep your niece in our thoughts and prayers for success with the outpatient recovery program. What you and Caryn mentioned about Hawaii reminded of my cousin (who also lived in Hawaii), and whom I've mentioned here on the thread. He was twenty-seven years old and was a good looking, fun-loving, and charismatic guy. Unfortunately, he succumbed to a difficult battle with alcoholism, the side effects of which killed him just before Christmas of last year. He had loving family who offered him their unconditional love and support through the years, but he just couldn't seem to fully accept their help and chase away those demons. Kudos to your niece for realizing she can't do it alone, and asking for the help she needs to survive this terrible addiction.

Amy~ I'm glad to hear you and your boys are enjoying your active summer. I rarely make posts on weekends any time of the year because I'm busier with hubs and the kids then, and can more easily sneak in my regular posts during late hours on weeknights when the house is quiet. We certainly did drool over that specific Cosmopolis scene you mentioned in Chicago. 8-) Remember your Mom's "speechless" reaction and how we all cracked up? :rotfl: Remember when Eric put his finger in her mouth? :shock: :swoon: PG-13 thread, PG-13 thread, Tracy mumbles to herself.

Christina~ I'm so sorry about the issues with your car, and all the insurance red tape you must wade through to get to the other side. That's always such a pain in the rear and I'm sorry if that put a damper on your trip to Chicago. Good luck with the final repairs and keep us posted on your progress.

Suzan~ Lovely Robcrack you've posted recently. How do you shrink the pictures so they can be posted directly? My technically unsavvy self thanks you in advance for your response. :hello: I'm glad to hear that things are settled down a bit with the roommates, and hopefully will stay that way. No, Cosmopolis hasn't been released in the States and isn't expected here until early August, if I recall correctly.

Marielle~ I'm sorry things seem a bit out of sorts for you with stress, pain, and just generally not feeling well. I think your siblings gave some great suggestions like yoga and alternative medicines. Would counseling be beneficial to you at all, to help deal with the stress? Good luck with the house hunting, and keep us posted on any upcoming employment opportunities.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #10

Postby Tornado » Thu Jul 12, 2012 2:13 am

Sean - your work sounds ... interesting!

Tracy - My thoughts on the ending of BD Pt2 is that they will have Edward seeing in Bella's mind, as per the book (although I think it will be set in the meadow instead of their cottage) and they will have lots of flashbacks from the other movies to show what Edward experiences. I hope that's what it is. With my book, I gave the most recent edit back to Rochelle about a month ago, so the ball's in her court now. She'll let me know if I have any more editing to do. I'm starting to think that there might not be any more, as she wanted the final version back by September, and time's slipping by really fast. But then, she might give it back to me with new edits tomorrow, for all I know!
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