Rob's Halfway House #11

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby Chernaudi » Wed Jul 25, 2012 8:35 pm

Hi again everyone.

I'm really gonna need your support for a while, but I'll tell you what, while what Kristen did was stupid and deplorable, we all make mistakes, and if I cast everyone aside who's pissed me off or upset me over some stupid mistake that they made, I'd be an extremely lonely person. I already b**** about being lonely, but I'd really be screwed if I did that. Stupid mistakes, Kristen has made them, Rob has made them, everyone's made them and we're all not exactly proud of those moments. Do I feel bad for Kristen and Rob? Yes. Do I feel bad for Liberty and Rupert? Yes. Was it a stupid mistake? Yes. Do I think that Kristen should feel sorry for Rob and what she did? Yes. Am I willing to throw her under the bus for what she did? No.

Did I throw Rob under the bus for getting Kristen to cheat on Mike with him? No. That's Rob's stupid mistake, and I'd remind him that him calling Kristen an adulterer would be like calling the kettle black. Now, I'd throw him under the bus for that one, because he did the same thing with Kristen when she was with Mike. In fact, because he pursued her so much, I do consider what Rob did to be worse, because it wasn't an isolated incident, while Kristen's fling with Rupert seems to be a random, accidental type of fling. Doesn't excuse Kristen from responsibility, but I hope that Rob will take that into consideration when he and Kristen talk about this.

And I totally agree with Kayla, in that when we put these people on a pedestal and hope that they won't fall, we're setting ourselves up for heart break, as well as those who we put up there. I love Kristen and Rob as individuals, as a couple, as people and as actors, and Kristen's actions do show that though she's young and flawed, that doesn't mark her as a bad person. Rob's actions with Kristen and Mike's relationship doesn't mark him as a bad person, either. I believe that Kristen and Rob are good people with good values, but it seems that, though she's made progress, that Kristen still has some inner demons effecting her.

What Kristen did wasn't right, but I still love her, and I'd still love Rob if he did something like this, which for all we know, he may have, or he might not have, we don't know and we can't make a fair call on that. I hope that Kristen and Rob, as usually rational people, will work this out, and I hope that Rob knew of this to some extent before Kristen's public apology. I'm just extremely sad for the both of them, and they both need our support and love, and we can't just fully forgive Kristen on the day that this happened. It's almost like the grieving process, where on one level, you accept it, but you have to go through all the steps to fully accept it. We have to take this the same way. On one level, I've forgiven Kristen, but it's gonna take time for me to fully forgive her.

In spite of what's happened, I still love Kristen, and I still love Rob and I'm gonna support them both, because right now, both of them need it more than ever.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby Edwards Ragazza » Wed Jul 25, 2012 9:19 pm

I have heard of him pursuing her just didn't know she was in a relationship at the time. I just know that he was attractive to her in that movie Call of the Wild or whatever it was called. I do hope they can recover from this but if not I will still continue to watch the movies they play in as long as they are ones that interest me.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby older_twilight_fan » Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:14 am

Hello everyone~

What a strange, sad, and confusing twenty-four hours this has been. This time last night (and into the morning) I was vehemently attacking the ridiculous tabloid magazines for their supposed fabrication of this story. I'm unable to access the internet from work, but the story and events were never too far from my mind today. I texted Caryn on my way home and received her unfortunate confirmation of the bad news, and I've been trying to catch up with all of your comments on Facebook and the Lex this evening. The news is just heartbreaking for both Rob and Kris, and for Rupert's wife and kids. Obviously I don't know any of these people personally and really have no business feeling "anything" about all of this, but it's hard not to feel frustration, shock, sadness, anger, concern, confusion, disappointment, and so many other emotions, all at once. :heartbroke:

Sean~ We're always here for you brother, and know that we support you and understand some of what you're going through now. I think one of the special things about the Halfway House is that we try to be welcoming and inclusive to everyone, in spite of the times we may agree to disagree, and that applies to this particular situation as well. I don't condone what Kristen has (allegedly) done, and she's made her bed and will have to lie in it. I hope if she's truly sorry for her actions, she can eventually receive the forgiveness she needs from Rob, whatever their path may be from here on out. I also hope she'll be able to forgive herself, as I think that would be an important step in accepting yourself, learning from your mistakes, and moving on as a stronger and wiser person.

Christina~ I appreciated reading your thoughts today, and the shock and confusion you've felt seems to have mirrored mine. I agree that Kristen (and Rupert) have made a huge mistake, and I can't help but feel disappointed in Kristen and her actions. I think most everyone deserves forgiveness and a second chance if they're truly remorseful for their actions, and I guess only time will tell if Rob and Kristen can work through the pain and feelings of betrayal to come out stronger on the other side. As you said, Kristen already has her share of haters, and I really think this news could have a very negative impact on her future career. It totally takes two to tango and Rupert should bear at least the same amount of blame as Kristen for this mess. But part of me wonders if Kristen wouldn't be roasted over the coals quite so emphatically had she (allegedly) cheated with a younger guy, and not a married forty-one year old father. :?

Jaclyn~ I, too have selfishly wondered how this terrible news, and the resulting fallout will negatively impact the Breaking Dawn promotional appearances and press tour. I can't imagine how awkward those appearances will be if Rob and Kristen haven't been able to fully resolve their issues. I bet Summit is on the rampage, but I could really care less about how this impacts them as a studio, based on how money-grubbing and greedy they've appeared in the past. :?

Lynne~ I know we all thought Rob and Kris shared something very special and unique. They seemed to have staying power, especially considering all the mayhem they had survived the past three to four years. I hope they're able to work through this pain and devastation and find their way back to one another. You're probably right about Taylor; he'll definitely be seen as the buffer during the BD press tour if Rob and Kristen are officially no longer a couple.

Susie~ What a day, hmmm? :shock: My coworker texted me about 10 pm last night with the message, "Did you hear about your boy and Kristen?" Would you believe I raced straight to the computer to check Facebook and the HH House before I returned her text.....hoping against hope her message meant there was news Rob and Kris had just been married. Oh, how I wish that were true. :( I, too am feeing very disappointed in Kristen's actions, not that I really have a right to do so. I agree with you that never in a million years, did I think this was the way their relationship might end. I always thought if and when their relationship ended prematurely, it would sort of fizzle out, when the distance and time apart became too much of a burden for Rob and Kristen to bear. I don't really have any interest in seeing SWaTH now either, and would probably be too distracted by thoughts of Kristen and the director to really enjoy the movie. I do hope that people remember that Rupert is just as culpable, if not more so than Kristen in this scenario--because of his age, and the fact that he was her boss. It doesn't seem like he's getting thrown under the bus with quite the same fervor or enthusiasm as Kristen according to random comments I've read, and I don't think that's fair.

Suzan~ We love you too, hon, and I'm so glad we have one another to lean on here in the Halfway House. No one else but a true Twilight fan (and Rob and Kris fan) would understand why we feel the way we do, why we feel so personally invested in these people and their relationship (whether we have a right to, or not), and why this news is so very upsetting. I also sincerely hope Rob and Kristen can work through these issues and deal with the pain and sense of betrayal together, and as out of the public eye as possible.

Caryn~ Thanks for returning my texts so promptly and talking me off the proverbial ledge this afternoon, when I couldn't access the internet at work. I'm sure you know I was pretty gutted when I read your reponse to my first text inquiring about the latest news, "It's all true. Kris and Rupert Sanders both released official apologies." :shock: The news hit hard, and I'd never hoped more in my life that you were wrong. :(

Kayla~ Thanks for stepping up on your so called soapbox to help place some much needed perspective on this sad's just heartbreaking for those affected, all around. You made some interesting points about how we sometimes inadvertently place such high expectations on celebrities, they have no chance of attaining our lofty ideals. I'm afraid the repercussions of these events may be more far reaching than we can foresee just now....affecting relationships, friendships, families, careers, and even movie studios in upcoming months.

Corona~ Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, and I appreciated your pragmatic and wise advice to Rob. Your "....get stinko with a friend" comment brought some levity to the HH and made me laugh on a day when laughs are hard to come by, so thanks for that. ;)

Ginnie~ We miss you too, hon. Please know that we're thinking about you and your family, especially as I know that some of these issues hit a little too close to home. I agree with you that one of the more painful aspects of what has transpired is that Rob and Kristen will have to deal with all of these issues in the public eye. The papz were stalkerish enough of these two before; I can't even imagine how vehemently they'll hound Rob and Kristen now. Are you still visiting your family or have you returned home?

Ann Marie~ We know how heartbreaking this news feels to us, so I can't imagine what Rob must be going through. Hopefully Rob (and Kristen) have the support of family and close friends to help them deal with all of this. We all make mistakes, and I think there's always a place for forgiveness and reconciliation when we truly feel remorse for our actions. I hope Rob and Kristen are given the privacy they desperately need while they try to work through these painful issues together, and decide whether or not they can remain a couple.

Marielle~ I'm sorry your leg is still bothering you...that must be a nuisance. I never buy those crappy tabloid magazines anyway, and all the sleazy treatment of this story and the careless way they've treated those affected by this "story" have guaranteed I'll never buy one in the future. That's too funny you had a HH dream with Jenn Jenn's daughter and Caryn's husband in the dream. Dreaming about HH members' families has got to be a first. :D

Desiree~ I never buy those crappy tabloid magazines either. I hope Rob and Rupert's wife heard the news from Kristen and Rupert personally, before the illicit pictures and rumors were splashed all over the newstands.

Missp~ I hope you're enjoying the last of your vacation and that you were able to venture down to the beach to revel in the ocean breeze a bit.

I just realized I've never made a megapost with more frowny emoticons than smiley emoticons. I want to thank all of you for being here for one another today. We're so blessed to have a place where we could come together to share a little in our sadness, our confusion, our shock, our frustration, and our concern for people whom we don't even know, about events we can't fully comprehend. Knowing I could visit the Halfway House to commiserate with you, explore these feelings, and discuss these issues with people who truly understand how I feel, made my day better and more bearable. Thanks to all of you, from the bottom of my heart. ;)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby Chernaudi » Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:29 am

Thanks Tracy. I just feel really, really heart broken and sorry for Kristen and Rob, and I feel like crying now that so many people are fighting over them. Just sad and I sort of think that the fandom kinda sucks now (you guys done ;) ), and I wanna take a break from it. Just upset at Kristen for her indiscretion and feeling bad for both Kristen and Rob. They both need our love and support, no matter what certain people say about them.

I haven't felt good all day and I went home sick, and they're predicting bad storms here where I live tomorrow. Just another kick in the balls for me this week. I'm just really sad and in the dumps right now, and I'll probably be going to bed soon. I'll be needing someone to lean on though this, and I know that you'll all be there for me and are so welcoming to someone who is "outside the box".

I'll be back later.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby Tornado » Thu Jul 26, 2012 2:06 am

I'm finding it hard to be cheerful, I must confess. I know I shouldn't be so hung up on it, when I don't know the people concerned in any way that counts as real, and I told myself not to buy into Robsten, because, judging from most Hollywood romances, there was a greater chance that it would end than that it would succeed. But I can't help feeling disappointed. I wish I'd listened to myself. I don't really know these people, and assuming they're going to follow behaviour patterns that I agree with is highly unlikely.

I'm guessing that, prior to the major build-up to BD Pt2 press, Summit will probably test the waters between Rob and Kristen, and probably already have a game plan in place of mediation and strategies to make things flow smoothly. Hopefully it will be one that will help everyone involved, and not make the situation worse.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby marielle » Thu Jul 26, 2012 2:06 am

Good morning everybody……

I hope when you all wake up the storm have died out a bit…

I’m not going to spend much time on the whole cheating issue, enough has been said already…I’m going back to the basics of this thread… worshipping, drooling over, and whimpering over Rob!

Still, I’ll give you a shorten version of my thoughts… this is all so f*cked up!!! I do not understand how you can cheat on a fine species of men as Rob is but I do understand that especially when you are as young as Kris the temptation can make you lapse and chose wrongly (in a former life before my bf I made the same mistakes and though they are wrong, people make mistakes)… though I have still hope that they will work it out together. For Kris making such a public personal statement means that she is really sorry. Maybe Rob will forgive her in time…
Most terrible thing of the whole story is the way it was brought out into the open…Rob didn’t deserve that and I surely hope that Kris had told him well before yesterday…

Okay that were already too many words said on it. :rant:
I’m going to find other things to reply too here…

Austin, the drinking advise is the best option… just get drunk and pretend it’s all a bad dream… for now… than get sober and talk…

Tracy, since the HHcon I dream a lot about you girls actually. I think it’s because I can much more easily place faces and characters…

Okay, that’s it….
Thank the heavens for Robsessed, they have goodies!!!

Also Robsessed is reporting green light has been given for the Rover project!!!! No date of shooting yet but I’m kind of hoping they will shoot it in the autumn before the BD 2 madness starts…


I’m going to go offline for a while… you can’t open a website without the cheating thing being on it… So I’m going to read, Harry Potter smut fic for the rest of the day!!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby Tornado » Thu Jul 26, 2012 2:50 am

I could really do with a HH group hug right about now. Wish you were all a bit closer.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby smitten_by_twilight » Thu Jul 26, 2012 3:04 am

Sorry, need to revisit this for a bit of closure. I think this was the worst party I've ever attended.

Kayla, Ginnie, Lynne - Yes.

I learned a long time ago that you never know what's really going on inside someone else's relationship, even if it's your best friend. Domestic violence, cheating, and even everyday squabbling - people try not to do it in front of other people. Of course Kris and Rob always look fine! They're not going to fight in public. The papz would eat that up too. They did seem to be doing well, but we don't really know at all. And we still don't know now. And if they ever needed some space from a fandom that I'm sure at times has felt vampiric, it would be now. They are adults, even though young ones, and they will find the solutions to their own problems.

It would be silly for this to change my appreciation for their work. They both are quite talented actors and this does not impact that. I could rattle off a list as long as my arm of famous people with disappointing personalities or choices whose work remained valuable - I'm thinking politics as well as entertainment here. I'm not dating either of them, so their personal choices are not terribly relevant to me. I imagine their public personalities will remain similar, although hopefully wiser.

I do like that everyone has stopped to reflect on their own values and choices. The one value that I see in "celebrity news" is that sometimes we learn what mistakes we'd rather not make, what we should value in our lives, and how best to pick ourselves up when we do make mistakes. It's a little like reading fiction that way. (Sometimes "celebrity news" is exactly like reading fiction. Sadly, it doesn't seem like today is one of those days.)

I hope to enjoy BD2, although it will be as difficult not to think of this as it is to see "Mr and Mrs Smith" and not think of Jen and Brad. I hope the promotional tour for BD2 is not disasterous. I still think it's about a 75% chance that Kris' statement was dictated by Summit, in an attempt to manage the spin, and that thought ticks me off. Poor everyone - now the last tour will be memorable for more reasons than one.

Big group hug - really visualize - and sniffles. I'm SO glad I found you all and that you are all so welcoming. And now to try to return to our regular programming.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby corona » Thu Jul 26, 2012 12:29 pm

Lynne, I truly identify with your comments. How utterly irrational to get sucked into this, and yet when something like this happens you discover you have invested more into it than you thought. I refreshed the news every 1/2 hour yesterday, waiting to see what was going to happen. When the news started spreading I got concerned, this was something that should have been squashed immediately. No need to go back through that experience.

Pity poor Rob. It's one thing to learn of infidelity, it's another to have everyone else know about it and to have your loved one's pictures spread all over the internet embracing someone else.

This is so sad for all of us that have been there before. Any first love is battling against the stupidity of youth, and stupidity and self-indulgence so often wins. And for the first love there is a special magic of total trust that you aren't even aware of. What a ****ing shame.

I don't think we'll see these two out in public for a while, either together or separately. My personal opinion is that it is over, it just might take a while for them to admit it.

Caryn, I remember what you said on the Explorations thread way back:

    And, with his more feral instincts at the fore, he couldn't handle the idea of the woman he saw as his giving her body to another man, and the man that he sees as his mortal enemy at that. He saw it as her cheating on him and men react to sexual infidelity resolutely.

Kristen is human and made a bad mistake, and I'm sure she loves Rob, I don't doubt that. I don't doubt that Rob loves her. Sometimes love isn't enough, though, sometimes it just makes it worse.

You want to know what else is a shame? What's the penultimate moment in all of the TW movies, SM's favorite scene from the books? That last scene.

Rumor is they moved it to the meadow, where they can both tell each other "Forever".

As Liberty Ross tweeted, "Wow".

I'll give it one week before we see a re-edited version of that mountaintop kiss from EC on Youtube.

I'm stopping here. The more maudlin I get, the more the imp starts rebelling. I suggest we all have great sex with our partners and clear our systems out. Not for the sex alone, though, we would NEVER do that, but more as a nod of respect for this once magical romance, and a show of solidarity for young lovers everywhere. It's the least we can do.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby openfire » Thu Jul 26, 2012 3:16 pm

Hey folks,

I can't really do a proper post just now - got a headache a wee bit! And need to go get tidied up after dinner.

I checked out the HH fb page, and posted a couple of my worries on there. I was planning to do a much better post here but I'm gonna do a cut & paste job I'm afriad...

"It is actually everywhere. On the front of our newspapers, on the radio on my way to work this morning, people talking about it at work.

And the thing that is bothering me most just now, is the effect on the Saga. I mean I absolutely LOVE this series (books first, but Rob & Kris & the whole cast brought them to life for me in an wonderful way), and I don't want it tainted in any way, shape or form. And I am really afraid that's what this story is gonna do. I am afraid that it will hurt BD2 at the box office (as much as I don't care about Summit getting a profit, I want the movie to be successful). I am afraid that when I watch any of the movies, it won't be the same. I am afraid that the Twilight Saga will no longer go out with the bang that it should be, and that whenever anyone thinks of the Saga, they will just think of this.

It may be incredibly selfish, but if this had to happen, I wish it would have waited until after November. "

And then I added "And the thing that worries me terribly, is that what if more gets released on this & we split into a "I still love KStew" and a "I hate KStew" group :( :( :( :( :( "

Sorry for the unhappy sounding post. Will try and be more cheerful next time - and I will even make sure I use a cheerful face! :D

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