Rob's Halfway House #11

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby Jazz Girl » Wed Dec 05, 2012 11:25 am

Good morning, siblings.

Happy Hump Day!! (Susie's musings about EC made me need a little EclipseWard hit)

Sorry I've been so inconsistent. I get a massive load of guilt when I don't have time for more than a driveby because I feel like I'm ignoring everyone else's wonderful posts. I assure you, I'm not. I just have three massive projects at work right now, so significantly less time to create a full post. Alas, I'll do my best.

Naterpie~ Welcome to the Halfway House. My name is Caryn. I'm likely one of the most seasoned veterans left round these parts. I'm a social worker/trainer, married with two monkeys who pretty much thinks Robert Pattinson hung the moon and Edward helped to center it. ;-) I'm very interested in your project and will be scurrying over to see what it's all about as soon as I'm done with my post here. I'm one of those multiple viewers. You probably don't want to know how many times I've seen The Saga films in theaters. Suffice it to say, I'm doing my part to keep BD2 number one at the box office for a good long while.

Susie~ It's hard to say for sure, but I did chalk it up to that, honestly. Marielle's argument could also be a factor. But, I think that, given the tension on set in that film, it had more to do with having fewer happy memories of that film, vs Bella's memories of what happened.

Tracy~ Hmm, that's an interesting initiative. I would be kind of split about it, rather like you. Believe me, I understand that technology in the classroom is imperative. But, at the same time, I don't want it to replace instruction. Hell, our state superintendent (have I mentioned how happy I am he got voted out of office) actually removed handwriting standards from our educational requirements, chalking it up to the idea that everyone types everything now. I was LIVID!

Sarah~ I was glad to see you are okay after the accident. Now, it's just the pain of dealing with the aftermath. Yes, cars lose about half their value as soon as you drive them off the lot. Here's hoping that you get the best possible result.

Okay, I have to be off. I want to take a gander at Naterpie's thesis thread and have much work to do. I swear, I sometimes miss school. :lol:


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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby Tornado » Wed Dec 05, 2012 11:50 pm

Hello everybody!

I've had a quiet day, and the one thing I forgot to do was come to the Lex! I got distracted by Facebook! Now I'm nearly out of time and I come here to see huge discussions that I should have been involved in. I have ten minutes at the moment before I have to be up and going. :banghead: Fortunately, today has been uneventful, so there' s not much to report here. Now I've just got to go to the Explorations thread and read the huge and detailed conversation that's happening there and hope that I will find the time to reply!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby Susie » Thu Dec 06, 2012 1:10 am

HAPPY HUMP DAY - Something for the boys too!

That's OK Caryn, your guilt makes you human. I just love that you care so much about this place. Thanks for your input on my questions. We can talk more later...

- Are you sure Bella didn't have a happy memory of the proposal? I mean, even though she didn't want to get married, surely she felt his intense love for her at that moment.

Sean - I was a good girl and didn't peak at your invisible font! Hey - have you watched your copy of BD1 yet? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Lynne - Good idea about timing the shield scenes to the lyrics. True that the messy hair would signify the passage of time, but it really struck me as odd - none of the other vampires' hair changes that much.

Mel - I always got stressed out by school costumes! Looks like you've got it under control now. Regarding Christmas baking - do you ever make the traditional English Christmas cake? The one that Americans think of as more of a fruitcake, but with a hard marzipan icing? I love it - especially with a cuppa.

Naterpie/Natalie - Thanks for explaining your user name - it's so cute!

Songbird - Is Sinterklass a bigger deal than Christmas to little kids there?

Amanda Beth
- Thanks for offering to be a tech resource. I might need it someday.

Just another little Hump Day Gift -

Nighty Night, All!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby lulu » Thu Dec 06, 2012 1:51 am

Another quicky, but I do want to say:

Songbird--tell us what your hubby thinks of BD2!

Mel--you sound supremely busy, I'm sorry. I hope you manage to get everything in and then can take a break sometime.

So just wanted to share something cool. You know how you all sent me that lovely card and generous gift of money for my invitro fund? Remember how I said it was perfect timing and convinced me not to give up and wait until next March? Well, hubs and I fasted on Sunday (a principle my church teaches), and prayed for help finding a way to make enough extra money for the last 3 payments of $160 per week. (The day before he sold our exercise bike for enough to cover this week's 4th to the last payment.) Well the next day (Monday), his brother called and asked if we could babysit their kids next Sunday afternoon through Wednesday night while they go on a trip. They usually pay between $100-150 a day for that kind of babysitting. So 3.5 days will be enough to either cover the rest or at least most of it depending on what they pay. So cool huh?! That came to us the very next day! I love seeing little moments that shout out to me that there is a God and He loves us. I'm going to call next week and make my appointment to get this ball rolling! I can't believe it's getting so close! Thank you again, Friends, I needed that boost and now the end is really in sight!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby Chernaudi » Thu Dec 06, 2012 2:33 am

Hi everyone.

I've had kinda an uneventful day. The only major things that I did was get my groceries and get almost done with chapter 2 of Bio-Booster Armor Twilight. As I said, I have some ideas about chapter 3 that I posted in my previous post in a response to Susie.

Susie: I was sort of hoping that you--and others--would look there ;) Minor spoilers that only tease at future events, but don't tell you what really to expect, or if it does give a story or plot element away, it doesn't tell you what will happen. You'll actually have to think up what might happen, but with this being an action/comedy story, nothing won't be too outlandish as a guess, knowing what few--and I do mean few--details that I've let loose, but I still think that some of you will be surprised at what will actually happen :)

I haven't seen all of BD1 yet--I've barely had time to see SWATH, which I though was good though I do have some minor complaints, such as the directing and pacing (I had those before the scandal based on what friends have told me about the film)--it's a scenery and cinematic masterpiece, but the writing and pacing and directing of the actors wasn't the best. No matter how good actors like Kristen and Charlize are, you have to throw them a bone every once in a while to get the best out of them, instead of leaving them to their own devices. And I've said the same about Eclipse, how Kristen, Rob and Taylor were often left to their own devices by Slade and had to improvise and over or under act to compensate, which makes Eclipse, IMO, the weakest in the saga, even though it was still good, just not as good as it could've been. And Eclipse too, focused on the action and scenery porn, instead of steady story telling.

But for BD1, as I said, I haven't seen all of it yet between work and everything that I've been doing. But I have seen the major parts just to see if they held up as far as me remembering how you guys' reviews and opinions left me feeling, even a year later. Well, I'm not disappointed, rather, I'm still as impressed now as I was back then, having now actually seen stuff like the Wedding, the Honeymoon, and Nessie's birth. Makes me wish that I had time to see the whole movie, let alone have BD2 in my possession :)

BTW, if you'd like to have an example of comparing and contrasting sequels or differing adaptions of something, feel free to ask, since I can tie that in with something that's inspiring my fan fic :)

Caryn: I have to say that I feel sympathetic for you not being able to be here as often as you can because of work. Granted, you're doing work far more advanced than what I do, but running around the office (and I do mean literally), running errands for the family, and always thinking can take quite a bit out of you. That's why I've been trying to set up times on most nights to write, because it's sort of an escape from some of that stuff. And it's odd--I now have quite a sum of money, but it's sort of mo' money, mo' problems LOL. I have this money coming in, but I can't have more than a certain amount in my bank account at a time or else my benefits may change, so I have to be a bit mindful of that.

But I do enjoy that freedom of not sweating as much over money and such, and I'm starting to help pay some of the bills around here, too. And with that freedom, I can also buy some stuff for myself, like some books online when I get my debit card, which might happen as soon as tomorrow, at least as far as getting the process started. I mean, my work is a bit tiring and I don't make a crap load of money at it, but combined with my benefits, having a lot of support and looking back at how I was last winter and a few months ago, I do know that I'm a friggin' crap load better off now than I was then, and I'm in general a lot happier now. A little stress relief and not worrying about some things has gone a long way for me.

But I do sympathize with your deal, but family and friends are important, and I have to say that IMO that you're managing everything quite nicely. It takes a lot to be a successful wife, mother, and career woman. Some things that some men and women do with their lives and be successful doing it would drive me insane LOL. I have a friend who's a model, a newspaper writer, a Radio Disney performer, and god knows what else she does, and I wonder how the hell she does it all. All I know is that I haven't mastered all of that stuff yet, but you seem to be doing a pretty good job and I commend you for it :)

BTW, I wonder what the record is for most Twilight Saga movie viewings. I think that you'd be pretty high up on that list LOL, not that I blame you. If I had some serious money and didn't have to worry about work and my "theaters kinda suck" mentality, I'd have probably seen the films quite a few times before I got the DVDs. But then again, if it wasn't for work, I'd have worn out my DVD player, and maybe my long suffering PS2 by now :lol:

Natalie: I did fill out your survey questions when I got online earlier. I hope that you like my answers and that it helps out with your research.

Amanda: Thanks for the offers of tech help, because I'm so behind the times. I did at least get to see SWATH and I liked it, but if there was better directing for the actors and less focus on the scenery porn and action and more on telling the story, I could've been even better. As I said, I've had similar gripes about Eclipse, and though SWATH wasn't as bad, if it was a bit more balanced over the whole, it could've been even better than it was.

Lulu: Great news! I hope that everything goes well for you and your husband.

Everyone: I did get my groceries, as I mentioned. Among other things I got, I bought some fruit juices, some steaks (big sirloins) and I might get the chicken tomorrow or Friday. I also bought a roasting pan for any whole chicken or whole chicken breasts or turkey breasts I decide to get, or maybe beef and pork roasts. I bought some grape juice and lemonade because I think it might help with some energy stuff, because grape juice has antioxidants and citrus fruits have vitamin C, so I'm trying to get some healthy stuff to drink aside from just water, as well as coffee and tea, and the occasional pop.

I also bought some chicken stir-fry, because I've been wanting that for a while, and some really good soy sauce to go with it, and some potatoes stuff to go with my steaks.

And if anyone wants something that tastes like a milder form of Red Bull or Amp, get some Pepsi X dragonfruit flavor. It does have that Red Bull/Amp aftertaste, but not as horrid and the actual flavor is a lot better. Still might not be for everyone, though.

Aside from that, I might veg out for the rest of tonight, and read in bed after dinner. I just have a few happy thoughts in my head, stuff that I can't stop laughing at. I've watched some parts of the old 1989-92 Guyver OVA cartoons on You Tube, and I couple of things have stuck in my mind that were so cheesy, that they were just awesome and I can't stop cackling at them. One of these things isn't very appropriate for here until I can word it in such a way as to it being presentable here. But the second thing is just makes me laugh, and it gets funnier when I think about in the context of the BD2 fight scene.

Here's the scene. Sho/Guyver I knees a hyper zoanoid named Zerebuth in the face, and he chickens out and tries to find Sho's crush (later girlfriend) Mizuki and use her as a human shield. Zerebuth enter the room where she was being kept, to find his comrades dead, and Mizuki no where in sight. He, however, finds Guyver III/Agito, who then gives him this message:

"I will use her, not you. Die, you stinking rat!" (Agito used his friendship with Mizuki to manipulate Sho, from making him do certain things to simply making Sho jealous of him to control his emotions)

And with that, Guyver III extends his arm mounted sonic blades, Zerebuth gets cut in half and dies.

That line I mentioned is just so cheesy in it's presentation, that it's just awesome and darkly humorous. Just the emphasis on the phrase "you stinking rat!" just make it work. And I can imagine in the BD fight scene if Bella gets cornered, Agito in his Guyver armor shows up to whoever is about to kill her, and tells him/them, "She'll decide her future, not you. Die, you stinking rat(s)!", in the same sinister voice, and kills them in much the same way. Hey, it's just a thought, and Agito in recent issues of the manga Bio-Booster Armor Guyver seems to have settled down a bit as far as him wanting to rule the world and his amoral, manipulative ways, or at least he's finding more positive ways to use those traits. Just a random thought that I can't stop laughing at.

And I do think when I get it finished, which will be a while off, my fan fic will bring much cheer to a lot of you here.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby Tornado » Thu Dec 06, 2012 2:47 am

Susie - maybe Alice had been playing with it. She can't do that kind of thing with her own hair; it's too short. And I can't imagine Rosalie letting Alice play with hers.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby TwilightFan87 » Thu Dec 06, 2012 3:03 am

Hello all!

I'm up late, watching the Grammy nomination concert after a kinda quiet/sad day. We got my car to the body was hard to watch her get loaded onto a flat bed. I'm a weird person who gets emotionally attached to their cars!

We also had dinner with my parents so that was fun. I am continually thanking God I wasn't hurt and now that insurance is going to cover a rental for a few weeks as well.

Happier news is that all the change I've been hoarding will let me buy my twilight ornament thus weekend, hooray! And that hubby decided we can indeed afford to finish the Christmas shopping, which I really enjoy doing, and we were nearly done anyway :) now no one has to feel left out :) :) my parents have a real Christmas tree and cut me off as branch that I can sniff but that wouldn't bug hubby's allergies :)


Natalie- I will get over and fill out your thesis survey tomorrow at the latest :) I like hearing the stories behind people's screen names, though mine is lame because I was just so happy to find a place to discuss my love of the series I put very little thought into it :)

Susie-I love that picture of R+K :) great shot!

Caryn- thanks :) it's weird how in the aftermath I realize how much worse it could've been! So scary.

Song- happy Sinterklaas! Hope it went well :)

Lynne- ah okay, cool :) sounds fun!

I figured out we have the stuff to make a graham cracker house, just need the candy, which will be fun I'm trying to figure out how to concentrate on the joy of Christmas and not the stress.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby marielle » Thu Dec 06, 2012 3:15 am

Hey everybody!!!

It’s almost weekend!! Just two more days…
Yesterday I worked 9 hours so I’m off early today…

And the most horrible thing happened!! It snowed!!! Absolutely horrifying… and they are expecting more tomorrow…they talk about the chance of 20cm of snow in one day… Let me tell you, that’s enough to put Holland on it’s “behind”… :rant:

Alright let me see what you all have been up to.

Sean, I’m shocked that you don’t have a cell phone!!! I mean it’s been 20 years till they invented text messaging!!! I couldn’t imagine living without my cell… it’s my life line (okay that might be a bit melodramatic…)
I’m clued to the tv for the shows about 21-12-12…I’m just curious with what they think the four horse men will bring.. but strangely they never mention Zombies…

Lynne, hihihi I can imagine you don’t have big inside dinners for Christmas… that would be so hot… Do you do something like a bbq?
I’m not sure if we are getting a white Christmas yet but December has started white already.

Susan, how did your kids made it through Sinterklaas? Did you have lots of fun…

Nathalie, I love your nickname!!! I loved pokemon as well (thanks to my brother) what I remember Caterpie was a really cute one.

Caryn, I love Eclipseward!!!! Especially the tent scene… gods he looked sexy in that…I can reply that scene a thousand times… too bad the puppy is in it so much.

Susie, nah, Bella saw that whole proposal scene as a bit of a rejection. Remember she got worked up over something sexy and he denied her… I think the proposal had to many negatives to make it to the top of her happy memories. However that still doesn’t explain why they showed Edward leaving her…probably to convey emotions or something…
Yes, Sinterklaas is bigger for the kids here in Holland than Christmas…Though over the last few years people are more interested in Celebrating Christmas…

Lulu, I’m happy for you that slowly the funding is coming together…

Sarah, you are not the only one who gets attached to a car… I had a hard time saying goodbye to my first car as well…it was my little racing buddy for a long time… now I’m stuck with a stubborn French!!! I miss my old car greatly…

Alright, time to get something done…
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby Chernaudi » Thu Dec 06, 2012 3:39 am

Marielle: If I remember correctly, you have a Citroen of some type now (I think I saw it on Susie's page once when she posted photos from a visit to Holland), but what was your first car? Wasn't it an Opel?

I certainly wasn't attached to the last car me and my brother had. It was a 1989 Chevy Corsica, and it was a pretty horrid car IMO. Our '95 Pontiac Grand Am, aside from some overheating issues, is far better. Of course, one day, my little brother is supposed to be a '85 Ford T-Bird with a 5.0 V8 in it. I was also fond of an '87 T-bird Turbo Coupe that, even when making about 400hp, still got almost 40mpg highway.

Also, not all French cars are crap--my father successfully raced a Peugeot 403 at track at here in Mansfield about 30 or so years ago when Mansfield Raceway was still a dirt track, and long before NASCAR raced there. Of course, in 2013, NASCAR will race the Truck Series at Eldora--a place familiar to Caryn because Tony Stewart owns it. And the Nationwide cars will race at the Mid-Ohio sports car track near where I live to replace the American Le Mans Series date that clashed with another event, though the combined ALMS/Grand Am deal should be back at Mid Ohio sometime in '14.

I personally like Citroens and quite a few older Peugeots and a lot of Renaults, even if some are based off of Nissans. But some newer Peugeots are sort of repugnant, and it's not a big stretch to see why PSA is struggling with sales and profits now. Also, do you know anything about the NedCar BV plant? I heard that either PSA or BMW were buying it to (in BMW's case) build the Mini there.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Postby Tornado » Thu Dec 06, 2012 5:10 am

I'm a little ticked off. We put the car in for a service today. We usually do it once a year, and last year, just before we put it in, the car started making a bit of a grinding noise when we were braking. This concerned me, so I told our mechanic about it and asked him to make sure the brakes were fine. He said they were, so I thought it just must be one of those funny noises that cars make sometimes that don't mean anything.

Anyway, I was going to pick up the car today and the mechanic rang to say he'd finished with it, but then he took it for a test drive and heard the noise I'd told him about last year and he looked at the brakes and said that the brake pads were worn down to almost nothing! I was shocked beyond belief, because I'd asked him to check it A YEAR AGO WHEN IT WAS MAKING THE SAME NOISE and he said it was fine and now, even after doing a service on it suddenly he drives it and he FINALLY notices there's something wrong with the brakes and actually finds the problem, whereas we've been driving a car with shonky brakes for a year after being told that they were fine.


Time to find a new mechanic.

Sarah - glad to hear you can afford to do your Christmas shopping. I love doing it!

marielle - snow *sigh*. No, we usually do the roast turkey for Christmas because it's traditional, and we do eat outside when we have Christmas at our place, but at the in-laws' they have air conditioning in the dining room, so inside dining is fine there!
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