Dating Thread

Re: Dating Thread

Postby Ruby » Fri Aug 22, 2008 12:09 pm

Yeah...I just talked to him online for a couple hours...I really don't think I like him any more. I'm just hurt. I don't think I even want to be good friends with him right now. I just need time to heal. And time to be single. I went from boy to boy to boy, and that was a really bad idea. I needed time to heal on my own instead of trying to use other guys to do it.
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby nissanmama » Fri Aug 22, 2008 2:32 pm

That's a very mature insight. Sometimes you just need to hear your own thoughts in your head to figure out who you want to be. ... directlink
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby simplymortal314 » Fri Aug 22, 2008 2:35 pm

cyber-mom, *hug* As a freshman I thought all the boys my age were freaks, I still do. There are few that aren't. She'll get over that phase, but I wouldn't worry that she'll seek out upper classmen. Good luck to her!

Ruby, good. You deserve time for yourself and forget all these dumb boys. Isolate yourself from them and hang out with Ben & Jerry.

Camber, if he didn't want to hurt you he wouldn't have said that. Guys just really suck sometimes. Feel better soon! *hug*

I start school on the second, the day after labor day. Hmmm, I wonder how many guys changed over the summer?
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby Ruby » Fri Aug 22, 2008 2:45 pm

Thanks, guys. I'm just gonna wait until I go to college next year and find someone completely new. I'm tired of all these dumb high school guys.
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby wishingiwasbella » Fri Aug 22, 2008 3:41 pm

see Ruby that's the way to see it. I mean there's more fish in the sea, and just keep your eyes out for college guys, I mean you'll fine a few of them are total jerks. So just don't ever settle for anything less than what you deserve.

I really don't have any stories I've been married over a year so I guess I don't belong in this thing.
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby *Aros_girl* » Fri Aug 22, 2008 3:53 pm

Camber: I'm sorry. That is not really fair. *hugs*
I feel so sorry for you

Update: Okay so before the lex was well you know I said I was going on vaction. Well I'm back from that. I thought really hard about if I like Tim(the guy I liked before I left) and I decided I don't. I see him more as a friend than anything. But I hung out with Marsail for four hours last week. It was so much fun and we just talked about nothing. He even tryed on girl jeans and mad me laugh. I was having a bad day and he fixed it. He made my day that day. It was so funny to see him in girl jeans. But he bought me a jacket and that was so nice of him. And he did it just becuase he wanted to. He is a great friend. But makes me wonder if he likes me again.
But for now I like him as a friend.

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Re: Dating Thread

Postby tiffi » Fri Aug 22, 2008 7:13 pm

didnt read anyones update. sorry!!!!! its friday so im not gunna be online long. so heres my lil update:
-i saw BG in the hall and my heart like spazzed and was beating rele fast........i dunno why that happend
-stil going thro the hall i say druggie and i flicked his arm and he poked my stomic
-i was zoning out and i had a little fantasy about me and druggie......the kind i probably should have been having about me and BG when we were "going out" but never did. oh sheeeeet i think i hav a crush on a druggie!!! but what WAS that with BG in the hall??? i thot my reactions were werid.....

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Re: Dating Thread

Postby igotrhythm » Fri Aug 22, 2008 8:24 pm

Hey guys(it's Edwardisanangel!)!

When I last left you, I was really excited to see Matt(#2) again. I saw him, and I see him consistently just about every day. I try to talk to him as much as possible, but I'm trying not to be pushy... Anyway, things are pretty great with him. Nothing beyond friendship at this point, but I'm working on it. I have considerable evidence that he called me "kiss-able"...but that's not solid, as I wasn't there, nor was anyone that I know, but...I'll keep my hopes up. :D

Anyway, remember Matt #1? Well, he apparently hasn't left for college yet(it doesn't start for at least another week) AND he's gonna be teching for our marching band until then, which means I will see him on a fairly regular basis for the next week or so. Which makes me very confused...because I thought I was supposed to be over him. Sure, Matt #2 is better,'s all very confusing.
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby lovemesomecullensss » Fri Aug 22, 2008 8:30 pm

Heyyyyyyyyyy guys! I'm here! *enter fashionably late* :]

Allow me to catch up...

Hey! Okay, so I already talked to you about the whole BG breakup thing. I'm sorry you got cut from your team. That's totally awful! :/ But on to your dating life... sounds like all the boys are after you! Keep flirting with FFB; you're right, you might be able to teach him a lesson haha. And keep FF as a friend; he sounds sweet. Try not to lead him on though, Miss Flirt. ;) And BG in the hallway... well, it's probably just the aftermath of having dated him. You may not have known where you two stand as friends or whatnot, so it was just nerves of seeing him. Don't worry about it. And you have a crush on Druggie? Well... that could be a problem. But just flirt with him and see where it goes. Make it clear that you don't want to date anyone who does drugs. Some guys will drop bad habits for girls. But just see what happens with him. Be careful, though. And have fun. :]

Awww, hon. I'm sorry you miss him so much. :/ It sucks that he's at college now. Buhhhht, he's still yours, girlfriend! ;) So I'm sure your parentals will be cool with you hanging out with him when he comes back. And you can spend some time with him to quench your need for some Noah. Haha. I'm sure it'll all be fine. As long as he keeps in touch with you. And you really need to trust him because you not trusting him might make him push you away, and we don't want that. Good luck, hon. LDR's are hard but you and Noah can make it! :]

Sorry you have a creeper. Hate those. Hopefully there'll be some boys that got way cuter over the summer. ;) :]

Well, at least you're still friends with Lu and you're on good terms. So it's not awkward. That's great that you want him and this girl to be together. I'm sure he'll really appreciate your attempts to help them. So just start the new year with a fresh beginning and have some fun! To be cliche, there are plenty of fish in the sea. :]

Welcome to the thread. :] I'm sorry you hate dating; why is that so? And your plane story was cute. Some guys like to stare... can you blame them. ;) Haha. :]

I'm glad you care enough about yourself to try not to let this bother you. Just forget about him; you don't need him. Go flirt shamelessly with all kinds of new boys. :]

Awwwn, hon, I'm so sorry he broke up with you! :/ That's terrible. But hey, you knew it would've been hard to date him. You yourself were even thinking about calling it off because of the distance and the pot thing. So I know you really cared about him, but try not to be too devastated. He won't be around to conjure up any feelings. Distance yourself from him (figuratively, of course, as in don't talk to him) if you need to. Give yourself some recovery time. But realize that if things are meant to happen with him, they'll happen later. They don't need to happen now and you don't need to stay hung up on him. Feel better, hon! :]

Hey! Sounds like MG is a typical Freshman... don't give up on her completely. She may find someone to her liking with time. Registration is hardly long enough to make good decisions about boys. Haha. :]

That's alright. Welcome to the thread! :] Have any fun dating stories to share?

So you're over Tim and you've got a really good friend in Marsail? Sounds like you've got it made haha. You may not like Marsail now, but who knows what could develop over time. So always be aware of that. Other than that, go out there and flirt my friend. :]

I'm still calling you Edwardisanangel. So there. Haha. :] And try not to think about Matt #1. Sure, you'll see him, but it's just the nostalgia that's confusing you. Concern yourself with Matt #2. And just continue to move things there. Get the ball rolling. And have fun. Good luck. :]

Okay, as for me.

Tim and I aren't friends anymore. And I'm okay with that. Okay, not really. I'm actually really sad and hurt that he doesn't want to be friends with me. Well, that's not what he said. Actually, he just hasn't said anything to me for three weeks and he ignores me / avoids me at school. Completely. If I say hey, he averts his eyes. He might grunt, but that's it. So I assume he doesn't want to be friends. I've talked to him about it before and he said he doesn't know what I'm talking about. I don't think he likes confrontation. But I have no idea what I did or didn't do. And now I'm kind of sad. :/
And Matt... well, I get to see him Sunday... oh joy. Both our families will be there, but Lord knows that won't stop him. I have no idea what to expect, and I'm kind of freaking out. Because the last time I saw him, he apparently had no idea that I used to have a HUGE crush on him... so now, who knows what he'll do. Oh jeez...
Other than that, I don't know of anyone (for sure) that has a crush on me at the moment. But I flirt all day long nonetheless. It's fun, but none of it's going anywhere. Oh well, it still has it's finer points... hahah. :]

PS - Glad to be back on here. :]
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby StupidxLamb » Fri Aug 22, 2008 8:34 pm

Tiffi...sometimes I react that way with guys I am not REALLY interested in. Like, my ex for example. That is a touchy subject, cause he's an ex. But I'm in no way romantically interested in him...but our past gives us a connection. It really was just something very minor that went on, but still...he was my first "boy thing," so it left its mark. Maybe BG just left his mark on you. (Don't make that something dirty LOL). Or maybe...just have a crush. :D

AHHh, Camber!! *hugs* That is not cool. I'm so sorry, girl. I hope you feel better about this soon. I really want for you to find one guy that will just treat you right, gosh darnit! You'll find him...if he doesn't find you first. ;] know what they say, a long absence can extinguish the smallest of loves, and ignite the truest. So Tim just wasn't meant to be. ;] But Marsail...hmmm...keep him in mind. He sounds like a great friend no matter what though! Was it an expensive jacket? Hehe.

Sooo, Noah has called me a lot since he moved in. :] Every day, actually. Well, except today...we talked on AIM. His first college party was a bust. Everyone was drinking except him and a couple other people, but he stayed to make sure none of the girls did anything stupid. That's my Noah. :] Always the gentleman. Except he's kind of stupid...haha...even for a Duke student. I guess there are a bunch of student dares and whatnot, and Noah LOVES a good thrill seeking event. So late tonight, when he won't get in trouble with the campus, he and some people are going to climb the auditorium. And then some night, he is going to borrow someone's car and drive backwards around the East campus. It's "tradition," but most people don't do it because they will get in trouble if caught. And I'm idiot. I just told him he was being ridiculous, but I don't think he realized my seriousness, because it was on AIM and there is no way to indicate inflection or tone. I don't know. I just kind of wish that he would...follow the rules. He doesn't like drinking, not because it's illegal (that doesn't bother him), but because he thinks it's stupid. And I'm like...good, but it's also ILLEGAL. GAHH. I don't understand him sometimes.
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