How do you talk?

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Re: How do you talk?

Post by PiXiE_Shopaholic1025 » Fri Aug 22, 2008 10:52 am

I'm from New Hampshire, I say Hampsher not Hampshire. I don't really have that Boston accent (I live like a couple hours away from there). But I do say "wicked" a lot when I talk about things that really excite me. I've kind of stayed down South for a few weeks at my grandparents house, so I picked up a little southern accent, from copying people. I do that alot, copy people's accents, so I really don't know what I sound like.

Haha. Oh, and I don't say wicked hahd. Only when I'm making fun of the accent.
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Re: How do you talk?

Post by xvampiresxbitex » Fri Aug 22, 2008 1:16 pm

well i would like to think that i dont have a texan accent but i hear it everyday so maybe im just so used to it i dont even notice. i dont think i do. um.... so maybe i just talk normal with some southern dialect. (i say "ya'll and we call multiple soft drinks coke, even if they are not coke)

i really like british accents though

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Re: How do you talk?

Post by wishingiwasbella » Fri Aug 22, 2008 4:07 pm

I'm from texas so I have a very southern type of accent not a total hick but there are words that come out like I was a hillbilly. But I'm ok with that I LOVE australian accents and then Russian ones as well...
I agree with Pel new yorks accents annoy me So much, i can hardly understand what they are saying. Lol.

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Re: How do you talk?

Post by ferita » Fri Aug 22, 2008 11:18 pm

i live in texas so i know i have a little acent but i can't really hear it that much, but ever once in a while i can totally hear it and its halriouse!! like is a big one i some how draw it out and get an a in it. its allways great fun to make fun of someone when they do it, it happens to all of my friends ever once in a while. its sooo funny
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Re: How do you talk?

Post by catieolacullen » Fri Aug 22, 2008 11:51 pm

I guess I talk normally? Haha I don't really know. I talk like most normal Pennsylvanians. Except people tell me I say orange weird. I say it more like or- aange. I say the A like when you're singing the alphabet. Long a. Haha. I also say vase like vaaz. Haha. Uhh. Hmm.. I probably say some other words differently. It's just how I speak. My parents used to always tell me how to say orange and I guess it just didn't register? Hah. And I water as waaaah tehr. Haha. Uhh... Yeah :)
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Re: How do you talk?

Post by Macy! » Sat Aug 23, 2008 12:11 am

I live in the South, but I have a standard American accent.
I don't talk like a Southerner unless I'm around one of my friends, who speaks reallyyyy Southern. :P

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Re: How do you talk?

Post by bittenbyEdwardCullen » Sat Aug 23, 2008 12:40 am

I from Texas but I don't really have a thick southern accent or a southern accent for that matter. I do have a few slip ups but thats about it. I took a quiz online and it said I had a North American accent. I guess it would take someone from another state or country to tell me what accent I have.

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Re: How do you talk?

Post by iloveawerewolf... » Sat Aug 23, 2008 2:18 am

I'm from Minnesota.
Compared to others..I have an small accent. Like I say long o's. Instead of Minnesota, I say Minnesoooota. And I do say uff-da, don't cha know..and at points in my life I have had spoke with a thick Minnesota accent. LOL.
But one time I went to Flordia and I sounded completely different than all the people I met. It was quite weird, especially since it was my first time in the south. :D

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Re: How do you talk?

Post by BeautifulVeins » Thu Aug 28, 2008 4:01 am

I'm from New Zealand and I'm moving to America next year, I've heard that sometimes people in the U.S find it kinda difficult to understand I'm a little worried about that. :shock:

I think Australians and New Zealanders have really unique words and sayings, does anyone no what 'munted' means? I'm not sure if we just say that here and no where else.
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Re: How do you talk?

Post by jacob-rox-my--sox » Thu Aug 28, 2008 5:11 am


lol anyway
i talk super fast--people often have trouble under standing me if im excited for any reason
lol i know what munted means..i bet its a kiwi thing

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