"The Hair" ~ A Robert Pattinson Thread

Re: "The Hair" ~ A Robert Pattinson Thread

Postby porscheturbo911 » Sat Oct 25, 2008 8:53 pm

ana; wrote:shy guys are adorable.

is hard to picture Robert being shy, i have this image of rebel in my head. it doesn't fit haha.

but look at this, shyness and hot hair to the max:


Oh my god, that was so funny! Who would have thought that he's that shy?! When he started walking around after he hugged the little girl, it was so awkward 'cause he kept stumbling. And the whole "I'm emotionally retarded." had me rolling on the floor laughing :P.
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Re: "The Hair" ~ A Robert Pattinson Thread

Postby Tengo Nubs. » Sun Oct 26, 2008 2:23 am

ah ha! i needed one more post to get to my new rank and i can't imagine a better place for it!!

i love rob's hair. it is the only thing that makes my world make sense.

seriously, i just want to touch his hair! i mean, i know that's kinda weird, but how could you not?! gaaah i love the sexy bedhead look. it totally works on him. and! bonus, his hair is completely how i imagined edward's would be! i actually think they made it a little too neat in the twilight movie but oh well lol. oh my goodness. and i love how he runs his fingers through it constantly....i'm guessing it's like a nervous tic or something but it totally just adds to his appeal.

and i agree, the crying girl was really awkward in that video. poor rob. he seemed like he was completely embarrassed, but more because the girl was crying and he didnt know what to do and everyone was watching! i would be mortified if it was me... hmm anyone notice how he kind of tried to get out of having to do it? haha i mean i don't think he's a mean person and didn't want to hug the girl but it was awkward...it's much better to corner him later and then ask for a hug...or more... :twisted: haha, i love how that smiley's called twisted, by the by.

okay, back to the hair. a magical world indeed. "that's why his hair is so big--it's full of secrets!" secrets of amazing sexiness, that is. it's late and i'm not making sense, but i still adore his hair.

okay, i'll end with one of my favorite hair pictures. but even here it's not messy enough....but i still love the picture lol
http://robertpattinson.org/gallery/disp ... 135&pos=38
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Re: "The Hair" ~ A Robert Pattinson Thread

Postby G-Faerie08 » Sun Oct 26, 2008 9:57 am

I love guys with great hair!!! And Rob of course is one of them!!!!!! His hair is a messy perfection.

Watch out though..It will be so funny if he got a role where he had to shave his head and then all us girls will be like :shock: :shock: :shock: But of course we'd get over it..It is RPattz afterall..he could definitely pull it off..
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Re: "The Hair" ~ A Robert Pattinson Thread

Postby spookybell » Sun Oct 26, 2008 2:52 pm

Hello my fellow frolickers who love to play in Rob's hair. This thread makes me very happy. The pictures make me very happy. The links make me incredibly happy.

The word sexy is okay, but the term "s-x hair" is not. In fact it’s the word “S-X” that is the culprit… Ah, I know technicalities. We have to keep this a very PG forum for our youngest friends. Thanks!

Don’t worry, if you forget, I will be here to remind you.

Please keep posting links!!!!!

xoxo Spookybell
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Re: "The Hair" ~ A Robert Pattinson Thread

Postby ana; » Sun Oct 26, 2008 3:25 pm

I love how in the first video the lady tells him how to hold the mic so it sounds better, and he goes "ooh there we go", in this sexyy tone.

haha, and after mia left he said "i'm not having kids".
&& Oliver, the director said something like "rob had a vasectomy".. HAHAHA.

and in the second video how he keeps slamming the mic so it works.
he's so charming and spontaneous (sp?).. love that.
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Re: "The Hair" ~ A Robert Pattinson Thread

Postby Landiana » Mon Oct 27, 2008 1:54 pm

whay would you want to escape a room with The Hair in?
Gawd i love him, The Hair, everything about Rob basically!
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Re: "The Hair" ~ A Robert Pattinson Thread

Postby vampire_elf » Mon Oct 27, 2008 1:57 pm

What is this thread doing to me?????? :shock:
After reading the posts here yesterday and watching the Youtube clip for the Austin film festival and , WHAM, I dreamt about Rob last night (never didi that before). Needless to say that he had super sexy hair in that dream! ;)

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Re: "The Hair" ~ A Robert Pattinson Thread

Postby Landiana » Mon Oct 27, 2008 2:00 pm

dont worry it happens to the best of us!
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Re: "The Hair" ~ A Robert Pattinson Thread

Postby Nena » Tue Oct 28, 2008 3:54 pm

As some of you know RP did a press junket in Mexico and in a recap on a Spanish site, they said this:

About his hair, when the makeup person was working on him (at 7 am), he said "No, my hair no". And also that he touches his hair more often when he is getting nervous. Also he doesn't like to wear too much makeup.

Now, my question is... why do you think he didn't want his hair to be done?

A) Was he scared of the mexican stylist?
B) They didn't have his favorite hair styling products?
C) Bed hair is hard to accomplish?
D) fill your own
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Re: "The Hair" ~ A Robert Pattinson Thread

Postby urcoolcarrie » Tue Oct 28, 2008 4:14 pm

i think that he didn't want anyone to do it because he would mess it up anyway. which, in fact, he doesn't really mess it up. he just makes it better by running his fingers through it. :)
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