The Cullens' taste in music

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The Cullens' taste in music

Post by Nena »

We all know Bella and Edward's taste in music (somewhat) but do you wonder what music the others would listen to? Discuss here:

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Re: The Cullen's taste in music

Post by debussygirl »

I think Rosalie might listen to angry girl rock. And Carlisle would like the classics, and Esme too. Esme might also like stuff like Celine Dion. Alice I think would be on the same page as Edward. Jasper might like a little country. Emmett I could see getting into rap, maybe.
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Re: The Cullen's taste in music

Post by dandyvampgirl_13 »

I so bet Rose like P!nk and Kelly Clarkson and Collie whatsherface and Rhianna, stuff like that.
Emmett goes for the classic rock and metal.
Carlisle, contemporary classical, modern music, like Death Cab...
Esme, same thing...
Jasper likes his Southern country :P
And I can sooooo see Alice singing along to the Beatles really loudly! Like Strawberry Fields or something!

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Re: The Cullen's taste in music

Post by Meztli »

Emmett is definately a rocker. I can see him driving down the road in his giant jeep, rocking out. Esme is more of the classical, her and Carlisle. Alice...maybe some modern opera :?
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Re: The Cullen's taste in music

Post by anilu »

I totally see Emmett into hip-hop, rap and so xD
Jasper is soo country
Alice might share likes in music with Edward..
Rosalie, I see her rocking to Kelly Clarkson :lol:
Carlisle and Esme into more classical things..

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Re: The Cullen's taste in music

Post by Gi.Kodaly »

I agree with you guys. I see Rose as liking today's music, especially Katy Perry! LOL! And some dance music too. Alice seems to me as being a fan of dance, house, psy, stuff like that, and maybe some classic music. Emmett is funny so he'd like music like that, so some classic rock, hip-hop and maybe Village People! :lol:
I don't really see Jasper listening to country only. I think he's into ballads too.
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Re: The Cullen's taste in music

Post by psugar »

Emmett-rock and Hip Hop
Rosalie-Anything super girly
Carlisle and Esme-Classical
Jasper-All musics I can see him kidnapping numerous CD's from Edward not that he would get to far with them
and*drum roll* Alice-I can so see her in her porsche rocking out to paramore and calming down to that peaceful music
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Re: The Cullen's taste in music

Post by -veiled- »

Alice is so "bubbly" that she might listen to a bit of everything in pop, swing, rock, etc.
Rosalie - definitely listens to "girly" music probably like Britney Spears (I hate her.)
Emmett seems like a rocker.
Carlisle definitely listens to a lot of classical along with Esme, but she probably listens to more of the love songs as well.
Jasper probably listens to just about what Alice listens to.

And we already know what Edward and Bella likes.

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Re: The Cullen's taste in music

Post by ICE »

I am sorry if this post is in the wrong thread, but I have searched everywhere and cannot find where to ask this question.
I loved the movie and in the last scene when Edward and Bella were dancing there was a song playing in the background. I would love to know what that song is. It was playing very low and the only words I could make out were, 'I found you'.
I have looked everywhere and the songs with that name are nothing like the one in the movie. Can anyone help me with this song?
thanks, ICE

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Re: The Cullen's taste in music

Post by urcoolcarrie »

That song is called "Flightless Bird" by Iron and Wine. It is currently my favorite song. :) I love it.

Anyway...Heres what I think for the Cullens:
Carlisle & Esme-I think that they would both listen to "oldies."
Emmett-rap and rock. Like Meztli said, I can see him cruising down the street in his big ole jeep acting cool. :lol:
Rosalie-this one is a bit harder. I think she might like hip hop. :?
Jasper-total country. :)
Alice-I can see her listening to everything. She probably likes the kind of music Edward listens to the most, though.
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