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Re: Dating Thread

Postby lovemesomecullensss » Fri Aug 22, 2008 8:40 pm

Awwwwn, that's so great that he's called you every day practically! And you know how Noah is; he's reckless. You can't really stop him, especially when he's so far away. So just let him do his thing and keep interjecting your opinion. Not that he'll listen, but it's always worth a shot. :]

PS - I know on the old thread, I posted every day. But with school and rehearsal, I'm SO busy. I don't know how often I can post. I'll try to read as much as I miss as possible, though. 'Cause I love you guys and all. :]
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby wishingiwasbella » Fri Aug 22, 2008 9:03 pm

Tiffi- ON teh having a crush on a druggie, try by all means to not go there. I have only had basically druggies as boyfriends until my husband he's the only guy I've dated that hasn't done any type of drugs. One guy inparticular I loved and sill love to this day but he wasn't going anywhere in life and let me down one to many tims. They will take you to a place that you don't wanna ever be in your life, then you'll start to feel like your worthless to them and in reality you basically are, especially if they are a big druggie, they'll always choose the drugs over you. It's not just me that this has happened to that's why i say it like that. I'm not to sure what else has gone on because I didn't even know we had this thread in the old Lex so I'm trying to get caught up and maybe share my wisdom to ya'll.
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby GoldEyesSilentHeart » Fri Aug 22, 2008 9:06 pm

Guess what? Another Twilighter that needs dating advice! Haha! Well, there's this guy. And I've dated him before, right? And he's really sweet and all, but I don't think of him like that anymore. I mean we dated for like a year, and I just found out that he still has feelings for me, but he still wants to be friends. How can I do that? It might just hurt him if he's hanging out with me, and I'm going on about some guy, you know? What should I do? :?
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby AliceLauren » Fri Aug 22, 2008 9:12 pm

tiffi wrote:hey alicelauren (AL?) are you a newbie to the thread? and did you talk to airplane boi?

hey. naw. I'm not new. well not really. I was a member before the Lex went down.

And no. I didnt talk to that guy. too creepy. ha ha
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby simplymortal314 » Sat Aug 23, 2008 1:39 am

Aro's girl, I would also keep my eye on Marsiel. He sounds sweet. See where this goes.

Tiffi, ah post-relationship/crush sydrome, gotta love it. Confuses you AND makes you doubt your choices. It will pass. If my first crush hadn't moved away, before I told him I liked him I don't know how I would have felt.

Edwardisanangel, yup I'm not changing your name either. =P Matt 2.0 is sounding great. Matt (#1) will leave soon, so I wouldn't worry. It would probably be awkward seeing him, but he'll leave soon enough. *While lifting first high in the air saying, Keep marching on!* Huzzah!

Christine, nothing is wrong being fashionably late. You make a bigger entrance that way. I'm sorry you and Tim aren't friends anymore. Oh I'm sure you'll have oddles of fun with Matt on Sunday. =P Nothings if wrong with shameless flirting.

SxL, Yay for you and Noah! What can I say, guys will be... well, guys. *shrugs* Let's just hope he won't get in trouble and will be home earlier than expected. So, any news on the date? eh, eh.

GoldEyesSilentHeart, as I like to you should talk to him. Ask him if he is really comfortable being "just friends" with you. In this situatio you just have to tread lightly. Try not to bring up any guys when you talk to him, but make it clear that you don't have any romantic feeling towards him. Good luck!

As for me...
I actually had a moment. First a bit of background. My friend and like to try to "dazzle" guys. Which is just another word in our context for flirting with them, or get them to have us on their mind. There's this guy used to hang out with in school with, shall we call him Stanley. He and I joked around and ate lunch together, that was about two years ago. Since then I didn't really talk to him. Well, todayI was in line to pay for some groceries with my mom. We were joking around and laughing. =] I look over to the cashier in the aisle next to us and see Stanley, thinking nothing of it I turn away. A moment latter I felt like someone was staring at me and turn to find it was Stanley. We made the whole eye connection thing, then he smiled and waved. Not wanting to be rude I mimicked the gesture. Of course I felt bad considering that was something that I did with Bus Boy. I felt his gaze on me as I went and started to pack the groceries. Looking from under my lashes I saw he still hadn't taken his eyes off me and didn't even notice that he had a customer until she cleared her throat while putting her basket on the converor belt. :lol:
So that is my dazzling/flirting story of the day. =]
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby a_n_n_a » Sat Aug 23, 2008 11:31 am

simplymortal314 wrote:Do you think it would be wiser to start school single, or something else?

I don't think I would ever start a relationship with one week until school starts. Mostly because there isn't much time to work out certain details. I'm thinking of it from a perspective of the guy not going to my school though, since I would probably never date anyone from my school. It would be pretty distracting, too. People get wrapped up in their relationships during school, so to think of starting one RIGHT BEFORE you get thrown into that den of iniquity and drama doesn't seem too smart.

Simplymortal: Nice job messing with Stanley's head a bit, and you didn't even mean to do it! Maybe you should go back to the store and try it again. See how many people he has to make wait because he was staring at you =]

SxL: Don't worry too much about Noah. Boys will be boys . . . I'm glad your parents have rethought your situation. It seems like things are looking up. [But the climbing the auditorium thing sounds like it would actually be pretty cool. And that's coming from me, who is pretty anti-anything that could get you in serious trouble.]

GoldEyesSilentHeart wrote:I just found out that he still has feelings for me, but he still wants to be friends
I would go and talk to him. If he truly wants to be friends, you'll be able to tell. Make sure to tell him straight-away that you don't feel that way towards him, even if you've told him in the past. If he was great to date then I'm sure he'd be a great friend; often those things go both ways.

-Let's keep chat-postings to a minimum. Wait, strike that: let's not have any chat-postings. I know this had been said already, but reiteration is good for you.
-Keep your updates worthwhile, and if you can, respond to someone else who has asked a question. I know in the past some people just ignore the questions of the newer posters; what's that about?
-Last: I'm going to make an effort to post a dating related question each time I post; like the one I answered in the beginning of this one. That way we can have continuous dating conversation. Anyone else should feel free to do so also.

So the question: What kind of food would you like to share on a date? Meaning . . . If you and your date both had to bring some kind of food-stuff, what would you bring?

For me it would be Oreos and peanut butter. I'm pretty in love with peanut butter [IE: Give me a spoon and a jar; delicious] This is a combo I heard about not from "The Parent Trap" like so many others, but just from a friend. It's something a bit strange but it's something sort of fun, too.
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby tiffi » Sat Aug 23, 2008 1:25 pm

some people i replyed to i shortened your username. so you newbies be ware

LMSC-thnx for the advice (: ur probably rite about BG. and FF dropped drugs/alcohol for me. i almost feel like his mom, because i tell him whats right and what he shouldnt do while his real mother.........doesnt. poor boy needs someone to care about him. FFB and another flirty (older) guy that talks to me on facebook, well i dnt think ill make a big inpact because ther flirts so they flirt with a lot of people, not just me. but its nice to just flirt and not worry about anything else. christine im so sorry about tim!! i think hes just confused, read SM's advice to me post crush syndrome or whatev. as for matt, well that could be just keep up the flirting

SxL-haha BG left his mark on me...but i dont think about him in any sort of romantic way. i just CANT imagine anything like that with him. it sounds like you still care about noah tho. and he cares about you. who know maybe it could start a beautiful friendship......or maybe something more. just let the chips fall and see where they land with him. oh and if you dont want him to do stupid things try saying "please....:( for me?" thats what i said to FF and i kno that may hav been leadin him on but if it gets him to stop then i dnt care.

WIWB-welcome to the thread!! thnx for the advice but i doubt that id get too serious with druggie, the only problem is that i can totally see myself with him. the way i couldnt with BG. and i dont even kno druggie that well.

wow another twisite date thread?!? KNOCK OFF. im stayin loyal to the lex. and your situation sounds exactly like me and FF time and time again. just give the boy space for a week then hang out with him again and youll be friends but after not making a lot of contact he simply CANT expect more than that

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Re: Dating Thread

Postby nissanmama » Sat Aug 23, 2008 2:06 pm

GoldEyesSilentHeart wrote:he still wants to be friends. How can I do that?

My son is actually doing this quite successfully with a "girl" friend. She's liked him for years and he knows it. They're best buds, one of the few girls he can talk to, but he doesn't feel romatically about her. She values his company enough to be "just friends." She continues to date, have boyfriends etc. According to her mother though, she drop her current boyfriend like a hot potato if FS called. I give her more credit than that though.

I think you have to take your ex at face value. If he says he can handle it and you value his company, be friends. Friends are good, especially friends who know you well. Your role would be to be clear about your own feelings and not be intentionally unkind.

Dating food???
I'm thinking about places to go to eat, not necessary picnic style. Italian and Sushi are my two favorites and here's why. Italian is generally messy. It will tell you a lot about a person. Are they freaky about trying to stay tidy? Does the world end if they get sauce on their favorite shirt? How much of gianormous portions do they eat? Do they want their own or insist on sharing? Sushi is a little stressful. People unfamiliar with it aren't sure what to order or how to eat it. T-pa ended up eating a shrimp head on one of our first dates. We still laugh about it today. FS took Soccer-Girl to one of those Japanese steakhouses where they cook at the table. Floor show and dinner, plus lots of time to talk between courses. If you're gonna eat on a date, make it the date. Make it a long meal. If you're just looking for a quick bite, don't expect much, for instance you can't hear yourself talk at Red Robin. Not good date material even if the food is good. ... directlink
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby lovemesomecullensss » Sat Aug 23, 2008 4:45 pm

Like TIFFI, I use acronyms for people's names. Jsyk.

We love someone who's got a fresh opinion, so please do share your wisdom. :]

I would just tread lightly with him. I mean, that's happened to me several times before (except I didn't date them first.) So I know how you feel. But if he says he wants to be friends then he values your friendship more than having to deal with his feelings for you. So do your best not to flirt with him but definitely keep him as a friend. And don't talk about boys around him... believe me, guys get jealous very easily... Good luck. :]

Wow, you're such a dazzler, darling. ;] It always feels good to make guys stop and stare haha. What a fun game to play! I'll have to try that sometime. :]

Thanks for the reminders. And good idea about the dating questions. So, consequently...

What kind of food would you like to share on a date?
Watermelon. Obviously this would have to happen at a picnic / cookout / outdoor eating area of some kind. But watermelon is sweet and juicy and delicious and it reminds me of summer. So if we each had a slice and made a mess 'cause the juice was dripping down our chins, I think that would be cute. :]

I know how that is with FF. I'm the total angel-on-your-shoulder for my friend Andy. My friend told me I'm like his conscience haha. But that's good that you can do that for him since no one else can. But I agree. Flirting is the best. Haha. :]

Awww, a girl's in love with FS. How's he doing with that other girl. How'd the public association work out? I hope everything's going well for him. :]

Rehearsal today was grueling. Too much Irish step dancing.
And tomorrow's the cookout... oh God, I can't even think about it right now...

PS - I hate that we can only use ten smilies. I smile a lot and it's suppressing my smilie-isms!
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Re: Dating Thread

Postby tiffi » Sat Aug 23, 2008 6:50 pm

hayyy just wanted to sayyy to all the regulars: me love you long time :D
i hav lolli lolli stuck in my heeead.......and im gunna see house bunny tonite WHOOT!!!

lolli lolli lemme see you pop that body
chocolat lolli
cherry lolli
pink lolli
vnella lolli
red hot red hot
lick dat lollypop

-FF doesnt want to go to the movies with me........:( does this mean hes out with his druggie friends
-and when i saw BG in the hall, well i didnt recognize it was him till i turned back around and was like "omg!!" but i think i remember glancing at him (since ya need to look up or get run over lol) and i think his face was reddish. he blushed. because of me? why? uhhhg if he wer less akward and more flirty id be into him. i even TRYED to think about him like i think about druggie and i feel like..........ew. but everytime i hear the band at the school football games i feel werid. like guilty werid. we havnt talked in like a week.
-does anyone think that druggie will quit for me, if we went out or to homecoming? but im not sure if hes really a school dance kinda guy. lol hes more of a playful bad "akk" with gorgous hair and eyes.

ill tell ya what was missing from Breaking Dawn! a full paragraph... page... CHAPTER of edward cullen naked!!!

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