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Re: Non Book-based Scenes

Postby AliceLauren » Sun Aug 24, 2008 1:44 pm

I'm interested to see what Edward is really like. Cause in the books it is told from Bella's point of view who is helplessly in love with him, so of course he is perfect to her. Just curious.
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Re: Non Book-based Scenes

Postby G-Faerie08 » Sun Aug 24, 2008 1:49 pm

AliceLauren wrote:I'm interested to see what Edward is really like. Cause in the books it is told from Bella's point of view who is helplessly in love with him, so of course he is perfect to her. Just curious.

Actually that is very true. I too am looking forward to seeing some of the other characters take more of a forward role than just seeing Bella's point of view the whole time..but to stay true the the essence of the book, I don't think they will get too in depth with the other characters since it is from Bella's point of view. Maybe in the other books when they start talking about the characters backgrounds a little more..
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Re: Non Book-based Scenes

Postby cabingurl » Sun Aug 24, 2008 2:07 pm

debussygirl wrote:They might be doing stuff like they did with the field trip-get the same point across, just in a different scene with different things happening. Like in the preview when Edward&Bella are in the forest and she does the whole "how long have you been seventeen?" I can't remember them being in a forest together and having a discussion (until NM, sniff) so I think that may be a different scene.
And the nomads. In the preview Charlie says stuff about the animal attacking people, so that's added plus I think they're going to show a scene with the nomads feeding, based on MTV's video and the preview. So lots of familiar and new things to look forward to!!

Yeah they changed that around from what was in the book. The conversation about him being seventeen originally took place in the Volvo.
I also saw an interview where it looks like the prom is going to be different, because Victoria is there. So I think that might be interesting to see, because maybe it will lead into a second movie somehow.
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Re: Non Book-based Scenes

Postby Tamran » Sun Aug 24, 2008 2:30 pm

G-Faerie08 wrote:
simple_love♫ wrote:
G-Faerie08 wrote:I'm really looking forward to the field trip scene. I have read some posts on other sites where people are angry about it because it is not in the book, but I'm actually excited about it. We don't know what could have happened in the span of time not mentioned in the book, so it would be totally normal that there would be some sort of field trip involved since they are in secondary school afterall.

I agree. people have to realize that it's an adaption it's not going to be the same as the book. So I'm looking forward to see what happens during the time that is edited out in the book. and seeing more of the other character's views.

Yeah. I can remember being angry at some of the Potter films after I had read the is easy to forget sometimes that books made in to movies ARE adaptations and everything will not be the same, which is totally cool to me because as long as they get the gist of the story, then I don't really think there is anything to worry about.

i really enjoy how yall think! you seem to be so open minded about everything and not getting all in an upraor about how things are turned around some. when i heard about the field trip scene i was excited about myself. to see what happened since we had no clue what did in the book.

just like any book to a movie it is an adaptation. i don't think that they are going to stray away from the true story of the book at all. i think it's going to have just the right amount of extra stuff to give you insight to the nomads instead of them just showing up like they did in the book. but also having all the love story stuff that we all want to see.

i've been on so many boards and so many people are just in an uproar that it's not just like the book and they hate who are playing the parts because they aren't who they want. i think that things are going to work out great and the movie will be really good and not fail the fans of the book.
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Re: Non Book-based Scenes

Postby NightCreation » Sun Aug 24, 2008 2:46 pm

Was the "Field Trip" scene in the book, cause if it was I missed it

[and what is it exactly?]
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Re: Non Book-based Scenes

Postby mlola619 » Sun Aug 24, 2008 2:58 pm

NightCreation wrote:Was the "Field Trip" scene in the book, cause if it was I missed it

[and what is it exactly?]

nope, not in the books. It's an added scene but it has the dialogue from the book. It's after Edward saves Bella from the car- jut here watch it- it's awesome! :D

bahaha i love when he says "you can google it" and Bella just looks at him like "are you SERIOUS? i'm not an idiot" XD
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Re: Non Book-based Scenes

Postby grbnte » Sun Aug 24, 2008 4:29 pm

I agree with mlola619 that Victoria at the prom is probably a hint at New Moon--I doubt they would use her as an extra. I'm just curious as to how that would work though---you'd think the Cullens would smell her there and do something.

I think the field trip scene is neat---sort of a continuation of the hospital scene or maybe the replacement of it? Originally he told her it would be best for them not to be friends in Bio---I think after Mike asked her about the dance. . .so it will be interesting to see how it all fits together. Plus you have to love the "You can Google it" line! haha Her telling him that she knows what he is and asking his age did happen in the Volvo and not the forest like the trailer shows, but there is a clip of them in the Volvo, so I wonder what that was. Does the whole Port Angeles thing happen?

I think people just need to remember that a lot of the book is description of scenes etc and since they don't have to go through that in the movie that they can explore different settings and more events. Besides, Stephenie signed off on the field trip scene, so she seemed pleased with it and we should respect that artistic judgement instead of complaining about it. ;)
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Re: Non Book-based Scenes

Postby samajama » Sun Aug 24, 2008 6:51 pm

grbnte wrote:Yeah, I was wondering why Victoria was at the prom scene in their videos about it. Is she stalking Bella already for the next movie? The 'how long have you been 17' convo happened in the car on the way back from Port Angeles, so that will be very interesting to see how they changed it. Also, he didn't take off running with her from his room in the book, so I'm interested on how that works. I just want Alice to get to say her line about it sounding like Edward was having Bella for lunch and wanting to see if he'd share! hehehe

yes, yes, yes!!
overall, im just excited to see what happens. as much as i would want the movie to be exactly the same as the book, i know it wont be, so im not getting my hopes up. im just hoping i will love the movie (not a movie version of the book), but as a movie lol. idk if that makes sense. :lol:
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Re: Non Book-based Scenes

Postby » Sun Aug 24, 2008 7:00 pm

I'm really excited to see the new scenes they put into the movie. It should be really interesting.
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Re: Non Book-based Scenes

Postby Venecettia » Sun Aug 24, 2008 7:39 pm

I am exited for the marina scene, so then you can see real vampires feeding, something Bella never seesin the books.
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