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Re: Worried about the Twilight movie - Take 2

Postby j_jam » Sat Nov 22, 2008 4:07 pm

I'm not sure how I feel about the movie. I loved some of the witty lines and I loved Edward, but I walked out of the theater feeling very disappointed and dissatisfied. Everything seemed rushed. I know you can't fit a big book into a 2 hr film, but it just didn't flow very well. It was very choppy and the scenes jumped all around.

I was really ticked that they butchered the meadow scene, being that it's one of my favorite parts in the book. I felt like they could have left out some of the flying through the trees, etc and put more time into the development of Edward and Bella's relationship. I was also irritated that they cut the Port Angeles scene so short. Where the hell was one of my favorite lines? "Do I dazzle you?" "Yes. Frequently." I can't believe they left it out. :x

There wasn't a whole lot I liked about the movie but there were parts that were very nice. I loved the kissing scene, the baseball scene and the ballet studio stuff. But, overall, I think the last kiss at prom was the best part of the movie. The look on Edward's face was what I was waiting for during the whole movie.....it was the look of someone deeply in love. I wished that he had that look throughout the rest of the movie.

I'll stop complaining now. I just can't help it because I love the book so much and I really wanted to see it "come to life" on the big screen.

Oh, and btw.........where was the scene that is in the first pic of my banner? Did I miss it, cause I sure don't remember seeing it. :?
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Re: Worried about the Twilight movie - Take 2

Postby heartofmp* » Sat Nov 22, 2008 4:18 pm

I think the meadow scene was one I really really didn't like...the others..I admit, I nitpicked on lol I kept correcting them in my head(or to my bf beside me lol) but the second time was a bit better, I'm more satisfied now, and I think you banner was from the meadow scene? i just think it was closer up in the movie...I think lol :roll:

edit-ugh I want the thread for discussing the movie to open up because I don't want to post everything I thought on here...(I have quite a few thoughts :lol: )*waits impatiently*
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Re: Worried about the Twilight movie - Take 2

Postby gokrazy323 » Sat Nov 22, 2008 4:33 pm

ughh im so so SO dissapointed. I think i built the movie up to much. i knew it wasnt going to happen but i was really hoping they would stay along with the story..but the sequence of events was all out of wack and it just wasnt what i had been hoping for. But also i was just basing the movie on the book so i barely got to enjoy it..so when i go back again im going to stop being so critical...but i just wish it had been more like the book :[..and also..THE MOVIE WAS FUNNY!!...in twilight maybe there was like 2 or 3 times i laughed..but come on! i mean really half the time the audience was laughing..it just didnt fit right :[
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Re: Worried about the Twilight movie - Take 2

Postby gokrazy323 » Sat Nov 22, 2008 4:35 pm

BerAngelVamp wrote:
twilight1909 wrote:Wow... I REALLY wish I could feel HALF as good about the movie....

I am truly, seriously heartbroken. Twilight was a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT for me. It made a joke out of the book. I'm embarrassed to think that people will judge my obsession based on THAT. It was really cheesy, choppy, awkward... .......very happy for those of you that loved it. I hate to say this, but it's my opinion: the movie took the magic out of Twilight. Never thought I would say that. Ever. I still feel the same about the BOOKS, but I will not go see New Moon if it is made into a film.

*Goes off and mourns*

i hate to say...it was pretty much the same feeling with me...i hate it, b/c i llooovvee the book...like, obsessed with it...and the movie was too funny to be the serious romance it was meant to be...although there were funny parts of the book, the movie made it too humourous....and i'm sorry, but edward was portrayed almost as a slow kid and not the dashing handsome vampire he is in the book....i at least thought it would have been that...

don't get me wrong...it was good for what it was, it was a pretty good movie...but as for MY twilight...well, i'm a little sad now....like i was waiting in line for a roller coaster and got a kiddy ride out of it instead...

edward and bella never even said "i love you:" the entire film! they missed the whole point of it!! it was a cool vampire movie, but not a very good rendition of twilight...edward's speaking wasn't even right....he never said "um...um...um..." in the book! he is too confident and somewhat cocky to say "um" every other word....it was not passionate at all like i pictured in the book...

over all, for me, maybe not for you, it was a good vampire movie....but as for being MY twilight, well, i guess i do it better in my head.... :roll: :cry: :cry: :cry:

i agree with you both 150% :cry:
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Re: Worried about the Twilight movie - Take 2

Postby BerAngelVamp » Sat Nov 22, 2008 4:39 pm

i think i said it already, but i was a little disappointed too....THEY NEVER SAID I LOVE YOU! not the WHOLE entire movie! and the "do i dazzle you?...that was a huge part in the book, one of the most memorable quotes...and the whole dream thing? she never dreamed of him in the movie! and Jasper really should have had a speaking part in the movie...if nothing more than his "you're wrong you know...i can feel what you are feeling, and you are worth it"....that would have given him a bit of depth...

that and i really would have liked to see him sparkle a bit more...the effect was actually really good! i had a hard time picturing it in my head, the sparkles....she said they were like millions of tiny diamonds embedded in his skin...so that was a plus of the movie. and the baseball scene was out of this world! i think that was worth the movie right there! and the part at the end btwn edward and jacob....awesome! taylor really looked the part in that scene!

there were some spots i thought edward looked like a special kid too....some of his expressions were overly exaggerated, or not at all....and he kinda tossed bella around like a ball, and not like the fragile creature he thought she was....

:roll: :?
i think it gets an 8 out of 10 for me...it would have been so much better with about 15 more minutes worth of dialogue....mainly btwn edward and bella...
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Re: Worried about the Twilight movie - Take 2

Postby sarina1113 » Sat Nov 22, 2008 4:40 pm

I completely understand about the meadow scene. At first, I was completely confused when Bella started walking towards the forest randomly and Edward started following here. It was a definite WTF moment because I didn't remember her wondering off when she was on school grounds. But when they finally cut to the scene where she was standing in the woods with her back to Edward, I pretty much laughed out loud because I was kind of shocked that this was how they were going to portray such an epic moment in Twilight.

Other than that, I thought the movie was so so great. Despite the fact that I was looking forward to seeing Alice's and Bella's friendship blossom but that was one of the things they had to leave out. Jasper was adorable, lol. Did he end saying anything at all in Twiight? I don't think so. Jacob... so so so adorable and I'm not just saying that because I'm Team Jacob.. Although I did have my doubts to how he would portray Jacob Black, he did such a great job. I can't wait for him to get more screen time in New Moon.

I wonder how people who haven't read the book and scene the movie think. I tried looking at it from their point of view and it seems they wouldn't like it or appreciate it the same way. Once again, there are a lot of missing pieces and it did go sorta fast. It was like constant action action action. They didn't dedicate enough time to explaining the history of the cold ones, La Push, etc.

That's just my 2 cents :)

And as for the audience's behavior when I saw the movie last night, there were a couple teen losers who screamed when Edward first came on screen but they got put in their place quick lol. It was quite funny but other than that, crowd was great.
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Re: Worried about the Twilight movie - Take 2

Postby angelz429 » Sat Nov 22, 2008 4:45 pm

The reason I think most of us are dissatisfied is because Twilight was written like a movie script...not like a traditional novel, and it shouldn't have been too difficult to create a movie around this story.

I wasn't surprised that they added the whole victoria, james, & laurent killing people thing...but then they only appeared at the end (like in the novel). If you wanted to play out & add that story line in, the writer should have committed to the change more.

some of the changes were unnecessary, and some of the dialogue changes were catastrophic.

like bella, a mere human, could just walk out the door when alice (a profit) & jasper (both vampires with superhuman hearing, strength & speed) were mere feet away.

they didn't show & focus on the vampires very much...and they didn't seem all that different from the other kids in the high school.

it didn't seem as tho bella & edward were as in love as they were in the novel...no one who hasn't read the book would be in love with edward after watching the movie.

one of the reasons we love edward is his personal strength to resist eating bella. why would carlisle have to tell edward to not kill bella? why was carlisle just holding her leg....if that were the case, edward should have been like i can hold her leg...why aren't you sucking her poison out?

most of the actors were well cast, but i was disappointed with jacob (1st scene was awful), angela (just a bad actress), and carlisle (bad make-up, poorly written script).

i really liked the baseball scene, but the meadow scene was butchered.

why didn't they have alice 'dance' more? and how come bella didn't object to the prom?

why didn't jacob break the treaty and tell bella about the 'cold ones'?

i'm really thinking about writing a script for eclipse b/c new moon's already in the works...at least i've read the novels...
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Re: Worried about the Twilight movie - Take 2

Postby RebeccaCullen » Sat Nov 22, 2008 4:53 pm

I half expected it to be good and half expected it to be bad, so I was pretty much Switzerland going into see it.

I expected more on the Bella/Edward relationship, but it was kinda cute how it worked on screen. I wished the whole 20 questions that went on between Bella and Edward happened, and I wished that Bella had left her coat in Jessica's car so that Edward would give Bella's his. I wanted to see the scene where they were doing the blood typing and Edward takes Bella to the nurse, and I wish that the lemonade lunch room scene was there.

It was better then I thought given the time and the budget and the length of the book.
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Re: Worried about the Twilight movie - Take 2

Postby -Bella- » Sat Nov 22, 2008 5:18 pm




ok so lets get on with this...

The story was good, again not an exact copy of the book, but great nonetheless

Even though they cut parts out, but they added stuff in that made SENSE

It was't like it just popped out of nowhere!

Though the editing could have been MUCH better and sometimes it felt like the extras were trying to hard to ACT you know what I mean

but nonetheless the main stars ROB AND KRISTEN were SPECTACULAR

Rob was just soooooo beautiful and DAZZLING, he portrayed Edward soooo PERFECTLY that I even forgot that he was ROB

Kristen was REALLY REALLY good as Bella, I can't see anyone but HER as Bella, she's just the perfect Bella like Rob is the perfect Edward

The rest of the Cullens were REALLY fantastic as well! and my oh my even the villians did an AWESOME job!

Charlie was perfect as Charlie

LOTS of scenes were really funny even though they were not meant to be

There were some things that WERE a bit off

(for example Bella had a LAPTOP? I thought she had a really old comp that too with dial up haha) and she listens to her ipod? well I guess they wanted to make it a TAD bit realistic so she looks like a TEENGAER

and sooo onto some personal things... (sorry I just HAVE to add this, may include some spoilers though so beware )

1) That Hyatt hotel which was shown as the place where Bella "hides" was the EXACT location at my OWN town yes yes how horrible I feel that they were SOOO CLOSE to me and yet I could't meet them, well cuz I did't know them back then :(

2) The place where they played baseball was ALSO set in MY TOWN

*hits her head*

3)Last but not the least the guy who plays Jacob (aka Taylor) goes to one the high school's in my area (Valencia High School)

4)ne of my cousin's friend (guy) got to meet the WHOLE cast while they were here filming! :(

*hits her head again*

oh and you know that kiss scene so yeah, all of a sudden it was soo quite in the theater and then out of NOWHERE this chick bursted out


LMAO that was soo hilarious

and a lot of people were like SHUTUP SHUTUP cuz some people were seriously NOT shutting up

but that did NOT mean I did not scream at all, so yeah dont get me wrong

I bought the Twilight 2009 calender! and right when I came home I taped it and put it on my closet so now my whole 2009 year is gonna be full Twilightness :)

oh and and and one more thing (sorry guys I am going on about my personal things, reallyI just GOTTA say this)

I am SOO SNEAKING out and watching it again I do not CARE if I look like a loner! hell I don't! I am going AGAIN and I WILL :D
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Re: Worried about the Twilight movie - Take 2

Postby ohmyitschelle » Sat Nov 22, 2008 5:33 pm

As someone who won't see the movie (unless illegally) until Boxing Day (26th) here in New Zealand, I've been waiting to read reviews about this movie.
Since I saw the first trailer to this movie, and heard the comments about climbing trees and new stuff that sounded totally ridiculous, I've been off the idea of the movie... a book series that means SO MUCH to me (except for Breaking Dawn, but I'll keep my negative opinions on that topic to myself!!), I was already disgusted by how butchered everything seemed in that first glimpse into the world of Twilight. I know it's a low budget film, but if you're going to do a movie adaptation to one of the best selling novels of this century, you may as well do it bloody right! I have a major thing for the "How old are you?/Seventeen/How long have you been seventeen?/Awhile" line in the book... that whole Port Angeles scene is one of my favs (I'm not as big a fan on the meadow scene as most people are!) and when I saw how serious and horrible that scene looked in the trailer, that was it for me, the movie was gonna be doomed for sure.
I don't mean to sound horrible or disrespectful, but since seeing that trailer, I've taken a back seat on this whole whirlwind and anticipation of Twilight. I've sat here knowing that people were going to be severely disappointed. It sucks that you all are, but I can't help but feel as if we shouldn't have hoped it to be amazing from the lame snippets we've already seen. As for there being no 'dazzle' line?! *shakes head and knew it would be this stupid*
I'll be going into the cinema with an 'open mind' in December... but I highly doubt I'll come out there thinking it was the least bit worth my time and money. Me and my best mate are only going to see the horror for itself and laugh our way through this mess that will destroy some peoples' perception of this amazing book series... however for me, I love books and will easily be able to think of my Edward and Bella as not Rob and Kristen.
I do however think they did a good job of choosing Ashley for Alice, and Peter for Carlisle... oh and Kellan.

Hah, what a first post to have on a forum! Again, sorry if I've offended with my big opinion here!
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