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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Postby 'twahy-lahyt' » Sat Nov 22, 2008 9:19 pm

Lynzeee wrote:Oh i just remembered.
the movie lacks the conversations that MADE edward and Bella- there was NO MENTION of the lullaby at all- he didn't hum it once- we should have heard the convo they were having on the bed- that was like important- also if they were going to CUT all that out- they should have added more to the pre-meadow. seriously the convos were just Not there- non-twilight readers should have been LOST- it felt like twilight readers were in on something everyone else wasn't- if i had never read twilight and went to see the movie i probably would have never thought they were in love... thats hard for me to admit.

I am sooo feeling you right there Lynz.
The lack of conversations really had me down.
If I hadn't read Twilight before I saw this movie, I would have questioned how in the world they fell in love soo fast. I think that those convos in the book were really important, and they should have added more.
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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Postby caro1998 » Sat Nov 22, 2008 9:23 pm

Surprisingly (to myself) I wasn't bothered at all by the added scenes. What I WAS bothered by was the changed scenes. Ugh. The meadow scene was just utter nonsense. Not only was it totally different...but the music was awful! I was also jarred by how some of the really great lines were being used in the incorrect scenes.

Other than that (LOL), I thought the movies was pretty good.
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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Postby RussetRose♥ » Sat Nov 22, 2008 9:32 pm

I liked the added field trip scene, though I was disappointed by the Meadow scene. I thought that it was actually gonna be a meadow that Edward was gonna take Bella to, not just some wooded area off campus.

I also thought that it was really cool that SM was in the movie as well.

I thought that the part where Edward looked like he was about to puke when he smelled Bella was hysterical!!!

And I also thought that the tension between Edward and Jake during the prom scene was amazing, it means that the next 3 movies are gonna be even better! :)

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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Postby debussygirl » Sat Nov 22, 2008 9:45 pm

I wanted more meadow. But then again, I would have wanted them to read it straight from the book. Ah, well. They only have 2 hours.
But one thing that bugged me was the line when Edward said (don't remember the order but...) "Sex, money, sex, money. cat."
I CANNOT picture Edward telling Bella someone's thoughts like that, so bluntly. The money and cat thing sure, but I would think he would say "love" instead of sex. So yeah.
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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Postby kellycullen » Sat Nov 22, 2008 9:50 pm

I disagree with the people who are saying that non-Twilighters wouldn't know what is going on...I had 2 friends who came with me to see the movie that have not read the books and they loved the movie.
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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Postby urcoolcarrie » Sat Nov 22, 2008 9:56 pm

Ally_Cat wrote:But the scene with the Cullen's cooking for Bella made me laugh the most. And it contains the one added line that has stuck with me:
"How do we even know she's Italian?"
"Well her name is Bella."

Haha!! Yes!! That has to be in my top three favorite quotes of the entire movie. I just LOVE it!! I've seen it a couple times, and every time i just laugh so hard!!! I have been repeating it to everyone I know. The people who haven't seen it yet have been very confused. :lol:
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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Postby BettingOnAlicexX » Sat Nov 22, 2008 10:13 pm

I thought they did a good job adding scenes and taking them out, but i do miss how they did the meadow scene in the book, and some of the best quotes that were in the book, that they didn't include in the movie.

I loved the cooking scene!!! I have to agree with everyone on that.
and I loved how they had Jessica describe the cullens. Especailly Jasper. haha.
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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Postby jonsgirljen » Sat Nov 22, 2008 10:14 pm

I was disappointed in the meadow scene. It was supposed to be a special place, not just some woods that are nearby the school. I was really hoping for more, but you have to expect when a book is made into a movie that there are gonna be changes, whether they are good or bad is for each person to decide.

I'm on the fence about the field trip scene. I'm just not sure if I liked the way that it was added.

I did like the whole Cullen cooking scene. "Do we even know if she's Italian?" asked Esme. "Her name's Bella," Emmett replied. It was classic!
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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Postby spookybell » Sat Nov 22, 2008 10:27 pm

G-Faerie08... i agree. I loved the field trip also.

Ahhh... the dang meadow scene. How did Stephanie let this happen? I mean really this was a huge part gor her. Did she invision this meadow, because it isn't mine. It was weird the first time I saw it, but knowing what to expect, it didn't bother me nearly as much. I was appreciateEdwards second sparkle (which I was less than mpressed with...

No, The truck was not delivered by Jacob and his Dad... but what a fantastic way to introduce Billy and Jacob. It also touched on Jacob's mechanical skills... So, it was worthy.

Um... Is Alice's transformation explained in Twilight or New Moon??? And really (does it matter to the love story... the ultimate story???) I have to keep these things in mind.

I loved the tree climbin. Cheesy or not. First, it was beautiful, second it showed agility, speed, super human powers and it was a happy place for Edward to show off his happt side. Eh... I'm just a super optimist.

Lynzeee, I know why there was no mention of Bella's Lullaby (other than it was played a lot and as their theme song.) It something us passionate readers love and make Edward endereing to us, the reader... The general public wouldn't care and there are more ways to show his love. That's book to film for you. I agree again, the Meadow scene was so much weaker than it should have been. It wasn't even a challanging scene!!!!!

Manda - i laso noticed that Edward shook Charlie's hand and there was NO reaction. I don't think Dr. Cullen had any reaction to his touch either. Just a mental note.
And, man that car is dorky and I think it's ugly too. It's not a fancy speedster. It's just not fiting my image. Oh well... it was a cool spin move.

I didn't miss Do I Dazzle you. Why you ask??? (Yeah, I know you didn't) Come on - how Cheesy would that have been? There is no way to pull that off without sounding abnoxious and well... really ubnormal in real life. "Holly Crow" would have been so cheez that it wouldn't work. It works in the book becase we LOVE these characters, but... I would have snorted in embarasmenat for them.

debussygirl wrote:(don't remember the order but...) "Sex, money, sex, money. cat."
I CANNOT picture Edward telling Bella someone's thoughts like that, so bluntly. The money and cat thing sure, but I would think he would say "love" instead of sex. So yeah.

I though tit was hysterical "sex, money, money, sex, cat" that was the line. So, maybe Edward wouldn't say that, but it was one (funny with the cat because that is weird) but there was no mistake that if Edward said sex he DID not mean love.

I can't wait to see what "Non twiliters think!!!!!"
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Re: Twilight Movie~ Changed/Added scenes

Postby clariissaa » Sat Nov 22, 2008 10:30 pm

I love when Bella and Charlie were in the diner [[after they showed SM]] and Mike was in the background dancing HAHA
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