Epilogue ~ Treaty

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Re: Epilogue ~ Treaty

Post by jennaentrust » Wed Aug 17, 2011 10:34 am

I do think Bella is playing a dangerous game but that is what makes the story so great. She is playing with fire and we all are at the edge of our seats waiting to see if she will get burned.
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Twi-hard EXTREME
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Re: Epilogue ~ Treaty

Post by Twi-hard EXTREME » Mon Dec 26, 2011 11:18 am

What did you think about Jacob giving Charlie Bella's motorcycle?

I thought it was the right thing to do! I mean after the line "Don't make me choose, because it would be him. It's always been him." I just lost all compassion for Bella. The guy who helped her when Edward left, she just threw away because Edward got back. That was just cruel. That's the point I started hating Bella. Because then in Eclipse she can't stop calling Jacob.

Then she sees him and gets angry because he (understandably) ignored her calls! That's when I started dispising Bella. She just can't stop hurting Jacob. She leaves Jacob in the state she was in. Which is cruel. He was there comforting her when she was in that state but she didn't do the same. I was ANNOYING to me!
KaylaMarieBlack7 wrote: 3. What did you think about Jacob giving Charlie Bella's motorcycle?
I thought Jacob was being just rude. That was suppose to be their secret. And he shouldnt have been such a brat..because thats all he was being. He was mad because Edward was back && that he knew Bella would be spending more time with him.
It totally disagree! I think he was anything but a brat. He was trying to keep Bella from Edward. To keep her safe. And frankly Bella didn't deserve that! Bella couldn't stand to be away from Jacob. Then Alice came and she dropped Jacob like yesterdays pasta. I think that was bratty!

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