Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Post by DHSHolly »

Kim, you are definitely not the only one. I watched the inaugural coverage today and I got kind of emotional. Definitely got chills, didn't really cry but it was really exciting to see.

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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Post by CiaoBella »

I would just like to say that I truly miss you all when I’m gone for so long! (And yes, when this thread is involved, I do count a period of a few days as being “so long” ;) ). I was away at the beach this weekend with some friends (we didn’t go swimming, being that it’s in the middle of winter here) but we just wanted to get away and have a change of scenery. Although, one of my friends DID decide that he needed to jump into the ocean (it was 17 degrees outside, so why he decided this, I’ll never know). It was the shortest swim I’ve ever witnessed, and I’ve never seen anyone run as quickly as he did out of that water! He looked like a bat out of hell, (or Edward Cullen on a casual jog through the woods…) :lol:

Hello to Oktosink, Lisette, buffy girl, and any other new people to this lovely thread!

OktoSink- Hello there! While I love all different types of music, I smiled so big when I read that you love Incubus. I am a HUGE Incubus fan too! I’ve seen them live three times, they are so amazing. Plus, I could drool over Brandon Body pretty much all day long…

Anna Mae- Yikes! It must have been really scary and surreal to have to call the cops on your neighbors! I’m glad that everything seems to have turned out okay though. What an intense way to end a Friday!

Ninna- If you’re still compiling it, feel free to add me to the list as an English speaker :)

Eddie- Nice to have you back! It’s unfortunate to hear that your ex girlfriend seems to be going a bit out of her way to have face-to-face contact with you. I hope you can continue to evade her though, I know I wouldn’t want to see an ex who did to me what she did to you… but at least there are other fish in the sea who are bound to realize what a catch you are ;)

Vampire_elf- Hope you won’t be too bummed with an empty apartment, catching up on work, and not being in London anymore :( But we’ll all still be here to help cheer you up however we can in the meantime! And I’m with you on feeling like there’s too little time to devote to doing the things I really love and enjoy… it seems like work takes over way my life more than I want it to. I know it’s about finding that balance between work and life outside of work, but I don’t think I’ve found it yet. Most days when I come home from work, I’m feeling too tired to do much besides lie on the couch like a waste of space! I need to find a way to fix that, for sure. It’s really not fun or comforting to feel like time (and life) is passing you by…

CappuGirl- The nicknames for your little ones never fail to amuse me. Double-poo! Too funny. But I cannot believe he made an even bigger mess than his little brother! That's not something you wanted a repeat performance of, I'm sure. I really can’t imagine walking into a room and finding… well, such a yucky situation. Kudos to you for having to deal with such a thing on more than one occasion! My mom always tells me that she knows when I have kids, I’m going to have boys, so your stories are helping me to mentally prepare for some of the more unpleasant things I might have to deal with in the future. :shock:

My ipod- I had an ipod (one of the first-generation ones, so safe to say that it was a bit out of date) that was replaced this Christmas with an ipod touch, and I LOVE it! It’s so convenient to have several different things (like my music, shows, movies, internet, etc.) all in one place. I drive an hour each way to work everyday (sometimes the evening commute can take over 2 hours depending on traffic), so without my music to listen to, I’d go insane. And a little side-note: the wallpaper on my ipod right now? Yeah, it’s definitely a picture of Edward and Bella… :D

My birthday- June 23rd, 1986. I miss the cut-off for being a gemini by two days! People hear that I’m born in June and they say “Awesome, you’re a Gemini!” and I’m like “nope, I’m a Cancer” and then they stare at me blankly before adding “Oh, err, well, that’s cool too I guess…” Ha. I’m not sure if I’m making this up, but I’ve heard that when you’re born kind of in-between two zodiac signs (like I am), that supposedly it means you have character traits of both signs? Does anyone know if that’s true?
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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Post by SenorGimp »

I will post it on fanfiction when it's done, and post a link in a bunch of different threads, so you'll definitely get to read it jasmine, worry not! As for what it's about, well, I'm not really sure anymore... It was initially a romance between Mike and Leah, from Bella's POV, but it's gone a bit past that now, onto a lot of darker stuff. I can send it to you personally when I'm done, I've already got like 15 people who I have to do that with, so it wouldn't be much extra trouble.
English is my language, and my birth date is August 17, 1085.
Wait, oops. No, I got the date right, I'm actually 923 years old!! bow before my ancient wisdom :twisted: :lol:
But like I said before, I'll post a link on this site when the story is posted, probably be about another week, if we can keep writing as quickly and "flawlessly" as we have been (Not by any means actually flawless, but nothing so awful that we have to go back and keep revising scenes).
Glad you're all so interested in our story (they love it babe, lol)!
Hope you guys don't die from the anticipation!! :D
It'll be out soon, i promise!
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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Post by Wingtear »

Hi everyone.

I read everything... won't reply to anything, I...

today just sucked big time.
Work was really OK, that's a first this year, but then going home, having 1½ hour before rushing off to training. Coming home after it, rushing through the shower, getting all dressed again and off to a meeting. I hoped it would end around 9pm... we were out of there by 10:15...
Edit: I forgot, when I came to the meeting they had decided to make me super for one of the posts, we're holding National Championships in 2 month. I really don't wanna do it, but there was no way for me to say no.
I just got home. Spoke to D. He failed the law exam, again, for the fifth time. Now it's either continue there, without any money, still not knowing how much more it would take to pass that first f%¤#ing course (he have aced the ones following it...) or coming home.
I guess I want him home, but I really want him do get that degree too... He sounded heartbroken, and I understand him. And now it's really late, and I have a lot of stuff I need to have done before going to bed.

Fun to see I'm not the only one writing fanfiction here :D
I have beta trouble again (not you Cas, I just haven't been able to get more stuff to doc's), once again I have ended up with a "no replier"... Why is that? If she doesn't wanna do my story, just tell me, but don't leave me hanging... It just sucks more since it's happened before.

Well, I hope you all have a good evening.

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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Post by roseaurora »

I am back to classes today. So far so good :) I have a 3 hour break now before my next class so I am going to try to be really good and get my notes organized and get reading done... once I'm done on the Lex of course :lol:

I am so excited to see the inauguration! I had class at 9:30 so I am recording it at home to watch tonight :D

After writing that, it occurs to me that I probably sound like a gizmo junky! haha. I have a DVR, a roomba, an iPod (though in my defense its a first generation ;) ), about to have a kindle, the hubby has an iPhone... lol. Don't suppose anyone would believe me if I said I wasn't really all that into technology... :roll: haha!

I am so clueless when it comes to hair... or make-up, so I can't offer much advice! I am loving having shoulder length hair but have decided to grow it out super long so I can cut it and donate it to Locks of Love. I have a friend fighting cancer right now and when we thought she might need chemo she mentioned that some of her guy friends were going to go bald with her... I told her I wasn't as good a friend and would most likely not shave my head too (haha!) but that I would donate hair to kids with cancer instead :D Looks like she won't need chemo (happy dance!) but I'm going to stick to the plan anyway.

Well, I better rip myself away from the Lex and all things Twilight and try to focus on school... (it so hard to! haha)

Add me to English speakers Wingtear :D
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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Post by Lisette »

5 more pages :lol: Will you all ever cease to amaze me?

I'm just starting to discover fanfic and I'm loving it! My thesis deadline is in serious danger... again (Did I tell you my middle name is procrastinate :oops: )

Hi Buffy! Welcome!

Dazzled: thank you very much! It's so sweet that you think of me in this situation. I'll think of you in return... Best of luck tomorrow! *keeping my fingers crossed*

My birthday is indeed tomorrow. Like yours Cappugirl ;), happy birthday in advance, in case i'm preoccupied tomorrow. Mine is 21-01-1984 for the record.

I won't be doing much tomorrow. I'll go to some fancy restaurant with my family. The real celebration will be Saturday in a bar in Amsterdam. You are all cordially invited of course :lol: Fortunately, there is no Alice amongst my family and friends ;)

Tabs: loved your use of subtlety. :lol: It reminds me of Bella's unsuccesful use of sarcasm. I know from experience that subtlety and sarcasm don't always work well in written form. :oops:

Lies: I so agree about the toilet paper! I has a similar situation at work last week. So annoying!

Jasmine: you have brilliant ideas! Rob should come to Holland! We would welcome him, without forwarding pictures.... *dreaming away*

Senor Gimp: 923? Wow! Who would've guessed... You're definetely wise beyond your years :lol:

About the sucking venom thing... I think I'll just take your advice. SM couldn't have made such a slip or maybe she hasn't explored the situation to the fullest yet... maybe in MS? Who knows...
For now: *graciously overlooking*

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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Post by PaulinhaBrasil »

CiaoBella - I guess it has influence. You can look at it as a proportion… each day closer to the last day of the zodiac sign makes its influence stronger and defined. So, the last day of Gemini here in this time zone is June 20th. Closer to Europe and Asia is June 21st. it’s the strongest day of this zodiac house and it starts thinning as it goes into Cancer. I have a program which makes your own astrological map. It is really cool. My jaw dropped when I started reading it and seeing all my quirks, good and bad being described. LOL If you want I can make one for you. It is very simple and it generates a PDF file with about 23 pages. I would need date, time and city/country of birth; and of course your email to send it to you.

The offer extends to everyone! Just PM me and I'll send it to you.

Cappu – I saw a review of the book you mentioned and it looks good. I think I’ll be adding it to my book list! Anyone who want to take a look, here: ... r_rdp_perm

My books are almost here! I’m so excited!!!! :D
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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Post by jasmine »

Im definately goingg crazy now.
First my bdb books would take 5-7 days. Then they would be delayed for 2-3 days. Tolday someone mailed me i would get the whole order tomorrow. After that, i got an email about every different item, that it would be delayed and that they didnt know for how long.
And after that, i got 2 mails of 2 items, that those would be shipped to me tomorrow.

This is freaking me out.

@lisette, how nice of you too know amsterdam is pretty close to me, dont you?
No worries, this satirday my beloved and me are married for 6 months! Would have loved to celebrate the fact, but his nephew is turning ten tomorrow and celebrating this saturday. Hopefully we can go to our scottish restaurant on sunday orso.(he proposed to me there)

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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Post by SenorGimp »

No I'm actually 23, just accidentally hit the '0' instead of the '9', and thought it would be fun to keep the game going... lol
But if you think I'm 923, and STILL wise beyond my years, then I must be pretty damn wise, huh?
hang in there jasmine, they'll show up... eventually... :D
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Re: Gen Y -- The 20 something's thread

Post by animegaijingirl »

Evening all, kind of had a giant nap last night which turned into a giant sleep all night! I guess I needed that!
OK, sorry of this turns out to be epic!
PaulinhaBrasil wrote:Good news!!! Just bought The Host, The girl with the dragon tattoo and Persuasion! They’ll be here till Thursday!!! YAY!!
I just got the Host too! Didn't get to start it yet, will wait for next weekend I think . And love, love, love Persuasion, it's my second fave Austen, just watched the movie again last night actually! And the book's even better, now you have me thinking about reading that again...
Cymbrelynn wrote: About SAD: have you ever tried using a sunlamp? My mom has a special lamp that she uses in winter time. She has it on her computer desk and turns it on for 1/2 hour every night. It triggers the seratonin release in the brain that doesn't happen with less sunlight. It's great! I used to get SAD really bad but not so much in recent times.
I have a lamp, I've used it the last couple years, but I don't know that I think it does any good, I'm still a zombie in winters, of course, I keep using it a. cuz I like how bright it is, and b. cuz what if it is working and I'd be even worse off if I didn't use it! lol :lol:
jasmine wrote: Ive been a little detached from real life lately, ofcourse because of twilight, but even before that. I dont really know why, its like nothing really interests me anymore. Maybe its just my annual winterdepression, maybe its more, i dont know. Its like i need something new and refreshing, but i dont really know what that should be.
I've been feeling exactly like you for a while now, I think that's actually why I got so into the books, it was the first thing to perk me up for a really long time. Life just feels "meh" lately, like there should be more to it than there is, if that makes sense. I'm hoping it's just a late-20s thing, the figuring out what's right for the next stage of life, or something like that. ;)
Tabs wrote: I just think I'm a bit stuck on the things I like about the Twilight vamps, like the whole thing about how most of the vampire stuff is myth - no sleeping in coffins, don't die in sunlight, refuse to bite humans no matter how it tortures them. I can't quite make the transition to 'normal' vampire mythology.
I know exactly what you mean! I was trying to watch something vampy the other day, and it just seemed so cheesy and camp, now that I like this vamp myth better! (Of course, watched The Lost Boys for the first time last week too, and that IS just cheesy and camp lol).

EddieC, hope you found something to cheer you up, am afraid Twilight and the Lex has been my winter cheer up this year.

Vampire_Elf, hope you have/had a good trip home :) *waves bye from the UK*
PaulinhaBrasil wrote:On the alternate Breaking Dawn version, I suggest you give Bella a better sex life after her marriage. Of course it doesn’t need to be graphic, but for crying out loud, after waiting that long! :shock: She should at least enjoy Edward a little more before getting pregnant. More romance and appreciation. Edward should loosen up a bit after a little practice.(I know, I'm nosy. But I can’t help. I always have a suggestion or opinion!)
HAHAHAHA, that had me laughing so hard! Totally agree!

And Cappu, your sucking the venom with a straw had me cracking up too, got weird looks from the bf on the other side of the room, till I said "lex" then he just went back to what he was doing lol

Jasmine, that's cool that your hubby dyes your hair for you. I cut my bf's hair for him, well, I use the clippers so it's one length all over, if he wants more than that he goes to someone real. :D
CiaoBella wrote: Anna Mae- Yikes! It must have been really scary and surreal to have to call the cops on your neighbors! I’m glad that everything seems to have turned out okay though. What an intense way to end a Friday!
It was definately not the way I'd planned my evening! And thankfully it's not something I normally have to deal with, my building's pretty chill normally, but haven't heard anything else, so I'm assuming everything's OK. The police phoned and said she was physically OK, but he was going to court though, so something definately happened that shouldn't have. But for now all's well that ends well, and all cuz I wanted a mint aero after all the talk here! 8-)

OK, I'll quit before I take up a whole page!
Tomorrow's wednesday, yay! halfway through the work week! :mrgreen:

Oh,and Lisette and Cappu, happy birthday tomorrow!!
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