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Re: Angela Weber

Post by slayerchick303 »

Jazziscool wrote: Yeah.
Also, if she'd have asked Angela, she wouldv;e had to ask Jessica. If you think about it you'll be like not really, BUT if you really think about it, would Bella have NOT asked Jessica if she'd asked Angela? I don't think so.
You are completely right! I didn't even consider that when I was thinking of Bella's bridesmaids. I was kind of saddened at the fact that Bella didn't ask Angela to be a bridesmaid, but you are correct in thinking that asking Angela would kind of obligate Bella to ask Jessica. If needed, Bella could of used the excuse that she could only have one bridesmaid, but excluding Jessica would have been virtually impossible if she asked Angela. I know Angela wouldn't be resentful, but it still kind of seems unfair to her in a way.
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Re: Angela Weber

Post by love_his_golden_eyes »

She's awesome and so sweet.
I kinda wanted to read more on her because she was the only friend of bella's that I liked (jessica was kinda a downer)
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Re: Angela Weber

Post by Lieziewiezie »

Does anybody think that Angela might know more about the Cullens then anybody suspects? Deep down in her heart, I think she knows. She's a smart girl, she's quit and notices things about other people very good. I think she never speaks it outloud, or even thinks about it to much (what would explain why Edward doens't know). But I think, deep down in her heart she knows that there is something beyond humanity about the Cullens. But she doens't care, as long as Bella is safe and happy.
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Re: Angela Weber

Post by bite_me »

^ I agree with you. And I don't think she would be dazzled either. She'd think they're good-looking, but she'd still be able to think/talk coherently. (Does she manage that in Midnight Sun or Twilight? I can't remember.)

I really wish Bella would see Angela again after her transformation, just have a bit of a catch-up. It was so sad to say goodbye to her in BD.
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Re: Angela Weber

Post by Ally_Cat »

^^ I agree. I missed Angela in BD. She was such a good friend to Bella.
Honestly, I don't think she received a proper good-bye in BD. She just kind of disappeared and she was I good friend, so I think her character deserved more of an ending/closure.
I know she was going to college, but I would have liked to have known something more substantial.
She was an interesting side - human character.
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Re: Angela Weber

Post by RebeccaCullen »

I found Angela to be a very good friend to Bella. She was so sweet to her, and always seemed more concerned with Bella's happiness then any of the other girls that both hung out with.

I think that it is amazing that there's no material objects she wants, and like Bella, all she wants is for those she cares about to be happy.

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Re: Angela Weber

Post by PATDPeace »

Angela reminds me of one of my real life friends.She is so sweet and kind and caring.I wonder why Bella chose Jess instead of Angela?
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Re: Angela Weber

Post by Jane V »

PATDPeace wrote:Angela reminds me of one of my real life friends.She is so sweet and kind and caring.I wonder why Bella chose Jess instead of Angela?
when did Bella choose Jessica instead of Angela?

i was a little annoyed when Angela and Ben just dropped off the face of the Earth in BD :evil:
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Re: Angela Weber

Post by jonsgirljen »

Angela is the sweetest person. She is so selfless and caring. She is the complete opposite of Jessica, whom I couldn't stand. Angela is such a good friend to Bella and welcomes her back with open arms and no questions in New Moon. She instinctively knows when Bella has doesn't want to talk about what's bothering her and she doesn't put the subject.

I love her relationship with Ben. The two together are just so adorable. You can just picture them as the couple that will always be together, just like Edward and Bella.

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Re: Angela Weber

Post by pennybug84 »

I love Angela. She is definitely one of my favorite characters. She's one of those people that can be friends with everyone and isn't judgemental. And she is just so sweet and caring and a good friend to Bella. I was kind of sad that she never was mentioned again after the wedding. She seems like one of those who would've kept in contact w/Bella even if it was just through email (like mentioned in Eclipse).
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