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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by twilightfreak119 » Sun Jan 04, 2009 5:02 pm

tinuviel2006 wrote:His thoughts were hilarious, especially the chapter titles!! I've always been TEAM EDWARD, and I'm glad that Jacob finally imprinted, and found his happiness!
Since Jacob imprinted all i could say was... AWKWARD!!! he imprinted with bella's kid! And he kissed bella! imagine what it will be like when he kisses nessie and the only thing bella can think about was how she kissed jacob!! that's a nice bed time story for nessie, about how her mom made out with nessie's boyfriend/soon to be husband!

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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by twilightfreak119 » Sun Jan 04, 2009 5:08 pm

DesiringJB wrote:
RussetRose♥ wrote:I found Jacob's book HIL-ARI-IOUS! I loved the chapter titles. :D
Haha - I loved how the chapter titles were like a paragraph. But yes, I IMMENSELY enjoyed Jacob's book!! I find him hilarious :lol:

I thought jacob's book was soooo funny!!! I love the relationship between the wolves! They joke around with each other in a mean way but still find i funny and still love each other. Basically, they have no choice but i wish i could do that with my friends and have no hard feelings afterwards. hahaha. I LOVE YOU JACOB!!!

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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by jettabugfox » Sun Jan 04, 2009 5:24 pm

Have you ever heard the quote from Mark Twain about good writing? Its something like, Don't say the old lady screamed - bring her on and let her scream. I think that Jacob's book was vital to moving the story forward. At first, I was really hesitant to enjoy the story from another pov. However, after reading the series a few times and thinking about what Jacob's book added to the overall plot - well, there's a lot of "wolfy" stuff in his book that would have been really boring just to have him explain to Bella. Not to mention, how awkward it would have all been to explain. In order for Stephenie's resolution to happen, to make sense (and I am talking about all of the end of BD, not just Jacob imprinting, but the pack defending the Cullens, Bella trusting Jacob to watch over Nessie, etc), we needed to understand all of the information that she supplied in book 2 of BD. So instead of having Jacob and Bella talk endlessly about how Jake feels and how imprinting works and why he can't leave her and how the packs split, etc, etc - not to mention, there is little "action" with Bella sitting on the couch, hugely pregnant, as someone upthread pointed out - it was easier to have Jake tell the story - to have Jake scream, so to say, instead of hearing it through Bella's ears. It wasn't my favorite part of the books, but I think that it fits.
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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by blue-eyed-bella » Sun Jan 04, 2009 9:39 pm

When I first saw that there was a section of BD from Jacob's POV (I figured this out like, the second I bought BD because I saw the Book 1- Bella page and realized that this was unlike Twilight, NM, or Eclipse) I freaked out. I was like, oh no, Steph was turned BD into a very, very, very long fanfic and the best series on Earth is now ruined. Not that I don't like Jacob--I do, but I just wasn't happy with the idea of switching POVs.

Then I read it. And LOVED IT!

Besides the fact, like jettabugfox said, that Bella's POV would have been very boring and unnatural, I realized that I liked Jacob even more than I ever had before. He was funny, caring, and loved Bella so much. I loved the pack, the chapter titles, his relationship with Edward and Rosalie, and just hearing the story from someone else besides Bella was fresh and exciting. And most of my friends, all Jacob-haters *cringe* converted to I-like-Jacob or Jacob-is-okay after they read his book. (Of course, some of them threw BD at the wall and refused to read it for a month after seeing that part of BD was through Jacob's POV...)
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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by JessRuby » Mon Jan 05, 2009 1:11 am

I was really happy when I found out part of the book was written in Jacob's POV because unlike a lot of Twilight fans, Jacob is one of my favourite characters! And no offence to Bella, but she was sort of starting to annoy me, not to mention, that if it were her POV during the pregnancy, it'd be really boring since all she did was lay in bed in pain.

I loved Jacob's POV and his chapter titles were hilarious. His POV really helped us learn more about not only him and how he thinks, but also Seth and Leah. Showed us that Leah isn't as stand off-ish as she makes herself out to be (I don't know if stand off-ish was the right word, maybe.. cynical?). And, Seth is my favourite character, so I'm glad he was included more.
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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by -Jasper » Mon Jan 05, 2009 6:39 am

I loved Jacob's part of Breaking Dawn. It was a lot more interesting getting inside his head than being in Bella's head all the time, because all there would be is pregnancy stuff. It's a lot more clear from Jacob's pov. I like the wolfy bits too. That means we get to see more of Seth :D

I cried a lot through his pov, but also laughed out loud (and I don't do that a lot for books)
His chapter titles are hilarious, and so are his thoughts. It was very sad when he said "I haven't got anything left"

Thank you Stephenie Meyer for doing Jacob's pov :D
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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by SpiiderMonkey » Mon Jan 05, 2009 2:32 pm

When I first read BD I didn't much like Jacob's POV.. I found myself skipping a page here and there to get back to bella's quickly. I didn't much pay attention to the chapter titles the first time 'cause i was so amazed by the story that i just wanted to read and read.

The second time I read BD I payed a little bit more attention and slowly read Jacobs POV this time and learned to love it.. and yes, the chapter titles were halarious.. It was defenitly a good idea to put Jacobs POV in BD cause of the pregnancy and all, and we get to learn a little bit more about the shape-shifters and their minds and i absolutly love seth so, i enjoyed that!! haha :mrgreen:

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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by RussetRose♥ » Mon Jan 05, 2009 6:23 pm

I loved reading from Jake's point of view. It was very interesting to see inside the minds of the entire pack...espcially Jake's. I thought that the chapter names where histarical. I really wanted to read more about him and the pack, but it got to the end.
Also, I think that we really got to see Jacob grow as a character during this part of the book. He took matters into his own hands. He defended the Cullens. He stood up to his own pack and Alpha. He became his own Alpha and had many different people turn on Sam and join his pack, even if they diagreed. Seth and Leah stayed loyal to him throughout the whole book.
And when it came time for Nessie. Jake stood by and helped Edward...even though it seemed at times that he didn't want anything to do with it. He also imprinted on Nessie and he got the happy ending that he deserves.

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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by CrazilyObsessed024 » Sun Jan 11, 2009 5:43 pm

I think reading from Jacob's POV is crucial to the fourth book.

Think about it...

I know that if I did not experience him maturing and becoming who he is in book 3 (of Breaking Dawn) first hand, I would not have understood it when the time came.

Also, I can't think of anyone else I would have wanted to hear it from. Bella and Edward's would have been painful. Rosalie.... just no. And other than Carlisle who would be around that much? We wouldn't have understood some of the dynamics that came to be if Jacob was not the POV.

Plus, it was nice to understand him and learn to like him again. (Because Eclipse ruined him for me)

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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by I_Am_Switzerland31 » Sun Jan 11, 2009 6:05 pm

I have to say i was team Edward for the longest time, until new moon when he left. then he came back. and then i read page 143 of Eclipse, where bella talks about being switzerland, and i realized i loved them both. i appreciated what they both brought to her and made her feel. but i honestly did not like Breaking Dawn. I was so excited for it to come out, i even went to the midnight release party and was the 11th person to get their book. =] so as soon as i got it i looked at the table of contents expexting like twenty cagillion chapters for how big it was and it said there was only 7. i started freaking out! so i dropped my friend off at her house and raced home to start reading. When i got to Jacob's book, i was a little hesitant to say the least. i was interested in what he had to say. But when i read that first chapter title, he had my full attention. i think its safe to say that, that's the only part of the book that i absolutely loved. well other than the wedding and honeymoon of course, but thats beside the point. i loved his sarcastic nature and it was fascinating to hear the minds of someone other than bella. i mean yes i love bella, but i was getting tired of her whining about the baby, (which is still totally impossible!!!). He was refreshing and brought something new to the book that made it bearable for me. So Thank you Stephenie Meyer for giving us Jacob's POV, because it gave us something other than the baby to talk about!
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