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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by AliceLauren » Sun Aug 24, 2008 4:24 pm

I thought it was cool to get to see the inside of Jake's mind. I thought that the chapter names where hilarious! :lol:

He is very sarcastic and carefree... I get him way better now, which is fun. I compare guys to him now :D

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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by future_mrs_cullen » Sun Aug 24, 2008 5:04 pm

I liked his book too. It was nice to get inside a new character's head.
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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by sarah-belle » Sun Aug 24, 2008 6:12 pm

I loved that I got to read from Jake's point of view! I thought it was a good chance for those Jacob-haters see things from his perspective. His chapter titles were so freaking hilarious :D It was a nice change of pace too, because he talks and thinks the same way a lot of teenagers do, so it was a lot more sarcastic and witty than Bella's books. When I got to the third book, I was actually thinking, "Oh no, not Bella again...."
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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by Bianca » Sun Aug 24, 2008 6:20 pm

sarah-belle wrote: When I got to the third book, I was actually thinking, "Oh no, not Bella again...."

Yes, me too!! =)
It was more fun to read the story from Jacob's pov and I wanted to know more about what he thinks about Nessie, and Bella as a vampire.

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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by Team-Jacob7 » Mon Aug 25, 2008 1:01 am

I have never been through more of an emotional rollercoaster than I have while reading Jacob's Book.
I would be balling my eyes out one minute and then laughing the next...it was so weird.
But I can honestly say I lost eye lashes from the amount of crying I did during Jacob's angst filled chapters.

As much as I loved these chapters - I also hated them because they made me want Jacob and Bella to be together even more and I knew that was never going to happen. This part of BD reminded me just why I fell in love with Jacob Black in Twilight (yes I loved him even in Twilight) and I'm pretty sure I couldn't read BD again without crying at all the same spots.
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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by genuinesmile » Mon Aug 25, 2008 2:46 am

I too as well as others, was a little confused when i saw that the book was broken down into different "books." I won't lie, I was even a bit disappointed that Bella wasn't telling the story for one part. However, in the end it made complete and total sense. Frankly, I liked Jacob's book a lot as well. His character evolves and seeing things from his perspective was both insightful and fun/funny. I can't think of a specific part that I loved out of the rest, i simply enjoyed his entire section.

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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by porschejacker XD » Mon Aug 25, 2008 12:53 pm

I actually squealed when I realised Jacob had a book of his own!

Much as I love Edward, and the only way the story would have ever made sense to me was if Edward and Bella ended up together, I've always had a real soft spot for Jake. He's just so lovely. And funny.
I guess I kinda loved him cause he was the underdog too (no pun intended).
So I thought it was the best news ever that he had his POV cause most of my mates hated him, and now they all like him.
Also, his book was pretty darn hilarious, and it made the really kind of dark, depressing part of the story just that bit easier to read. I personally want SM to write another one from Jake's POV completely.
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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by KeepMeWithYou » Mon Aug 25, 2008 1:00 pm

When in Jake's head, I saw everything as he had--through Eclipse and New Moon : There was conflict and lingering pain but he was beginning to accept things, beginning to heal. I thought his love was genuine enough, that he did love Bella, and Edward had reason enough to fight with him and soon find equal ground but it was really in Breaking Dawn Jacob really had a chance to shine! It took a few pages to shift from Bella's POV to Jake's, but once I did, it was really easy to see the Jake that Bella met in Twilight, the one she was good friends with in New Moon, and the conflicted Jake in Eclipse. Jake's book in Breaking Dawn was intense, funny, and a good way to see how his pack worked and how he saw Bella and Edward. It was also an excellent way to see Edward as the "burning man"--the side of Edward that wasn't so gentlemanly or the embodiment of Adonis-like "perfection" as seen through Bella's eyes. It was a chance to see our flawless Edward as he remarks in Twilight: "I may not be human, but I am a man." And, in this case, we see him in his most "human moment" as man--a husband--worried for his beloved.

It was an intense moment for both Edward and Jacob and a chance for both to somewhat reconcile thier differences that began in Eclipse, even if Edwad was desperate enough to offer Bella up to Jacob so that she could have puppies if that what it took to save her and keep her alive.

The thing that seemed to seal that respect and friendship between Jacob and Edward was at the goodbye scene. This one line that Edward says drove me to tears, both at how touching it was, and at how much both Jacob and Edward have matured in different ways and at how both have learned something from each other: "Goodbye Jacob, my brother...my son." Edward Cullen to Jacob Black, pg 723, Breaking Dawn.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching everything through Jake's eyes and when he imprinted on Renesmee I was both surprised and happy. Both Jake and Nessie were happy together and both the Cullens and the Pack seemed to accept him in both worlds (maybe Leah needs some converting. :lol:)

Meyer closes the series beautifully with: "And then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever" Bella Swan, pg 768, Breaking Dawn
And hopefully Team Edward, Team Jacob and Team Switzerland are happy or at least satisfied with the happy ending, because after accepting the shock of Renesmee and the pregnancy and the anti-climatic ending, I am, because at least we got to hear things through his POV. And I'm glad Paris found his own little Juliet to treasure in thier own "...small but perfect piece of...forever." :D

That's my (long) two cents.


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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by twilighter4eva » Tue Aug 26, 2008 11:43 am

My fave parts:

All the dumb blonde juokes. No offense to all the blondes out there.

"You. Got. Food. In. My. Hair."
that was sosososossosossosososososo funny!!!
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Re: Jacob's Book

Post by amy1675 » Tue Aug 26, 2008 12:13 pm

I loved hearing Jacob's take on things, he has a great personality and a great sence of humor. But then again I was already on team Jacob. Not so much because I wanted to see him with Bella, more that he was one of my favorite characters from the get-go.

My favorite part of the whole book was Jacobs comments about Rose :lol: I found myself laughing out loud more than a few times.


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