Adult thread -- The Summer House II

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Re: Adult thread -- The Summer House II

Post by Jazz Girl » Sat Aug 29, 2009 8:16 pm

Dovrebanen wrote:He looks so happy now :)
Trine~ I love this picture. He does look so happy there. But, there are two things I wonder when I look at this photo. A; Just who is that with their head laying on the table covered in a small black hoodie. And B; exactly what did Peter say to Rob that garnered both the headtable reaction and THAT look on Rob's face... :twisted: I can just imagine Peter clapping him on the shoulder like that making some comment about .... oh lord, I am not even gonna try to go there in a pg13 kind of way...

*Caryn skips off to check on a few fanfics...*
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Re: Adult thread -- The Summer House II

Post by Edward_Addict » Sat Aug 29, 2009 8:35 pm

^^ Caryn, in that video Ash posted it shows everyone leaving the restaurant from this pic, and Taylor and Nikki are BOTH wearing black hoods. (Kristen wasn't there, if that's what you were thinking.) But judging from the hands, I'd say the head on the table is Taylor. And I also wondered what Peter said to Rob that would garner a shoulder clap and a Rob smile. ;)

I love how happy Rob looks when he's dining with the cast, but the pics of him outside and in the cab make me so sad. :cry:
Peter seems to handle the crowd the best, IMO. Luff him. And I was so happy to see Billy out with everyone.
Ashley looks really cute. Does she remind anyone else of Sandy at the end of Grease? :lol:
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Re: Adult thread -- The Summer House II

Post by JulieM » Sat Aug 29, 2009 8:52 pm

Trine-Yes, that picture of KStew is stunning. I miss her beautiful, long hair. Oh Well! BTW-Look at Taylor's fingernails, they are kinda gross. :-)
Dovrebanen wrote:He looks so happy now :)
You know what is so strange about that picture? Everyone seems to be going with the flow and oblivious to whoever has their head on the table. I just think that is strange. Why is that the only person trying to cover their face?

Hey Laura! Isn't it fun when you find someone who is crazy about Twilight as you are? It's like they don't want to say they love it, but when they admit it, the damn is broken and they can't stop talking about it. :-)

Ashley-I saw a pic of Kelly with that cut out. I agree, that was stupid. But, was her concert good? And yes! Black and grey robes on the volturi were in my mind also.

Spiders-Absoulutely can't stand them. If their body is bigger than a penny I start having a panic attack, seriously. In the docks at my cabin dwell these, "Wolf" spiders. They are so gross. I'm making my hubby look for a picture he took of one to show you guys. Just disgusting.

Off to watch Adventureland. Loved the movie and rented it for tonight. I need a KStew fix!
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Re: Adult thread -- The Summer House II

Post by older_twilight_fan » Sun Aug 30, 2009 12:18 am

Hi everybody! We had some major computer problems and I've been without internet access (...and the Lex... and Robcrack) since Wednesday morning. I hate it when that happens :evil: I missed you guys and your humor and how you willingly and selflessly support my Rob addiction. I had to pull out my "Sexy Stars of Twilight" magazine a couple of times just to help me through the painful withdrawal stage. :)

Kristiner, sorry that you were apparently suffering some computer issues too. ;) I completely take for granted how dependent I've become on the computer and the internet.

Trine, sorry you're missing your partner but I'm glad that he'll soon be home safely. Hopefully you were able to catch up on some juicy fanfic while he was out of town.

Laura, too bad your first week back to work after vacation was so crazy. But it's always nice to find a fellow Twilight fan with whom you can share your addiction. :D

Julie M, did you enjoy Adventureland? I need to put it on our Netflix queue. I just noticed Entertainment Weekly raved about Adventureland again in this week's issue, and complimented Kristen Stewart's performance as well.

Mandy, I thought Kristen's wig certainly could've looked much worse. It's a far cry from how I feared it might look, so I'm pleasantly surprised. I still wish Kristen would have worn a wig for The Runaways instead of Eclipse, but it's a little late for that. ;) I remember Kristen being so pumped for filming The Runaways and reading something about her being so grateful for the success of Twilight, so she could make more films like The Runaways. I'm betting it was completely Kristen's choice to cut her hair for The Runaways and I bet she did it to totally immerse herself in the character, or something along those lines.

Thanks for the lovely Robcrack and especially the first pictures from the set of Eclipse!

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to comment on the other stuff, but I know we're almost ready for a new thread so no one will probably read this anyway. :lol: I'm happy to keep the original name of The Halfway House for the thread; it might make it easier for everyone to find us too.
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Re: Adult thread -- The Summer House II

Post by Jadey » Sun Aug 30, 2009 1:34 am

Most of you have probably seen this if you look on RobstenLovers,
But uh, I guess they've decided to boost Robs security. LOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLOLO

Like Tracy, I expected the Bella wig to look far worse than what it does, so I is relieved. I think it even looks better than her Twilight hair,

Trine ~ yesh, he does look happy. That little grin/smirk is adorrrrrrrrable. Look @ his JAW

I hope it's Nikki in that hoodie. Im sick of her face.
Or it could be Kristen, having a wee nap... Looking at Rob does take a lot outta ya.
Na, the hands look too big. And not browny-tan enough to be taylor.
Elizabeth looks peeved.

I think it's nikki. But doesn't she usually have nail polish on or something?

On the talk of spiders. I can't stand them. Especially White Tails, which can kill you.

I hired out Zathura (because of Kstew). The movie overall sucks, because its aimed at kids, but Kristens parts were hilarious.
She said in the extras (mini interviews with the cast) that shes never done a comedic role before etc, and I thought she was bloody fantastic. She should do more comedic roles more often
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Re: Adult thread -- The Summer House II

Post by diane771 » Sun Aug 30, 2009 4:29 am

Jade love the new security :D
i just down loaded a game on my website its called Dress Rob. He does have his boxers on so this is still pg-13 or what ever it supposed to be rated. :lol:
I am going to bed worked on the comuter for the last 3 hours. So good night everyone. good night Rob, Kristen, Ashley and all the Cullens. and Jacob too.

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Re: Adult thread -- The Summer House II

Post by Dovrebanen » Sun Aug 30, 2009 5:33 am

I guess this is my goodbye to the Summer House. It's been a nice place to hang out this summer. Did we decide to go back to The Halfway House?

Laura – I loved your story about your customer. It is so nice to meet people like that. Sadly I never do. I work mostly with 50-60 year old men in an office... Needless to say, I don't mention Robert Pattinson or Twilight. And if I did, they would probably look at me like I have two heads or something :roll:
KOL sounded like major divas...I really don't care if they had a bad night and were in a bad mood or whatever. You don't behave like that.

Caryn – I really didn't notice the person with his head on the table (all eyes on Rob). But it is highly unusal behavior :)
Taylor and Nikki looked almost like twins when they left the restaurant, so it really could be either one of the two. I don't know. The hands look a little pale to be Taylor's, but I think that can be the light shining on his hands...So I say Taylor. But why? He doesn't seem like one to hide. He even halfstopped and signed an autograph outside the restaurant.

Mandy – I agree. The contrast between Rob inside the restaurant and outside is striking. He looks unhappy out there, and he is like CookieBella. Hood up, head down. Not one smile. It's sad.
I think Peter is more used to it, considering his age. And the spotlight is much less on him than it is on Rob and Kristen, and now even Taylor as well. I think Taylor does well because of his young age and outgoing personality.

JulieM – That was my first thought. If he knew he was going to do a photoshoot, he should have taken better care of his finger nails.

Diane – Do you have a link to the game?

Tracy – Good to have you back. I get so cranky when my internet connection fails.
I did catch up fanfics with him out of the house. I finished Clipped Wings and Inked Armor. And this morning, ToV. It is sad that it's over. But I hope she goes on to write Tropic of Gemini. I never thought of that before, but my boyfriend is actually a Gemini too. Not that I really care about astrology.

Jade – Yeah, I heard that when I was down there. The only dangerous animal in NZ was a spider.
The new security was funny :)

Kristen's wig...I understand that she wanted to cut her hair for The Runaways. And wearing a wig for that would probably look a lot worse than the one for Eclipse. I imagine it would look like she had a mop on her head....

Yesterday I was so lazy all day. Except for the cleaning before breakfast, of course. I spent hours on my computer working on my iPod playlist. And then I watched a movie. I saw Enchanted. It was alright, but too much for kids for my taste. But McDreamy made it bearable to watch the whole thing :)
But now I'm heading out for a long walk. Sundays are good for that sort of thing. Nothing else really going on. Stores are closed in Norway. So I am walking around the island I live on.
Have a great night/day!
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Re: Adult thread -- The Summer House II

Post by DarkMuse » Sun Aug 30, 2009 9:55 am

Mandy - I totally posted this without saying anything. I had saved yours till last cause I saw that you had posted twice. Lol. I have to go to the Jackson thread to see what you said over there.

JulieM - Apparently the cricket was sitting just outside the sliding glass door in the kitchen. Weird. Sounded like it was in the house, it was so loud. As far as state fairs, I'm not really sure if we have one here. :oops: If we do, I don't think I've ever been. The tiki bar picture was funny. Hehe.

Laura - Yes, people absolutely save the hectic stuff for those who take off for any amount of time. They're jealous that you got to get away. Love the fact that you found another Twilight obsessee. Lol.

Tracy - Yes, internet fail is the worst. I had to work the days I was without it. I'm glad I had that to keep my mind off of it.

Jade - Rob's security...Bwahahahaha...that is pure awesome.

Trine - OMG you freaked me out! "I guess this is my goodbye to the Summer House..." I thought you were leaving us for good, until my dumb went away and I realized you were only saying goodbye to the Summer House and not us. Lol.

Pics from the Graduation scene. And Jackson's hair. I'm scared. Is that his real hair or a wig? It's freaking me out. He needs to take the hat off. Not that I don't like it, I just wanna see the full head of hair.

This is pretty.

I was reading posts on MLIA and I thought this one was funny. It reminds me of all of us. Haha.

Yesterday, I convinced my sister that unicorns are not mythological, they are just really rare. Today, she came home laughing about how stupid her teacher is, because ‘she thought that unicorns weren’t real’. I agreed that her teacher was an idiot. MLIA
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Re: Adult thread -- The Summer House II

Post by JulieM » Sun Aug 30, 2009 12:46 pm

Happy Sunday!

I can't believe we're almost to 100 pages. The timing couldn't have worked out more perfect. It's so sad though. The Summer House has been a blast!

Tracy-Glad you got your computer problems fixed. I hate when that happens. Adventureland is great. Very funny and such a sweet story. Kristen is great in it. I would defintely recommend it. And there is great music. Anyone remember Expose? Loved them!!

Back to Kristen's wig, like Trine said, maybe a mullet wig for Joan Jett would have looked worse than a "Bella" wig? It's funny how passionate people are with her hair. You should (or shouldn't) read the comments on the main Lex page about her wig. I don't particularly like it, but it is what it is. We just have to move on and hope it will look great in the end.

Jade-I did see that on Robsten, very funny pic. I wish Rob could see that. :-)

I've only seen parts of Zathura, but I would like to see the whole thing.

Trine-Any good songs on your playlist you would like to share? That's so strange your stores are closed on Sundays. I think that is great though, it should be like that everywhere.

Kristiner-I'm glad your cricket was outside. Those things are loud!

I think the hat and glassess look kinda funny on Jackson. I wonder if he will be wearing those for that particular scene?

Goodbye Summer House!
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Re: Adult thread -- The Summer House II

Post by ♥midnight_sun♥ » Sun Aug 30, 2009 2:39 pm

Woot woot! A few more posts and we will be on page 100 and on our way back to the Halfway House. *starts packing for the move back*

JulieM~I didn't stay to watch the concert. I saw about 1 minute of the thing with the Robward cut out and left to get some taffy.

Well...this is my goodbye to the Summer House.

Has anyone PM'd a mod yet?
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