Lines and scenes that you want in Eclipse

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Re: Lines and scenes that you want in Eclipse

Post by JordanfromNZ »

switzgal wrote:One of the most emotional moments in all the books....

Bella: "You're like my personal sun, you rearrange the clouds for me."
Jacob: "The clouds I can handle, but I can't fight with an Eclipse"

This chapter always made me cry my eyes out!!!! It was so sad the entire conversation between Jacob and Bella in Jake's room.
Yes, that almost made me shed a little tear, but guys aren't supposed to cry. :oops:

Definitely the Fire and ice tent scene.

Would LOVE the brilliant Quileute legends around the campfire scene in there. The third wife and the spirit warriors.

Hmm, the vampire fight training scene with jasper teaching everyone. With the wolves watching.

To be honest, at this late stage, it's not really "what we want in it", it's more like, "did they put it in ?! " .

Let's hope so :S
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Re: Lines and scenes that you want in Eclipse

Post by jonilee73 »

As much as I would love the whole "I am Switzerland" scene, it doesn't fit the personality they have given Bella in the movies. Very rarely can she pull of a sense of humor in the movies. If they did put it in, I am excited to see how they pull it off. And I want my fave line- "You compare one small tree to the entire forest." That line stuck with more than any line in any of the books.
I also want the "can't handle an eclipse" line. That line is explaining the title of the book/movie. Of course, they left out the Twilight being a vampires fave time of day line in the first movie and Bella's thoughts on the New Moon in the second movie, so I wouldn't be surprised if they leave out that line in this movie.
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You compare one small tree to the entire forest.

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Re: Lines and scenes that you want in Eclipse

Post by Seeker-Mar »

For me, two of the scenes that are most pivotal to Bella and Edward's relationship come from Eclipse and I hope they are represented. They probably aren't the ones most people think of.

The first is the scene when Edward and Bella are leaving a trail for the newborns and she falls and hurts her hand. She tells Edward to stay away because of the blood but he comes to her and he isn't even holding his breath. He then explains how after Italy he no longer lusts for her blood because he can't imagine anything that would make him lose her again.

To me it's so important to their ability to have a healthy relationship that he got over his intense blood lust in the way he did.

On the flip side I think the scene in the meadow where Bella refuses Edward because she is worried about his soul is also pivotal. Up until she has been rather selfish about Edward and she finally begins to realise that their relationship isn't all about her wishes and desires. Of course, they already had her say the soul line in New Moon but I still hope the essence of the Eclipse moment is in the book.

This movie is going to be hard because it's so many people's favorite book!
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