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Re: Eclipse The Movie, Take 1

Post by GrayceM »

Since the release date I have been watching all my favorite shopping sites to get the best deal and to see if any were offering something "extra". Here is what I have so far:

2 disc editions include: extended and deleted scenes plus commentary with Rob and Kristen, Stephenie & Wick - music videos - Jacob and Edward fast forwards.


Target - *Collector's Edition* $27.99- 2 disc w/6 photo cards **24.99
*Collector's Edition* Blu-ray - $34.99- 2 disc w/6 photo cards **$29.99
2 disc DVD - $22.99 **$19.99
2 disc Blu-ray $24.99
single disc DVD - $16.99 **$15.99
single disc Blu-ray - $24.99 **$19.99

Some of the prices have changed since I posted this originally.

**The "Exclusive" is a bracelet which can be purchased with the DVD for $5.99 or separately for $9.99. It is silver tone with a brown color wolf and crystal heart on a gold clasp. I admit that it's not likely to be anything significant for that cost, but it's symbolic. The best deal I found was the 2 disc from here

Best Buy - *Exclusive* (no details yet) DVD 2 disc - $26.99**$24.99
*Exclusive* (no details yet) Blu-ray 2 disc - $36.99**$28.99
2 disc - $29.99**17.99
2 disc Blu-ray - $34.99 **$26.99
single disc - $24.99 **$15.99
single disc Blu-ray - $29.99 **$19.99

Wal-Mart, Barnes & Noble and Borders all show to only have the 4 editions so far. Please post if you've found other information. The list price for all showing to be average $5-$15 higher on all editions, thought I'm not certain if that due to having an account/membership with the store, or a pre-order discount.

Walmart has also added an "Exclusive" to their site: They offer a combo pack with the Destination Forks: The Real World of Twilight.
Wal-Mart - 2 disc - $21.46**17.96
2 disc Blu-ray - $26.46 **Contains Blu-ray & standard DVD
single disc - $16.96**$15.96
single disc Blu-ray - $22.96 **$19.96
**2 disc Eclipse/Destination Forks - $24.96

Barnes & Noble - 2 disc - $21.44
2 disc Blu-ray - $26.64
single disc - $18.84
single disc Blu-ray - $22.74

Borders - 2 disc - $27.99
2 disc Blu-ray - $29.99
single disc - $19.99
single disc Blu-ray - $22.99

Just thought there needed to be some direction for those of us who are looking to get a jump on shopping! Enjoy! :D

Has anyone else seen what the special editions are including other than what I have at Target?
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Re: Eclipse The Movie, Take 1

Post by GrayceM »

I wanted to post a picture of the bracelet offered from Best Buy, and the Collector's edition contents from Target...maybe one of the moderators will put them on.
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Re: Eclipse The Movie, Take 1

Post by elizabella »

So it's always a bit scary for me when my mother comes up with a great point (since I'm 30 myself) but she kept saying there was just something about the newborns that she really didn't like. Well on our third trip around the DVD :) She thought maybe she figured it out. She said aren't newborns, well all vampires really, supposed to be beautiful? James, Victoria, Laurent they all had a beauty to them but the newborns don't at all. Riley is good but the newborns still look like ragamuffins. Did anybody else notice this?

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Re: Eclipse The Movie, Take 1

Post by Suzan »

^ I though I read something about that actually in an interview with SM. But I can't find it anymore. I think she said something like during the change, the venom corrects your flaws, makes you prettier than you were in your human life. The Cullens and especially Rosalie were already beautiful as humans, but the newborns in Victoria's army were not. They were people who lived on the streets or were prostitudes or drug dealers, that sort of thing. Victoria choose them because they wouldn't be missed when they disappeared. Now, I'm not saying that all people who live on the streets are by definition ugly. But those were the bits and pieces I remember from the interview. (Now it probably sounds like SM thinks that people from the streets are ugly, but that is obviously not true. Ugh, If only I could find the interview, then I could explain it better)
Anyway, the point was that the venom doesn't make you pretty. It just corrects your flaws like a nose that stands crooked because it was broken will be straight again. The Cullens were already pretty, so they became beautiful vampires. The newborns were not particularly pretty as humans so they became sort of ordinary vampires.
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Re: Eclipse The Movie, Take 1

Post by pennybug84 »

I just watched EC w/the commentary with SM & the producer Wyck Godfrey today & was surprised to hear SM say she liked Bella's "speech" at the end. I for the most part didn't really like it & so I was anxious to hear what she had to say, and she actually liked it. Because it showed Bella's growth/maturity in finding out who she is. I guess I never thought about it like that before. I always saw it as Bella was saying I'm not choosing you just because I like you, but also because I want to be a vampire.

It was awesome to hear that she hated & was ticked at the Angryward scene after the 1st Jacob "kiss." I hated that change from the book & so did she! She even stormed out of the producer guys office when they talked about it.
And the part at the end when Edward kills Victoria just taking her head off wouldn't have killed her. She even commented Victoria would still be around. The changes/whatever on the mythology really bugged her. Good to know cause it bugged me too. I really kind of hope she'll do the commentary on the BD dvds too.
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Re: Eclipse The Movie, Take 1

Post by BellaMia »

Where is Edward's bed and bedspread from? We know in Twilight Bella's comforter is from Target but it's a bit too teenager for me. Edward's bed is much more adult looking. Love it. Love Edward's old wooden radio too. My brother has an old tube radio that looks just like it.
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