Review Time: I liked the Eclipse movie!

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Re: Review Time: I liked the Eclipse movie!

Post by italiangirl1577 »

I have to say that "Eclipse" was far better than both "Twilight" and "New Moon". After the first two, I had pretty low expectations for "Eclipse". Needless to say, I was happily proven wrong. The acting quality from everyone has improved so much, most noticeably (and I'm so happy to actually be able to say this) Kristen Stewart. There was just enough romance in the film without it getting too over-the-top (or worse: cheesy), and it was balanced by the beautifully thrilling action sequences. This was my favorite film so far and all of this progress from the first two films up to now means that I (and I know I'm not alone) am going to have even higher expectations for "Breaking Dawn".

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Re: Review Time: I liked the Eclipse movie!

Post by Jazz Girl »

egaeci wrote:So this is where the "can't it be June soon?" changes into "when is the DVD coming - me neeeds it!!"... ;)
I will do everything I can to keep Eclipse in theaters for several weeks at least. Even I can't delude myself into believing that it will be in theaters the almost 4 months Twilight was. But, I'm hoping through the end of Summer.

But, I'm totally with you Egaeci. This DVD cannot come fast enough!!
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Re: Review Time: I liked the Eclipse movie!

Post by missp »

Jazz Girl wrote: Missing Scenes~ Overall, there were really only two scenes I can think of that should have had a place. The first is Jacob using his thoughts to torture Edward after the return form Florida. That part of that scene establishes a lot of things that I think we lose out by not seeing. The second is Bella's time crying over Jacob. Even if they had included only her not being able to continue driving and Edward coming to find her, that could have given us key insight into Bella's full consideration of her choices. Bella was absolutely resolute in her decision and we know this. But, her mourning process shows us that while she knows she is gaining so much more, she at least recognizes that there are things she's sacrificing as well.
As usual, Caryn, you nailed my feelings/thoughts exactly with your review post from before, and your comment on the missing scenes is right on as well. I was very much expecting that we would see the scene where Bella leaves Jake's after the "Break-up" where she is crying so hard that she can't see and Edward comes to comfort her...ALL NIGHT LONG. You're right. That would have given people who haven't read the series a real understanding of the gravity of her choice.

I have to admit, after the premier, I wasn't all "warm and fuzzy" about the movie. I was a little disappointed. But now that I've seen it for the second time, I think I was just so keyed up on premier night with anticipation that I couldn't focus on the "big picture" so to speak. This movie is near about perfect! Yes, the motorcycle scene is a bauble, and I don't like it when they give lines that should belong to certain characters to other characters. For example, the discussion between Edward and Bella about him sitting out of the fight made it sound like it was HIS idea to sit out. Then, the scene with Bree where they're asking Jane to spare her...Esme delivered both Carlisle's and Edward's lines. But, everything else was spot on! I can't go into specifics now because I am still processing... I am going to see it again tonight and then again tomorrow night. I am forming a list of GREATS for a better review later. :)
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Re: Review Time: I liked the Eclipse movie!

Post by Cullen_Lover »

Amazing! I was jumping up and down in my seat! Though I do wish they did havw Alice kidnap her :( But overall AMAZING!
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Re: Review Time: I liked the Eclipse movie!

Post by LionandLamb123 »

Eclipse was seriously the best thing I have ever seen :lol: . No really, I was so thrilled how close to the book it was and my favorite part was the proposal and the Jasper flashback ;) :D Oh how I love Jasper... ;) I missed one of my favorite shows, So You Think You Can Dance, but let me assure you it was worth it. The scenery for the battle was beautiful, and the CGI Wolf was so ...pretty? :lol: I wanted to give them a big hug :D I'm going again tomorrow and I can't wait ! :D I loved how all of the Cullen's actually had lines this time. And how Alice and Jasper actually had a romance.

One thing I will say is that after reading the Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, which I really liked, I was a little disappointed with the character choice for Bree. The actress just sounded a little ...amateur? :? When she asked Riley What he did to her it didn't sound right to me :? But I still loved how she had a part before she arrived at the battle.

It was the best one of the series for me :D
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Re: Review Time: I liked the Eclipse movie!

Post by SwanCullen »

I have to add that while it was hard to watch, the scene with Jacob getting his bones broken was fantastic!
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Re: Review Time: I liked the Eclipse movie!

Post by clpviolet »

I loved it!!!! Sometimes it seemed like they put the book in the script word for word. Of course there were a few things that were out of place like Bella going with Jake on the motorcycle and scenes out of order and not in the exact place, etc......if I wanted to really "nit pick" those little things have annoyed me :roll: . But since I actually liked basicly everything else because it was all just so darn perfect I am going to let them go. ;)

I loved "the talk", Bella punching Jake, the proposal and the tent scene these were major IMO and the did it really well. The fighting was really good too. Finally we got to see what exactly was going on in the clearing that day. OH!! THE LEG HITCH!!! OMG :lol: !!! So HOT!!lol :roll: anyways moving on....Rosalie's and Jasper's stories were there but I knew that cause I saw pics a few months ago.

I did notice that they left that part after Bella left Jake's place too. I think I would have liked to have that in there too. Just to see how hard it was for her and how it made Edward wonder if she was really making the right choice. Alice kidnapping Bella and wanting to give her a manicure and pedicure would have been hilarious. :lol: Thats all for now and Caryn you review had me LMFAO with all your new euphamisms (SP?)
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Re: Review Time: I liked the Eclipse movie!

Post by misskiley »

I loved the movie!! I think they did a great job on it. The acting was very good overall,.. except for maybe Bree, I'm still iffy about that. I can't wait to see it again, hopefully in I-MAX next, so I can really focus more on it. Maybe I'll wait til the fever for Eclipse dies down and there will only be a few people who aren't screaming the whole time lol.
I LOVED the scene where Charlie and Bella were having the sex talk! I only got to hear a little bit of it because we were all laughing so hard. I was soooo worried they skipped that part altogether when it wasn't in the beginning.
I had major fears they would cut too much because they were doing the fight scene, and there was quite a few scenes missing that I really wanted to be in the movie that weren't. But overall most of my favorite parts were there.
Eclipse is my favorite book, I find it to be the funniest of them all and I'm glad the movie was just as funny for a large part.
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Re: Review Time: I liked the Eclipse movie!

Post by Nikki-- »

I really LOVED this movie. I always need to see these movies twice to really let it sink in, but my first reaction is definitely positive. 'Eclipse' is my favourite book so I had really high expectations for the movie, but I wasn't let down at all. Of course there were some parts that didn't make it or that were a lot shorter, but all in all it was good.

It seemed to me to be closer to the book than the previous two. There were lines straight out of the book, which I love. What made this movie so good though, was the acting. It's improved SO much, especially when it comes to Kirsten. She was a lot less awkward and wooden. Rob was also even better than in the previous movies. He can convey so much emotion without saying anything, his face speaks a thousand words in certain scenes. Taylor does an amazing job too. I never liked the book Jacob, but Taylor makes me at least understand what Bella could see in him.

They really showed the spirit of the book in the little things - at the beginning for instance, when Bella's the one who sits up straight again and leaves the meadow. That shows that their relationship has changed because of Edward's leaving, that Bella's a little more independent. In 'Twilight', she was never the one to disentangle herself first. That's what I read into that anyway. :)

The whole kissing Jacob thing was kind of disappointing though. They didn't make it clear enough that Jacob was manipulating Bella, they made it seem like she just wanted to kiss him. It also went on for aaaages and she kissed back from the beginning, while in the book she was resistant at first. It also bothered me that they hardly showed Edward's reaction to it.

What I was most anxious about was the tent scene, 'cause that's my favourite scene of the entire series probably. While it wasn't perfect, it was good. They didn't say everything they did in the book, but they got the gist of it. I do think it's a shame they didn't include the part where Jacob's thinking about what Bella was like after Edward left.

It was also really funny. Jessica's speech was perfect! There were just lots of small comments that had the entire audience cracking up. The only criticism I have about this is that they shouldn't have had put a funny moment in the scene with Bella and Edward alone in the house. When Edward says something like 'Believe me, I want to', everyone was laughing and I thought that kind of ruined the moment. It's such an intimate scene, I didn't think comedy was appropiate there.

The way the newborn were killed kind of confused me though. The Cullens just stomped their heads off and they were dead, while it seems to me that the books make it out to be a lot harder than that. The fact that they were just stone inside also weirded me out. I know they're not human, but I never imagined them to be actual stones.
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Re: Review Time: I liked the Eclipse movie!

Post by egaeci »

Not sure where to post this, but anyway, here goes...

What happened to red-eyed Edward? I was extremely curious of what scene this pic might come from, but it wasn't in the movie. I couldn't have missed it, could I?
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