Review Time: I'm in the middle about the Eclipse movie

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Re: Review Time: I'm in the middle about the Eclipse movie

Post by mna17 »

Hi Guys!
Okay..I know I am too late for this discussion and probably, no one will read my review^^
but hey..i live in austria, and the movie released on the 14th! i went to the theatre, and i had to let some time pass to gather my thoughts.

so here it goes:
basically, after watching it, i didn't like it ( but that changed, of course, otherwise i wouldn't be writng in the "midde" thread).
the reasons for that were...well first of all:
the movie didn#t have a chance..because i had to watch in in the german dubbed version.
i've read the books how they intended to be read-in english- and i knew watching it in german would be a problem. but my also-fluent-in-english-friend had flown to pakistan and my austrian friends wanted to watch it in german. amazing bella jake and edward are in english, compared to that, the suck in german.
but ok.
after clearing that up, what bothered me: the speed. you know, during the movie, i had to look at the watch like...3 times. which is a lot.
but not, because i was thinking like "oh my gosh, when will this end" but rather "oh my gosh...half an hour passsed and they're through with almost fast T_T".
I guess I would have liked it if they made this overlength film?
they do this with harry potter as well, and yeah...don't forget that our lovely saga gets longer book by book.( i love the word "saga" makes it seem sooo epic)

well let's have a look at the basics:

the characters:
well..I'm sorry to say that. but i dont think kristen does a good job. basically, judging form her looks, she is the PERFECT bella.
she is gorgeous, but you don't see it on first sight. you have to get used to her face to see her beauty.
and her clothing style, everything fits really well.
but she can hardly act.
she was great in twilight, and even more beautiful now in the sequels, know as the story got more complicated, as bella started having an inner conflict on "two bellas" that should be there, on two STRONG ROMANTIC LOVES she felt for two persons, kristen lost it.
i know, that there are a lot of team edward people out there, but something that even meyer has stated is, that jacob is bellas "human love". as a human, she honestly loves him, even if her mythological love for edward goes beyond everything, but yeah...would the world have been " the sane place it was supposed to be", they would have been soulmates.
and that is something i loved about the book.
i am absolutely team edward. but i loved to see how there was another perspective, how she loved this other guy so much.
the jacob and bella scenes gave me the same feelings i had in the first edward and bella know..vulnerability inside (/ i dont mean the scene where he forces the kiss on her, but the scene where they "willingly" kiss and the break up scene).
but ok, she didn#t make it, we cannot have it all.
it was just kind of disappointing, because the movie subtitle says: IT ALL BEGINS WITH A CHOICE. and people who DONT KNOW THE WONDERFUL BOOKS think: WHICH CHOICE?!?!? there was no choice to be made...i mean yeha, bella got sad about leaving "her "human friends, family and stuff, but that she was aware of in since the beginning. with jake " turning into a vampire seemed like a sacrifice for the first time"-- lead: ROB.
basically, i thought taht he was an ideal casitng for edward since the beginning. and he is!!
he looks outworldish...beautiful..well, HE IS GREAT.
but i was unsatisfied with some things, still.
like: vampires don#t age. why does he look old here. the eyebrows. they're bushier. but i dont get why they did it. i try to explain myself that this was to make him look more serious as he looked to teenage( which actually should be) in the first movie. the first movie, like the first book, lives from the fascination radiating from edward. as the books proceed, he gets more like a" oh the sexy vampire we're used to"
still i wished his costumes, his hairdo and even his eyeborws were a bit better done. I don'T know why they are ( i mean summit) being so reckless...warner brothers is so great with harry potter...but well yeah...
we all know the saga is gonna be remade in....20 years? maybe its gonna be more authentic regards of the vmapires.
but i cannot imagine anyone else as edward so i wont watch it. hafta stick with this^^
overall, very, nice work rob!

jake/Lautner: superb.

Scenes that i liked?

i loved the fighting, the training, the graduation ( this was sooo emotional...i mean the scene where charlie stands up, tears in his eyes, clapping for bells).what i didnt like: the jake bella kiss: there was noo feeling in it.
in the book it was so romantic. especially the vision she had. she jake. children(puppies^^)...well yeah.
also i didnt like the scene where bella "breaks up" with jake. after eclipse, even being an team edward fan, you feel...wounded. here i thought "well...he'll get over it after some drinks".
i thought the proposal was okay, but yeah...i missed some when he gives her the heart: its like my heart...colds and hard.(or so)
ehm ehm ehm... yes....
I missed... the I love. i want you. right now.-thing.

most sexy scene: jasper "trianing alice"

and there is one scene in particular i wanted to be done differently.

but yeah.

cool...i think i nearly shared all that i was urging to share...some last points:
alice's hair and make up is great in this one.
emmet also looks good

okey....guys, i am done.
puh, it feels better now, knowing that soem other twilightish freaks will maybe read this overlong post.
thank you if you got so far.

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Re: Review Time: I'm in the middle about the Eclipse movie

Post by funkidiva »

It seems quite a few of us have mixed feelings about this film - good bits and bad bits. It could be because we are such fans and know the books so well which means it is unlikely the film will live up to our standards 100% of the time. If I didnt know the book/story already I wonder if I would have enjoyed the film more?
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Re: Review Time: I'm in the middle about the Eclipse movie

Post by Melody »

I SO in the middle about Eclipse :/
Some parts i loved and some i didnt. I wouldnt say that i was disapointed though - it still gave me goosebumps :lol:

Things that stuck out to me where:
+ Alice and Bellas' friendship - they are supposed to be bestfriends and this isn't shown at all in any of the movies (except in Twilight when Alice says, "I know we are going to be bestfriends!")
+ The whole motorcycle scene - Edward would never have allowed this in the book so why would he allow it in the movie! I mean, he doesnt want Bella anywhere near Jacob, yet he doesnt seem to mind her getting on the back of his bike and going to La Push.
+ The fight scene between Edward, Victoria and Riley - Why is Edward nearly beaten?! He nearly gets his head ripped off for crying out loud!! That DOES NOT happen in the book! :evil: :evil:
+ The apparent favouritism (sp?) for Jacob? The story was more built around Jacob that Edward and Bellas' relationship - this is also shown in the fact that Edward nearly gets his head ripped off and also when he is percieved to be almost ..weak.. (HEAVEN FORBID!) :? :o

Things that i enjoyed:
+ The Newborn fight scenes - i thought that they were well done if sometimes funny :lol:
+ The proposal scene - I cried :lol: 8-)
+ How beautiful Edward/ Robert is :D
+ I also really liked how Bryce Dallas Howard portrayed Victoria! I thought she was beautiful and even though she didnt scare me as much as the original

Okay, so there's my little review (sort of :lol: )
Does anyone else see the favouritism for Jacob over Edward in the films or is it just me?
Mel xo

Team Edward - because real men sparkle ;)
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Re: Review Time: I'm in the middle about the Eclipse movie

Post by funkidiva »

I was hoping to see this a second time at cinema to see if my mixed feelings about it change but its about to leave the cinemas near me so will have to wait for the DVD. I am hoping 2nd time round I will like it more. We shall see...

Personally, I didnt think there was any favourtism towards any of the characters. If anything it lacked story and favourtism for some characters.
"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb" "...What shoes had Alice put me in? Stilettos? She'd lost her mind..."
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Re: Review Time: I'm in the middle about the Eclipse movie

Post by twi_momof3girls »

I know I'm late with posting a review here, but I'm new so here I go:

First off, let me say that I liked the movie better than the first two, though I did like those as well, and Eclipse was my favorite book. I think I went into this movie with high expectations because it was my favorite book.I actually saw it twice because the first time I was so busy comparing the book to the movie that I felt I wasn't being fair about my first impression. I had the sense that the movie would flow like the book because any other way wouldn't make any sense. I believe I was right. Most of the scenes were too fast and didn't mesh well with the others that followed. To anyone who had not read the book, they more than likely would have no idea what was going on and who half of the people were.

The things I liked: the proposal scene, the tent scene, the practice fighting, the battle with the army, the Cullens & the wolves, the scene in Florida, the first meadow scene, & most of the scenes with Riley. I thought those were excellent.

The things I didn't like: Bella running away from Edward (Really? She would never have done that!), Edward almost losing his fight with Victoria & Riley (Seriously? That scene made him look weak which everyone knows he's not), and just where in the world was the part where Alice kidnapped Bella?? I also felt that the relationship between Bella & Jacob didn't touch nearly where it should have. More emotion from Bella was desperately needed. The movie did not show just how difficult of a choice it was for her. Let's not forget in the practice fighting, Edward would have completely saw the leg sweep from Carlisle coming.

I felt this movie made Edward look like a weak, jealous, jerk of a boyfriend while Jacob looked like the perfect guy. Hello?! In what world does that happen? Certainly not in the Twilight Saga world. The scene in where Edward broke Bella's truck irritated me because it made Edward look callous. I loved the scene where Edward & Jacob had their little confrontation after Bella broke her hand but in the book, Edward was past that behavior. He was more accepting of Jacob by then and more mature about it. Again, I loved the movie but I felt it could have done a little better. The soundtrack was AMAZING!
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Re: Review Time: I'm in the middle about the Eclipse movie

Post by MouseyZbyszko »

I'm in the middle as well.....

The only part I'm miffed about is, they didn't do Alice & Emmitt's backstory, the way they did with Jasper & Rosalie. I kinda hoped they would do Carlisle, Esme & Edward's backstory because in Twilight, we didn't get to get educated on THEIR story too much.

I felt the entire "battle" was waaaaay too short. You only saw bits & pieces from the movie going back and forth from Edward / Bella to the actual 'battle".

*sigh*, I think that killing a child in a movie is just wrong any way you slice it. Bree Tanner should have been allowed to live and be trained as a "Cullen", the same way Jasper was taken in. I know Jasper wasn't a child but still.

My favorite part of the movie was when Jacob told Edward: "I AM hotter than you" -- haha! Owned!! :mrgreen:
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Re: Review Time: I'm in the middle about the Eclipse movie

Post by funkidiva »

Haha I like that part of the film too MouseyZbyszko. I like the whole competition between Edward and Jacob - its all done with a bit of humour and healthy competition.
"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb" "...What shoes had Alice put me in? Stilettos? She'd lost her mind..."
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