Rob's Halfway House -- #7

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by marielle »

Good morning ladies!!!

Ah, I see everybody has been busy or has been glued to the tv and watched the horrors in Japan...
I have been watching the news yesterday all day as well, thank god for cnn, they at least show what is happening. I only changed the channel last night when Kingdom of Heaven was the extended edition and I have to tell you girls, 3,5 hours of watching Orlando Bloom is my own Kingdom of Heaven...

Tracy, uhm, that would be a no :lol: ...I don't hate washing the windows but it's a lot of work I haven't finished them in my own house yet... I always do them in stages, yesterday I did they windows on the balcony, later this week I'll do the living room and bedrooms...

Susie, yeah I figured you would be dead worried about your friends in Japan. Have you heard from them yet?

Lulu, I didn't make that montage, I'm no good with those things, I found that one at Robsessed, I believe...

Well, I have two hours of doing nothing until my bf comes i'll go read some fanfic... :wave:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by VirginiaMay »

Good Morning/Afternoon Sisters!

I updated What Drives Her last night, so I am finally allowed some time to post, LOL! ;-) So much to say, so I'm going to get right to it.

Trine- I remember you! I was lurking and just introducing myself I think the last time you were real active. No worries... life happens. It's great to see you again and as far as keeping up with us, you're just in time to get all giddy with over Water for Elephants. Have you read it?? I don't even know, are you an avid reader or was Twilight an anomaly for you?? I hope we'll see you soon and that the neurologist is able to help bring you some answers! Take care!! :wave:

Raine- I'm glad you and you're family are safe and sound. So many thoughts went through my head when I heard about the earthquake and subsequent Tsunami on Friday. You were definitely one of them. And yes, as you said, God is good. Even in times like this, he is still good. :amen: Happy Belated Birthday as well!

I love it when you stop by and bring us presents! Lovely work as always! I was thinking I might want a new siggie a few days ago, but have had no time to think about what I want. Next time you're bored, let me know. ;)

Dawn- If you're not a hugger, I would definitely freak you out! He he... :hug: Of course, to be honest I wasn't expecting a PFach hug when I met him in December myself and it sort of threw me off. Christina and I were just there to say hello and were feeling completely composed until he unleashed the charm. It was rather frightening how quickly he reduced us to a puddle of giggly teenage-like goo. We're just minding our business, behaving like the young ladies we are and bam! PFach hug at 12 o'clock!

AnnMarie- It's still so good to see you. Are you having fun with the guitar lessons? I tried to get my husband to teach me once, but it didn't go so well, LOL! Best of luck getting to the London Premiere of WfE. That would be amazing! :swoon:

JennJenn- I like your new siggie. (See above note to Tammy, LOL!) I know you've been affected by the news coming out of Japan and the Pacific and I just want to hug you. You have a tender heart sweet thing! Never a bad thing. I need to PM you back, just give me a couple hours to brainstorm.

Christina- Hi! :wave: I don't what else to say... not much else has happened since I talked to you, LOL!

MissP- You are my hero for helping me out yesterday, but I just realized that I'm a heel. I owe you an email from at least a month ago. :doh: Look for it in your inbox later this afternoon. I'm so sorry sweetie, and big hugs for you being too sweet to say anything to me! :blush:

Tracy- Did you survive the time change? I would have forgotten and stayed up too late if Kayla (openhome) hadn't reminded me last night. I think that Lulu is the only one here who won't miss out on an hour of sleep. Lucky girl. I know this because I always look forward to the six months where the time difference is only 2 hours between here and there. My best friend lives in AZ and it's hard over the summer when I want to call her and it's still way too early there. By the time she's up, my day is already in full swing and I completely forget to call her. Too bad she isn't a Twi-hard like the rest of us. This forum thing works pretty well even though we're spread all over the place. ;)

Lulu- Lucky girl not losing an hour of sleep. Of course, that probably depends on how BabyBoy did last night. Also, Happy Belated Birthday to you! And it was really nice "chatting" with you yesterday. I hardly ever catch our HH sisters online like that, so it made my day.

Okay, well that's all I have time for right now as we're off to church! I know that I missed Marielle and Susie, probably Caryn and somebody else too, but I'll try to check in before I go to bed tonight!

Much love to you all, Ginnie
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by openfire »

Hello everyone!

I have had a very busy but good weekend. The night out on Friday was really good, and we had a really nice day yesterday just sleeping late, playing with BabyE, YoungB & WeeM and then went to my parents for tea. I love weekend, but hate that Sunday night feeling!!


Japan earthquake & tsunami - I'm so glad that Raine is ok!! I didn't really hear about it until Friday while busy at work. Someone told me about it, and I thought they meant the New Zealand one.. The Japan one is mental!! We have been watching the news all weekend; the images are so devastating & terribly scary. Especially the pictures of the tsunami waters rushing past carrying houses etc. Makes me so glad to live in the UK. We are very lucky here! (touch wood!).
It's really very frightening about all these major natural diasters happening these days. They seem to be occuring much more regularly... And to go along with the crazy weather elsewhere in the world just now, makes me nervous!

TRINE!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness girl!!! I was lurking last night on my mobile, but couldn't post, and then I saw that you had posted and I was sooooo happy!!!! I am really very glad you came back, and I hope that you can make regular posts again :)
As far as I know Jade is ok after the New Zealand earthquake, but you should check with Sandy as she speaks to her most. A few people don't post here anymore (Jade included), and now post on twitter instead. Sandy is like our bridge to the HH twitter world as she does both LOL.
I hope you recover quickly from your knee surgery, and that you find out why you have tingling feelings in your arms and legs. I'm sure everything will be fine :)
Some RobCrack to welcome you back!! And then a little bit of new RobCrack to entice you to stay! LOL.

Raine - I am so glad that you are ok!! :)
You asked what Irn Bru is: it's a soft drink made in Scotland. It is really really good, and is actually more popular in Scotland than Cola or Pepsi. You can get it in most places in the rest of the UK too, and sometimes abroad, but it doesn't taste the same I don't think LOL. It's often billed as "Scotland's other national drink" (the first one being whiskey) and has a lot of advertising campaigns here that get you noticing it! Jingles, billboard etc, a lot of which are really good, and some which get a lot of complaints for being a bit controversal (normally get complaints for stupid reasons though!). But yeah, if you ever come over here, you need to try it!
Sorry your internet connection isn't working very well at the moment. It is very frustrating!! Ours works pretty good, but isn't very fast (compared to areas not far from where we live). I don't like it when we can't connect; I don't know what I done without internet now! LOL.

Marielle - I can't believe your mom got sold a stolen car!! That's really shocking! I hope everyone turns out ok for them. That's good that she will be able to keep it too,
I love that you want to be served dessert first...just like Ally in RM! ;)
I agree with you about CH. I actually didn't mind her that much in Twilight. I blame MR more for the messed up story, but I am very thankful to CH for the cast! But she does always talk about Rob & Kristen and it is very annoying!! Always talking about their audition etc. It's like, we know already!

Christina - I'm glad that you will be able to work your regular hours again tomorrow, and won't have to always answer the phone!
About my wedding colours: do you mean what colours we will be wearing? My bf will be wearing a darker tartan (Grey Spirit) and his "best woman" ( :D ) will be wearing a dark silver/grey dress. I will be wearing white or ivory, and our flower girls will be wearing white/ivory with a tartan sash thingy, tied in a bow behind their dress. Not sure what colour for my best maid yet. Maybe a blue colour? Depends on what we see! Not got a clue about flowers yet though!

Lulu - I'm glad you had an awesome birthday on Friday!! Sorry I couldn't be on to post some birthday RobCrack so...some belated birthday gifts! Your hubs sounds like the sweetest person ever!! I love the journal idea...aww!!! (btw, we say "many happy returns" here too LOL).
I'm glad you like your new hair colour!! I suppose it's probably better that you don't cut off all your hair in one go, just in case you really don't like it!! When will you actually be getting it cut? I can't wait to see pictures!

Brienna - Thanks for checking in! Sorry your son had to get his tooth removed, but I'm glad that he will no longer be hurting! Did you daughter manage to sleep during the night anymore? You must be exhausted!! Just check in when you can :)

Susie - Haha, I love that you think "millions of snow" is a Jaclynism, and you know what, it may be!! I say a few things a lot a bit weirdly, so maybe they are too! haha!
Yeah we get a good deal for internet phone on some service providers here. That doesn't include calls or texts though! For 100 minutes & 1000 texts, it costs just over £10, so I normally pay just over £15 a month including the internet. Which is ok for me!
We were talking about paying tuition fees for uni here the other day (as you need to pay in England, but you don't in Scotland), and even then some people can't afford to go to uni here. I was telling people how expensive it is in the US! Mental!
I would love to read DaughterDear's blog, if that's ok with you and her?? PM me the link if it is! :)

Chrissy - I hope you have a great time heading back home for spring break & your birthday tomorrow!! Have a great birthday when it comes around!!

Dawn - I hope you had a lovely weekend away. Were you doing anything exciting? Happy birthday to your daughter!

Ann Marie - That's awesome you are going to go to the WfE premiere!! I can't wait to see pics & hear all about it!

JennJenn - Your new banner by Tammy is beautiful!

Tracy - Yep we have to put our clocks forward an hour too, but not for 2 weeks. I much prefer in autumn when we get to put the clocks back!! I don't like losing an hour of sleep LOL.
Haha, I giggled that ActionRob would like beer, but I'm afraid Irn Bru is just a soft drink! I talked a little bit about it to Raine up above ^^
That's great that your daughters basketball couch is such a good role model for her. I'm sure she will have a great time practising!

Caryn, missp & Ginnie (plus anyone else I may have missed!) - hi there! I hope you are all doing good!

I thought I would end my post by posting some lovely RobStenCrack. I especially love this shot and I actually was able to find a print of it at the UKTwiCon that I bought so yay!

I am off just now but I will hopefully be back later with some ActionRob pictures from today! Bye!
EDIT: Actually won't be able to upload pics until tomorrow after work, as we ended up watching tv, and now I wanna read before bed. Still got to get up really early for work, so want to be sleeping by 11.30ish!
See ya tomorrow!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by missp »

FINALLY!!! THE VF MAGAZINE HAS ARRIVED ON THE SHELVES OF NORTH ALABAMA!! RPATZ is beautiful in those pics!! The article was terrific. However, I find it so said that he feels so isolated due to his celebrity. The way his “fans” were described in that article kind of made me feel a little… embarrassed, I guess. However, I know none of us here on the HH would EVER treat him the way people are described in the article.

Today has been absolutely GLORIOUS!! Church this morning, grocery shopping afterward, a meeting this afternoon following a relaxing Sunday afternoon nap, and then a great meal of baked chicken, creamed potatoes, and spinach soufflé tonight before watching Ruby. Ahhh… I love Sundays!

Here’s probably what will be the only mega-post of the week:

TRINE~~ WELCOME BACK, GIRL!!!! It is never too late!! We have missed you! I hope things go well with the neurologist and that you find the answers you need soon. I also hope you heal quickly from your knee surgery. Don’t be a stranger!

LULU~~ I was in such a fog last week, I totally blew by your birthday. I hope you had a great one!! I love Olive Garden. I am a pasta freak! The journal for you and hubs is such a great idea! That will create some terrific memories!

SUSIE~~ I hope your friends from Japan are safe. The footage of the devastation is just so heart-wrenching! Scary!

TRACY~~ I did enjoy my day, but not one sentence of writing did I do! LOL! I just don’t seem to have the creative juices right now. The WfE premier is not far off... I feel a trip to Franklin coming on, Girl!! :D

MARIELLE~~ I love Orlando Bloom!! :swoon: I have to see Kingdom of Heaven ASAP!

RAINE~~ I am so thankful to God that you and yours are safe and sound!!

GINNIE~~ Girl, I am happy to help out anytime. And… you are NOT a heel. You have more than enough to keep you busy. BTW… the latest chapter of WDH is AMAZING!

JACLYN~~ I hope you’re enjoying your time with ActionRob!! Can’t wait to see the new pics!

CARYN~~ :wave:

ALL YOU OTHER SISTERS~~ Hope your weekend has been a great one! Have a terrific week!

Well… I am off to check FB messages. I may try to write at least a page or two tonight. With this new time change, I feel like I have more time to get some things accomplished. We’ll see where it goes.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Susie »

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Japanese people - it is still very scary there and it will take months to recover bodies and clear up the debris.

My friend in Tokyo emailed me back and said they are alright, but their little 8 year old daughter was just coming home from school on the train when they stopped all the trains. Her dad walked to find her. It was 8 hours later that they returned home. In the Tokyo area everyone takes the train, so you can imagine how disruptive it was when all the trains were stopped. People had to walk miles and miles home.

If you read the Lexicon Blog page you saw that the BD cast and crew had to be evacuated from the Tofino area where they were filming and taken back to base camp. I guess it’s not a secret anymore. Guess What? – I was there last summer!!! Tofino is on the west coast of Vancouver Island. It is a 3 hour drive from the east side of the island (Parksville and Nanaimo, where the ferry comes in) There is only one highway to get across the island and it is a bit treacherous through the mountains. I’m pretty sure they would have flown into the little airport there from the mainland. When you drive in the mountains this time of year, you have to have tire chains on hand in case of ice. It’s definitely the off season now- it’s probably deserted there in Tofino. I’ve been a bit giddy knowing that Rob’s been at the same place I have been!! All last night I kept dreaming about looking for the cast there and then in my dream I ended up at my SIL’s house in Parksville on Vancouver island and I didn’t know how to explain my presence! I was in the neighborhood? Seriously – I’ve got to alert her to watch out for Twilight stars!

Les Mis had its final show today and it was over packed (fire code anyone?) Friday and Saturday nights both sold out. The kids were crying onstage during the final bow. The guy who played Javert is a big marshmallow – he was already crying when he took his individual bow. Then the stage director started crying when she asked the seniors to all step forward to take their “last bow”. Awww! It’s a bummer that they all have to stay after to strike the set. They’ll go out afterwards to eat – a place has been reserved – and they’ll do all their silly awards. EDIT - Sonny Boy got the "Subwoofer" Award because of his low bass notes!

Way back to Friday

Caryn – It looks like you went home after your 11:30 meeting and really took it easy, because we haven’t heard from you since! I forgot to tell you I have ascertained that Butler has won the Horizon conference – at least I think that’s right??? Is Duke out already this year?

Chrissy – I hope you are enjoying your spring break and that you will check in tomorrow for your Birthday Wishes!!

– I’m glad your mom can keep the car, but don’t you feel sorry for the original owner? Don’t bother going to Riding Hood. Congrats on your successful internet shopping spree- but is it as fun as real shopping? Yes. Your mind so easily goes in the gutter.

– Nice goodies – as usual!

– I hope you have a great weekend away! Are you doing a big party for your daughter? Will she be 6? She’s a beautiful girl!

Ann Marie
– I’m so glad you have little Ben to keep you company. How is he doing?

JennJenn – Thanks for sharing your feelings on the Tsunami. We have to support each other. It is just too depressing otherwise. I’m really worried about a nuclear meltdown now.

Christina – Bravo!! You did the best smilie threat ever! This weekend has been an all consuming Les Mis weekend, but I intend to work on something this week to send you.

Tonise – Who had to cancel from the Nashville Twi-Con? Hot Springs for Spring Break? It sounds lovely (although, I’m not really familiar with that place – you’ll have to tell me about it.) You’re always writing about how you are in your PJs! It makes me think I need some new PJs – something as comfortable as yours sound!

Tracy – I agree wholeheartedly about “springing ahead”. I always feel a bit out of synch for the whole workweek. Yep – that pics a gem alright! So wardrobe told Rob not to wear any underwear, apparently! My mom wants to do some research on her genealogy which means finding lost cousins. We found one, and emailed him, but he responded that he isn’t the same one. Back to the drawing board. I'll PM a link to DD's blog.


– Thank God Manila didn’t get any of the Tsunami! I’m glad you’re safe. Sorry about your internet problems. That is very annoying indeed. You must be done with WfE by now…When you go shopping with your cousins, what will you be looking for?

– It’s great to see you back here at the Halfway House!

Sandy – Hi! Busy with RL? Really? But you multitask so well!

– I know how that first spring like day feels (we have yet to have it) and it does make you feel energized! I’m worried about a nuclear meltdown in Japan too.

- Can’t wait to read your new Chapter 2. – I’ve read only Chapter 1, right?

– I was actually really sad when you stopped posting last summer! We needed our Norwegian representative! I asked Jaclyn to say something in an email I think. I visited many Halfway House sisters last summer – New Jen, Marielle, Caryn, Jaclyn, Deb, Sandy, Tracy, Tonise, and the newbies Ginnie and Christina. I had knee surgery too – in November – arthroscopic – to trim some torn cartilage. Is that what ACL is? Tingling??? I had that years ago and it turned out to be a thyroid problem! Acute Thyroiditis. It resolved itself. It is an autoimmune disease but as the name implies, it is acute. The thyroid rules the entire body, so the nervous system is affected. Good luck getting the mystery solved. It sounds scary.

Lulu – I’m glad you had such a wonderful birthday.Your hubs just sounds way too perfect. What a romantic! He really knows what women like – he’s like Edward!! You have the perfect man! My mom has been online a little, but she gets easily confused with all the visual stim- it’s all new to her (she’s 80) They live out in the country and they haven’t been able to get good internet service until recently. My dad uses it all the time, though but she can’t stand it when he helps her! He makes her more confused!

– I love seeing you two days in a row!

Sunday -

– Congrats on posting your WDH update! I’m sure you have many happy fans. You did a great job catching up with everyone.

– Wait a minute. You’re babysitting again? You are just too nice! Do you really get the blues on Sunday nights? I know many people do. I usually am eager to get back to my routine – get away from my kids and back to my job where I see different people. When I was younger I always liked school, so I was happy to go back to school on Mondays. Hubs gets the Sunday night blues. I’ll PM the link to DD’s blog.

– Yeah for your Mega Post! Glad you got Vanity Fair finally!

Whew! This is what happens when I miss a couple of days of making mega posts!

See you all tomorrow!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Jazz Girl »

Happy Sunday Sisters!!

Gah! Been running around like crazy this weekend. It feels like it's hardly begun and now it's over. I've missed everyone so much!

TRINE!!!!!! Oh my gods, Girl!!! It is so good to see you!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you with the health issues. The knee I'm sure will heal no problem. Perhaps a little brand spanking new :twisted: RobKowski crack might make you feel just a little bit better. We've missed you and thought of you often around here.

Susie~ *hugs* I cannot get past the images we've seen. There's just so much destruction. We have a "sister city" program here with a city in the south of Japan and we have a number of students who have visited as part of an exchange program. It's been hard.

Tracy & Raine~ Speaking of RobKowski and Ms. Barbra... we got just a wee bit of a hint when the playlist for the soundtrack was officially listed yesterday. If you look at track 10... :lol: Oh I think that scene is going to have me rolling in the aisles!

Susie~ It's actually been a really busy weekend with cleaning, soccer, track meets and lots of things. :lol: I'll give you major points for effort on following the tourney. Yes, Butler won the Horizon League tourney last weekend. But, the Big Dance is just getting ready to start. The NCAA uses the conference tourneys to help fill in the tournament bracket for the National Champion, which is what Butler played Duke for last year. Actually, Duke is a top seed in the Big Dance on the way to the final game in Houston on April 5th. Butler is an 8 seed and plays Old Dominion on Thursday in their first game.

:wave: to all the sisters who :wave: to me. :lol:

Alright, off to enjoy just a bit of reading before I hit the hay.

Laters, sisters!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by dazzel21 »

Hello HH Sisters :wave: !!!

I'm having lunch while trying to post. So bear with my if there are error typos.

We were watching the news last night, still about the tragedy that hit Japan. Now that the tsunami threat in Philippine coast has been eliminated, the next concern of our government is the possible threat of radiation due to the nuclear power plant meltdown in Fukushima. They told last night not to panic, that the wind direction from Japan does not blow directly to the Philippines, but they're still watching the northern part of Phils. for any signs. And that the health department are stocking up medicines and first aid kits.

Anyways, I just found out today that tentatively the schedule of Water for Elephant's release day in the Phils. will be on May 4 :banghead: . That's a couple of weeks late from the US.

Yesterday's shopping with my cousins was fun. I bought a couple of tops, a new book "I Am Number Four" and a couple of those organize boxes for my books that doesn't have any place in my small book shelf.

I better finish my lunch its almost 1pm. I'll post reply's maybe tonight when I get home.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by SwanCullen »

Marielle-I hate washing windows. I had to do that alot at the job I was last at 2 years ago. I had to wash the windows in a nursing home once a week (ALL of them Gah! I hated it!)

Ginnie-Read the update. I think the review I gave you was the longest one yet from me lol! This time, I took notes as I read. Awww thanks. I would give the hug back! (I am a hugger too :lol: Now, if I got a few drinks in me, I REALLY hug haha!) I wish I would have kept in touch with my friend in Japan. I'll have to see if maybe she's on FB and find out that way. You should see a follow on twitter from me :) I got a few things in my head, and I'll tell you about it!

Jacklyn-Looking forward to seeing the pics :) I am sure they will be great! I loved the ones you showed with him next to the haggis :lol:

Tonsie-You sound like your a busy lady! I hope things are good.

Susie-That's great to know that your friend is okay! I bet though the thought of their daughter was worrisome. Good to know they got her. Parksville, there's a town here in KY named that! Cool :) Congrats to Sonny Boy! Sounds like he had a great time! I am worried about the meltdown as well. It would harm Japan so badly, but I think it would affect the rest of the world as well.

Caryn-Ahhh! #10 on the track list :lol: So that must mean they either do the part where she dances on stage or maybe the part with the other cooch girl? That will be ineteresting!

Raine-Have a good day hun! Hope nothing harms you all from the nuclear plant in Japan!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by marielle »

Good morning ladies…

A start of a new week…time is really flying by…yesterday my bf asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I realized it’s only a bit more than two weeks away…

Jaclyn, there really seem to be more disasters happening lately, it’s weird. I have been searching for related scientific articles and all those kind of things to read about it…
Friday I was seriously considering that he Maya’s had it wrong, they let the calendar go on a year too long…and if you watch documentaries about Nostredamus and his predictions…
I don’t believe in all those things but it get you thinking when something like Japan happens…
Hihi, yeah you could say my mom was shocked as well, she really loves that car so she is happy she doesn’t have to give it back..

Tonise, Yay for you finally getting the VF magazine…I can’t wait to read the article…it sounds really impressing, although I always wonder how much Rob actually said and how much the writer of the article made up or made worse…
Yep, I too has a weakness for Orlando Bloom, just one look had me whimpering

Susie, I told you, you were going a bit too early to Vancouver Island!! You should have been there now… I’m happy your Friend in Tokyo is alright but they must have been so worried about their daughter…
No, online shopping is less fun, but I got my fix yesterday when we went to a large sale in one of my favorite store, I finally found some nice sweaters and vests…
My mind does not go that easily!!! But I’ve been reading smut all weekend (I was alone and I needed a distraction), well that doesn’t work in favor of my mental health…hihi…

JennJenn, well I really don’t hate it that much, I can have fun with the music loud and singing along, terrifying the whole neighborhood…but I always seem to realize that I could have used the time writing and reading fanfic….yeah, I know I’m an addict…

Well, work is calling.... :wave:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by vampirelover109 »

Good morning ladies

Sorry i diddnt post yesterday but i had the hangover from hell but i had a fab time out with my girlfreinds i met a cute boy he way lovely but i diddnt get his number but we did hang out all night a few other boys were chatting to me i diddnt get there numbers im slipping up but i had fun but was really ill yesterday self inflicted

Raine- glad you and your fammilys ok it really is sad whats happened in japan

Trine- glad to see you back

Lulu- hi nice to meet you too

Ginnie thanks the wfe prem is going to be amazing

Jaclyn- its awseome there will be lots of photos and a full run down


Little bens so funny and cool

See you later ladies

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